Predictions 1-6-16

January 5th has come and gone without any major event happening, but Spirit has not let it go at all.

I had a vision of one very large ‘0’ coming together. In the vision it was massive.

I had a vision I was standing out in the rain, it was overcast and windy.

I had a vision of a train arriving, on the window of the train was the number 7. It slowly crept into the train station.

The ‘0’ represents a sort of times up, a prediction is about to happen, and with the number 7 on the train one could assume they are talking about tomorrow. The reason the message is massive could go two different directions either it is a major event or they are predicting a set of predictions unfolding at one time. I don’t believe the storm is talking about weather at all but an emotional tone, tragic, sad, troubling times. I am unclear why they are showing a train, is that a message that a train is involved? Or is it just a message of ones arrival?

There seems to be a consistent flaw for some odd reason, we predict an earthquake in India on the 2nd and it happens on the 4th. We predict a major event around the 5th and Spirit mentions the 7th.


About Eric Leigh-Pink

Predicting the world events of tomorrow in the hopes to alter any tragic outcome through awareness.
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69 Responses to Predictions 1-6-16

  1. Lori H says:

    HI Eric,
    My first reaction was the train was symbolic of “something” arriving as well as the weather being symbolic of troubling times.

  2. Sharon says:

    Just putting it out there because of the New York Prediction, but the number 7 is a train route in NYC.

  3. Sharon says:

    Also was the 5th not related to the nuclear testing in Korea? That was a major event and a catalyst to many more future events I imagine.

  4. myseventh says:

    When I think of a train a series of events happening is what first comes to mind. Could it be that the train represents several predictions happening one after another.

  5. Sharon says:

    The only thing that springs to mind is that London had a terrible terror attack on the 7/7 in 2005 and this took place on a train. Could the 7 be symbolic of this and be a warning that something like this will happen again. The description of the weather sounds like London too. There was a video message on the news yesterday from ISIS threatening attacks on the U.K.

  6. Sharon says:

    This was also in the news this week that a couple had planned an anniversary attack of the 7/7 London bombing.

  7. Greg says:

    The storm does appear to represent troubling times. The current situation in the Middle East including the rift between Saudi Arabia and Iran and now North Korea successfully testing a fusion bomb makes the world even more unstable. Then there is the massive situation with refugees in Europe and China’s economy slowing down. I hope the politicians in Washington can get their act together. What will their generation be known for in the years to come?

  8. Catalina says:

    I am beginning to think that this might be about Maylasia Air…again, which might signify the train vision as this airline company has had serious problem after serious problem therefore this is another problem in its series. The latest is that the company is saying that Europe bound flights on MH will not have checked bags due to headwind issues however experts say this request is extremely odd. Additionally, the 7 may be due to the fact that these fligts are on Boeing 777s. Adding another prediction to this is the Airline bomb on a plane, this might have something to do with that as well.

  9. mimici06 says:

    Hi Eric, I had a dream a month ago of a train in motion and engulfed in flames. I could hear people screaming. It was a prophetic dream as it had certain distinguishing marks that apply to my dreams. I couldn’t tell where it was but I woke up thinking Eastern Europe.

  10. Sunny Etimaal says:

    The time is acting v weird, it’s not that human calendar or watch is telling… Sometime it is slowing and sometimes v fast. So a prediction going 2-3 days here or there is normal…

    And this year is full of surprise, more than anything I am waiting for metor thing, that will change the mind of every one…

  11. Lou says:

    Well … ‘the train has arrived’ seems the most appropriate meaning. Which jives with your ‘0’ symbol meaning the time is now. The ‘7’ … gonna roll the dice on that one; no idea of what that means. Are there any predictions from the past that involve the number 7?

    • Several people pointed to the fact that historically the UK train attack was on the 7th. It could be a message of something similar.

      • Sharon says:

        The 7th was also the date of the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, it’s the first anniversary today and there was a man holding an ISis emblem and carrying a knife who was shot by police. There was also an attack in Eygpt where masked gunmen shot tourists on a bus. Not a good news day. The number 7 is obviously significant.

