North Dakota Pipeline

This prediction has happened. The Spirits hold no punches to what side their on.

Predictions 12-22-16   “To the Native Americans.. the eagle is lying to you.. he has no intention of living by his word.”

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  1. aleafinthewind77 Avatar

    So sad. They never could keep their word and stole and keep on stomping on them. If we go in their way, we would be stomped out too…

  2. professorkemp Avatar

    I am glad to now that the eagle referred to in the original prediction was not President Obama. I had no doubt that Trump would repeal the executive order–he has a financial stake in the pipeline. One of many unfortunate and harmful executive orders coming down. Removing the US from the UN is worse though. This isolationist populist agenda will absolutely backfire and will harm many naive Americans who thought Trump had their best interests at heart. And because of other executive branch legislation, you cant even complain about it–the White House switchboard has been dismantled.

  3. Karen Avatar

    I pray that no bloodshed will occur. It is disheartening to know that some people aren’t looking at what they are doing to our earth and what they are leaving our children and grandchildren, but are only concerned about their financial gains. Prayers for the water protectors.

  4. jules104 Avatar

    Very sad indeed. I stand with the Native Americans and will continue to do so.

  5. anthony Avatar

    fracking will be banned and a new energy is coming forth

    1. anthony Avatar

      plus side water is saved. its like building something and no one came

      1. Karen Avatar

        I hope you’re right. The building something alone goes against what they have and are currently standing against. My hope is it won’t be built at all.

  6. Chewdy Avatar

    As a descendant of the Original Americans, I say go for it. Although the disputed part of the project is sure to run through sacred American burial grounds, it doesn’t pass through any Indian reservation. I can deal with that..I didnt know any of those early American settlers anyway.

    1. Elaine Avatar

      The trouble with the pipeline isn’t that it runs through sacred burial grounds. The trouble is that a leak can ruin the water table of the area, and there will be leaks. There was a leak up in that area not too long ago. My brother who has been in oil all his life says they fly planes down the pipeline to check for leaks. That does not stop the leaks. After the leak happens, and they discover it, it’s too late.

      1. Cee Avatar

        And so interestingly timely, there was a large leak today in a Canadian pipeline. There was also a large leak in Canada, back in July, on the day Trump was nominated. It polluted the water supply for some 70,000 people in Canada for months. Rachel Maddow did an excellent report on it this evening.

  7. Observer227 Avatar

    I’ll have to re-evaluate my previous assumptions about the approaching attacks. I’ll be the first to admit that the timing and circumstances surrounding them were inaccurate at best. There’s no doubt in my mind these events DO occur, but it’s clear that I need to improve upon the “WHEN” and “WHO” aspects of the situation.

    My previous assumptions on the “WHAT” and “HOW” are still relevant regarding my previous posts on the four attacks. Anything else, however, should be taken with a grain of salt. I still have much to improve upon as a psychic, and tend to jump to conclusions far too easily.

    I don’t have anything else to add except one final detail: The attacks occur on or around an important holiday/annual event, presumably in the United States. The first thing that comes to mind is the Super Bowl on February 5th, but please reach your own conclusions if you doubt my assessment. I won’t post again here until something extremely important, related to the quadruple-attacks or not, occurs.

    Stay safe everyone, and never lose hope in the power of human decency.

    1. Karen Avatar

      No one is a hundred percent accurate, I don’t think anyone will hold that against you. Regardless, take your time and sort through your thoughts and feelings. I believe we all feel something big is about to happen and it’s easy to fall into the wrong timeframe especially if they are thwarted and we never hear about them.

      1. Observer227 Avatar

        Thank you for the kind words. I’ll get some much needed R&R this week, and focus on bettering myself for the time being. Like I said, will make a substantial post only when something extremely important occurs, but I won’t spend any of my time worrying about it beforehand.

  8. anita Avatar

    He haven´t said any word about nature! He don´t care about climate change! he is unresponsible. Even China starts to develope ecological solutions and all world try fo find clean energy!
    Trump is confused, he says about thruths that they are lies and his lies are truths!
    He tries to control all, and manipulate press! He acts like a despot.
    It is dangerous that he has the world´s biggest power in his hands? Why this happened?
    Only by plots, dirty tactics, corruption, Russia´s help? He destroys everything end in itself that Obama did, good things! This is just terrible! And nothing stops this?

