Notes on 5-13-14

Asking for clarity for the spider prediction / Terror attack from Notes on 5-8-14 :
“Closing time.. 1.. minutes (which means days).. now”
As I closed my eyes I heard people screaming.
I had a visual of a man building a bomb, mixing ingredients
I had a visual of various art portraits shown side by side then torn to pieces
“Art of war”
“A shattering of lives.. and those connected to them”
“Oakla or Oakley”
I had a visual of a toll booth, then another visual of a bridge.
Arrived April 1st (or beginning of April)
“This horror rises to an all time high.. the first of a set” — Spirits Voice

Eric’s Comments: They hindered showing me too much because it was so dark, making it vague and cryptic, it looks like we won’t have time to alter and prevent this event from happening but we have every intention of working on the next attack they unleash, I hope you can help us change these events from happening. We can change the outcome, we can alter these tragedies, and I am dead set on achieving that.

Here are Notes on 5-8-14 , click on it to view the first set of these predictions. Also, there might be ties to this event and a very old set of predictions that never happened, I can’t help but notice the bridge and May reference but for now its just a thought. Here are those predictions, note it was posted in ‘April’ :

Notes on 4-16-13 – Bridge Attack / Prediction 17: The Bridge Attack




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  1. Eric could the Oakla/Oakley be Oakland as in San Fransisco/Oakland Bay Bridge? I see they have a lot of art exhibits going on or scheduled. One called, “Above and Below”. Hopefully it’s not but that would surely make a big statement if it were that bridge I’d think.

  2. Eric according to the Spirits, are they saying something will happen tomorrow, 1 day? The Golden Gate Bridge opened on May 25th, and the Brooklyn Bridge on May 27th. What are your thoughts on bridges Eric?

    1. I would be hesitant to say its one or the other, there are so many bridges. You could see it as one to two days or perhaps around the 1st. I think at its core they are saying this is coming very soon.

  3. Hi Eric, the entire thing sounds quite ominous. What is your thought about the, “arrived April 1st”?


    1. I really do think they are talking about these old predictions. Back in the old days of making predictions, (a year ago) we would spend a lot of time gathering the info, so even though it was posted mid to late April its very likely messages that came in weeks prior. Now we just give you the raw unedited messages and there is no need to sit on posting them as we all try and understand the riddles. It could also be apart of the prediction, perhaps the terrorist arrived at the beginning of April?

      1. That was what my thoughts were. The terrorists arrived in this country on the 1st of April. Also wasn’t the bridge attack suppose to be somewhere on the West Coast or no?

  4. One other thing, I am from the Midwest and never been to California, does CA have toll booths at bridges?

      1. NorCal (Northern California) does have them and they are not rare. We about 8 tolled bridges. The Oakland-San Francisco bridge has a toll both, with the booth being on the Oakland side of the bridge.

  5. There are an many references to Oakley near Golden Gate and Bay Bridge;check Google earth.
    The Anniversary is in May for the Golden Gate. However the Anniversary of America is the 4th,
    It would be catastrophic if both bridges were affected. Reading over the various posts fire,fire is two explosions?two planes? 2 bridges? Also the older post (2012)could be 2 years which would be this year in May.

    1. Assuming there is connection to both, and I still hesitate to say that, I think the plane is just a reference to yet another attack, this was clearly a bomb, they showed it three times.

  6. Lori, there’s a huge toll plaza leading into the Bay Bridge. At rush hour the traffic jams are quite something.

  7. Terrorists have been known to perform attacks on anniversary’s of ancient battles, famous terror attacks, famous court convictions involving a terrorist, and other notable dates. Doesn’t necessarily have to be related to famous American events or holidays.

  8. Well this is a stretch but it is what popped into my mind when I read the prediction. The Oakla made me think of Oklahoma and the toll booth is something they have on the turnpike. The other two things were the “mixing of ingredients” for the bomb, (considering the type of bomb used in the Oklahoma bombing) and the first of April (the Oklahoma bombing was April 19). I realize the prediction is likely tied to California based on the other older predictions – just throwing my thoughts out…..