  12. Harvey says:

    Eric, this morning I sensed the earthquakes were about to happen as I monitored the crazy frequent quakes in Virgin Islands. Two 4.4 and 4.8 big ones in Oklahoma today. I think more is about to happen and looking at California or maybe in Oklahoma expecting a bigger one. Keep eyes out.


    • Harvey says:

      It’s still going strong in British Virgin Islands and Oklahoma earthquakes for these last 2 days. I wonder where next big hit going to be….I keeping watching. ..and praying. …

  13. Twiceblessed says:

    Eric, could this be your Mad Max Hollywood incident. There was The Peoples Choice Awards stage crasher live during the awards show. He was rather “mad as in crazy.;_ylt=AwrTcd1jLY5WUBoAbHMnnIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTByNWU4cGh1BGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw–

  14. Brune says:


    Two days ago, i hard a dream of a black newspaper with the date January 7.
    Today, a terrorist has been killed in Paris at 12h. I tried to use an explosive in a police station.

    The thing witch afraid me is that I have the feeling that it is not finish for today. Do you think the 15 target could be 15 city or places in Paris, Europe ?

  15. lilimamo says:

    Hi, Eric, Happy 2016!!!!
    I can remember you having a vision about a train before, haven’t you? Try to remember what the spirit meant by then, and maybe you can unfold this prediction, and we, your community, all will try our best spreading the word to try to avoid it, as we always have. Please, don’t forget to ask where, since they didn’t say in the last one.
    Kind regards,
    Lili from Venezuela

  16. jules104 says:

    Eric here I found an old post with 2,2,7 when I was looking up Assassiation. Probably nothing but I know there is the CNN Townhall tonight with President Obama on guns, and the Spirits recently brought up the assassination again on 12/1. Here is a link to the old post.

  17. Cee says:

    The Super Bowl is on February 7th.

  18. star48 says:

    Eric, a bit of levity…Stock market turmoil ..,past few days…
    Could be—- run over by train..,worst 4 day record in memory..I know my humor is too dry,

  19. star48 says:

    Eric, article about fugitive in Paris attack.

    Which was planned and executed in Brussels.

    Brussels says there is a good chance of an attack on Jan 15.. Excerpt

    “In a separate matter, Frederic Van Leeuw, Belgian federal prosecutor, said Belgium could face an attack on Jan. 15, the first anniversary of an attempted terrorist incident in Verviers. Two people were killed in a shootout on that date as Belgian police pre-emptively attacked a group in the advanced stages of plotting terrorist activities.”


  20. rhona says:

    Hi Eric…what is the problem with being 3 or even 4 days eigther side of a date…..we are talking Quantum here…spirit is not in control of when an event happens – too many influences
    Human consciesness ( a biggy )
    Nature has its own time schedule
    The weather man even has trouble – they can be 2- 3 days out or competely wrong…
    There are times when predicted events change at the last split second.depending on energy and intention thats why its so fluid ….
    The 100th monkey is a very good example of consciencness …i will try post a link about it….
    In the mean time some of your predictions appear to fail but they have changed through intervention because of human thought in the form of prayer joining with higher energy….
    History and i mean history is riddled with examples of the collective influence through prayer (intention) and events changing…
    Sometimes we may never have the proof of change so it looks like failure lets just rejoice in innocent gratitude it didnt occur…
    We are all in the soup together wanting the same peaceful outcome..and peace is not defined as no noise can have peace with diagreement.. no noise….
    These are my opinions and beliefs..
    Blessings and be kind ti yourself Eric in your judgememt of your is appreciated on all sides..well doing not done as it is a continuation …
    Spirit family Site family we are one…

  21. rhona says:

    Star loving the SWC …Jules 104 colleagues…Happy days no matter what ….be of good cheer and may all our tears fill the ocean of spirit with healing waters…be safe….heartfelt connection to all of you

  22. rhona says:

    hi update on fire in south west or perth
    there is rain in Harvey and promise of more but Waroona is looking like it will miss it though there is little distance between them..

    my daughter just text me and said they just made it through a road closure if the detour route out of southwest due ti another spot fire hundreds if miles from the big swest one… she was by the road side as the passed …phew she is nearly home..
    we have over.60.firefighters here today arrived from the other side of the country in the eastern states…bless you and safe keeping to you we appreciate the help..

