Clinton Not Feeling Well

This prediction has happened. I do hope she feels better.

Predictions 8-23-16   “Hillary will fall, stumble.” — Spirits Voice

Predictions 5-6-16    The next US President will be Hilary Clinton.   Minorities in the coming months use a much louder voice than any of you could anticipate. Never before has several groups of minorities pushed back so hard.   During her path.. health takes a toll.

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  1. Linda Blair Avatar

    Trump will have a field day with this

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Trump always has a field day.

  2. Moses Avatar

    Hi You still think she’s going to be the next President?

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    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Not only do they say she wins but they claim the race will not be close, she wins by a nice margin. None of which makes any sense with what the news says, but that is what they said for a third time, I will post that message in the next few days.

      1. Stephen Avatar

        People around here need to talk to more liberal Democrats. As a long-time Democrat, I would not be at all surprised by a significant Hillary win.

  3. Kathie Epeneter Avatar

    Hillary hasn’t been feeling well for quite a time. She will not win the election.

  4. Mari Avatar

    Am.sticking to my past post about a neurological
    disorder. She is definitely showing
    motor skill problems. And are happening
    more frequently

  5. Susan Avatar

    He wound be better off if he didn’t imo. Just let the media handle it.

  6. AAG Avatar

    Did Spirit say anything about how long Hillary will be in office? I always had this hunch that she will win, but she won’t be re-elected (and likely won’t even stand for re-election). This health issue only fuels my hunch.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Right now Spirits focus rest on the now or coming soon, so unfortunately they would not answer that right now.

  7. Katherine Avatar

    Trump will be next President

    1. Isa Avatar

      Yes, I agree

  8. Lia Avatar

    I hate to think how hot it was in NYC today (90’s), not to mention the emotional aspects of 911 memorials. The humidity is outrageous for this time of year, too. And yes, Trump will have a field day with this one, as he always does.

    1. JB Avatar

      It was 78-80 degrees at the time and humidity was about 46%.

  9. Tot Avatar

    She looks like she has a serious medical problem. She doesn’t look well at all.

  10. gym07 Avatar

    CNN says her doctor reports she has pneumonia.

  11. star48 Avatar

    Eric, gymo7,
    It has been reported by her doctor she has pneumonia…

  12. Tot Avatar

    If she is as ill as people think, she should have let Bernie run.

  13. Michelle Record Avatar

    I have been following you for a while now and try to get the word out in hopes we can save some lives. I have been watching and reading alot in the political area this year more than I ever have. I have been seeing all of Hillary’s scandals and corruption and would like to understand why you feel she is a better choice for our country. You know things I don’t and just want to understand. Thank you for getting the spirits messages out so we can try and help others.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I don’t. They are only predicting the outcome of this election and they have said 3 times now that she will be president. Just as they predicted Obama, Razak, and Republican control of the house. Its just a prediction. Now they do have an agenda. Every accurate prediction allows them to have a voice, so when we do have the next Hitler or Mccarthy they can point and say ‘there is someone that should not lead’ its a situation expected in a decade from now.

      1. Michelle Record Avatar

        That makes perfect sence. Thank you and I will continue to keep sharing. As more of these predictions come true more people are paying attention when I share them now. Hope we can make a positive difference together.

      2. maria kaos Avatar

        Great answer Eric. I know you dread the political predictions be cause of the feed back they create. This is indeed a bizarre election with an unexplainable outcome unless you read between the lines. “She will win by a wide margin”. You predicted that it would be a remain vote for us here in the UK regarding the EU referendum. It was as you know an out vote but I back your prediction as we are as in as we ever were and apart from a few choice details we will remain in. This is what spirit meant by “it’s not over yet”.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Thanks, with the exception of brexit their track record is good, but not perfect. Some of the political predictions suprised me, from their ability to predict the Scottish vote down to the exact percent and then the claim that Obama would be re-elected with a margin that would not be a close race, both of which was completely opposite to what the media predicted.

    2. Isa Avatar

      Michelle, maybe she’ll win by cheating/rigging… The DNC email leaks are not portraying any type of integrity about how they want to win<<<<<facts are facts.

