German Train Attack

Could this be the German Train prediction? A German train was attacked by a terrorist however there was no bomb, which puts the prediction in question.

Prediction German Train Bomb     I had a visual of a train crawling by. I had a visual of two trains sitting next to each other.
I saw the word “Bomb” written
“On the train” (Or Subway)
Soon.. German



36 thoughts on “German Train Attack

  1. Eric,
    It’s quite possible that the German authorities were able to thwart a bomb attack, or that the attacker had been planning one, but somehow not able to carry it out.
    I think that the spirits warned you about those three older predictions yesterday because they know with certainty that they would be unfolding this week or soon unless action was or is taken. It seems like the one about the republican party was happening at the RNC yesterday.
    Praying for peace and that the spirits will be able to give you more details and insight before these tragic events occur.
    Thank you again for all the work you do.

  2. Please have the FBI, CIA to investigate the employees of DFW international airport. Sensed something ain’t right with some of the employees. I’d appreciate with FBI to investigate the employees just to be safe. There was several I picked up (the energies) from the employees that was uneasy or unsettled.

    • Mary……….No one is going to make you vote. But I ask you to consider why you feel the way you do. Have you been getting your guidance from media commentators or have you considered the information that is available to you. This is what guided me……….I considered Hillary. I remember the debacle she created in trying to push a national health care when Bill was President. I remember the Clintons renting out the Lincoln bedroom. I look for evidence of pushing towards a “one-world government.” ( In my opinion, Dark Energy is pushing for a one-world government as prelude to it’s takeover. I look to God as my source, not a government,) Then I considered Trump (not my first choice.) I looked beyond the rhetoric. I read “The Art of the Deal.” I considered the way his family feels about him including ex-wives. I considered the loyalty of his employees. (I am sure the media has beaten the weeds to find disgruntled employees.) I considered what he has accomplished in his life and I am impressed. I considered what Hillary has accomplished in her life and found it full of questionable activities, lying and an amazing amount of death surrounding the Clintons. Dark Energy knows how to seduce us with words. The Clintons are great at that. Trump says what he feels and what he means. Sometimes it grates, but you know he is not just saying what he thinks you want to hear (like most politicians.) My instinct tells me Hillary is out to use government to further her wealth and power. My instinct tells me Trump is out to restore the Constitutional government that made this country the most powerful, the most free, in the world. I hope my words help. Love

      • Christorpolis, thank you kindly to reply. My first choice was Hillary then hearing all the “bullied ” to her questioned what that all about as the Republicans ( guest speakers on stage these last few nights were attacking poor Hillary). It was the most “bullying circus” I have ever seen. They have been too harsh on Hillary. I thought there is “No Bully ” law in US or is that only for schools and public? The Congress passed the “no bullied” law yet they bullied, is that breaking the laws? So, all the confusion and attacking each other throats BTW Trump and Hillary campaigns are too confusing as they spent too much time bullied each other. I really like Mike Pence’s example as he spoke appropriate and he is the right type as fit to be a President which is very positive, calm and less mean to none or harsh towards anyone. I saw heavily on hatred filters in the air. Again, Trump disturbed me with his behaviors at the end of Cruz’s speech when by distracted him to gain attention onto Trump on purpose. He controlled whatever he wanted to do without consideration towards others. That called disrespect manners. He do whatever he wanted to do. However, he makes a great successful leadership in business but need a lot to work on his “manners” in politically. He is like a “childish “. And as for Hillary, she has many years of experiences and knowledgeable in government. That’s a plus. But something doesn’t seem right since these last few days the Republicans heavily attacked her name on stage. Or maybe the democratic and republic are pure enemies by their examples with different ideas. I really don’t know their full stories.

        Cruz turned me off by stealing their shows as he wanted to be voted for 2020 campaign. Poor his wife nearly got attacked in arena and was escorted to safety. It was a huge risk that Cruz took when he gave his speech by “congrats but not endorse Trump” as he thought he’d gain his chances for his future 2020 election. It was a mess on everyone’s parts.

        I’ll keep praying for the right president candidate and hopefully to vote or none to vote to leave it up to the nation as I couldn’t decide who to vote cuz of lack of trust.

        We need a rescue with a miracle. :/

        Again Thanks for your reply. I’ll keep praying. Blessings to you and our sad/confused America at this time.

  3. as of today it should be alot easier for authorities in catching the criminals as the legions of light as been released. hopefully this helps.

  4. hi. I don’t want to get into politics, but I wanted to say mary, that which person, has the most humility and compassion, for people? since earth, is a school for souls, all of us, have both positive and negative issues, TO be worked on, now, did you not think, that in the bigger picture, GOD has this already decided, it is all of us, that don’t see the bigger picture……I have always prayed in every election, that the best person, for the country, will win……… now, what people really need to worry about, is climate change, that will effect the whole world, and all its people! they, have told me, the next two president cycles, will be female presidents, as the female energy is expanding to heal planet earth.. so mary, just give it to GOD, he sees the bigger picture, everyone else, this is NOT a political post, just a simple message, to mary…… thank you as always eric, for all you do!