  9. Tot Avatar

    I feel sick reading this news, and now Trump has banned Badlands National Park from twitter for tweeting about climate change. Poor mother earth.

    Dangerous evil man.

    1. Cee Avatar

      Also today, put a Gag order on the EPA and FDA – someone leaked it to the press. I will try to find the links.

    2. MK Avatar

      This ain’t right. Seriously banned the national park from our public eyes?? Sounds like a communist thing. Totally unacceptable….. Our country is freedom not isolated. I’m getting nausea.

      1. MK Avatar

        TRUMP is not our father nor dictator. This is FREEDOM!!!

  10. anita Avatar

    Ps. Trump is a pathological liar : all symphtons are exactly ( if you read)” narcissist personality disorder.” I must say this very seriously as the objective fact! Also grandiose syndrome. Nothing is enough: he must be number One. Now claiming there are 3 million illegal votes – that´s why Clinton got more popular votes. .. this all is pathological.( He projects himself to others: he has very much hidden things !)There will be total chaos all the time in the future.. and i am scared because he has so much power and he do NOT listen anyone. He also denied many women´s right yesterday, changed laws. His own business do not take daylight; hidden taxes and business – maybe that´s why he is so paranoid and aggressive and nervous all the time.
    But will the thruth win?

    1. nutmom Avatar

      Anita I agree with all of your comments and you are very brave expressing yourself. Trump is going off the deep end and it is too dangerous to remain silent.

      1. Sara Avatar

        Something we Americans should do– write to our state and federal representatives and encourage them not to support the pipeline, even if Trump does.

        Writing to our representatives, or calling them to ask them to support or not support something, is a good way to make use of a democracy and get our voices out there.

        Even if the president has crazy ideas, I think Congress will still be open to voters’ opinions. I don’t think many of them would risk their lifelong careers for the policies of a man who literally appeared out of nowhere–and if he does a bad job, will be out of politics fast.

      2. Elaine Avatar

        People need to be careful about bashing Trump. He likes to get even.

      3. anita Avatar

        Thank you so much!

  11. anita Avatar

    pss. I think it is criminal to start to put CENSORSHIP to press, news, facts, alternative organisations!It means the fascist system! Already now Trump isolates Usa! I have been afraid of this already months; i have seen this! And also hidden connections to Russia are true; some deals, money!
    This all is based on lies ´ I have had very strong vision about this all long time. And i have the strong sixth sense! I am not living in america but in Scandinavia but Trump has been like a nightmare to me and now the reality starts to be seen by everyone!

    1. Pete Medium Avatar
      Pete Medium

      Trump is moving very quickly, and secretly. Many who think ‘oh he wouldn’t do that’ are about to find out he is DEFINITELY going to do ‘that’.
      Hitler had two primary area of attack; the Jew and Communism. Trump has Muslims nations, and China. China will be to Trump what Russia was to Hitler. China have successfully kept very secret the truth of their armament and won’t be afraid to use it if threatened. We here in Australia will be the ones in the most dangerous of places because America has so many bases here and we are a stone’s throw from China.
      Our inept Prime Minister has even said ‘peace in our time.’

      1. Karen Avatar

        Prayers for you and your people Pete Medium, I have read many predictions that say you all are in for a rough time this year. I pray they are wrong and on behalf of the Americans who did not vote for trump, please accept my sincerest apologies for what may or may not happen.

  12. anita Avatar

    Trump has had business in Russia since 1986! Russia gave him money, helped him when troubles.. Now they helped him to win and he have to pay back! I think there may be some hacked information, too, about Usa´s politics and also those ” tapes” and secret business things which Russia knows and they can blackmail. I feel here is also somekind of strong hate to Obama and all SOFT politics he had. Trump hates all real art, deeper thinking, alternative persons, values… His life has been only making money, entertainment shows, he likes the playboy- image of women..but at the same time I feel he is very bitter!
    The life is the jungle to him and laws of jungle: he admires only the strongest and winners.
    Like he wants the revenge to every direction. He now wants to use the power he has.

