Notes on 8-26-15

I had a visual of a man holding a rifle (or automatic weapon) preparing his atrocity .
I had a visual of people very upset with tears coming down
I had a visual of shattered car windows.
Soon, very soon
M L U .. S I
(In the last line I could not here Spirit clearly, I don’t know if they said S I or ‘high’)

Mr Columbus, Columbus Ohio
The people hear whispers of his state
The jeans are ripped


That federal department is now bankrupt, the money now empty.

The land grab will come out of southern Europe.
Previous prediction: Notes on 8-19-15
“An invasion
they will be invaded
war brews.” — Spirits Voice

Now, soon
The vice president is in charge now
The president weak
Previous Prediction: The second leader (vice president?).. for a brief time will take control.. to keep the leader.. the nation safe.
(Weak because he is sick? Or corrupt? This is a poke, which means this prediction is expected very soon. The impression I felt was a Latin country, but that’s only an impression.)

We are already breaking the rules, mainly because its not Monday yet. However Spirit wanted the very first prediction sent out now. As for all the other predictions they are sequels to previous predictions.

I need to ask about Ecuador, Spirit said the name very loudly but then shifted to this shooting prediction, its very possible they mentioned the name as another poke to an Ecuador prediction.


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    1. I really don’t know, I plan to ask for clarity tonight. But its one of two possible situations one, it is an extension of the prediction and mr Columbus is the shooter or they are talking about a rising political figure, but whats with the pants in that assumption.

      1. Well, with the political thought, Kasich is rising on the political arena, but his record is not actually all that good here in Ohio, at least in my opinion, so it could be that something will unravel and he will be like an emperor with no clothes. If it’s tied to the man with a gun, Ohio is an open carry state and it’s also easy to get a concealed carry permit. So it might come out with something in the law allowing it to be easier to allow shootings to happen. Or there have been a couple of police shooting incidents, one involving a child. Hard to tell.

  1. The invation …. I am afraid about Greece there is a very old prediction that says : The country will not have goverment and Turkey will use this to invade…

        1. The visual came to be more war like, aggressive, I was honestly thinking of the actions by Russia in Syria, I know that’s more of a request on Al Assad’s part but I could see how Spirit would see it as an invasion. However they did imply Europe.

  2. “The land grab will come out of southern Europe.”
    Could this be a reference to the refugee crisis?

    1. I too think that the EU will grab land for the refugees, just have a gut feeling with everything that is happening in the press today and with the EU giving out quotas for each member of the EU.

  3. Eric, may I ask as I noticed Greece and soon to be Ecuador going out of money. Does that mean USA will be next in line someday?

    1. You know that concerns me to harvey i been doing a lot of reading and brother used to work for fema so he tells me bout the government he says the reserves are broke and we have no money also been reading and i dont know how true it is but i believe it is about how the cabal which is i guess the rich or secret group that runs our politics which is on the verge of collapsing which has stuff to do with the federal Reserve banking systsm the whole thing about greece is how there kicking cabal out which keeps the people of greece as debt slaves which supposedly make its way to states if you want the site ill send it to you its mind blowing

      1. Thanks Travis and Eric. Let’s hope it will not happen to take care of our future generations. “Be grateful for today and worry for tomorrow”.


  4. Eric, “MLU” is the abbreviation code for the Monroe, Louisiana Regional Airport, and they have flights from Columbus, Ohio. Also, “MLU”, is an abbreviation for Major League Ultimate. Some sort of disc/frisbee sport, but I think the season may have ended in August, but not entirely sure. There is a “ML” building code,for the “Marianist Hall”, on the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio. Here is another” MLU”, “Military Liason Unit”. The letters “Mlusi” is actually a last name of individuals on FB also. Did your vision you got look like it was in the US or another country?

  5. As Jules104 said, MLU is the code for the regional airport in Ouachita Parish in Monroe, LA. It is considered the birthplace of Delta Airlines. The City of Monroe also has several “high” schools.
    Do not know if prediction was for U.S.?
    There is also Martin Luther University in Halle-Wittenberg which is well known for many things including strong natural sciences departments.

    1. I honestly think the reason for the ‘Mr.’ part is a conversation I had with Spirit a few weeks ago. Sometimes they say ‘Boston’ and we all assume that means it will happen in Boston but the prediction ended up with a Boston man planning horrible acts in New York. That situation has unfolded a few times. So now they are making it more clear. I hope that makes sense.

