German Terror Attack

This horrible prediction has unfolded. Please pray for all of those in Germany.  Even though the second prediction has already happened I kept an eye out for ‘two’ which represented two events.

Predictions 5-10-16   I had a visual of a man pointing the gun at several people.
I had a visual of a child who had been shot.
“In Advance.. Children targeted.. how truly evil.”
I had a visual of a pack of cigarettes with the brand name Marlboro. “Maron Borrow.. Mark”
I had a visual of salt being poured into a large lake. Salt Lake?
23   years   13

Prediction German Train Bomb     I had a visual of a train crawling by. I had a visual of two trains sitting next to each other.
I saw the word “Bomb” written
“On the train” (Or Subway)
Soon.. German


27 thoughts on “German Terror Attack

      • Could it also have been referencing the Olympic Games from 1972, and relating that to Salt Lake City Olympic Games as the location? A double pun? The attack occurred at the Olympia Mall right near the Olympic Village where the massacre happened back in 72. Sort of a stretch but…

    • What do you mean by “these people”? The German authorities have said that shooter was born and raised in Germany and has absolutely no ties to Isis or any other groups and has been hospitalized for psychiatric problems. They have also categorically stated that this was not an act of terrorism. Is the media in the US suggesting that it was something else?

    • Swedish media are reporting that the terrible events in Munich yesterday has no ties to Daesh, and that police have found books and other material about school shootings in the suspects flat.
      It is also reported that the man suspected for the shooting has said that he has been bullied for seven years, and though German police have not offically given any statement about the motive, it seems that the illtreatment by others have led him up to this horrible attack on people.
      I think it is very important that everyone reading the news and hearing about all horrible acts done by people around our globe, take time and wait for facts to come out, before pointing fingers. And also checking the facts, are more media reporting about this, can I find different sources claiming the same thing.
      This really concerns me, and I know I have written about it at this webpage before, here in Sweden the third largest political party the Sweden Democrats, are constantly spreading “news” that do not hold after a fact check. The only media reporting about an event are web based newspapers run by members in the party, and people are satisfied with that report and don’t check for more sources.
      It is a way of dumbing people down, and spreading unnecessary fear that are not called for.
      Sending peace and love to everyone… /Yrla

  1. Eric, your prediction ended with 23 years 13. I just read in a UK paper that the children victims were aged 13 through 20. Also the spirits noted children targeted and planned ahead. He lured them to McDonalds for free food through hacked Facebook page. Spirits prediction was so exact here. So sad. I just hope our United prayers somehow prevented more kids from “answering his call”. I can testify in my life several times I was inexplicably prevented from doing something I had every intention of doing.

  2. Our ♡ And prayers go out to the victims and the loss ones of families and friends. So sorry to hear 7 teenagers were shot. I’m very sorry for the young man at 18 to kill others then himself. It’s very heartbroken.

    We need people with love reaching out to others that are lonesome and free from isolation. In my opinion, children and teens spent too much time on “shooting” video games. They need to limited on video games and socialize more to get out of the house.

    It’s sadden me when it occurred like this. 😦 so heartbroken.

  3. Eric & everyone,
    I know this sounds kinda crazy, but I really need clarity at this time. I’ve been having a lot of dreams, which I think might qualify as precognitions. How do some of you that have certain insights or abilities like this come in contact with the spirits?

    • Earth is full of evil spirits. I call it god and godless. Above is good and below which is earth is bad. Produced by evil men. Be around good people. We’re in the beginning of a new cycle. Right now not looking good. The worst part is nato and other world powers with military. Nato is saying russia will invade Poland. So we have people in both organizations that need to be removed becuase they have evil souls in them making decisions. So if men are the cause of all these wars and problems put woman in charge. We don’t need a woman to be like a man. Try putting salt around your house.

      • First off, your comment is uncalled for.
        You don’t have to be always sarcastic and cynical with your rhetoric. I’m guessing you have a militant stance against all religion and spirituality. I believe in God, but I’m not fanatical or ignorant about my beliefs. As many people on here, I believe that there are both good and bad spirits/being, good and evil. I also believe that people possess spiritual abilities and gifts. You don’t have to express your doom and gloom idelogy in every comment you make on here. It says something about a person.

    • Em bless you darling your question is honest and beautiful to want to be in touch with your higher self and guides to help and be of service to humanity and yourself is a blessing to all
      all you need to do Em is imagine white light surrounding you and pure love of the universe in your heart and ask for your guides from the light to come forward …bask in the light when meditateing ..rose quarts chrystal is a lovely aid to this just clean it in the sunshine and hold it in your hand or close to your heart and imagine your intentiin of contacting your guides imparted into the chrystal and use it thereafter when you meditate ..your pure intention with live and light will keep you safe ..mote often than not like 90% of the time pure love wilk contact you ..thaty experience and the experience of many many friends and aquaintances
      blessings and just ask ..Happy journey to you and a hugx

      • Thanks so much rhona! I really appreciate all of you guys who have been encouraging, positive and welcoming, and all the advice you’ve given me!

    • Oh I bet that’s it Rhona. I just remembered when I’ve watched the History channel on Germany during Hitlers power they were hiding Europes famous Art works in the salt mines I believe. Have you ever seen anything on what I’m speaking about? I know their salt mines are famous anyway.

      • Jules 104 yes i do know thanks for bringing it back to my memory …yeah i thought the underground salt lake is a bit of clarity to prediction ..gee they are treat with some of their hint at times.
        Blessings have a great Sunday and yes i caugut up with myself today hahaha

  4. Eric Anthony these are a short 45 ml from Munich maybe spirits way if narrowing Germany down ..pity our geography needs brushing up..just thought it might help solve a mystery clue…”Salt Lake”


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