Predictions 4-24-16

Spirits showed the number 1 again but this time they said 0 0 7 are they trying to say now? Or are they correcting my assumption by saying one week, next Sunday or Monday. Zero in the past represents a complete countdown. Thoughts?

Predictions 4-23-16 US Attack   I had a visual of the number 1 being written.
“In one, the rain will pour.. the US is under attack!”
I had a visual of military base. “Miramar will be attacked, Miramar.”
Spirit again pointed down. “Here!” (As if implying California or even more specific here in San Diego)



173 thoughts on “Predictions 4-24-16

  1. I like the 2 predictions this week thought. If not that, could there be a British reference with 007 James Bond?

      • Here we go again. Yesterday and partial Fri had my good days. Today is worst day with migraine. It went spike. Incredible painful. Perhaps negative energies are very active I’m picking up. Please please PRAY to reverse to positive energies. We need 20 to 25 percent of mighty prayers to beat the negative energies and it will work! It will be foiled.

        Thanks for being faithful warriors of prayer!! God bless you all!

      • hi mary
        I have a massive migraine that started this
        morning with pain in my neck amd
        between my fingers
        So something is going on. Hope u feel
        better soon..

      • Hi Mari! May I ask? which area you live like US, Canada, Australia, etc, I live in Dallas TX. Migraines stopped last night. I was so sick last Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Now I’m little better. Also my energies picking up something else that made me feels little unease. Strange feelings as something about to happen, not sure what. I will know when it unfold.

        Get some rest…I know the feelings. My prayers are with you at this time. Put some cold washcloth on your head, back of the neck and fingers. Leave it on till the cloth is warm and put another cold wash cloth on. It helps some. I know it’s painful when it doesn’t go away. I’m with you. Thanks for sharing. I will let you know when it comes back so we can keep track with notes.

        Blessings to you…REST in a quiet place.

      • hi mary
        Thank u for your thoughts!
        I live on east coast in NJ but no matter
        where i go even arizona which is
        supposed to be a good place for people
        with ailments i cant shake the migraines
        So i will wait this one out…again!
        Something is definitely brewing but i
        cant get a clear picture yet
        Let me know if u come up with anything

      • That’s interesting, Mari. My headaches and sickness ceased late last night then it hits you this morning. Thinking about the alignment and the time frames. I’d like to watch the future patterns when it happens every time. I keep this documentary and never know what we might find the answers as what caused that affected us. I keep in touch with you. Blessings and stay strong!

      • BTW
        This also happened last time..
        That is what made me first reply to your
        post because i recognized how bad u felt
        So lets keep track and see if it happens

      • Mari, FYI. I have sense of unbalanced in my head. I have troubled staying focus and distracted for these few hours. My visions are blurry. It’s Wednesday night 9:20 pm.

        Hugs to you and get some rest!

      • Mary,
        I too had migraines Mon, Tues and Weds. My low grade fever dramatically broke in the middle of the wee hours of Thursday morning in a puddle a sweat. I felt whatever negative had hold of my body had left me. I remember thinking when I stood up that I just felt SO much better! Hope you are well. I stayed in all day, even with the sun out but 60 degree weather here in San Diego. I watched old classic movies on Netflix. The kind my grandparents would have watched in theaters as adults during and just after WW2. I felt they were with me in spirit. Peace to you.

  2. Pao, I think you’re correct. If you use 007 as the last three digits on either the lat or long, you come up with the corner of Midway and Russell streets, in the Marin Corps Air Station Base. It appears it is specifically the building where the Marine Corp Band is located.

  3. SEC Eric not sure hope its ok to post this here article on authorities thwarting an ANZAC day terror attack by teen in Sydney on weekend …it could be related to a ptediction tetror sth east australia
    The main reason is to high light the thwarting thank goodness it was avoided…there is always 100s of children and elderly returned soldies at this parade…

  4. Apoligies the base one is linked to a.notes posting …same prediction the meteor stike is contained within …

  5. Eric jyst a note on the timing …the youth being arrested in may 2015 for his is possible an attack was planed for Nivember and spirit may have seen this but again thwarted we dont always have all the facts so a prediction can seem way out time wise..

  6. 1 may have dual meaning it could represent May 1 or in 1 week from date of post (April 24) in which also 7 in 0 0 7 could be in 7 days which all lead to May 1. . .

