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Hostage Luke Somers Killed in US Rescue Attempt

This prediction has happened.

Notes on 11-12-14   I had a visual of the US flag hanging on a refrigerator.
I had a visual of a man who looked scared on the run. There was a sense he was being followed and the US officials were searching for him. He wobbled as if his leg was injured.
Eric’s Comments: This could go two ways one is that it’s a US rescue operation. Or more likely it is another man hunt on US soil.

The Facts on 12-6-14: “American journalist Luke Somers was killed Friday during a desperate attempt by U.S. commandos to free him from al Qaeda in Yemen – a mission that failed in part because American forces were spotted prematurely by a militant who was apparently relieving himself, according to a counter-terrorism official with knowledge of the operation…
The special operations team infiltrated first by Osprey aircraft and then on foot, a defense official said.
But working in difficult, mountainous terrain, the 40-man team was met with gunfire, according to the administration official. The counter-terrorism official who spoke to ABC News said the commandos were spotted as they were setting up a perimeter when one of the al Qaeda fighters came outside, apparently to relieve himself. The official said Somers was found at a site where the U.S. suspects hostages have been held previously.”
Quoted by: http://abcnews.go.com/International/american-hostage-luke-somers-killed-us-rescue-attempt/story?id=27397528