  13. Diana Avatar

    Can we please stop the President Trump bashing?

    1. Ethan Avatar

      At the risk of sounding like I am thrashing Trump, banning the employees of the EPA agency from giving social media updates is a clear sign of free speech censorship and I hope you do find that action disturbing as a US citizen. Perhaps he should ban himself from giving social media updates first before banning anyone else. That will clearly do him some good.

      1. nutmom Avatar

        I agree with Ethan.

    2. M Avatar


      1. M Avatar

        Was directed to Diana… there seems to be reasons for concern

    3. Pete Medium Avatar
      Pete Medium

      I am sorry but it is his actions that are causing these reactions. Blind obedience to anything or anybody is very dangerous. Open forum dialogue is Democracy. Closed media, secret deals and underhanded actions are the actions of a Dictator.

    4. Tot Avatar

      Trump is an idiot, and a dangerous one.

    5. karen Collins Avatar
      karen Collins

      No. At the moment we are still free to speak our minds. He is a madman whose emotions have to be managed by his staff. Watch TV all day, cannot abide a slight or criticism. Dangerous person.

    6. nutmom Avatar

      No. It’s relevant.

      1. nutmom Avatar

        Sorry. My reply was directed to Diana as well. His actions are dangerous and we should question them.

  14. anita Avatar

    He will be in the world news all the time openly, more and more – i am sorry to say! – and chaos around him – even if this page will be silent!
    And this page was about the nature´s disaster which TRUMP made to come thruth!

  15. anita Avatar

    ps.I am very unhappy for you there! I love nature, birds, animals, forests, flowers.. and i have read indians´ predictions: origin wise people and the lands were stolen from them!
    Now companies start to take more and more oil in Antarktis( Putin, Tillerson).. and already now huge iceberg has broken there..and is the danger. Russia neither do not care about protection of nature.

  16. Samanthas Avatar

    I’m not a Trump fan either but I would request if you are to post things please fact check before you spread news, and not Kelly Ann “alternative fact” check, a real one please it’s lack of people fact checking their info in the first place that got us into this mess. And if you don’t want to fact check he has done a plethora of horrible things that we are all certain of you can choose from.

  17. Juan Jose Perez Avatar
    Juan Jose Perez

    I feel helpless. I feel like I’m drowning. Why can’t the Spirits intervene in human history and help those who can’t help themselves?

    1. Cee Avatar

      I think, we are going to be learning, that we Can help ourselves, and we have the power, not the politicians. I am sorry you feel so badly…..I want to say, have faith –

      1. Pamela Avatar

        I agree.
        We are spiritual beings having a “human” experience.

        In my opinion, if Spirit intervenes, the point of being “human” and learning any lessons would be wasted.

    2. Pete Medium Avatar
      Pete Medium

      When Eric had the vision of an assassination, I had a vision of the Statue of Liberty crumbling and disintegrating. I think this is what that prediction was all about.

      1. Karen Avatar

        I think the prediction of the flag falling is what’s happening now as well.

    3. Linda Blair Avatar
      Linda Blair

      Juan, feeling the same as you. There is no stopping this nazi

      1. Sara Avatar

        Juan, Linda,
        Please, don’t be afraid. There are still things you can do to make a difference. Write to or call your government representatives and advise them what policies to support and which ones to reject.

        Even though Trump has weird ideas, he’s a newbie to politics, and I can’t imagine that any other politicians would risk their careers for a man who will probably be out of politics within four years. They should be aware that even when Trump leaves, their careers will be affected by what they did.

        So, if anyone is scared, please don’t forget there are still things we can do, and a lot of people in the government who still have common sense.

      2. Karen Avatar

        I would also suggest to please keep in mind all of the people who went to ND to protest the pipeline were not just Native Americans, these were people who felt it was their duty to go and do what was right. The men and women all around the world who protested in marches on Saturday. While it feels hopeless, I certainly feel upset and angry about all of this, keep in mind that our brothers and sisters, who may not even be affected by these things, are stopping their lives and coming together to take a stand. This is the first time in my lifetime that I can ever recall people who weren’t focused on themselves and if it doesn’t affect me I don’t care mentality. We are coming together, and that alone gives me great hope, maybe not about politicians, but about humans, our brothers and sisters, humanity. Please know you all are not alone and please only allow yourselves a certain about of time on social media or to read the news, otherwise the constant news information will drag you down. I believe we all picked this time to be here, we all have a reason, we all felt we would benefit this cause and we all felt we were strong enough to be here. I pray you both find some peace.