    • star48 says:

      Rhona, I have been monitoring the terrible fires..,praying for safety for all.
      Glad you and yours are safe..,blessings ..crews from around the world will come..
      To assist …take heart..

  23. rhona says:

    thanks Star 48 i will its a beautiful part of the state so many displaced but we are a very supportive community being the most isolated city in the world ..again it means much knowing you and others are monitoring the situatiion..
    im just glad she is home…

    • star48 says:

      Rhona, The back story that adds to my sensitivity to your plight
      I should tell you that 2 of my 3 brothers have backgrounds in Fire Service
      1 Fire Chief, Also one Captain.. (Also Paramedic for 12 years.)
      I am and have been the proudest sibling….the truest and loving souls anyone could know..
      And they band together worldwide to help each other..

  24. rhona says:

    Star 48 i just got the gooses from top to bottom….im.proud of.them so i can only imagine how you feel….they will always be in my prayers now..

  25. rhona says:

    Fire update on Swest Aus. Some areas have all clear….Harvey and Waroona still going …weather expected to assist…
    15-20% chance of rain for next 24hrs…followed by 70% chance by Tuesday 9pm…..again thanks to Eastern States paramedics and Firefighters here for us …safe keeping…
    Thanks for prayers of rain everyone blessings…

  26. rhona says:

    thank you for your patience in my postings everyone……
    Last update on fires…
    our beef and milk industries have suffered greatly
    Two have died of the missing in Yarloop that was wiped out
    Harvey and Waroona towns safe residents returning home soon more than 23,000 people say thank you and praise to firefighters…
    prayers for the families if those list to fire as well as ongoing support to all victims of fire…

    • jules104 says:

      Praying for those families and friends of the two who have past in the fires, and for those who have lost their homes, lands and/or live stock. Sending blessings to All the Fire Fighters and the people such as yourself who are now donating their time and goods for others. Thanks for all of the updates Rhona.

  27. rhona says:

    sorry that should read 2,300 0people thanking firefigters…..

  28. star48 says:

    Rhona, SWC,
    I was very happy to here about the help 2 gave and organized on FB —to help..
    The Fire victims…
    “Shmoo Burnie, 34, and Daniel Gerson, 35, took to social media to seek support for the victims of the massive bush fires which have destroyed over 130 homes in the Australia’s southwest. They drove some 435 miles in one day to deliver the donated goods”


  29. rhona says:

    Star 48 SWC… example of generosity of our community spirit….
    We have a Telethon every year to for research for childrens hospital ….2015 in one wekend it totaled
    25,854,524 aud ….yes no typo there thats 25 million…..our nation is so vast and especially western australia it the outback spirit of if a mate needs help your there for them … the country folk mentality that is etched into our spirit and if your an old timer or a newbe its part of being Ausi oi oi oi..
    Thank you for posting the article bless them….

  30. rhona says:

    BTW the money raised was donations raised in Perth and western australia. We hold annually…..and celebs come from all over Australia and inernatiinal guests to take part…yes i am proud of us….

  31. pat45 says:

    Eric, tried to find a link for this but no joy, news in just now of terrorist bombs in Starbucks coffee shop in Jakarta, Indonesia, apologies, here is the link

  32. jules104 says:

    Eric regarding the number 7…could this old Australia/Canada prediction with the number 7 on the wooden plaque be related somehow?

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  34. rhona says:

    Lilimano Star 48 SWC
    i couldnt let this past week of rain rain and more rain pass without saying … Prayers were answered..unseasonal and heaps are passimg over our southwest and perth region…thank you….

    • star48 says:

      that was some “rain dance”-. SWC enacted…blessings to you..

      • lilimamo says:

        Blessings! Blessings! And more blessings! I have so much faith that God always listens, and listens good. Thank the almighty and always thank your own faith. We’re siblings. We have to take care of each other, and I am truly happy the worst is gone.
        Best regards, Rhona!

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