  6. As far as an invasion coming out of southern Europe….perhaps Greece imvaded by Turkey but would wonder why anyone would with Greece’s financial issues….and no real economic value. However, Turkey already controls nearly all land access from the Black Sea into the Agean Sea on way to Med. Southern Russia (including Ukraine and also the port at Sochi) is also part of Europe so….could invasion be coming TO the country of Turkey instead of them being invaders?

    1. Egypt and Russia signed pack today to get rid of isis.invasion on all sides coming up

    2. No matter what the economy in Greece is we do have 3000 islands and Turkey always tries to take some of them!Every day we are bothered by Turkish military airplanes at least 15 times per day! I have family friends as pilots and what i am saying is truth

      1. Its makes sense that is south! I think you might be right because they did make it sound like a small land grab, Islands would fit perfectly. Does anyone have a news site discussing this.

    3. But with all the problems it would be hard for anyone to dispute or fight Turkey over the grab. My first thought was Russia, but that would be an eastern region, not southern. They really did make it sound like it would be a small grab as if implying islands.

      1. Turkey has done this before, 41 years ago. They illegally invaded the island nation of Cyprus while Cyprus was having a mini civil war. Nobody helped Cyprus and now half of that country is occupied by Turkey. Could the same thing happen to Greece?

  7. You need to take a break; your ego and obsession has become an unfortunate obstacle to your guey of receiving and giving. I pray for wisdom and peace to give you direction and safe harbor in your World, Mind and Soul…

      1. Hi Sheri its an acronym of ego in response to Cheryl Skylark comment…im saying its erics gift and there is no need fornegitiveity …i see no one else combing what comes to them as it does for eric and utilising it in a pro active way to help humanitiy ego often serces a profound purpise its not always a bad attribute… Wishing you well honestly…

  8. Am sorry, Popi…why has the trouble between Greece and Turkey never been in the news I wonder? (But nothing surprises me about lack of real news anymore). However, that was my point about Russia as well. If they can secure the entire area for themselves it would guarantee access to Med. by sea. There is so much going on with ISIS it is difficult to remember from one day to the next who has real control in some areas. The issue with Turkey for example….is there not still a U.S. base in Turkey? With all the confusion in Turkey, have seen nothing in the news about a U.S. presence in that area anymore.

  9. A recent observation–in thinking about world happenings, have noticed that many of Eric’s predictions….when they do happen…..are given very little (if any) media coverage in this country because they are so focused on the sensational or trivial. So without Eric providing links to the happenings as they occur, we would not even know about some of these things.

  10. Other officers agreed. They said Greece, which spends more on defense than another other European Union member, could no longer compete with Turkey, which routinely enters air space and waters claimed by Athens. “Just the other day, a Turkish battleship strayed twice in Greek waters, and what did we do?” Yiorgos Glitsis, a retired submarine officer, recalled. “We chased it halfway through the Aegean with a ship half its size, like a dinghy.” – See more at: (This is a small piece from an article)

  11. Eric,about the president..Alexis Tsipras has been replased from the president of the supreme court until the elections (20 of September) she is the first woman prime minister in Greece

  12. I read an article now that Turkey is preparing celebrations from 30 of August until 9 September and they say that the mood is pro war for Greece as they also have elections again on November… Bad news are coming

    1. I saw that, it looks like another ‘mighty falling’ . Its also very possible this is who they are talking about when it comes to a vice president stepping in for a time being.

    1. No not really. Its the second half of the century that is concerning. The start of something horrible. They describe two main nightmares, a global famine, and what they call the ‘terror of mankind’ a leader that makes Hitler look like a choir boy. Spirit once said he is the worst human being humanity would face. No one from the past or the future would compare to his horror. All of that has its counter . Leaders who usher in a new era. A massive explosion of technologies and science.

      1. I ask cause all this talk going on anout cern jade helm pope visiting the states to help usher in a one world government and blood moons appearing all sounds terrifying.

