Notes on 6-29-14

Previous Predictions:

Notes on 1-25-14
I had a visual of the number 8, then a page was turned, and I had a visual of a man with a whipped back, then a page turned, I had a visual of a large target sign, then the page turned again and I had a visual of fireworks going off.
Eric’s Comments: Number 8 is used to describe “ate it”. Its their way of saying we will be wrong with a posted prediction. They are counting down to a situation close to the end of the month, perhaps it’s not going to be an earthquake around the 27th, 28th but something else, like a terror attack. The fireworks are a target by what seems now to be terrorist, not an accident.  What are the major events that involve fire works and their dates??

Notes on 1-31-14
Explosion – July – When the fireworks run – behind, below
Attack again! – Soon – I had a visual of trains going back and forth.

Notes on 2-10-14 Terror Attack
“An Attack!” .. “Things were very happy and quickly became horrific.”
“Around the time of the dance, when the fireworks run, as it all closes up, its ending” “Soon” The Spirits showed individuals with heavy snow jackets so we are talking about a winter location or timing.
“1,2″ The spirits showed two explosions, but it was unclear if they were just showing the same explosion from different views. They showed a long list of names and faces of those who were injured and tragically killed.
“In the crowded area..  in the North East..  from the fireworks.” The spirits showed a diner or restaurant for some reason.  They showed a row of fairly new buildings one of the buildings looked like a castle or a tall square tower made of rocks or cobble stones.


Today’s Predictions:

I asked: Spirit where is the attack on the 4th of July? Is there one? Perhaps its an accident?

“It’s a bomb.” — Spirit said

Later that night.. some of the visions seemed like the locations were very hot places, so with all of the messages its unclear if they are related or separate predictions.

“3.. Boston.. college.. attack.”

I had a vision that the attacker was shot.

I had a vision that a woman had a bleeding shoulder, others in the back talked about how the officer who was being held hostage by an attacker,  shot herself which in turn shot the attacker holding her.

I had a vision that I sat in the back of a grocery store sweating and waiting for an attack to happen anxiously. I felt so dreadful and nervous. Then, unexpectedly a man walked out of the walk in cooler with a gun in his hand “Eric, I’m here, its starting.” The attacker walked towards me and then begin his approach to the front of the store to let his colleagues in. Very quickly I ran into the walk in cooler, held the sliding door handle in place so no one could come in, the running attacker tried to catch me before I closed the door, then tried to open the door several times.
“Eric, let me in.. open this door!.. now.”
I mockingly held up my cell phone in the small look through window and dialed 9-1-1, I displayed my hand as I slowly dialed the number. The attacker grabbed the outside door hard and yanked on it with all of his weight.
“Open this f***ing door now!”
I looked through the faded window, a gave a small smirking smile.

Eric’s Comments: Spirit mentioned the number 3 several times. Perhaps this happens earlier. There are several contradictions. with all of these visions. The old predictions talk about a stadium, but now they mention a college?  One prediction talks about July but another talks about individuals wearing heavy coats? Are we talking about two separate situations? Even though fireworks are consistently mentioned is the 4th the right timeframe? When you analyze the visions keep in mind they are probably symbolic messages not literal.  I would encourage you to read through the comment section of 6-25-14 as other individuals have had visions that are very similar to the messages here.


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  1. 2/10/14 prediction…I couldn’t help but think of the bomb threat that shut down Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia this afternoon. A note was found that a bomb is hidden in one of the parks most busy areas (England section), which is covered in cobblestone and has a large clock tower, as well as castles. No bomb was found but that area is still shut down as a precaution.

  2. Hi Eric. I dont know if you got my previous reply so I will just retype Here is a list with pics of Castles in Massachusetts. There is a “Park Plaza Castle” in Boston itself, but numerous others with cobblestones and towers. There will be a free Boston Pops Concert and Fireworks Spectacular located at the Esplanade along the Charles River. A rehearsal on the 3rd. It could be a possible spot for a bomb under and behind the stage. I did read the comments from others on the dreams/visions they had and it seems to be aligning with what you and your Spirits are seeing/warning of. I recall a previous prediction of them saying “Again”, as in a terrorist attack. And Boston has had one already. I thank you for taking on the vision and feelings of dread and anxiousness all for trying to inform and help out humanity. It doesn’t sound like it would be a pleasant thing to experience. Perhaps You, the Spirits and this blog can foil their plan based on the scene of the 911 call and your smirk you gave them. I loved that part! Did that seem odd that it was actually involving you in the store/cooler and the terrorist was calling you by name specifically? It does sound like they have a lot going on there in Boston on the 4th of July, but hopefully we can stop this by spreading the word and sending a protection of light and love to all on the 4th no matter where they are.

