Hostage Luke Somers Killed in US Rescue Attempt

This prediction has happened.

Notes on 11-12-14   I had a visual of the US flag hanging on a refrigerator.
I had a visual of a man who looked scared on the run. There was a sense he was being followed and the US officials were searching for him. He wobbled as if his leg was injured.
Eric’s Comments: This could go two ways one is that it’s a US rescue operation. Or more likely it is another man hunt on US soil.

The Facts on 12-6-14: “American journalist Luke Somers was killed Friday during a desperate attempt by U.S. commandos to free him from al Qaeda in Yemen – a mission that failed in part because American forces were spotted prematurely by a militant who was apparently relieving himself, according to a counter-terrorism official with knowledge of the operation…
The special operations team infiltrated first by Osprey aircraft and then on foot, a defense official said.
But working in difficult, mountainous terrain, the 40-man team was met with gunfire, according to the administration official. The counter-terrorism official who spoke to ABC News said the commandos were spotted as they were setting up a perimeter when one of the al Qaeda fighters came outside, apparently to relieve himself. The official said Somers was found at a site where the U.S. suspects hostages have been held previously.”
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4 thoughts on “Hostage Luke Somers Killed in US Rescue Attempt

  1. This has brought tears to my eyes since yesterday I read and watched his family’s desperate plea to spare his life! This along with the many other executions are hard to deal with since these people are not military and most of them were there to help the people there. I will pray for all the families that have had to go through this horrible heartache. Eric your job is not an easy one!

  2. Praying for all involved including the families, friends, and the Seal Team. They were so close to a rescue of the hostages. It all makes no sense to me.

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