  7. Eric on 04/21 Spirit said “In 2”, which would be around 05/05, if that means week(s). Then on 04/23, and 04/24 Spirit said “in one, the rain will pour” (so sadness/attack(s) unless it’s literally rain? Is it raining, could it be like a timeline sort of thing and now there’s one more week?). So anyway, I think it could be two attacks sometime within the first week of May. Could they be saying one is here and another someplace else? It’s almost as if there are two meanings in the whole “2” such as maybe…two attacks , two places, two ships, two weeks? Sorry if I made it more confusing. Do we have any old terrorist attack predictions that were for this time period beginning of May?

  8. Eric could the 9/16/15 prediction with you standing in the background of a city…a large bomb goes off…proceeded by another explosion in the middle of the city…be related to this San Diego prediction and not about the Philippines attack? At the time you were noting there was no body of water nearby. Also did Spirit say 5,5,5 recently? Believe it was related to the V in Roman Numerals. Is there anything there military wise having to do with a V? I thought it had to do with the meteor prediction but could it be mixed up somehow trying to say month of May or some military base? I think one showed black smoke and rubble. Is there any way that some of the info/visuals you got with the meteor prediction were for an attack there in San Diego?

  9. Fox News reporting 11 dead in barracks attack, Cape Verde. This is not U S. Its off Africa coast near Lisbon Portugal.

  10. Interesting connections, May Day on May 1 is an ancient northern hemisphere spring festival and usually a public holiday; it is also a traditional spring holiday in many cultures; Mayday is an emergency procedure word used internationally as a distress signal in voice procedure radio communications used by ships, planes; May 1 is symbolic/significant in the “occult’ world; and May Day: Both Hitler and bin Laden Announced Dead on May 1

    • Thats why i thought may 1. May day
      For the distress signal connection
      It sesems like that has happened before like
      on 9 11

  11. Dutchsinse posted on facebook, 10 hrs. ago ”
    Somethings going on in Southern California just East of Salton Sea volcanic buttes.

    Look now before the feed is gone for good.

    I don’t know what it is, but whatever it is, it was caught on RADAR, and looks either like a secret launch of some kind of craft, or a volcanic plume of some kind.

    First you see the RADAR lower their view to ground level, illuminating the hillsides of the mountains and valleys nearby, then you see it blast off , and leave some kind of moisture trail spreading out for miles , and over several hours up until current (1045pm CT / 845pm PT) April 26 2016

    Whatever it is (was) , it blew it’s plume down over Mexico from Southern California, and was deliberately tracked on RADAR.…#

    When I read this, I immediately thought of this prediction and the words “rain will pour”. It sent chills through me.

  12. . I read predictions
    in coffee grounds ( kind of am old world
    Out of date thing but we get the
    gifts we get!!) lol
    so this is all new for me. Please be patient with
    Do we have an update on certainty of
    this prediction? If it were thwarted maybe
    007 could be “nothing” in a week
    2 events zeroed out?

      • And there was a volcano eruption in southern
        CA yesterday. Salton sea Buttes i think
        Cant remember exact name but was
        mentioned in atigerseye post earlier

      • hi mary i came across this in the weitings of muchael scallion back in the early 90″s…

        “New plagues emerge — diseases of the optic system and parasympathetic system… the body’s electrical system unbalanced due to interaction between the body and Earth’s magnetic field and electromagnetic pollution. Heart failures increase.

        Weird huh?

  13. Hi Mari Im posting a link that says there are 5 active vilcanos there and i will post another link with earthquake activity in the past around the area.
    i think it can create quakes in mexico its directly on the Andreas Fault …Rift Valley extends to southern Calufornia
    Mexicali Valley …Colorado River Delta in Mexico
    i will have to cime back with ink didnt stick to my url.
    blessings to you

    • Swarm of earthquakes strikes Mount St. Helens
      CNN – 6 hours ago

      Not good for where it causes the next

      • Jules104,
        still being checked out..
        Said driver would be ticketed..
        Still your right…trial run ,it could be…out of the ordinary location for unattended tractor trailer..

        The thing with investigations…takes a long time..E.g. They just arrested the older brother and 2 others in the San Bernadino terror attack just this morning.

