Notes on 11-3-14

In Mexico such a truly evil act
The bodies now found
Rage, protest ensues, corruption demanded to end
with protest violence follows. -Spirits Voice
I had a visual of a large black sulfur looking cloud blanket an area in Mexico where a mountain sat.
I had a visual of the President of Mexico, there was a locked gate behind him but now the gate would be completely open.

In regards to the US Senate race: I had a visual of two twins fighting among each other but both were married to the “Veto”.  “The same, Split”
Just my thought, but it sounds like the Senate will be split down the middle, or close to it, thus the twins.

I heard shots fired.
Another tragic loss of children
‘Naper’ or around it
Such rage ensues, such a horror. -Spirits Voice

Half mast.. the unmovable gun debate is moved an inch -Spirits Voice

I had a visual of a shooter preparing his weapon but then he was tackled by those around him. “Heroes! Heroes!”

45 thoughts on “Notes on 11-3-14

  1. In one of my connected dreams, the us is a totally different world. People have to stop at many checkpoints within the states (even heartlands) like toll booths…to show ID. Within these dreams, a terror cell comes from the south(not originally, but end up in a camp in Mexico). I’m aware of the recent events near the Texas/Mexico border,(3 american siblings found slain) could there be more to the black smoke? I think back to your visual of cracks with weeds growing up in front of a house.(Hope I didn’t butcher that).

  2. OMG there is a town near Chicago ( about 30miles) called Naperville…my heart just sunk as I live not far from there

      1. As did I! As a longtime resident (14 years in Chicago). Naperville immediately came to mind. It has long been listed as the top ten best towns to live in among several prestigious magazines. Its actually very upper middle class with great schools.

  3. Are we gonna get out of these dark times eric? Seems like lot of terrible things are happening.

    1. YES! From the beginning Sprit said this year would suck. We actually had a prediction that said “This year would be horrifying and bloody” but posting that on the eve of new year was just too much of a downer. So better times are coming, we will not be holding back with the next sum of the year when it comes to 2015, whatever they say I will be posting.

  4. Eric, I heard on the news that approximately 49 students were kidnapped in Mexico a few weeks ago. People were protesting about 4 days ago and the people are demanding the president to find them alive.

  5. Hello All, and many blessings to each.
    I think this may be part of Eric’s “visual of a large black sulfur looking cloud blanket an area in Mexico”…
    ‘ Federal police early Tuesday detained the former mayor of the southern Mexican city of Iguala and his wife, who are accused of ordering the Sept. 26 attacks on teachers’ college students that left six dead and 43 still missing.’

    1. That’s what others are thinking too. Its clearly something to do with IL, but other than that its hard to tell. Keep in mind the Spirits are reaching for the stars. It was only 2 years ago that we could only mention the country of the event, shooting in US, cyclone in AU, etc, then we worked to narrow it down to a state or territory, now they are trying to go even further to a city or town, but to be so exact is going to have hiccups. Naperville, Chicago, IL they are pointing to a specific location.

  6. I just read this today:

    MEXICO CITY, Nov 4 (Reuters) – Mexican police have captured a fugitive former mayor and his wife who the government says were the probable masterminds behind the abduction of 43 student teachers feared massacred in September, officials said on Tuesday.

    Here is the entire story:


  7. I had a visual of two twins fighting. republicans win and control both houses. Usa finished. Check mate! Twins fighting , in time you will understand.Alot of pain for the next 2 years under current conditions. Obama wont dance!

  8. Eric, you are amazing! Your prediction of the train attack being thwarted was so accurate and so simple…and you predicted this attack in 2014!!!!!

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