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CNN Exclusive Photos of Migrant Children at Texas Border Station

This prediction has happened.

Whether illegal or not children should never be treated this way. As someone who takes care of foster children it enrages even more, and in my own nation, we are better than this. Where has our decency gone?

Predictions 6-27-18  I had a visual of someone secretly taking pictures. “Switching.. exposing.. truth.. the public rages.”

This message could be related to the children migrants at the US border.


Mueller Filing Cohen and Manafort

The first part of this prediction has happened. We are off by one day.  It’s unclear if the second part is related, however Spirit has consistently said Trump eventually resigns.

 Prediction: Mega Hurricane and Shooting Spree in October I had a visual of the number 8 on a clock. If it’s a countdown it would imply the 19th or 20th. Most likely they are talking about November or December 8th.

“Plea deals.. the walls now falling around the president in December.. multiple files presented.. leading to a final end and an empty sleeve.”

Then Spirit showed. #5 and said “It’s over”

“The lies comes back to haunt.. he quits with conditions”

2000 Children Separated from Families

This prediction has happened.

It tears at my heart to think that a nation I grew to love for all of its splendor as a beacon of light for the world would sour and head towards such a dark place. We as Americans desperately need to take a look into the mirror, this is us hurting children, I say that again we are hurting children. We have become the global monster we use to fight and that’s just sad. What’s happened to us?

Predictions 4-20-18  “The cruel one, the unsympathetic, chirps into the president’s ear.. 3318.. affected by such an egregious act… the world condemns the US action.. take note America your choices, your government hurting people.. ruining lives.”


Predictions 6-13-18

Between the holiday or celebration, when things are either going up or being taken down, an attack at a sports event.  I had a visual of bleachers. People were screaming, in one part of the visual it looked like a shooting spree, but there was also an implication of an explosive device.

I made a mistake, they never said this was in the US, I assumed that. We are still unclear if this is a bombing or shooting? They would later point north east. It might be in the US but they could also be pointing to a location across the sea.. Russia. I was asking for clarity on previous predictions at the time, here is the old Russian attack expected soon: Terrorism is back! One after another: I had a visual of Moscow. Spirit is pointing to Russia as one of the locations. I had a visual of a Spider crawling on someone’s face, then another crawling. “Terrorism is making its resurgence.

The 15th is marked

The 25th is marked

“Pinto is starting to boil.. caution” That is a reference to the Volcano is Mexico. In the previous predictions it ended up being the Popo volcano.

With both marked dates please remember its in or around. 

Warnings for the US and its over arching future:

You cannot continue to add to your debt, the bubble will burst and the consequences to its overall downfall will be severe, change course now.

Two or three presidents away. The new leader will be a demagogue, preaching the radical, a fear monger. The leader will become the first truly evil leader of the US, he will stain the name of the US for a good time.

There are consequences to the US breeding hate. Hate and vitriol on both sides. Hate that dictates the tone of a nation; where verbal vitriol is.. acceptable. Where attacking children of a horrible shooting tragedy is.. acceptable. Where tearing children from families is.. acceptable. If you abandon the basic moral foundation of a nation don’t be surprised when the most evil come to lead you and you become the worlds villain. We desperately need to change course with both of these messages. 

We held out on sharing this message, the implication that the future evil is our own was just too depressing to share even for me, but Spirit wanted me to post it as their word, no more delays. There is an ounce of hope we can change course. 

I will be away from my work on the 19th and 20th for Bea’s surgery. Family first.. always. Hopes, prayers, and support for my most favorite woman!


Cuba Airplane Crash

Has this prediction happened. Another major event. Such a tragic loss of life.

I had a visual of debris from an airplane crash spread across an entire area. Then the visual shifted to the past, showing several different people all preparing to get on an airplane. A young man saying goodbye to his parents. A gay couple walking towards a terminal. As I followed them on the plane I felt a black space on the plane, with this horrible dark feeling behind it. While all of this unfolded I could hear a song playing in the background “Tomorrow” — “Your always a day away.

Rob Porter Resigns White House

This prediction has happened.

Predictions 2-7-18  Quit! A leading government official or someone in the presidential administration is quitting.

I had a visual of a baseball player stepping up to the plate with his bat, then he put it down and walked away.

Truth 9

Over the years Spirit has given messages through fables and stories to make a point. Some of their stories are wildly odd while others are more like children stories. This story is a reflection of the relationship with our Creator, the difference from what we expect of our God to what is given. 

The fool Part 1

There was this Fool who lived in a time before history was written. He was a fisherman that switched to become a farmer, he had a meager farm, a simple life, a nice wife that no matter how hard they tried could not bare any children. His plants did not grow, though he wasn’t entirely sure how to grow them. Meanwhile he coveted the farms and families around him that were very rich and lush. He had plenty of land, it just failed to grow the crops. It was believed at that time that God, lived on an island over an endless ocean. Determined to find out why his life was so unfruitful he went on a mission to find God so that he could ask why God had cursed him.  He purchased a small ship and prepared for his year long journey across the ocean to an unknown island, without a map or compass. He would consult three different Oracles prior to his journey and all three warned him that if he crossed the ocean his ship would be destroyed by the storms that passed, and his house would burn, but he would find what he was looking for. So he made love to his wife one more time, and then in the morning set out on his journey. His journey was long and lonely, he had enough food but not enough water, which made him thirst so much. Twelve months passed when finally he saw at a distant land. To the left of him a large storm approaching. He remembered what the Oracle had warned, but he had faith that God would protect him so he tried to out race the approaching storm. It did not work, and the storm crushed his ship like twigs against a heavy wind. He would awaken to find himself washed ashore, the ship was with him but in tatters, sprawled across the beach. Then suddenly the gleaming sun was blocked by the shadow of a man.  A peach fell to the ground as if an offering to the fool. He looked up to see a short, pudgy, bald man with beady eyes. He grabbed the peach and consumed it in two large bites.

“I am searching for the creator.. do you have an idea of where I can find him here?” The fool replied out of breath.

“You found him…” the short man responded

“You??” said the fool

Just at that moment the fool noticed there were, birds, insects, reptiles of all kind behind him just waiting, following his every step.

“It is you!.. I have so many questions.. so many things I want to ask you!”

“Wait.. while you were on your journey, your wife gave birth to your son.” the Creator responded.

Suddenly all of the questions the fool asked left his mind, he could only think about his need to get back home, his need to be with his wife and new born son. How would he do it? His ship was in tatters, the ocean was huge?

“Please God will you help me.. have these birds carry me across the ocean to my home.. part the ocean so I can cross the seas.. teach me to walk on water so I can get back to my wife.”

The creator scratched his head curiously and said

“Why would I do that when we can simply fix your ship.”

Together, they would begin to rebuild the ship.

Part one of this small series, makes two points. The first is our tendency to put our failures and problems as something God has done, and not poor decisions that we have made along the way. 

The second is something I have noticed over the years, one of the biggest differences between the Spiritual realm and all of us here. There is this expectation from humanity that anything God related would be shown with grandeur, that miracles have to have a supernatural element behind it, one that no human could possibly do. But that’s just not true. Our creator solves problems in the smallest simplest way. Has it ever happened to you? That event when everything is going wrong and then something small or simple just fixes the entire situation. His actions always reflect humility, simplicity, and patience. Really think about it, plants and trees are created with the smallest simplest seed. Even with humanity its that one small seed that gives life to all of us. So if you’re looking for your Creator look into all that is small and simple, you might just find him.