  14. Thomas E. Wolke Avatar

    If she were diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday and collapsed on Sunday, they’d rush her to a hospital, not her daughter’s apartment. Not unless they already knew it was a transient episode instead of an acute illness. Hillary is the most mendacious, venal, corrupt psychopath to run for president since LBJ. It won’t be a Democrat win unless she drops out and someone moderate and honest replaces her.

    1. Em Avatar

      Agreed. She’s a monster.

    2. Psychic Chris Avatar

      not to mention she is a warmongerer, i would say shes worse than hitler

      1. Elaine Avatar

        When Ronald Reagan was running for President, they said he would go to war. He didn’t. I voted for him, and think he was a great president.

    3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      What’s wrong with LBJ? Get use to her Thomas the spirits have not shifted at all, even though I have not posted it they are saying for a third time she will be president, they even claim the final tally won’t be that close of a race. Honestly I don’t see it but its what they are predicting.

      1. Sonndra May Avatar

        I find it odd that spirit has had trump scandal predictions but not the obvious Clinton scandals and her propensity to lie. I do fear no matter who runs that the electronic and coming online voting methods make it easy to steal an election. I fear we will not know the true results of this election. The fix was in with Bernie, and probably is in with Trump… and now we have so called journalism and reporting that no one trusts. Plus Homeland Security loyal to the administration trying to take over the election, which leads me to say I have no confidence in a fair or honest election.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Your opinion, my opinion, does not change that someone will become the president and that they predict Clinton. To say their prediction is biased has no weight.

      2. Isa Avatar

        Do you think or believe Spirits prediction on this matter is set in stone. As time shifts and choices are made it affects future events. It just depends on what one’s reality is at the time of perceiving a moment. (Quantam Physics / Quantam Mechanics) It is just a question for further understanding> about the matter being set in stone.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Nothing in the future is set in stone. Yes it is possible that this prediction will change, however 3 times now they have predicted her becoming president, I honestly don’t see it, she seems to be losing, so they must know something else is coming.

  15. Lori Avatar

    I think it’s just what they say she probably did let herself run down and went into walking pneumonia I have seasonal allergies too it doesn’t take much for a bronchial irritation to turn into an infection. I just don’t understand the hate people post on this site. What have they accomplished for our country? It’s easy to criticize, not so easy to put yourself out there and work for America.

    1. Sara Avatar

      I see what you’re saying. And it could be allergies/infection.
      But I think if Hillary Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, she shouldn’t have been out in public, especially not signing autographs for a little girl or a crowded 9/11 memorial…that’s dangerous, given how contagious it is. Wouldn’t the doctors have warned her to stay in to avoid getting others sick?

      All the same, I find it odd that they didn’t even mention pneumonia until people noticed that video and started asking hard questions. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I do think we’re not being told the whole story.

      Normally, someone’s health history wouldn’t be anyone else’s business…but considering she’s running for president, we should be told now if there’s any issue.

    2. Christophilos Avatar

      Lori………I’ve read this site a few times and I just don’t see the hate to which you refer. People are pointing out some facts that you might not agree with. That is not hate just a difference of opinion. Color me “puzzled” by your statement. Trump says many things I disagree with. He exaggerates. Hillary tells obvious lies and people call her on them. My observations and opinions are not hate. I’m just reporting things as I perceive them. May peace enter your heart, the peace that passes understanding.

    3. Mary Avatar

      Well said Lori. It’s heartbreaking reading some of the negative comments towards the presidential candidates. Pray to search for their inner souls with the “attitudes”. Disappointed.

      May God be with you.

  16. Elaine Avatar

    The Inquistr says people think it was a body double who was seen after the episode, because she was seen without her SS people. I’m really worried for her.

  17. Gloria Avatar

    I have been really enjoyed being a part of this group, but I joined it to hear predictions not to listen or read hateful comments about someone running for office. If that is what is going to be on this site, then I will have to bow out. There are enough sites on FB to vent your nasty comments, please do not do it here.