  9. A couple of thoughts: The Golden Gate bridge has a toll. Memorial Day is 5/26/14, which may hold some significance from last years post about this.

  10. I checked some older posts..-1/31/14-JulyAttack. Also1/25/14, there are I think 3 stadiums near the bridges .Commuter trains named Bart (Bay area Rapid Transit) actually crosses to Oakland across a bridge and serves the San Francisco area. what are your thoughts?

    1. Its an interesting thought, keep in mind that if the old prediction and new prediction are not related, its possible the situation might not be in the US.

  11. I didnt realize there was an actual “Oakley” California. There is a bridge there but I don’t think that it is big enough for tolls. I saw where they are having a relay race or something coming up on May 17-18. Its called “Painted The Town Purple”, I believe. I wonder if they cross the bridge. Could it be you were seeing the terrorist making the bomb where he is staying possibly in that city? When I googled the city, Oakley, a bunch of directions came up from separate airports crossing over bridges to Oakley also.

    1. There is a Oakley and Oakley Engineering in Oakland. There is a Oakley school near bridge. I found 8/10 references to Oakley on either side of the bridge.

  12. I just looked up Oakley California, and they have an upscale toll bridge called Antioch

  13. The bridge that crosses the water into Oakley California is also tolled as well (toll booth is on the Oakley side). I think its only two tolled lanes though, but it is tolled.

  14. I hope it has nothing to do with the 9/11 Memorial Museum opening May 21st. Like a target they had planned to hit that day but didn’t go through with it at the time. Wouldn’t be the first time Golden Gate or Bay Bridge has been targeted.

    1. Hi Lehayla. You could be right about the 9/11 Memorial opening date. I hope and pray their plot is foiled, even though Spirits say its probably otherwise.

  15. Eric its a long shot ….there is a flight 351leaving san francisco on the 14th of may….the number 351 is also related to a hijacking in japan in 2013 spirit may be using it a refferance. Sending light and energy anyway. I havnt checked to see if there is a flight on or around 25th. Will do though.

    1. Hi Rhona. I was thinking 351 has to be a time or flight or something also. The Spirits are saying it just how we should be looking at it I think. Curious about the 25th. Can you check the 21st also? Lehayla has a good point about the opening of the 9/11 Memorial on May 21st. I wish we could foil their plans somehow. Sending light into the darkness.

      1. Hi jules yes there is a flight 351 on the 21st it is an airbus. I too thought time but i got goose bumps with the flight. Sorry i meant the 21st not 25th. I live down under in australia sending love and much energy…good luck and vibes to all of us…

      2. Back in the day numbers weren’t so exact. 25 could be a message of Feb, or even May. ‘two mays’ Now we have barriers like 530 would be May and 72 would be the 2nd.

  16. Eric, not that I want to complicate things even more but could the bridge attack, if not here in the USA, have anything to do with the terrorist attack predictions around the Sochi Olympics time period? And something to do with “The Crystal Bridge”? The train station there coming into Moscow and the glass covered pedestrian bridge they call The Crystal Bridge?

  17. Hi Eric and colleagues: On your May 6 prediction I wrote about a pre-cog dream that I had whereby people were walking with me inside a building and there was ash floating all over and EMT type professionals were trying to help the victims breathe with oxygen masks. I don’t believe I said this in the previous posting, but in my dream, I was located in a building that was definitely a college campus kind of environment. The only person I knew in this dream was a former boss who worked with me at a college; the college we worked at was not specifically in this dream, but I was walking along smoke filled hallways with hundreds of people and I likened it to the ash cloud of 911 in NYC. In my dream, there were at least two massive explosions that happened before the smoke and ashes filled the hallways. In my previous post, I thought it was related to the volcano you had predicted. Now I think it may be this prediction.

