Hurricane Earl

This prediction has happened. With both Earl and Hagupit the timeframe is focused on the formation of the Hurricane and not when it hits landfall.

Mexico Hurricane Prediction I had a visual of floods just consuming everything in its path. Everyone was stuck, unable to move from the locations of the damage.
“Flooding.. flooding.. waves.. lands turned to mud. The Hurricane causes extensive damage.
Around Tabasco.. South Mexico
July” – Spirits Voice


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  1. jules104 Avatar

    Eric Spirit did an excellent job on this prediction. Do you think that will be the norm for hurricane predictions then? When they form? The science community can actually do the forecasting for tracking and when to expect them to hit land fairly well these days, so this part of Spirit telling people what to expect way ahead of time before it hits, such as this over a foot of rain, is really important I think. Great job! Praying for that area and those still in harms way.

  2. Mary Avatar


    1. Mary Avatar

      My mistake and apologies. I read the messages from the Mother Mary of Light via Melbrake’s reblogg. Mother Mary cautious the Americans will be under attack. Luficer is here on US soil. Stay away from the Darkness. Stay with The Lights and you will be safe.

      My apologies as I’m not able to copy link this time. I’ll try again.

      No, US is not at war. Only under attack from terror. It will happen anytime now and soon.


  3. Robert William Marcus Riley Avatar
    Robert William Marcus Riley

    It was off by a few days because Hurricane Earl is about to hit Mexico around early August

    1. Luna tic Avatar
      Luna tic

      Hello Robert William Marcus Reilly, the storm formed in July and the location is correct. It’s nice to know that “Spirit” is giving Eric the time needed to get the word out so people can be prepared.

  4. rhona Avatar

    Eric spot on …..I like the warning as it forms ….and if we can get some headsup on expected landfall areas all the better ….Thanks Spirit …..
    all your help…it is appreciated.

  5. star48 Avatar

    Tropical Storm Earl continuing to produce locally heavy rains while moving over Southeastern Mexico – National Hurricane Center

  6. star48 Avatar

    SWC, update #2
    Earl maintains tropical storm strength with new warning issued for southern bay of Campeche coast – NHC

  7. star48 Avatar

    Eric,SWC, update 3.

    Tropical Storm Earl restrengthens over Southern Bay of Campeche with 60 mph sustained winds; flash floods, mudslides possible – NHC

  8. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Update #4
    Tropical Storm Earl making landfall southeast of Veracruz, Mexico; torrential rains could produce flash floods and mudslides, forecasters say – National Hurricane Center

  9. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC, update #5
    Tropical Storm Warning remains in effect for Roca Partido northward to Teccolutla, Mexico, as Earl continues about 30 miles southwest of Veracruz with sustained winds of 50 mph – National Hurricane Center

  10. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Update #6—–Deaths…
    , 6 dies in landslide caused by Tropical Storm Earl in Veracruz, Mexico – AP

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