    1. swampy11 Avatar

      Thank you, Gloria!

  18. Luna tic Avatar

    The Huffington Post fired reporter David Seaman for reporting on Hillary Clinton’s health and also CNN cancelled Dr. Drew Pinsky’s show for discussing her health. I saw another view of the video and she looked like her head fell back like she was having a seizure or something and she stumbled and collapsed. Idk, but she seems very sick. Eric’s prediction was very accurate.

  19. Luna tic Avatar

    Does this mean the explosion is close? The 5/6/16 also mentioned an earthquake in N. California.

  20. Sharon Avatar

    I hate when the predictions go political because everyone gets so nasty. People that pray for peace all the time make such nasty comments when it comes to politics. Of course Trump will have a field day with this, seriously does anyone doubt that if it was reversed Clinton and all of the unfair biased media wouldn’t have a field day with it also? Of course she would ! that woman just called every Trump supporter, by the way over 50% of the voting public, crazy and unstable and racist and all kinds of horrible names! I’m glad we got a view of the real woman behind the fake smile. Sonndra said it all how true. Seriously a presidential candidate would be whisked off in a helicopter to the closest trauma center, not taken to her home. She’s been surrounded by mysterious handlers to watch her every move. I’m not trying to be mean over someone’s health but seriously it’s so obvious there has to be some neurological problems. If that’s true then why would they be hiding it? That really scares me what is the ultimate agenda? She may win and you may be right and truly Eric this is no disrespect to you whatsoever, but no one is 100% correct except for God or whatever you want to call him based on your beliefs. So Time will tell soon enough you have 50-50 chance. I just wish you would ask more political questions like if she wins will it be fair, or are they going to use people cheating and lying and intimidating people at the voting booth to get in?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      LOL.. I have no desire or plans to ask ‘more’ questions about politics I can’t post this one without serious blow back.

      1. Sharon Avatar

        That is true. Politics just brings the worst out in everyone I know you have to but I personally would rather see no political predictions either way.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Without the political predictions we lose the opportunity of stopping the next Hitler from coming to power even if its a decade away. Stopping that monster has to be a priority of ours.

    2. Mike Avatar

      You are a very vocal person and your hate has no bounds!! The things you have said are exactly what mskes this election so bad and has split the country! Trump is a vocal person also and he loves dictatorship!! To degrade our wonderful country the way he did talking about Putin was a treasonous thing to do!!! I am very frighten if he gets in!! He is a bigot, racists and a very big lier!! Do you really think yu you want a President who has been accused of raping a13 year old and gas had 3 marriages,many affairs and touches his daughter on the butt in public and states he would want to date her!! The man I’d sick mentality!! Hillary has pneumonia!!! Gets you facts straight before you continue to spread your lies and hatred Sharon!! I pray everyday for peace in our world and for love mong everyone..maybe you should try it!!!!

      1. Mike Avatar

        Sorry some of the words are not tablet misses letters and changes words.

      2. Isa Avatar

        Have you watched the film “Hillary’s America”?

  21. Luna tic Avatar

    The USS Idaho is an Navy attack submarine Just wondering if this might tie into the 8/23/16 prediction. It might very well be patrolling the waters in the middle east.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That’s interesting. Thanks that could be.

  22. Sharon Avatar

    This is why this will be my last political comment. Please only see what they want to see. I dont hate anyone & make very few comments. I am very spiritual and a God loving person. That guys comments are scary. I respect everyone’s opinion and realize full well some people will never even try to see the other side’s opinion, but People with anger like that scare me. Sorry Eric youve got some aggressive followers.

    1. Tot Avatar

      I can’t understand why that guy replied in that manner. There was nothing hateful at all about your post. I am glad I am not american as the hate and anger surrounding politics is awful.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Very passionate about their opinions. I really do hope we can shift that passion to change the future and save lives.

      1. Tot Avatar

        Yes Eric, just think how much could be achieved!

  23. Tot Avatar

    She holds herself very stiffly, especially her hands which are often in awkward positions. She also acts strangely too. I agree with Mari that there is a neurological problem and it looks bad. She needs to look after her health, not run for president.