    4. Lia Avatar

      Unrelated, Juan, but I felt the same way. I did online research and found EFT Tapping for helping heal fear, illness, etc. wow – it works! Just google it and try it for yourself. Watch Gary Craig, Nick Ortner or Rob Smith n YouTube… I cleared Trump anxiety w/in minutes. Good luck!

  18. Nathan Fleischman Avatar
    Nathan Fleischman

    Mr. Leigh-Pink, could you post an article on what might happen to Trump in the future, please?

    1. Lia Avatar

      I second this request 🙂

  19. Perry Avatar

    “the eagle is lying to you.”
    It’s not just Trump, the eagle is the entire American government that is letting this happen.

    1. Peace in the Garden Avatar

      You are quite right. The reason I didn’t vote for either Hillery or Trump was because I was pretty sure she would put more pipelines through as well. I am afraid we have to go through these dark times to wake up to the fact corporations seem to own both sides of the aisle and we need to do something about the entire government if we want to save our planet. I just hope we can figure out a way to do that before it is too late.

      1. Kim Avatar

        I agree, Peace in the Garden. I kind of think of Trump as the newest great and powerful Wizard of Oz keeping us all from looking behind the curtain. The media is complicit in creating and fueling division of humanity throughout the world. My intuition tells me the puppet masters are behind the scenes creating narratives that turn people against one another. If each and every person looked within to heal and work on themselves the world would automatically make a turn for the better. Instead we are encouraged to judge others and project anger and hostilities outward and this will never be a solution in my opinion. Love is and always will be the solution. ❤️

  20. freestonew Avatar

    In yahoo news this Wednesday morning.
    ” Michael Walsh
    Yahoo NewsJanuary 24, 2017
    President Trump described himself as “an environmentalist” on the same morning that he signed two executive actions to advance the controversial Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, which have been strongly opposed by environmentalists.”

    I suspected That this would happen. On the other hand, I have known several “part Indian” people. They were Consumed! Consumed by anger, their souls were cramped with anger.

    No doubt some of these tribes, when they invaded other tribal land, long before contact with white people, had no compassion for the vanquished tribe they replaced, either.
    All races, cultures , have their Day upon the stage of karma. Every act ends sometime.
    There are those, however, who want the Act to continue.

    My friend who was so angry? Maybe, just maybe, and I cannot really know, of course, he should have used this life as a white man to embrace the very best that this culture of ours, the American way, to grow and to learn from it, while not using the worst our culture has to offer.

  21. Rhona Avatar

    from a distance ..where I can only observe whats happing …
    Im a citizen of the world and feel sad at this pipline deal going through ..
    Sounds bitchy ..yes …
    but I hope there pockets have holes
    and there pens run out of ink ..
    Seriously I mean it ..
    The Eagle lied …True ..

    blessings in all you do …

  22. Susan Gortva Avatar
    Susan Gortva

    will the pipeline be stopped. everyone is against it happening. I hope trump will see the light


  23. freestonew Avatar

    This may not end well for the Indians. The pipeline will go exactly where they want it to go. Most of the local white people are very trump supporters . This is a democracy, the majority rules.
    Looks like these Indians have a very short stick!
    To mKe America great agAin, apparently this means that industry must advance and factories hum and many people are employed.
    Environmental t will take a huge hit. That smoke smell you smell is the smell of money for the workers and for the factory owner.

    I see the Indians as I see a grove of trees sitting in a huge empty city lot, where tomorrow a mega developer will bring in huge machinery to make the hole for the building of the mega apartment complex with shopping mAll, for 5,000 residents with 150 stores next door. The developers and the wrecking crew will not have much compassion for these trees as the bulldozers do their work.

    The violin plays the lament. Manhatten island was once known for its rich farmland and sweet springs.
    Life moves on.
    MYbe these sympathizers, who camp out there, should get a job, get a life. Take care of their kids.

