China Japan Jet Encounter

This prediction is starting, in hindsight it’s not just Japan involved but the Philippines and Thailand as well.

Notes on 2-7-14
War is brewing.. for the islands.. in Asia.. Japan, China..
They showed jets flying in the sky crossing each other. Ships being deployed. The fear of war was great, and it seemed like something out of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Other nations such as the US were preparing their military for the worst.

The Facts on 6-12-14 by AP: “China and Japan are blaming each other for a close encounter between military jets over the East China Sea.
China’s Defense Ministry said Thursday that Japanese F-15 fighters followed a Chinese TU-154 plane on a regular patrol Wednesday morning and got as close as 30 meters (100 feet). It released two videos on its website purporting to show the incident, which it said had “seriously affected” the safety of the Chinese plane” Quoted News:

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  1. Linda Avatar

    I think you meant to write, “The Facts on 06/12/14…”, not 05/12/14? Same with the date for the news on Eric Cantor losing re-election. Keep up the good work; I follow your site everyday. BTW, turns out my private reading back in December, has been spot on so far, and some things are still unfolding, but can see what the spirits were describing/seeing. This is amazing and fascinating stuff on several levels, and I thank you and spirits for doing this work.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you for the positive feedback, and I will correct that.

  2. R.J. Avatar

    There will be no war

    1. Jon Blue Avatar
      Jon Blue

      Notice RJ, Eric said “fear of war” and “war is brewing”! NOT, that there WOULD BE WAR between China and Japan! He specifically stated it would be like “the Cuban Missile Crisis”. There WILL, however be a Civil War here in the USA within the next 5-10 years if not sooner. This I know for certain. With the polarizations of both parties at their all time high per the Pew Research Center…the highest polarization since the Civil War, America is about to face some horrible stuff when the Market Crash hits either end of this year or next. Society never fully recovered from the crash of 2008. Watching the market repeat its upward trend just as it did in 1929 and then in 2007 is remarkable to lay the graphs on top of each other. What makes a market get better? Well the easy answer is always WAR! I am thankful for where I am currently living as I have an easy escape out of this country. Both my two dogs and myself have our passports, vaccines and shots all up to date. Just this past week, another sign my grandpa showed me in the three dreams after I returned from heaven when I coded from a grand mal seizure in 2012, came to pass. We would have to escort 2 Russian Bomber planes off our California Coast. Just wait, if you live in the US, you are in for a nice little war right here on our soil once the economy crashes. There will also be war in the Middle East coming soon. Far greater than the last. No one is abiding by treaties anymore. Every country seems to be throwing them out the window.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Interesting predictions, and yes they compared it to the Cuban missle crisis, where we did not go to war.

  3. star48 Avatar

    China spy ship” shadowing “Japanese,US, Indian Navy drill in West Pacific

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