    1. Jon Blue Avatar

      again…small list of sick presidents…I could name 10 more…
      1.George HW Bush threw up on the Prime Minister of Japan and then fainted.
      2.Ronald Reagan according to recently released doc reports showed early signs of alzheimers.
      3.Gerald Ford fell A LOT! Just pull up old newspapers on that one. the political comics were funny.
      4.Woodrow Wilson had a stroke WHILE in office.
      5.Teddy Roosevelt lost vision in his right eye while boxing in the oval office.
      6.Franklin Pearce had his scrotum crushed in a horse saddle while riding during his term and was bed ridden for weeks.
      7.FDR was in a wheelchair, sick all the time and had PAINFUL affects from Polio. Yet he brought us out of the great depression and through the worst war this world has seen.
      I guess their magical testicles made it okay for them to be sick! Guess what women live longer! I know people with Multiple Sclerosis that run fortune 500s. Seems that people who with long term illnesses, including cancer can still be in charge. I have brain cancer in remission. I still run my company just fine.

      1. PN Avatar

        Yes Jon Blue – people who get ill can still go to office. I get bad colds and still make it to work. Cannot believe believe people can be so judgemental wherever they are in the world. Whatever happened to empathy, compassion. We get so reliant on what the media is saying and unless people start reading both sides of the story, liberal, Conservative, whatever, we are just going to make one-sided opinions. Hope that the American people eventually make the right choice for what will benefit America.

  24. Zethkal Avatar

    I’m not sure on this, but if a decade from now is going to be a problem then I think we should pay attention to the American Attitude being presented ever since the NFL protests. I have never seen such of wave of hate & lust for violence against the NFL players that it was making me sick.

    Could this behavior be the reason that leads up to people choosing someone bad in a decade? I hope not..

  25. allen Avatar

    eric the so many neg comments, from people, who do not see, in peoples hearts, but only JUDGE, the outside of a person……..this, one thing, is what is going to fuel, the very bad and nasty soul, who time is coming, on the OUTSIDE, this person will do some many GOOD things, that will fool, so many, but, on the INSIDE, his heart is very dark. the lesson here, is for people to learn humailty and compassion, AND recognize it, in other people, logic, and what you see can ALWAYS fool people, but peoples intuiuon, and peoples compassion and humality will not. people, please remember, we ALL are on earth to LEARN, everyone will make mistakes and never be perfect, while they are human here. now, if we can change peoples neg oponions and energies and turn them around to good and productive, where the energy helps, this site, to do good.. please, do not lose sight, on why this website was created for…….thank you eric and the group, for all the good that is being done,………..

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      We could all use some more humility.

    2. Lori Avatar

      Yes, thank you Eric for your good work and thank you Allen for sharing your insight. I very much agree.

  26. donna B Avatar

    Eric; Personally, I want to vote for my cat; he’s got a heart of gold. LOL

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I will vote for your cat!!!

  27. Karben Avatar

    I’ve read Obama will be the last president. This whole election process has been a circus. Hard to believe what we are seeing. I think their lies have finally caught up with them regarding Hillary and her health. I’ve heard everything from pneumonia, to seizures, to Parkinson’s, to she’s already dead and what we’re seeing is a clone! The video of her falling into the limo where she’s wobbly, her legs give out, shoe falls off, then a few minutes later she’s supposedly standing in front of her daughters place looking like nothing is wrong with no body guards and hugging a child. What in the world is going on?? Hillary as the next president, highly unlikely. Trump, just as unlikely.

    1. Elaine Avatar

      Obama, the last president? They also said Pope Francis will be the last Pope. I don’t see how either will happen, unless we have the end of the world. Your thoughts on that?

      1. Karben Avatar

        Are you asking me my thoughts on the end of the world? I have no thoughts on that, The only thought I do have is Hillary will not be the next president. She’s more qualified than Trump, but I doubt it will happen. She obviously has some major issues. Time will tell.