    1. Karben Avatar

      Have we ever had a Republican president who wasn’t all about oil? Drill baby drill.That’s how they roll.

  24. Ethan Avatar

    Pushing for this just to prove that people really like him and he did not lose the popular vote by almost 3mm counts. Sigh! Perhaps his ties with the Russians should further be investigated.

    1. Karen Avatar

      I wonder if this is a tactic to keep the people looking at it instead of what is really going on behind the scenes. As one article mentioned when the words “alternative facts” came out all the news stations were talking about that and the focus was no longer on the Women’s March. Slight of hand, keep the people looking at something while the real business is going on and they will not notice. I will admit I am jaded when it comes to politics, but this seems like a reoccurring theme with both parties.

  25. Luna tic Avatar
    Luna tic

    Hello Eric and SWC, I just wanted to bring this past post up because there has been an asteroid that has traveled quite close to us as of Tuesday night at about 162,252 miles from earth. Apparently, we weren’t aware of “Rerun” until a week ago. I wonder if 1-30 could be a date?

    Notes on 10-15-15 “In 1-30 the meteor will strike the town.” — Spirits Voice

    To be clear, the Asteroid will not be hitting the earth. The Asteroid is the precursor to the meteor strike. It shows the timing of this event. When the Asteroid arrives so does the meteor strike, they might be related or unrelated.

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Hi Luna tic. I thought about that old prediction also when hearing about that.

      1. Rhona Avatar

        Jules 104
        Luna Tic
        Me too It seems it just may fit ..
        the old prediction about meteor hitting is still open …

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Here’s some more from 10/22/15 that has to do with the meteor and SF eq.

      1. Rhona Avatar

        Jules 104 Thanks for link reminder

        its got to be getting close ..the 555
        I know this one has hounded you ..
        maybe it wont happen ..I mean ..It would be great if its a miss ..

  26. donna B Avatar
    donna B

    A higher power is in control, ” God will bring to ruin those ruining the Earth” Revelation 11:18, This scripture makes me feel so much better! Pray! These are praying times folks! As far as the prediction “US topsy turvy” I have been watching the news. Remember God is still in the heavens and is still in control. We need to be alert. We need to pray for Gods will to be done, on earth, as it is in heaven” Any more predictions Eric, for the US?? Thank you, thank you Spirit!

  27. Sharon Avatar

    Hi Eric, I only check in weekly because for all the talk of love of God and peace when it comes to our president some of your followers don’t apparently recognize their own hateful comments they make and I just can’t read that garbage very often. Everyone I know has been asking God from the depths of their souls to put his loving protective arms around our president. . I just wanted to ask you because I’m not sure if I missed something, if you have addressed why you think the spirits gave you such a specific prediction regarding an attempt on his life? I know there was some guy in Texas who was arrested for putting comments that he was coming to Washington for that purpose on FBook. A plan gone awry or not, I am praying that particular prediction is over!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Your assuming the prediction is talking about the US president. It is possible but its also possible that they are talking about another leader in the world.

  28. Tot Avatar

    Trump is going to mine ‘clean beautiful coal’. Terrible.

  29. Elaine Avatar

    Could DT cut our internet? I thought he said something about that. Also he wants to control the news. One of the news programs said the vote fraud investigation is to lead to voter suppression.
    I thought we already had that.

    1. Tot Avatar

      Controlling the news is something that North Korea and China do. I really cannot understand what is happening??

      1. Sara Avatar

        I don’t see how Trump could cut our internet. Something like that wouldn’t be approved by Congress–not if they wanted any prayer of keeping their jobs after Trump’s presidency ends. And people can get news other ways–TV, newspapers, talking to friends and family who live in different places.

        I guess I’m just trying to advise people not to panic. We have good reason to be concerned about what kind of president Trump will be, but it’s unlikely he would–or even could–completely control the news or cut the internet. That stuff’s a lot more complicated than we realize.
        Now more than ever we need to stay calm and level-headed. Check different news sources, and take what they say with a grain of salt.

        Remember there are still things we can do to make a difference; contacting congress, protests, peaceful marches, boycotts…etc. We’re not helpless no matter who’s president, and there’s still much we can do to make good changes. Everyone hang in there!