        The chilling report for me :

        Belgium to give iodine pills to all 11 million citizens as precaution against nuclear accidents, says minister – AFP
        That one,

        oh and the report that IS ordered 3/4 to attack Rome..( they were just still reminds me about Nostradamus …they are from Lombardy and are in the North…chilling.l

      • Wow that’s drastic. Iodine to all 11 million citizens. At least they are getting ahead of the game right? Probably a good idea. They must have good reason. Can you send a link to the quatrain for that Star48. I remember bits and pieces but not sure which one you are thinking in terms that would be. And… I hope that guy was just ignorant and not a spider. But you are right, it takes way to long to uncover the truth of the matter.

    • Hey all. I know its been a long time since I have written anything but I do check here from time to time. Hey Jules and Star and Rhona and Erik. Once I started seeing the dreams my grandpa came to me in over three years ago start playing out, I think I just became overwhelmed by the magnitude of their realness. Sadly, there seem to be no willing mentors to guide one who discovers a gift. Everyone wants money. Therefore so many people with newly discovered gifts have to figure it out causing loneliness and depression. It’s sad that it is not like ancient times when scholars and mystics helped each other out for the progress of betterment. So I have just kept to myself.
      Erik, This vision, to me, would first contradict that my grandpa (who is on the other side) specifically had me pack up everything and move to SD as he specifically said I would be safe there. Now, Miramar is just 15 min drive from San Diego so hopefully your vision was a bit off because about a year ago, you saw yourself further in the future in your home saying you saw a painting in your home as you walked by it and we had all been helpful in your quest to stop evil. So whatever you saw as raining down on Miramar, would obviously hurt us. Neither of us appear hurt in your visions and my dreams of the near future. Please know I am not questioning your abilities. I am trying to solve the puzzle and whatever Spirit tells you is coded in some way. What I have noticed in observation of coming on here and reading your predictions, they many times appear about 6 to 10 months off in time. That’s just my observation.
      Now, I will admit, that one of the three dreams all those years ago, I was trying desperately to board a ship here. Ultimately it was grandpa helping me practice something as throngs of people were running to get on the ship and he kept insisting I needed specifics to do so. In the dream, we practiced until I got it right. Yet, I thought is was just practice just in case. I thought it was a message meaning something else. Anyway, these are just my silly thoughts on the matter but they are still dear to my heart. Hopefully my two little doggies and I will be safe here in lovely San Diego and none of our wonderful military bases will be harmed in any way! Peace to all!

      • Welcome back… The San Diego prediction is difficult to understand, on one side they consistently pointed to the ground to say this is happening ‘here’ but on the other end using places I am already familiar with, Miramar base, San Diego port, could just be examples they are using.

      • Jon Blue,
        so happy to hear from you…you have often been in my thoughts…up here at Lake Pend Orielle, ID..
        I am so happy to have your view and feedback …I feel it is invaluable…
        Blessings to you and your two companions…( I had a 21″ tall Sheltie at one time)
        To the future……Spiritual Warrior….welcome back to the Clan…

      • Hi JonBlue, so wonderful to hear from you again. I hope you have been well and at peace in sunny SanDiego. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, I don’t think any of them are silly. I love to hear from you and I’m sure so does everyone else. Stay safe and much light your way.

      • hi jon blue
        i am new to this group but am happy to meet u!
        i have had weird things happen for a long time back in 2004 i traveled from nj to exeter in the UK to see a psychic to try to give the gift back. It just made things worse because i still have part of “the gift” but not as accurate. So now i am stuck in between. I tried reaching out to psychics to help me but they always charged a lot of money and never really helped so here i am trying this group to see if working in a team can give me some clarity. There are times i have felt like a mental patient or flat out crazy. Thankfully my friends and coworkers actually have seen some of my predictions come true so they are ok now with it. The mari has a headache ooops something bad will happen is now a mutual kind of good humor. Its like my mouth blurts things out before my brain has a chance to stop it
        So thank u for understanding and i hope we can all work together to figure things out

      • Star, Jules, Mari and Eric,
        Thank you! Just for the warmth and kindness to start. In some ways I guess we are a team of goodness. A team of light. Maybe in knowing that Eric and I are both right in the heart of San Diego, somehow this prediction is either thwarted by our wonderful military and we never hear of it, or Spirit was using it as an example or a word association.
        I am most glad you understand. I have a few friends that are so wonderful as they knew me long before my ‘gift of dreams’ became such a prominent thing in my life. It is rare that I have such vivid dreams but when I do, they always come true or speak of things I never knew of that are true or become so. I am sorry, you too experienced the same reception with trying to find a mentor. I’ve never been to a psychic (long story). Yet I do believe in ‘gifts’ of sight, visions, dreams and the like. I believe now because I have it, or rather it has happened to me. Anyway, I am glad I posted on here this week to get such warm hellos. Do know I come on to read when I can. Warmth and kindness and peace to each of you. Lets continue to bring positivity and love to whomever we can.