  28. Jon Blue Avatar

    For all of you terrified with Hillary and her health. Get some perspective! My god! Did any of you take civics class and learn about our past presidents? Here is a list for you…

    1.George HW Bush threw up on the Prime Minister of Japan and then fainted.
    2.Ronald Reagan according to recently released doc reports showed early signs of alzheimers.
    3.Gerald Ford fell A LOT! Just pull up old newspapers on that one. the political comics were funny.
    4.Woodrow Wilson had a stroke WHILE in office.
    5.Teddy Roosevelt lost vision in his right eye while boxing in the oval office.
    6.Franklin Pearce had his scrotum crushed in a horse saddle while riding during his term.
    7.FDR was in a wheelchair, sick all the time and had PAINFUL affects from Polio. Yet he brought us out of the great depression and through the worst war this world has seen.
    I guess their magical testicles made it okay for them to be sick! Guess what women live longer! Liz Taylor suffered major major health issues yet she kept going even when she got dementia.

    Finally, for those that worry Hillary is corrupt. Do you not count Trump filed company bankruptcy 3 times. That’s corrupt. Many small businesses were unable to pay their employees and went under because of him. That’s what he does to American citizens. He also is known not to pay his bills constantly writing to complain about service and wanting his money back. He pretty much lives for free. He hasn’t released his tax returns, that is very very shady. Look at his corruption too. It’s a two way street.
    Many years ago, as some on here know, I had a dream where my very republican grandpa came to visit me. It was very shocking. He told me all that was going to happen up to now. I’ve watched it come true. He yelled at me “the nazis are coming, son. I need you to vote Hillary! Do you understand me?” I actually argued with him saying she wasn’t running and that he was republican and that he wouldn’t like her. “Son, you need to listen to me! You have to save the planet. The nazis are coming. Vote Hillary. Then he showed me an image of her and on both sides flanked Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt. They merged all in one. I woke up in a sweat. I could for an instant still smell roses.
    Think people. If I had this dream and Eric who I don’t even know had a vision and many others I have heard have said the same, maybe we should be listening to watch God thinks is the best choice for the planet. We have two to choose from. Someone with hate speech is NOT your answer. That is NOT love.
    I’m a privileged white guy who is educated enough to see through Trump’s motives. Wall St execs have already said Trump will make the stock market crash. He will make a fortune and leave all the middle class and lower class without jobs. Just think about it. Stop worrying about Hillary having pneumonia. I’ve had it twice in my life and I just ran 3 marathons. I also survived stage 3 brain cancer with flying colours and had a near death experience on the operating table. So I am fully awake and aware!

    1. allen Avatar

      jon blue thank you for your post. a lot of people are filled with so much fear and hate, no matter what people say, they wouldn’t listen…THEY, told me four years ago, that Hillary will be president, the country needs people who care, filled with compassion for OTHER people, no person is perfect, that is why we are on planet earth, to learn and grow. rest assure, GOD, does hear every prayer, and so does his will be done. just pay attention, to all the new voters, this year, WHO will vote, so that hate and fear will not be able to reach the white house. keep being a beacon of light for others, earth, at this time so needs more beacons………what people do really need to worry about, is the weather changes,that are speeding up, and will effect EVERYONE, one way or another…………

    2. Cee Avatar

      And JFK who had a lot of health issues and personal issues that would totally disqualify him today…. But he had the fortitude to get us through the Cuban Missile crises. Thanks Jon for the list of past presidents to get some perspective….I thought the news cycle on this was a little crazy…..The 24 hour news cycle is a feeding frenzy all around…. I had pneumonia once too. I started to get better as soon as I got on antibiotics, went to work the next day, but it took me a full month to get my strength back. I had to pace myself and remember once, I had to walk across a large parking lot to a meeting and worried I wouldn’t make it if I didn’t walk slowly. Another month and I was just fine!

      1. Jon Blue Avatar

        most welcome. Yes, JFK had Addison’s Disease and was majorly pumped up on amphetamines (which should cause rage) yet he kept it under control. I could list 6 more presidents with major health issues too that kept going and did just fine.