    • Alen: Thanks so much!! Amen…I’ve decided to stay with the female president.

      Hope you won’t mind me sharing something interested. After tonight meeting, about 15 deaf people ran to the TV room to watch the Trump campaign at 10pm. We thought it’d be over. Luckily, it was a perfect timing as Trump just started to give a speech.. I was amazed with the deaf people’s response as they have limited language and used sign language. Needless to say.. they are expert on facial and body languages. They all agreed that they do that like him and they are so worried if he wins the election. They can tell by the facial and body language that Trump is a unreal. They said he was just acting out a lot more than spoke from his words. They couldn’t understand what Trump was saying as the closed captioned was not on. They asked a lot of questions as what does he wants to do for USA. they disagreed with his ideas. Just thought I’d share with you from their perspective.

      I am not going into deep conversation to carry on political issue. I understand it’s sensitive issue. Anyway thanks guys and God bless you!

      • Hi Mary. I totally get where you are coming from with the decision of who should be President. I really feel the process is corrupt and flawed and lends to not serving, “We the People”, as it is meant to. Hopefully it will again some day. I always wonder if what is happening now with so many voting against the establishment, who were for Bernie and then this with Trump, will lead to the change necessary in the future. I hope and pray so. And Thanks for sharing your story with us about the deaf students watching Trump on the tv. I tend to do just what they did though I’m not deaf. I use to watch people when they were speaking and didn’t even hear what they had said because I’d be so focused on what they were saying with their eyes, mouth, body language. It can be a problem when they are finished. lol. I’m much better with trying to focus now but I can’t help but see the whole picture. It seems you can hear a lot more at times by not hearing at all. Blessings Mary.

  5. Eric,

    I’m new to your site.

    But go onto Cleveland Police Twitter they are warning people near the convention to not accept stickers from someone.People have become allergic to the sticker.

    Hope you can look into it.

    • Predictions 3-24-16
      Posted on March 24, 2016 by Eric Leigh-Pink
      In minutes, the clock is coming to its countdown, around the 31st, two predictions again, back to back.

      The second.. number 2.. a meteor will strike South America, and leave damage in its wake.

      • Tonyabrooks306, was that in South America then? Interesting it made a large boom rattled homes and Windows. I keep hearing about large booms being heard lately. Had one here on the Oregon Coast similar to that. People have said sonic booms, earthquakes. But when it happened here I just kept looking up thinking somethings going to fall. I’m just wondering now could some of these be meteorites also. Just a thought.

      • Yes, it was in Argentina and there have been a lot of loud booms all over, but this was a meteor. Looks like if the rest of them would be explained as meteors/meteorites on the news, but no one seems to know what causes these noises.

      • Yes, Eric’s prediction has mentioned to watch for a meteor nearby Brazil. I think it’s close by Brazil, not sure. Keep your eyes out. There will be another to come soon. :/ not fun..

    • It’s unusual in Germany as their laws are very strict and rare killing in their home country. Praying for them.

  6. Just in on the news, there is a mass shooting that just occurred at a mall in Munich, Germany. As many as 15 dead + dead, and more wounded. There are reports of another shooting at a subway station. The shooters are at large. Pray for Germany.

  7. STAR And SWC, I think there was arrested on terrorism plotting bombs at Olympic in Rio near Brazil. Eric’s predicted it will attack at the stadium. Keep eyes on that area and praying it all will be foiled. Good job on police and FBI.

  8. Just an update:
    Death toll now at 9+, several injured in Germany
    3 gun shooters are currently at large. They aren’t sure if it’s ISIS or right-wing extremists.

      • Hi, Jules,
        Yes, unfortunately, it seems to be a direct correlation to Eric’s other visions about a Germany attack. I don’t remember what news network I saw it on (maybe sky news), but eye witnesses stated the shooter pointed his gun at children. The monster that attacked in Nice, France tragically killed several children also. ISIS wants to get all the attention it can as they lose power, at the cost of thousands of lives.
        Thank you for pointing that out. Eric just included it in his latest post.
        Praying continually.

      • I noticed the children targeted in Nice also Em. I think this will continue then in a type of cycle. I agree they are desperate for attention, to hold on. Their days are numbered though.

  9. Jules,
    They are, but they are not done yet. I’m hoping that together we can use our knowledge to prevent the wave of attacks that are still coming. The spirits have warned Eric and others that there are going to target the UK and the U.S. next. Germany is still under threat from ISIS. The shooter might not even have been associated with ISIS according to the news, which seems odd. Hopefully we’ll have clarity soon, and the German authorities will be able to stop any further plots


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