    So, just now, I went and googled Oakley and tried to find the closest college or university campus to Oakley California. The College that came up was “Los Medanos College”. They are unknown to me but what struck me was the website I first accessed said they have 3,510 (or 3,150 – not sure) undergraduate students – there is that number 351-, with 10,000 students overall. Then, I went to their website and saw they just created a new Arts Building renovation that looked to be quite extensive. I think of college campuses with your visual of the art works exploding – many universities have museums and art centers as a vibrant part of their campus community.

    There are 80 colleges nearby Oakley, CA so it was only the proximity to Oakley that made me search more about this college. When I saw the enrollment numbers for undergraduates, I thought it more than coincidence.

    I do not know if there are bridges nearby this campus, or highways with toll booths. Maybe the “toll booth” references to the guard booths at a college entrance. They look exactly like toll booths, but perhaps a little larger in some cases. Perhaps there is a bridge near this college’s campus?

    I am on the East Coast where there are many toll booths and bridges, so perhaps it is here. If I were to guess a university that would have a dramatic impact for terrorists to target, it would be a Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, etc. or other longstanding, prestigious research institution that represents the US in significant ways. But of course, one never knows these days.

    Maybe the terrorists will attack several universities at the same time? Universities host the antiquities of America and the world, so the loss would be tremendous in addition to human life.

    My pre cog dreams happen frequently. Needless to say, I am significantly concerned because this vivid dream I had a few months ago was so real. I could “hear” people trying to breathe in the dream and they were having significant issues with that; the oxygen masks were not really working that well, either – they were hard to work with for some reason. It was such a “dark” dream in every way. I woke up with a start and could not get over it for a few days; it is as clear as if I had the dream last night. Sorry to focus on Los Medanos College – the undergrad enrollment number told me it was worth a posting. I am sure this is a wonderful school.

      1. I have been asking for clarity – will ask again. The last time I had a pre cog dream like this one, it was July of last year. That dream wound up being the Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. I am 100% sure – absolutely no doubt – that my dream means a very dark event will happen and I believe it will be here in the U.S. I did not get the “where” besides my being in a business environment related to a college campus. It appears that you are receiving the timing as “now”. I believe you.

        Will let you know if I get anything else. Peace.

    1. Lianne thanks for sharing your dream with us. The numbers thing does seem to be more than just a coincidence. I agree with Eric, perhaps ask for some clarity/ more info from your Guides. It would be great if we could foil their planned terrorist acts.

      1. I will attempt to ask more. These pre cog dreams come “out of nowhere” so it’s very hard to manage the symbols and make any sense of it. I also dreamt about the Japanese Tsunami and that had the same feel of this dream I write about in this post. I’d never been to Japan so I had no way of knowing the place…frustrating. Maybe this is one of those events where, like Eric says, it’s going to happen.

      2. It’s an optimistic way of looking at the matter, i.e., that the next time will possibly be thwarted by our progress made this time. I hope this prediction is just simply wrong but I don’t think it is.

  18. Oh, one additional thing. Eric, you said “Arrived April 1st.” College student offices need to report when a student arrives from another country for school. If it is not a domestic student, international student records could show who would arrive at a college or University on April 1st or thereabouts. Hope this gives perhaps an additional clue for someone to use in blocking this terrible predicted event. Summer school programs might start early and therefore a student would arrive early in preparation. Just a thought…

      1. I thought that if the FBI or Homeland Security is watching your predictions, someone might focus in on April 1st student visa arrivals. You are so accurate so much of the time, I would be viewing your predictions if I were in that role.

  19. Just wanted to mention what’s happening now. President Obama speaking in Tarrytown, NY with bridge in background. Speaking about working on the infrastructure/bridges that are falling apart around the nation. A bit strange.

    1. Jules, that is spooky, huh? The universe does send messages if one pays attention 🙂

      1. Yes it does! 🙂 We just have to pay attention. Glad Eric has this blog. Hopefully we can make a difference and change the outcome of these upcoming terrorists attacks soon.

    2. Yes, the universe would be a chatterbox in that case:). There are so many messages in daily events if we would only pay attention.