    2. MK Avatar

      Trump cannot cut the internet. I want him impeached! ! Outrageous. ….he is not our “daddy” and any president is not in position to do that. My good lord!

      1. mariakaos Avatar

        Seems to be 2 of us posting with the initials MK. I post from the UK and the above is nothing to do with me. I only want to point this out as I know, and quite rightly so Eric has some thing to say about all this political posting.
        Eric I have had flu and it can take some weeks to get back to near energy levels.Look after yourself first and foremost.

  30. anita Avatar

    It seems he has ugly hidden plans and he knows the world will not accept them – that´s why he isolates usa and cuts connections. Also possibly denies some citizen organisations. Already now sanctions to business abroad and less work with UN! Something very strange is happening!
    I think there really are deals with Russia.( Business, blackmail, tapes, deals, what ever. There may be some personal business and he must pay back to Russia) I just wonder why secret services are quiet now though they know facts?

  31. Sara Avatar

    Sorry to disturb you if you’re still sick! I hope you’re okay.

    Just wanted to ask if you still sense any impending terror attacks, or if they’ve been thwarted somehow and we don’t need to worry about them anymore.

  32. xxxxxxxxxxx Avatar

    READ ” Psychic predictions 2017 and beoynd” Jeanne Mayell.
    Same things than here.. looks horrible!

  33. Linda Avatar

    Oh, Eric, things are getting worse with each passing day….I hate what is happening to our country

    1. Sara Avatar

      I know how you feel…I’ve been more anxious and tense and depressed lately, too. Though I’d have felt that way no matter which of the two won the election! (I’m unaffiliated with either political party and wasn’t too happy with the choices. That said, I respect the choice of everyone who voted, because we were all in the same boat during the election and had to make tough choices.)

      Just remember there are still things we can do to affect positive change–contact Congress with your worries, or start a petition, or volunteer for different charities or causes you support.

      And as bad as things seem sometimes, they don’t stay bad forever. People in WW2 or the Civil War or the Dust Bowl probably felt like their problems wouldn’t end, but the world got through WW2, America got through the Civil War, and Oklahoma got through the Dust Bowl. We can get through this…that’s what people do. We adapt and do what we can to make things better. Don’t lose hope!

  34. Perry Avatar

    Hi Eric, hope you have another prediction soon to get off of this political subject

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      lol I totally agree. Not only will i plan to post soon but plan to talk about ending this constant vitriol in the comment section. Unfortunately I am still recovering, it was really bad.

      1. Sara Avatar

        Yeah, sorry to have bothered you with my earlier question. I didn’t realize your illness was so bad!
        Get well, take it easy, and drink plenty of water and juice!

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          It was a very ugly one but finally I think I am out of the woods.

      2. Diana Avatar

        I look forward to your comments. So glad that you are feeling better.

      3. Donna Avatar

        Feel better I had the flu too it was rough

    2. xxxxxxxxxxx Avatar

      But in fact all is ” political”.. terrorism, wars.. also question about climate change seems to be though it shoud NOT be!

  35. Linda Blair Avatar
    Linda Blair

    So sorry, Eric

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  36. swampy11 Avatar

    Eric, sorry you’re having quite a battle on your hands. Please take care of yourself first. God bless!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks, finally getting better.

  37. Donna B Avatar
    Donna B

    Take care Eric that flu was rough I had it. I hope you feel better!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I am just now getting over it thanks. It was really bad!

  38. MK Avatar

    Ok. THAT’S IT!! I had enough with Trump. He is not acting as President as should be. What he does is unconstitutional. He does not cooperated with the congress but only HIS WAYS. That is called dictator like Hitler. It’s dangerous. We need a different leader for our country. His role is unacceptable. If he doesn’t change his ways, resign or impeach. We, American will be at war with Trump. It’s affected us and the world. We will not surrender till there is the right leadership in the Oval office.

    This is really worry and concern. I’m buckled up my seatbelt. Pray there won’t be WWIII.

    1. xxxxxxxxxxx Avatar

      Republicans in congress could rise against him – if they were not sheeps or blind!

      1. xxxxxxxxxxx Avatar

        And i think the prediction about King David might have something to do with this all?

