Notes on 12-14-13

I had a visual, I was standing in a window looking outward, and then off to the corner was a large explosion that lit up the night.

I had a visual of a man attacking, invasive, with a gun, glass shattering people hiding.

“Global Attack.. China.. 21.. awful.. 19-75.. crescent moon.. your running out of time.. split in two.. just scratching the surface of this evil.. several people under attack”

“The man will stay with the injured person.. even with a threat to his own well-being.. such an act of valor and kindness.

“Volcano eruption.. Italy, Greece area..”

I had a vision of an area completely destroyed by the storm that came in, followed by a map that showed Australia, and New Zealand.  “Sydney threat.. Melbourne affected.. massive storm.”

In 7 minutes


“Gold broken.. it was good for more than a little while”

Glossary Reference: Minutes

Eric’s Comments: Some type of global attack unfolding and soon. The Italy / Greece Volcano could be the cracker previously mentioned. 7:00 could be seen as one week from now or “00” as if we were out of time and a prediction is expected by tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Eric. Could the global attack have to do with a global epidemic/super bug or biological weapons? Or are u sensing more an actual physical attack like what happened on 911? Though all would be just as devastating.

  2. Hi Eric,
    Do you think the “crescent moon” in the statement about “global attack” has to do with timing, such as when the next crescent moon appears?

  3. Turkey and Pakistan come to mind for flags with crescent moons. But just two of many. South Carolina has one on their flag also and it is “split in two” as in “The Carolina’s”. Do you have an idea of what the “19-75” represents?

  4. According to Swami Kriyananda, a realized saint and direct disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda (author of Autobiography of a Yogi), Yogananda had predicted the following –
    “There would be global war (a natural aftermath of depression, through hyper-inflation in America). He said Europe would be devastated; Russia would be “annihilated.” Certainly, if even one country drops an atom bomb, retaliation will follow.
    America will come out better than all other countries, Paramhansa Yogananda said, because America has basically good karma. (What other country in history has been attacked, won the war, and then helped its attacker to regain financial stability?) India is certain to suffer. What I visualize is an attack by Pakistan, aided by China. In fact, no place on earth will be safe when all this happens. However, India has too much good karma to be destroyed.
    As far as money is concerned, two things are important: to buy silver and gold instead of depending on printed currency; and two, to buy arable land.”

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