      • Welcome back JonBlue! Glad to know that you are well and alive. 🙂

        Blessing to you!

  14. Swc Star 48 Tijuana Bay jyst plaid on my radio with that nudge from my guides also dont cry for me Argentina ….i feel silly posting these.but need ti honor my guides

  15. jules 104 thank you it must have been happening as iwas deciding to post thats weird for me ….also No Venuatu wast mentioned by anyone …though with honesty my guides did say Venuatu big 7 coming but i didnt post as i wanted some sort of confirmation .I admire what Eric does its so resposible and scary and im no where in his league so gifted in sight he is amazing

  16. JonBlue Lang time Nae see its been donkies ages… missed you and grand fathers wisdom heaps ..never far away as none of us are from.each other ..the connecton can never be broken only stretched
    blessed by your return

  17. Hi Mary and Mari havung suffeed migrain in my 30’s violently hospitalisations many times i feel for your plight …may i suggest
    coq 10 2x150mlg per day
    they get into the mitachondria within each cell we have ..its the spark plug…
    it may help your bodies to modify any energies you are picking also magnesium phosphate is amazing
    im only offering these as ive tried them
    goid healh and ease ti your symptoms you two xx

  18. Twiceblessed Eric SWC i wasnt going down this track of James bond till i remembered Ian Flemming Author Naval Officer ..James Bond ..Naval officer..
    where im.heading is Casino Royale is a yacht for hire see link now im not sure if it is still.for hire in San Diego area .im having trouble finding out ….
    no accidents only sychronicity tik me inside after searchung for info and on my television was a piece on Casino Royale it was a special event takung place .i didnt quite catch it…
    does any one know if this yacht is still un the area ciuld be a marker .

      • Thats what wories me Jules …Nirthern Queensland at risk…remember a predictiin about australia tsunami risk or great flooding

      • I remember that also Rhona. I saw it recently while searching for other things. Which seems to occur a lot like some sort of time line. Well I will be praying sending light to Northern Australia. You are in Western Australia correct? Stay well. Blessings

  19. Rhona, meli,
    tried to access your sites..redirected? I was aware if reports?
    Anyway…just a note the 6 mag EQ
    are shallow– 4.8 km..

  20. Star 48 thank you but when i tap onto link it does go to a redirect but it gives me the option to access it from there and it worked for me does it not work for you at all ?

    • Geezers! I don’t know if I said this last time but, I read a while back on another website…someone had predicted that there would not be enough iodine pills to go around for people. I believe it said they were made in Canada and they wouldn’t be able to keep up with the need. I should check to see if they are made in Canada even. Anyway this is interesting that they have now decided there may be an “accident” some time in the near future. Very concerning. It’s also all very sad to think about for the whole planet and how it would be affected besides the humans and animals. I really wish we could get rid of these evil people who want to cause so much harm in the world. Some day right?

      • Jules104,
        (by the way just read your replies – somehow never recvd ? I just went on site this morning to check throught it was strange no replies)
        Regarding Iodine.
        maybe they know something?
        Countries have monitoring sites…
        I feel uneasy…they would not announce something like that unless there was a problem?
        Maybe there has been an accident? They just do not want to acknowledge, just a thought…

      • Oh I hadn’t thought of the “already happened” possibility Star48. I hope and pray not. And there is something strange going on with replies etc. It won’t keep me signed in like it was so I have to sign into everything each time I reply. And it says I am signed in somewhere else. Hmm, maybe it’s just me doing something wrong but I hadn’t changed anything so who knows. I will keep signing in each time I suppose. Glad you got my replies. Blessings

      • Jules104,
        I am so sorry you are having those challenges of logging on to the site..
        I would hope that any monitoring group(?) would not try to freeze you or anyone out..
        I hope they can mirror us..we are trying to be of assistance to them..
        So upsetting our process is not ideal…I hope that they realize we are trying on our white hats!