  39. Diana Avatar

    Everyone please try to remember our purpose here is to have pisitive energy on here and focus on averting disasters and assisting Eric with facts or ideas relating to what spirit has revealed. Eric has repeatedly asked us to be kind to each other and that the purpose of this comment forum is not to heatedly discuss politics. He isn’t feeling well right now, but if he was he would have said so himself. Eric needs to focus his energy on talking with Spirit, not having to draw a bunch of his energy out to continually ask us to all play nice and stay on task. Let’s not abuse this privilege that we enjoy right now of being able to collaborate with him on the predictions. Thank you.

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Well said Diana.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      YES! Thank you!

  40. MK Avatar

    Here what I learned. Trump cut internet of the USA national parks tweet. Why? Google on Trump plans to sell the national parks in US to reduce the debts. It’s the Republicans want to sell national parks to reduce debts or so what they say.

    Don’t let Trump keep us in the dark not knowing what’s going on in our home country and around the world.

    1. Tot Avatar

      Please keep the National Parks safe for everyone to enjoy!

    2. xxxxxxxxxxx Avatar

      That´s criminal!

  41. MK Avatar

    Donald Trump’s unusual plan to eliminate the national debt | MSNBC

    1. jules104 Avatar

      This reminds me of an older prediction of Eric’s. Something about people buying up lands in the West. I’ll look for the prediction.

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Here is that old prediction. It mentions an economic crisis in Asia that has to do with housing prices, so I’m not sure this would pertain to it actually.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Thanks for the reminder

  42. Linda Blair Avatar
    Linda Blair

    Now…wait just one minute…Eric is speaking of the disasters about to occur…sorry, Eric, but these posts have everything to do with trump and his band of merry men. We are looking at WW111…is this not a concern for our country? I am sick about this and to put an end to the “vitreous” nature of these posts is not fair…this is a real situation…I hope that spirit understands how serious this is.

    1. Tot Avatar

      You are right Linda, this is a real and very dangerous situation. I could cry for America.

      1. Sara Avatar

        Yes, the situation is pretty scary looking, but we should all keep in mind the media’s over-focusing could add to that. In the beginning of the election, a psychiatrist noted the media’s coverage of insults and scandals, as opposed to factual policy coverage, was causing everyone’s anger and fear to go sky-high…much more so than necessary.

        Does that mean it’s all in our heads? No, not at all! But does it mean we’re looking at World War 3? Personally, I don’t think so, and I’m concerned that kind of talk is adding to everyone’s panic.
        We all have a right to say what we think; I just wish there were more voices calling for calm right now. We can’t come up with good solutions if everyone operates under the assumption doomsday is here.

        Again, I advise everyone to check multiple news sources (Democrat and Republican alike) and take everything you read with a grain of salt. Yes, we have reason to worry about Trump’s actions, but we can still do what we’ve always done to handle it–protests, petitions, and more importantly, letters/E Mails/calls to Congress. We can still prevent bad stuff from happening, we can still make our voices heard.

  43. Cody Avatar


    “Washington, D.C. — A federal court today granted a request by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to strike down federal permits for the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline.

    “The Court found the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers violated the National Environmental Policy Act when it affirmed federal permits for the pipeline originally issued in 2016. Specifically, the Court found significant unresolved concerns about the potential impacts of oil spills and the likelihood that one could take place.”

    1. Cody Avatar

      “The Dakota Access pipeline must shut down by Aug. 5, a district court has ruled in a stunning defeat for the Trump admin and oil industry.

      “The decision is a momentous win for American Indian tribes that have opposed the project for years.”

  44. Cody Avatar

    “Trump’s EPA strips tribal land sovereignty of all 38 Oklahoma Native American tribes for environmental matters and grants it to Oklahoma’s governor. Heinous.”

    EPA Grants Oklahoma Control Over Tribal Lands

  45. Cody Avatar

    #NoDAPL UPDATE: “In a meeting with Biden’s staff earlier this year, we were told that this new administration wanted to ‘get this right.’ Unfortunately, today’s update from the US Army Corps shows it has chosen to ignore our pleas and stick to the wrong path.” – Chairman Faith

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