    3. Kris Avatar

      Jon blue – Thank you for the clarity and calm you are bringing to the discussion. And thank you for sharing your insight. People seem to be so reactive, fearful, and hostile at this time in history and especially this election cycle. It really concerns me. Suspicion, anger and delusion cloud our judgements and bring out the worst in us. And water the seeds of violence and division. I am praying that reason, kindness and equanimity prevail.

    1. allen Avatar

      great job eric. thank you as always for teaching and helping others……..

    1. star48 Avatar

      Luna Tic, yep,
      just getting warmed up..right on the fault…
      (My opinion) this is a forerunner…the whole region has been so active!
      The activity in the west is ratcheting up.. Volcanic activity too….

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        I have had the same thought. I still need to ask about the 29th.

  29. Em Avatar

    Does anyone know if a huge terror attack happens (on the scale of 9/11) could our current president and his administration suspend the presidential elections and stay in office indefinitely? There’s always been a lot of ppl speculating about it lately, especially since the chances are very high that ISIS will at least attempt to pull off a major terror attack before we get to vote on November 8th. I think they’ve waited so long because they’re planning something big, and they’re getting smarter. I’m legitimately scared to even go into the city, and for my family members who will be traveling a lot this month and next.
    (note: this is my first election I can vote)

    1. Cee Avatar

      Em, I seriously doubt the election would ever be suspended….nor that our current President would stay in office indefinitely. .I do not get any sort of vibe whatsoever that our President is that kind of person. But I know a lot of people spread fear. I think it is totally unfounded. Just my thoughts. Peace.

    2. Mari Avatar

      hi em
      i really try to stay away from political
      issues but this is not a political
      answer so i hope i am safe LOL!
      The answer is yes. In times of national threat
      or civil unrest for example, a standing
      president can declare martial law and
      thereby extend his stay in office.
      Hope this helps

    3. Mar Avatar

      hi em
      i really try to stay away from political
      issues but this is not a political
      answer so i hope i am safe LOL!
      The answer is yes. In times of national threat
      or civil unrest for example, a standing
      president can declare martial law and
      thereby extend his stay in office.
      Hope this helps.

    4. Jon Blue Avatar

      Em, I am really sorry you are scared. I know that is hard to handle. I’ve been there. I survived stage 3 brain cancer when I was told I had just months to live. That was 4 years ago. I run marathons now. Being scared is how we are to grow stronger. Running away makes us not learn the lessons God, the Universe, our Ancestors want us to learn. From previous post, I think you said you were Christian…if that is the case, did your Christ run away? No, he walked straight into it just like many saints in that faith. So travel, enjoy life. Love! Live! Don’t let ISIS win because they want you to fear. They win when you get scared. That is no way to live a life. If it is your time to exit your body, and become spirit, then that is your time.
      I don’t know where you have traveled in your life but elections go on in Asia, Africa and Russia, Ukraine, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Afghanistan, Pakistan where bombs are falling just a block away from election polls. Yet the elections still happen. Perspective and historical research will calm you. Look at those countries and see those elections still happened. Same with our own Revolutionary War and Civil War. Governments still ran. This apocalypse fear comes from too much TV, media, Facebook and video games. The world is not gonna end on election night. Again, I am so sorry that you feel scared. I can hear that. Just know it’s all gonna be okay for a while. Yes, there is a scary time in the future coming but not in the near future. So have fun in the city with your friends. Don’t look back and regret.

      1. swampy11 Avatar

        Yes, Em, I agree with Jon Blue. I recently ran across a quote that I think can fit in every aspect of our lives. It is: “Try and fail. Don’t fail to try.”

    5. Em Avatar

      Seriously, thanks guys. I need to stop worrying lol

  30. star48 Avatar

    New York Times article about Hillarys health.- Doctor’s weigh in,

  31. Lisa Avatar

    Do the Sprite know who’s the next hitler is or are they already in power. Could it be Putin or someone we know who’s in politics.that is the anti Christ.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      They describe him as a teenager now. So we still have a decade and half or two decades to go.

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