    • Star48, did you see where I had mentioned to Rhona atleast two subs whose home ports were Kitsap Naval Base, Bangor WA? They were some of the state names Spirit has mentioned in the past. I had Pennsylvania, Louisiana, George Washington, or Georgia. They were all Ohio Class Subs I remember. I think those are trident missile subs. Not sure though. I found something else on the battleship George Washington. I was looking up the Fifth Fleet. It’s all very complicated and confusing to me. I just felt something was connected somehow but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Hmm…

    • Star48/Rhona. Here’s some more info. The only other naval base for trident subs is in Georgia. One of the names. It sounds like they have weapon depots there maybe? Here’s some info. My phone has been messing up since I sent the FBI messages on SanDiego….so I hope they are paying attention. 😕 Perhaps. I wonder if Eric’s picked up any more info from Spirit on this, or on to hurricanes already. So much to cover these days. I don’t know how he does it. Blessings

  21. Star 48 what a list of activity …in particular New Zealand .. Indonesia…notice Tungurahua and cotoplaxi i dont trust these two .
    It forbodes a massive shift to me .i keep getting central thats the word that keeps repeating ..central shift …
    also Heard isle surprised some scientists on a ship doing some research on the 29 th or there about by having a rare lava flow display on the ice slopes ..Big Ben had a rumble ….so its from North South East and West and all.points inbetween

    • Rhona,
      Taiwan , Hundreds protest in Taiwan against Taiwanese firm over mysterious mass fish deaths along country’s central coast – Reuters

      Stranger and stranger.. Mass fish die offs increasing both sides of Pacific.

      • Uh oh….that’s bad. Dead fish both side of Pacific. Praying!! :/


  22. Star 48 Swc i would do it myself but i think its easier if somrine within the Sates needs to email the Seattle times with Erics prediction if they havent already Jules contacted navy but the paper would reach mire people on the heals of this article …feeling edgey sending much light energy and devine love this is thwarted …on ward and upward Swc we can do this combined prayer in one hour from now

  23. Swc just some feed back on that praye …i felt someone squeezing my hand so tight it almost hurt i saw a dome if ligh surrounding San Diego naval base that reached way up in to the sky i wss standing on the deck..of a sub…just before he prayer some inset of sight inner trembling …i hope some of you joined me …though wuth spirit and duvinity we are never alone..
    Bless us all..

    • Rhona, our soul group is working together…on one level..
      and on this plane we are the Spiritual Warrior Clan…
      so yes we are with you.. (250 miles high- the dome)

  24. Eric Swc i sent seattle times an email on the naval millitary attack …i hope they publish the prediction
    blessings and love ti San Diego

  25. Swc i tried but it doesnt work phone to Seattle Times They said something about being outside usa…

      • Mari, how’s migraines and headaches? I’m feeling tense for no reason. I will see when it’s unfold. Have no headache but my left arm is uncomfortable and I’m little grumpy. :/ Praying to be relaxed and free from negative energies. I don’t like this type of negative energies. It’s nasty feelings.

        Pray for peace on earth around the world.

  26. Star 48 250miles high love it…..yes i know we are …i just was hoping the timing was c-ordinated even though timing is not an issue with the universe or people who have had time shift experiences ..nudge nudge lol..i appreciate you reminding me..

  27. Star 48 second attempt to post this reply
    250 milrs high .love it..yes i know we are but i wated to co-ordinate the prayer for morale and a real sense of togetherness …time is not an issue to the universe and to people who can time shift ..nudge nudge lol i appreciate the reminder of our soul group its comforting .isnt it (retorical)

  28. Star 48 thank for the update i missed that one we monitored.that one once before Sukurajima.did we? and Aso was spew too.notice the quake Kyushu it must have been from volcanic activity the more im typing the more questiins i have eg was the first kyushu quake volcano triggered if it was and both.volcanos are at it there is alot of unreleased energy
    The fish thats a bit weird any ideas on it Star

    • Rhona,
      that is why I put it out there…so many reasons? Could be methane releases from ocean floor? Or gases released from vents? Or magma heated water from faults?
      The list could be long..I wish we knew I think something major is happening on the sea the pacific., too many dying on all sides of the plate..
      To your other question, regarding the Volcano..yes you brought it up –to watch..
      Speaking of watching Earthquake swarm on the north Island, so we have White Island and North Islan…see chart and update…not good..
      Ruapehu volcano (New Zealand): earthquake swarm

  29. Star 48 Sukurijima and Aso Japan are only 93miles apart so the lava chambers may well affect one another …

    • Rhona,
      I am working on a listing of deep EQ’ In April,
      when,where they hit and how deep.
      Than I am inserting the large EQ in April. To help me visualize
      To see if there is a push pull?
      Will let you know how it goes..

