Predictions 3-19-17

I had a visual of ‘0’ implying a prediction is about to happen.  The timeframe should be around the 20th-21st  I asked Spirit which prediction is about to happen? “The prediction with a window setting. An evil man committing horrible acts.” The two predictions with a * in my opinion are the most likely possible outcomes. You need to click on the blue posts below to read the full predictions. I will try and narrow it down by tomorrow because there are too many window references.

Predictions with “window”:

Notes on 1-8-15  –  Mall shooting spree *

Predictions 1-27-16 – Train terror attack (sounds very similar to what they said above)*

Predictions 2-17-17 –  Airplane hijacking

Predictions 1-6-16 –  Another train prediction

Notes on 8-26-15 –  A campus attack involving a car window (I believe this prediction happened)

Notes on 8-30-14 – Boston Attack

Notes on 12-14-13 – China Attack


I had a visual of a man walking through a door pointing a gun.

I had a visual of a young man with a soccer ball getting on a train, then I felt this sudden panic. This could be trains colliding or a terror related attack.

“Around the 19th-22st.. Volcano eruption.. Indonesia.”

“Persia.. ships at sea under threat.. 19.. meanwhile support for the US in the middle east begins to wavier.”

Spirit also reminded me of an old Russian prediction, implying its around the corner:  Predictions 1-3-17



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    1. Hi Eric,i immediately thought of CN Tower in Toronto when i read your prediction”window setting”…the whole dining part is all window,hope i’m wrong and Pray all acts of terrorism are stopped.

  1. Ideas what ‘window setting’ could refer to:

    Mall/shop/store windows
    Some sort of tourist area with a lot of windows

    The soccer-ball on a train could be a clue as to where a train attack happens–anyone know of any major soccer games anywhere in the world? Maybe the attack happens on a train taking people to a game.

  2. Just a reminder to everybody: be alert. I’m not saying panic or breakdown, just keep your eyes open. Alert police if you hear someone make a threat, or overhear a potential plot, or see something suspicious.

    Suspicious things to watch for: someone wearing too bulky clothes for the weather. Someone acting nervous and shifty-eyed. People taking photos of places that could be considered targets–airports, schools, religious centers. An unattended bag or suitcase.

    And remember what authorities advise everyone to do in emergency situations: in shootings, try to flee the area ASAP. If you can’t flee, hide in place, block the doors, and don’t be too quick to open the door (People at the Bataclan survived because they stayed hidden, even when the gunmen pretended to be police.) And if the shooter traps you, fight back–people’s chances of survival in active-shooter incidents increase dramatically if they fight back when cornered.

    In the event of explosions, try to flee the area, and take cover behind/under something sturdy.
    I’m not trying to alarm anyone, just keep some of these things in mind.

  3. Let’s add this prediction for calfornia. Federal law is passed nationwide that abolish water sales from private owners. Won’t be a 20 year wait but done this year. This snowballs across the usa as part of the enviroment agenda of cleaning up water and the misuse.

  4. Takin energy stadium their is a huge bridge at the base of the stadium that crosses the Delaware river

  5. Eric,SWC,
    Ref:::Persia.. ships at sea under threat.. 19.. meanwhile support for the US in the middle east begins to wavier.”

    Iran’s Navy reportedly says it is now controlling the Strait of Hormuz following the Trump administration’s decision to leave the Iran nuclear deal. Here’s a look at why it’s so important to the global economy.

  6. Eric,
    Ref::Persia.. ships at sea under threat.. 19.. meanwhile support for the US in the middle east begins to wavier.”

    Iran 🇮🇷
    Says in control of straits of Hormuz

    A major shipping route located between Oman and Iran where nearly one-third of the world’s sea-traded oil passes through daily may become a new flashpoint after a top Iranian navy general said Monday that the country has taken full control of the Strait of Hormuz.

  7. “support for the US in the middle east begins to wavier.”

    The US airstrikes on Kataib Hezbollah have stirred fury in Iraq. Many calls for US troops to leave. Protesters burned US flags. The goal was to deter Iran, but this could backfire, making it more difficult for the US to stay.

  8. “…support for the US in the middle east begins to wavier.”

    Over 1 million people attended march against US presence in Iraq: police commander

    The commander of the Iraqi police forces, Ja’afar Al-Batat, announced on Friday morning that more than one million people attended today’s march against the U.S. presence in Iraq.

  9. “…support for the US in the middle east begins to wavier.”

    ‘An Admission of Colossal Failure’: US Dropped Record Number of Bombs on Afghanistan in 2019

    Airstrikes, predominantly conducted by U.S. forces, caused 579 of the 1,149 civilian war fatalities attributed to pro-government forces in Afghanistan during the first nine months of 2019, according to the most recent United Nations data.

  10. support for the US in the middle east begins to waiver:

    Syrian Army, protesters come face-to-face with US military in northeastern Syria: video

    US commander tells the Syrian officer “We are here to bring peace just like the Russians.” Syrian officer replied: “Wherever US goes it brings death and destruction, you are not welcomed here”

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