Roseburg Oregon School Shooting

This tragic prediction has happened. My assumption to the ties with Greece is incorrect. We are waiting for the name of this very disturbed young man, to see if it has ties to another prediction.  Are the roses connected to Roseburg? Please pray for the victims, please pray for the people of Oregon during the trying times of this tragic event.

Notes on 9-30-15   The mad man will raise his gun in a crowd and shoot to draw everyone’s attention. The crowd will run and hide.

O and O, the countdown for two predictions are about to happen.

Notes on 12-31-14   I had a visual of bullets shells next to cut roses.

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  1. pat45 Avatar

    How tragic, my thoughts and prayers are with the families and students who have been caught up in this, when will senseless acts like this stop? This is one prediction that I wish had been foiled. So, so sad.

  2. Peter223 Avatar

    Sadly enough you were right again Eric.
    I pray not just for the victims, but for all of us every day in these diar times.

  3. Anne Amato Avatar

    We often wonder about the “why” of these tragedies. the Columbine shootings are generally the first ones mentioned….but the fact is that my home town in north central MN (of which probably nobody has ever heard) was the site of one of the first publicized school shootings in the late 1960’s. There always seem to be a multitude of reasons…..but the following is a broader theory that best explains “why”…..

    “Jonathan Fast, a professor at a NY University and who specializes in the psychology of people who commit mass shootings, and who is the author of “Ceremonial Violence,” which analyzes events leading up to mass shootings, noted there is still much unknown about the 20-year-old male responsible for the fatal shooting in Roseburg. But, he also says there are usually several common elements among most of these tragedies across the U.S.
    He cited psychiatrist Donald Mathenson’s argument that some people manage their shame by attacking others.
    “With school shooters you have someone who has accumulated a tremendous amount of shame and is processing it by shooting people,” he said. “He is managing shame by displacing it onto victims.”
    Fast also said mass shooters often have concocted delusional systems that blame certain people, such as particular religious groups, in rationalizing their acts of domestic terrorism.”

    1. Popi Avatar

      Its also young people abused in their inviroment and then they abuse others as they say.
      A deep pain inside a person can lead to terrible actions in order to feel better unfortunately😒

      We must all pray and ask forgiveness because all the thinks who are happening in our lifes we are responsible for it.
      If you never read about Dr Len please do.

      1. Popi Avatar

        Sorry I gave the wrong link before

      2. Lia Avatar

        I truly love Dr Len’s whole approach.

  4. Psychic Chris Avatar
    Psychic Chris

    //I had a visual of a man holding a rifle (or automatic weapon) preparing his atrocity .
    I had a visual of people very upset with tears coming down
    I had a visual of shattered car windows.
    Soon, very soon
    M L U .. S I
    (In the last line I could not here Spirit clearly, I don’t know if they said S I or ‘high’)

  5. Harvey Avatar

    Eric, I wonder if this is related to your older post of 6-3-15? Did the shooting occur in the cafeteria? Oregon is the state of square shape.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I was thinking about that too, maybe the ‘nick’ prediction but it doesn’t entirely fit so I don’t want to make assumptions, just in case.

      1. Harvey Avatar

        Exactly, I thought the same. Couldn’t find the name as Nick. I noticed the pattern these last 2 years of school shooting. It took place in the months of Sept/Oct and December. I wonder if there will be another this Dec. It’s hard to tell where.

        I’m sorry it happened again. I don’t know what to say as it stuck in Second Amendment.

  6. jules104 Avatar

    Eric I remember a prediction you had that said the gun laws would change after something that happened. I can’t find it now, but do you think this could be part of what happened here in Roseburg, Oregon?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes, I am waiting to see if they actually change the laws. We are talking about the US congress, getting anything done with them is very unlikely.

  7. jules104 Avatar

    I found the posted prediction Eric. Here it is from 12-23-14, “The gun attack leads to legislation”. Could this be related?

  8. Carolyn Malone Avatar
    Carolyn Malone

    I want to know which mass shooting or mass murder will have to take place and finally be the turning point in which Congress finally enacts legislation that demands background checks before purchasing a gun. This madness has got to stop! It’s heart wrenching! My five-year old niece’s school was on lockdown yesterday (totally unrelated to the Oregon shooting) because there was a gunman on the loose in the area. They caught the guy and everyone is safe. But there will be a next time unfortunately when the kids won’t be safe. What, if anything, can we do Eric to stop the slaughter of innocents besides praying of course. I am so tired and sad and angry over the continuous gun violence in our coutnry. This has got to stop. Thank you for letting me vent.

  9. Lia Avatar

    Eric – did you see the FBI today sent out warnings to Philadelphia colleges and universities about a social media threat posted re October 5 terror plan ( tomorrow)? Does spirit get anything on which college?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That’s around the time of the expected attack, but they are stuck on a military base, I question if its even in the US.

  10. mrri0grande Avatar

    I’ve noticed when I get places in my visions it’s not always correct, but if I sit and touch a map it works much better, my eyes are drawn to a place…. Maybe it can work for you to be more accurate!

  11. Harvey Avatar

    Eric, will there be another shooting at school this year?

    1. Harvey Avatar

      Look at the related shooting of the links of 6-3-15 and 5-30-15. Thanks!

      Can’t remember which date that stated shot btw 8 to 11 people. Sad.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I am not sure.

  12. Dana Avatar

    Northern Arizona University (NAU) Shooting occurred.

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