  13. The invasion prediction sounds like the large numbers of refugees making their way into Europe. The refugees are running from bad leadership in their respective countries or evil as in the case if ISIS. European countries really don’t have the economic capacity to absorb such huge numbers all at once. In this global economy, on one really does. I’m afraid the only viable recourse will be for NATO or a similar alliance to develop a plan to go to war with designated countries (one at a time) and terminate those who stand in the way through a method of swift and complete annihilation. Then put the proper leadership in place, deport the refugees back and provide overwatch in various forms until the country (s) can once again stand on their feet and become a contributing nation. Due to the unique and pressing circumstances, NATO would need to develop a different approach on conducting combat operations on such a large scale. There is too much at stake to continue to allow countries to continue falling. Personally, I prefer a more peaceful solution but I no longer see peace as an option for what is going on now.

    1. I am sorry Greg but its the invation in these countries that brought this refugee problems! Its not a new war that they need! More than 15 million people left Syria to save their lifes,on every Greek island close to the Turkish border 800 to 1000 people arrive every day (Turkish trafficking payed around 2000 $ per person to bring them to Greece)after that as the country has no money the Greek people by their own means try to feed them(there are many many children).Every day in Athens the solidarity comities and every where in Greece are asking for food ,towels,tooth brushes soaps etc its a huge humanitary crisis

  14. Here is some information from today regarding Turkish and U.S. cooperation in a strike against ISIS in Syria. It sounds from the article that Turkey was actually reluctant to help the U.S. In this and had to be pursuaded in some way. (There is no mention of how the U.S. got them to agree to cooperate). But the U.S. Base in Incerlek was mentioned as well as the U.S. obtaining access to another base in Turkey. “Color me suspicious”….but guess I also would now be worried in Greece…never can tell what “agreements” were reached until they happen.

    Search for “Turkish jets join US-led coalition in airstrikes against IS”

    1. Hi Anne
      Turkey used this excuse to fight against their kurdish people wich is the 1 \3 of the country and they had a 12% to the last elections that Erdogan did not like at all! So propably this is the secret deal with US… Lets fight isis but let us clean the place from the unwanted Kurdish people…So as you see nobody says anything about this

  15. Eric the man with the gun the car windows shattered. ..could this be the Texas deputy that was gunned down while fueling his patrol car the other night? I’m not sure what time it happened I’ll check maybe that’s where 10 came in…just thought about it re reading ur predictions.

      1. Michele may be correct uh? Sheriff gunned down…maybe the letters stand for suspect or victims license plate? Badge number?

  16. Hi Eric,
    Do you think it is a bad idea to have children? I often wonder whether it would not be a ‘selfish’ act given the state of the planet which seems to be worsening..and wonder what the point is sometimes especially as it doesn’t look like it will improve. I am not calling parents selfish of course and I really love kids but this issue is difficult one for me to answer.
    Was wondering what your thoughts were on that in conjunction with the gloomy second part of the century outlook.

    Thanks 🙂

    1. I watch over foster children and orphans so love children and love helping and supporting them. However glooming it is, all things change even the bad ones.

      1. Thats what i winder in a way eric i come here praying you can give us hope i got little neice and nephew that i love dearly and i see all over the internet about how pope is antichrist and how he is comming to america to meet with the un to help usher in a new world order where people say its an angenda where over like 6 billion people will have to be killed and some project called cern to bring in the devil i belive then i see all this doom and gloom and it terrifies me i just pray its not true or if it is it can be changed

  17. eric ! that will happen in September? earthquake? asteroid on September 23 ?

    1. Look at Notes on 5-24-15, they say October and is in no way a world destroyer, it affects one town and is a meteor, I have heard the prediction, and I have not seen anything like that prediction. I have no prediction that wipes out the world or the majority of it.

  18. LL,
    Thanks for the AZ shooting link. I travel that exact path sometimes and will be extra aware.

  19. I saw an article today saying a military ship belonging to Isis was found off the coast of Greece I will try to find a link

    1. There is actually another prediction that talks about this. Its old. something about killing people from a road.
      Does anyone remember that? I need to find it.

      1. Eric I’m not sure if these are related but…on December 13, 2013 you posted a list of the predictions which were related to sniper shootings. Also 11-27-13 (“visual of a man laying down with a sniper rifle, looking into his scope.”) Also 12-8-13 (“the sniper will shoot the innocent.”)

    2. Confirmed. It happened in Arizona and caught a young man age 22, one or 2 weeks ago.

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