  30. Star 48 we are on same page i wanted yiur input before i mentioned under se vents and so forth . In particular when i was getting the words central shift it oceanic there is a newly chartered area from arctic conecting to the east pacific rise that they have discovered another undersea active volcano (Gerkka) i may have the name wrong
    Ruapehu oh my 40% and white island …its happening in pairs …and i wish north Korea would just quit it in makes me shudder ..i have always had a knee jerk reactiin to nuclear testing and almost didnt marry my husband iver uranium. mining differences in the 70’s no one listened then and they still havent learned ….my opiniin only ..its irresponsible and selfish ..we wory about polluting the atmosphere but never mind hundreds if years of active waste ..
    whi knows how the earth will decide to rid herself of the radioactivity ..future generatiins would have a great class action to sue
    sorry off topic….might cime back as a lawyer .lol..
    back o topic we are all picking u p the signs something big is coming

    • Swarm of earthquakes strikes Mount St. Helens
      CNN – 6 hours ago

      Not good for where it causes the next

  31. Star 48 White Island is 48 miles frim Bay of Plenty
    34 miles from coast
    199 miles from.New Plymouth…
    and White Island sits smack bang in the centre of Bay of Plenty phew this tequires a watchful eye..

    • Rhonda,
      there was a posting by Eric/ spirit about Plymouth…
      I will have to find it.. Your right the depth was 150,8 km…definitely need to watch..I find middle range EQ’s could be precursor to bigger shallower quakes. ,,,still working on list..

  32. Star 48 sorry
    Whakatane is 31 miles from White Island
    aside i just posted this accidently on another thread and Anthony said he is off travelling and gave a last message about a mann crossing river with no shoes using a rope as a guide ..did you catch it star?

  33. Rhona,
    we are on same page..11-8-15 two postings…one for SFrancisco EQ and 2 nd same date for New Zealand -New Plymouth ..
    There was a a correlation between the two locations..7-30-15 too..
    So 7-30-15. 8-1-15 11-8-15(SF ) 11-8-15 (NZ ). There maybe more references
    However consider that the big EQ’s are happening in pairs..
    It is possible that things are lining up for both these locations in a Near future?
    May sometime? 11-12 th? I think spirit mentioned those numbers? It just has been so quiet along West Coast…sure smaller ones. – checking depths.. Keep your inner eye open…

    A differant topic…Anthony…I saw his comments.,getting very cryptic ..
    I asked for clarification – spiders? Border crossing along the river?
    I hope he fleshes it out.,think positive..Blessings..

    Still working on the List…

  34. Star 48 thats what i saw in my minds eye when i read Anthony’s post .spides…
    yes 11th of may the correlations are note worthy if i hear or see something will post imediately
    good team work love it

  35. Star 48 i asked my guides if Anthony’s ropecrossing water vision was a sub marine James bond type manouver on spiders part
    Dr No just played on radio
    now im not sure if its a no answer or a confirmational yes .il will ask for more info and hope im open to it

    • hi rhona
      i think is a no which goes with what t postef ladt week. 007 zero/nothing in a week. And u got a no. So lets
      see how it goes next time.
      I have good intuition but sometimes i second guess myself so its nice to have a team’

  36. Star 48 i pisted this on teo threads just incase you dont get comment alert
    loik at Anthony’s previous post Easter weekend he said .That means they are already there …He posted that after Easter…thoughts darn iwonder where they crossed ? are they bare foot still or is that a cryptic for where… bear foot? did anyone in or around where they crossed see hear or find anything ..

    • Rhona,
      I replied in the other thread…do not worry, another will step in, to guide.. Remember spirit wants us to ” protect”, America… Blessings.

    • Rhona, Jules104, I have posted so much about mayhem lately
      Thought you would like to see the positive side of Drones…
      This is Dedicated with Jules 104 and family in mind…
      See.Japan…Check out “Sky Magic Live at Mt.Fuji : Drone Ballet

      The video is available for your viewing pleasure at

      • Wow That is amazing Star48. I love it! Thank You. I am going to forward that in to my son and daughter in law. They were just near Mt Fuji recently. They get out and travel a lot and really immerse themselves in the Japanese culture so I know they will really appreciate this video as I did. It looks like that would have taken a lot of time to perfect the drone ballet. Really beautiful. I’d never imagined drones in this way. Blessings Star48.

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