  3. Eric,I had computer malfunction the past 3 days.. Regarding this post.. I think you are getting an overlay of different events.. I. “ attack/bombing? 2. Another 911 event we know when …we need to know where…I think that is why you are getting the multiple bombing..
    I also want to put forward that the weather is hot than cold.. Cold weather jackets could be worn in Sept…where? Hope this helps

    1. I was wondering the same thing about the overlayed/multiple events Star48. I wish we could stop these evil people.

      1. Hi, Jules104, I think the events are being orchestrated by the same group. That is why we have the overlay too. After reading the posts via my phone yesterday. I have to put Chicago “in this bag of possible locations” after the similar visions shared by others..
        Cold weather jackets are used in Michigan,the only mitigating factor for me is that state has the highest number of middle eastern people.. Maybe they are planning an attack each month.. One in July, one in Sept, one in Oct?
        That would impact people and foster wave of fear.. What do you think!

        1. Hi Star48. I must have missed the Chicago part. What was that about? I did see where they were talking about Harvard at Cambridge, Massachusetts, I believe in their visions. There are a lot of old cobblestone towers and castle looking buildings in that area and the Boston area. There is a free Boston Pops Concert at the Esplanade with a huge fireworks display seen from all along the Charles River with a lot of bridges over the river also. It will be televised live. Free terror advertisement for the terrorist. I’m wondering if someone could put a bomb under or behind the Esplanade or on the nearby bridge which I think the fire works display will be near. They have said Boston College so it could also be the University itself or one of the many colleges in or around Boston. They also have commuter trains in that area. The terrorists definitely want to instill fear in people. I hope that certain individuals who can investigate what Eric is being shown by his Spirit Guides are watching his website so that they can help change the outcome for the better.

      2. More and more they talk about how my actions upset or stop these events from happening, this store though for some reason seemed like it was in the desert, so its unrelated to the 4th, but the tone is changing to action.

      1. Eric, could it be that things were “put on ice” ,but now the spider master has determined that they are going forward with their plan(action). Possibly the reason your name was used is they are monitoring sites.. And of course it shows 2’s you and spirit have victory..
        (Trying to get in the door two times…) what are your thoughts..

        1. I would have to say yes, I truly believe this store, these criminals, the desert, are all talking about a very specific situation that has not happened at all. I also believe the pun they are presenting. A monster in the cooler, an event on ice or in the cooler as we all wait for it to happen, us all waiting for that prediction to arrive while feeling dread. But then things change and I become the one in the cooler, not sure how the symbolism plays out there? Hope that makes sense. Thoughts on what that means?

  4. Jules 104, Chicago reference from comments on 6/25/14 posting.
    I just found out my nephew ,his wife and their new baby flew to Boston today,for the celebrations. I know that we have a chance to make people more aware . We must stay focused and help the group express their gifts.
    It will make a difference.

    1. Thanks for the info Star48. Will be praying for your family’s safety while in Boston. While I went back to 6-25 I read some of the comments from Lia and Rhona and was surprised to find how similar they were to what/how I was feeling about the terrorist attacks. The Longfellow Bridge, commuter trains, “again”, Ground Zero, free Boston Pops at the Esplanade etc, etc. I had family visiting from Florida for ten days so was rather occupied during that time and couldn’t catch up and contribute as much as I normally would have. So thought well that’s weird, that is what I have been picking up on. Not a psychic at all, just get strong feelings about things sometimes. I do believe the Spirits are trying to get our attention. I know through Eric and the Spirits and everyone on here we can change these outcomes for the better. The light will overcome the darkness again and again.

      1. Jules104,thank you for your comment. They live in SFO so it was a surprise to hear about the trip after the fact.. Could you read the posting on 5/23/14 and see what you think?

        1. Hi Star48. I am guessing you meant 5/24 and not 5/23 “Portland Water Contamination”. So the 31 in a red square and beans and franks? I’m not really sure about that. If it has to do with July 4th…could be 3+1= 4, or just a date of 31, with beans and franks being a popular item on July 4th. I was thinking this prediction may have already happened though. What are your thoughts?