  20. Eric this isn’t to do with the prediction but…I hope you and yours are staying safe there in San Diego and away from all of the fires going on right now. Sending light and blessings your way.

  21. I noticed that 3 seems to be repeated as a theme to you. eg 3 is your number.
    Have you noticed that they give you three new predictions in groupings?
    Except for 4 songs(chapters) – Large foot with -4 spiked hoofs on left side in the picture. Large spikes near the bottom of the legs of the Spider.
    Could the spikes represent different foreign countries ? United in one structure.for one of the 4 chapters, Or 4 specific countries on the left hoof?
    Spikes seem very prominent , on the spider and the beast.
    Maybe 3 is our number because we will not be able to stop one. Just a thought.
    What do you think?

    1. Its an interesting thought, I did not notice 3, however I have noticed the number 27/28 has been used several times. Part of me truly believes that they pick certain dates and predict from those dates. If you check to see when predictions happen there is almost always a clustering of several predictions back to back, while other times there is nothing.

          1. I want to take your suggestion and see where it leads. I have the time to do it as I have left California (native) and have relocated to Northern Idaho panhandle. My new home having been purchased in Nov. will hopefully be ready soon. So I will enjoy the challenge.

  22. Eric I just realized that there is an “Oakley”, Kansas. I wonder how many more Oakley’s there are out there. It would be out in the country side. (Having to do with that pre cog dream someone shared on this blog, I can’t figure out who😁..)

  23. There are so many Oakley’s in New York..near Irvine, CA ( by toll roads by the way).

  24. Hi Eric – I know this is late to report on this thread. A friend of mine just posted a cute pic on Facebook of her son at Heritage Gardens in Sandwich, MA. I wouldn’t have thought anything of it, but the photo depicts her son and a group of about 10, 5-6 year old children under a HUGE spider jungle gym sculpture. I had a double take – never knew this was even there. Wish I could post the photo for you to see. The children ( some) are standing directly under its belly. This garden is about a mile away from the Sagamore Bridge which leads onto Cape Cod. I believe the universe shows us things, so perhaps your prediction above is coming soon. Hope not, but it struck me as a sign.

    1. Hi Again. The museum also hosts artwork. They used to have a “war museum” on the land, too; not sure if it’s still there. It was about the Civil War, I believe. Didn’t your prediction have artwork shattering or something like that? Hmmm…

      1. In some ways that also fits with the museum that was attacked in Belgium. But in another way the art could be seen as individuals and the ripping is a nicer way of talking about limbs being ripped off.

  25. Eric, I thought the Belgium Museum was Jewish museum? I know the lone shooter got a way.
    Israel PM offered his government services to find the lone shooter.
    I thought this fit with the ” lone wolf” category cover that the “spider” wanted to use as cover, To hide their campaign .
    Also did the guides say “just like Belgium”?

  26. Is the Heritage Museum on the Cape? I know that there is a stadium”Gillette” I know there are Oakley references in the area. However would the prediction include a bridge? Or toll references?
    Or are there 2 predictions together?

  27. That should read —-should the prediction include a bridge or toll references. Or are they 2 Seperate predictions. I thought the old church could only be overseas..

    1. I believe they are two separate situations. To add the attack on China had a bridge and a booth for the government buildings that the bombing was around. I am not sure if that is what they are talking about but it is a possibility.

  28. Eric, are you following the hunt for the man who has explosives in SF. Started Sat..1st they said it was a biological agent/ now as of Sunday — Explosives . I wonder if this is the Oakley/Oakla incident mentioned by spirit? Can we help find him?
    Also in the next breath they talked about the Belgium Killer was caught coming off a bus in France and has ties to Syria.

  29. Eric, the fugitive in SF has been caught. I guess he is not in the prediction for Oakley/Oakla.

    1. I think that was what they were talking about; explosives, bridge, toll, etc. The car was right next to the golden gate bridge. The good news is nothing came of it. Which is the great news.

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