Notes on 1-23-15

“An economic issue unfolds in Asia, the housing prices are twice what is paid in.  Houses are bought in the west.” Spirits Voice

“Lithuania .. selling illegal organs” I had a visual of homeless people in line, then some of them disappeared.

“Putin rolls back in minutes (days)”

I had a visual of the US flag flying high. They implied the US would ‘execute’ the ‘great enemy leader’ bringing happiness to several different groups of people.

Eric’s Comments: Tomorrow is marked with the bomb attack expected in the NY / NJ area. Keep in mind they used the words ‘Around the 24th’ so it could happen in the following days as well, especially since previous posts mentioned the 27th as a date of concern. We are also tying to get a flight number and location of the plane crash expected at the end/beginning of the month in a separate prediction.

Meanwhile there is talk of a fairly large 8.5  earthquake soon in Asia, we are trying to narrow the location down. Its is expected to be largely destructive.


58 thoughts on “Notes on 1-23-15

  1. Eric is the first part about Asia and housing costs implying that the Asians are going to be buying up houses in the West?

  2. The real estate price bubble in China has been in the news for some time now, and yes, the Chinese have been buying up American real estate like crazy. I’m not sure what the spirits are referring to if not that.

    • I am at lost. Why China and Asia buying houses in US? Are they afraid to live there cuz of the cold wars and possible WWIII? Just wondering what the rumors that may frightened them to move to US. I’m honored that they feel if USA is safer than anywhere in their opinions.

    • Hi Thomas. Yes that was what I thought also. As far as I know they have been buying properties here for years. It seems like it would have to be something out of the ordinary then. Maybe the Japanese?

    • Yes, my friends. The chinese and many cultures are buying up property in the US. They realize based on their experiences their governments may not hold up long, however relying on the US to survive it all is going to be most difficult. Yesterday the Doomsday Clock moved up two minutes to what is now 3 minutes til midnight. The first time it has been this close to midnight in 31 years. Tick tock.
      Eric, you are in San Diego near me. This is where grandpa told me to be in my dreams I had with him a year and a half ago. Surrounded by the military might of a nation. Is this what he was warning me of?

      • I did not feel this was a major event, just an economical strain, because of real estate, we will wait to see what happens next, maybe I am missing the big picture.

      • Doomday Clock!? It clicks to me if this is what Erik says that the Spirits counting from 10, 9,,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 then looked sad by watching tv. Is this related with the Doomday Clock??

  3. An 8.5 earthquake in Asia is scary – that’s very strong. I dreamt over 1 1/2 years ago about an earthquake in Japan.

    • What about Japan? The Spirits said “10” about one or two months ago. Does that mean we will have few major earthquakes this year?

  4. Eric: The airplane that I mentioned to you in the email that I sent you was a Cessna 175. I don’t know if this could be part of the number of the air plane that is going to crash, but thought it worth mentioning. Also, the plane was red and white, and appeared to come from the south-west and head north-east.

    • There was a small private plane crash yesterday or day before flying from CA to Henderson, NV (southern part of Las Vegas).
      Two people in plane killed. I think that’s the direction it would be flying.

    • Hi Bonnie. That is absolutely evil if these are true accounts. The things humans do to one another is crazy. Some are monsters I believe. I couldn’t get myself to watch the videos for I know I will forever have that picture in my mind if I do. Thank you for the info though. Blessings.

      • Can’t be serious. I wonder if they learned from such horror movies. So evil. The evil films should not be allowed. Look what happened these days.

  5. Eric, in your this post you mentioned “Comments: Tomorrow is marked with the bomb attack expected in the NY / NJ area. Keep in mind they used the words ‘Around the 24th’ so it could happen in the following days as well, especially since previous posts mentioned the 27th as a date of concern. ”
    I will put forward that with the storm (s) coming. This is ….to especially noted…

  6. This organ selling seems like it must be related to the 10-10-14 post of the “fat cats” swimming in the underground pool. In that prediction the police are about to arrest them. It can’t be to soon.

  7. Japan had some earthquakes last year and I remember Taiwan had one. I know someone who is going to Japan in about a week. I think that ring of fire is getting more active. Is that the area you’re feeling? Anything more definitive?

  8. I am from Lithuania and I find this organ selling prediction extremely disturbing and hard to believe. This couldn’t be happening on a wide scale . I really hope the truth will surface soon.

    • There was another prediction that implied Europe. Keep in mind just because they said Lithuania does not imply a location. It could be the victims came from Lithuania, or there are ties to Lithuania. For instance the word “Malaysia” and the airplane crash. It did not crash in Malaysia, but the event had ties to the ‘name’.

  9. Note worthy dates: On the 24th Obama announces that he will cut his India trip short to go to Saudi Arabia. He will arrive in Saudi on the 27th.

      • This link takes you to the CBS website, not the 60 minutes video I mentioned. Seems they want you to watch their commercials before viewing videos. On the top right corner is a search for the site, type in “China housing bubble” and the video(with commercials) will appear.

  10. “Putin rolls back in minutes (days)”
    Does that mean , that he backs off Ukraine ? I sure hope so.

  11. i may have the missing piece to your asia earthquake prediction. I have a warning for a quake around 8.2 magnitude in the bay of bengal area/ india and such.It would cause a tsunami and liquefaction. India is technically asia. here is the video i made about it and how i was shown/warned about it:
    i hope this helps!

  12. Eric they reported yesterday that the “ISIS Chemical Weapons Maker Expert”, had been killed in a US led coalition strike. Is this the “great enemy leader”? I think it must be referencing the man with an English accent who has been video taped beheading the many different hostages of ISIS. Do you have any thoughts on who it is and are you able to ask the Spirits for a time frame of when the “great enemy leader” will be found and executed? I am hoping it’s soon especially in light of this latest development of the second Japanese hostage being beheaded. I will be praying for all of Japan.

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  16. Eric,

    I had a visual of the US flag flying high. They implied the US would ‘execute’ the ‘great enemy leader’ bringing happiness to several different groups of people.

    Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, formerly al-Qaida’s Syrian branch, says Egyptian cleric Shekih Ahmad Salamah Mabrouk, aka Abu Faraj al-Masri, killed in US-led airstrike – SITE


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