  5. Hey gang! The “dance” and the party. Chicago just had the LARGEST Pride parade in history at over 1.2 million people Sunday and then tonight the major Derecho super storm is pounding the city. The snow coats. Remember, you all, what my grandpa told me? Get everything out, Jon, by June. You will not return until after it is over–December?. I have warned all my friends this past year via Facebook of those dreams. The next thing in my talk with my grandpa is that someone very special would be coming to San Diego unexpectedly at the same time as “the incidents”, “you will meet him in the park”. Well, a guy I once had great feelings for called me out of the blue yesterday as I was walking from church (my church sits on the edge of Balboa Park and I have to cut through the park to get home) and told me he was in Palm Springs and asked if he could come down and see me on July 4th for the weekend. I was obviously gobsmacked. Now after reading what Eric envisioned in this post, it seems possible to be my old home city of Chicago. This makes me weep. I asked my grandpa in the last dream who among my friends would not make it. Three faces he showed me. All three people, I have warned and they are believers in my dreams and have tried to avoid big crowds and the place I saw collapse. I seriously hope I am completely wrong and that this was not the case. The weird part was my escape from Chicago (as grandpa was leading me), was via a train. Sort of like I felt like Harry Potter. I was able to sneak on my two doggies. But I avoided the whole thing by him telling me to move to San Diego “immediately before May”. I am praying for each and every one of you. The other thing is that Ukraine just announced an hour ago the end of the cease fire and has decided to go to war just as grandpa showed me would also happen. I am trying to remain calm and centered typing this. Eric, how in the heck do you do it?!? I feel everything is falling into place as shown but it was all so scary. Grandpa said I would be safe and not to worry but I am still worried. Thanks for listening and I need the encouragement. Thank you Eric!!!!!!

    1. Aamazing guidance from your grandpa! So detailed. You are truly blessed. Hope this guy is ‘the one.” Does sound like it 🙂 Chicago is a distinct possibility for an attack. As I said in another thread with you, I had a separate dream about Chicago, too. I hope your holiday is great and that your 3 friends stay safe. and yes, it is tough to see things ahead of time. I don’t know how Eric does it either!

    2. Hi Jon. I hope this old friend of yours is the one. How wonderful to have your grandpa guiding and protecting you from the other side. My daughter who will be 19 in August is a member of the LGBT community and her Aunt and myself just went with her to the Denver Gay Pride Parade. She asked us to go with her! She has always been very open about it and I as her Mother embrace her for the wonderful person and soul that she is. Unfortunately her father, whom I am divorced from, has taken a different path in life as a bible thumping “Christian” and is not aware of who she really is. Perhaps this is his lesson in this life time. Anyway, I will be praying for your friends in Chicago and for all of the Chicago area. Sending light and love your way.

    3. Yes unfortunately predicting the worlds future is riddled with horror. There is a constant feeling of dread as you wait for events to happen, There is so much of a tragedy in witnessing the worlds nightmares before it happens just so you can watch it again in real time. When it finally happens you are consumed with guilt, helplessness, and sadness. For those starting a spiritual path in serving the heavens I would not recommend mine

      1. Eric I wish we could make it easier for you somehow. You are such a blessing to us all and I am sure the Group would agree with that. I can’t even imagine seeing and feeling the things you do. Don’t ever feel guilt about who you are and/or the outcomes. You are right where you are suppose to be! And maybe just your being able to open other persons hearts and minds up is more than enough and anything else that you achieve is so absolutely incredible and wonderful, who’d have thought it could happen. Your Spirit Guides are probably like Sheesh…we gotta work faster because Eric’s already got that one covered! LOL Don’t ever forget what a blessing your kind Soul is to this World Eric.
        On another note, sort of, I almost wonder if the monster in the cooler is being exchanged for You, a being of bright light and hope in the cooler which is being surrounded and guided by your Spirit Guides. The Light against the Dark. And the dark can not get in. The Light will win. Perhaps the terrorist are upset because you are one step ahead and foiling their plans of havoc. It could be that your site is monitored and so is helping out with finding the terrorist and uncovering their plans. We can only hope so. May Light and Love Surround You Always Eric.

  6. Jon Blue, you have a great affirmation given to you by spirit/ your grandfather.,take it as a gift.
    You have warned your loved ones, they have free will. All you can do is love them.
    You are not alone. I will share my affirmation I say everyday, (11 times) it helps me ,it will give you a feeling of peace.
    “I call above to my angels for complete protection” it has worked for me.

  7. I forget where Eric mentioned the Castle or tower with cobblestone. Most of Boston has this type of architecture. Boston University has an actual building called “The Castle” as part of its campus. Go to This is located very close to where the fireworks will be.

  8. Eric, Nickerson Field is the Boston University stadium nearby the Charles River where the fireworks are to be; also, Harvard has its own stadium not that far away either. So, don’t discount the stadium clue. I hope the forecasted rainstorm for the Northeast might stop the dark plan.

    1. I was hoping the same thing Lia. All of this rain and the storm moving up the East Coast may be a blessing in disguise.

      1. hi jules, lia ,eric…just noticed the Old State House at the end of State St Boston sits amongst modern buildings…The Old Whipping Post once sat there…Historic Buildings of Massachusetts is the web with pictures..just a thought with man being whipped

        1. Hi Rhona. That whipping post is an interesting bit of info. I was out of pocket for about a week or so due to family visiting from Florida and had gone back to read some of the discussions which Yourself and Lia were having about the 4th and was surprised to see I had been picking up on the same things with the Longfellow bridge, the Esplanade, Boston Pops Concert, “again”, commuter trains and even the ground zero. Sort of strange how Spirit does that. Kind of feels like, “The Twilight Zone” sometimes. Hopefully just having this site of Eric’s and the Spirits making us aware of what’s happening in the world, we will be able to change some of the outcomes for the better. I don’t really know how it all works, but it feels like something is changing where Eric’s Spirit Guides are able to be more effective. Not that they weren’t able to in the first place, but that we as a group or the world needed to do something to allow it to happen. Does that make any sort of real sense? LOL. I’m just very thankful for Eric, his site here, his Spirit Guides and this whole group of individuals who join in to try and help humanity. Sending Light and Love your way Rhona and for all on the 4th of July!

  9. Jules104, and Group,this is the posting.Notes on 5-23-14
    Posted on May 23, 2014 by Eric Leigh-Pink
    Terror Attack.. look at the victim.. the prediction is a mixture of 4.. the prediction is about a massive shift in the world.. fear runs rampant.. two have passed.. two are coming.. Oakla has not been fulfilled. (yet?)
    We are three days off our mark..
    Jules104, this is the reference I wanted to ask about. There is the reference to a mixture of 4, two are coming.. Than there is the reference to 3 days off mark ( 3 months) before 9/11?
    I just wanted your take and the group’s if this could fit?( The potential bomber in Oakla caught)

    1. Oh my gosh. Sorry Star48 about the confusion on that Post. I guess I didn’t go back far enough. Yes I think Oakla was foiled, but since two have past and two are coming…could that mean there is one more left to happen since Oakla should have been included in the second two? Is it having to do with bridge attacks specifically or just terrorist attacks in general? Either way I do believe something big is about to happen around the 4th and could be in the Boston, NY areas and/or Chicago area. Hopefully the outcomes can still be changed somewhat.

  10. Eric regarding your comment on July 1st at 9:25 am. The cooler reference could be two times you are put on Ice. (Not effective) however you will be successful in the end.

  11. Eric, just announced. Boston is changing the day of their program celebration to the 3rd due to the storm..water can hurt instruments, so it is tomorrow .

  12. Jules104, yes it is, I keep going back to that admonition by spirit on the 5/23/14 post. “Look at the victim.. “If someone wanted to cause great unease,they would target symbols. The twin towers was a symbol, the golden gate is a symbol. Anything that represents U.S..tallest buildings Willis/Formerly Sears ,biggest gatherings.
    4th of July represents U.S. Our anniversary. 911 represents a moment when the country came together in a patriotic way not seen since WW2 . They would want to destroy those symbolsI know that he Boston gathering estimates was extremely high..? My unease is very high, between weather and attacks.. I am keeping very positive with the group efforts. I feel driven to go over everything already given to make sure we have not missed anything. I keep feeling we have..
    What are your thoughts?

    1. Hi Star48. I know Eric told me the “Look at the victim” represented “Humanity”. That phrase I wondered about also. I attached a link I found earlier on the Boston Celebrations. Looking to see “where the crowds are”. It says the Boston side of the river is more crowded then the Cambridge side. The “Oval” sounds like it’s really crowded since it is where the Esplanade/Concert is. Also there is a “finale” at the end of the celebrations/show. I keep getting drawn to the John Hancock building, but maybe that’s just due to it being so pretty reflecting everything around it. Read the link and tell me what you think. I’m just praying that tomorrow and Friday will be very “uneventfully” eventfull!


    Tighter security on flights coming into the US based on intel that was received about AQ targeting planes again. Specifics not released by any governments, only that enhanced security measures are now in place. Considering the havoc in the ME, do you think there could be a connection? Maybe we will all foil two attempts of four (Oklah and ???) and the other two are put “on ice” or “contained in a box” based on our efforts to get word out?

    1. I think the biggest news from you guys is the number 3 they presented. Now you hear that in Boston they have moved the celebrations to the 3rd. I hope and pray all of this is just wrong.

      1. Hi Eric – Yes, that they’ve moved the celebration to this evening is what has me worried; you came up with the number 3 before the storm arrived, so having the celebration on the 3rd is significant, in my opinion. Hope we’re all just reading into things too much. There are mixed news bites – some news media outlets are saying that they will not have the concert portion of the celebration tonight if it’s raining at all…while others say the fireworks may be delayed in the rain comes in tonight. It is all about timing. I am praying we don’t see another marathon bombing event in Boston or elsewhere.

        1. Hi Lia. I think the number 3 and the whole change up is significant also. I am hoping that it will be way too confusing for any dark force/terrorist group to make plans around the whole weather forecast! Throw a few kinks into it all! Though I do feel bad for the celebratory part and any damage this storm may create. Praying for Boston and humanity.

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