Notes 7-12-14

“In the bushes.. shrub.. the bus.. the spider.. an attack.. 71” Spirits Voice — I had a visual of a bus on the sidewalk sitting in large bushes, on the bus window was the number 71.

“Proud moment.. US.. Crack.. Cocaine.. we mean business.. restored faith with our neighbor.. justice now.. now.. threats made.” – Spirits Voice, this prediction is connected to:  Notes on 7-11-14    I had a visual (twice) of a large US flag waving in the air

“The shoreline grossly contaminated.. all life in the water is dead.. no sane man would swim in it.. a renewed demand to fix it.. the fat cat needs a diet.”

I had a visual of houses and buildings completely cover in brown water. It was such a large flood that everyone was expected to evacuate.

Eric’s Comments: Spider is in the glossary and implies a terror attack. This one involving a bus. I assume it will be Boko Haram. The second prediction seems to be a major drug bust or a renewed war against drug related problems. Ocean contamination, oil or chemical spill? In the vision it looked like Latin America, but with all that’s going on it could be related to Japan. I need to find the location of the flood but it was massive, in the vision it did not look like a city but more rural because there was plenty of land in the background that did not have houses.

Thanks for helping with my question of other individuals that make predictions just like me. So far the list includes: Joseph Tittel, Betsy Lewis, Christian Dion, and the Valiants website.  I plan to study their work, their process, and equate who out of all of us has the most accurate work. Please share your thoughts on who has the most accurate work, and the predictions that support that opinion. What is the most accurate prediction ever made and what was the prediction word for word? Please share it with all of us. so that we can all share our opinion on its accuracy.  My intent is to open my mind to other possible ways of predicting the future, so that I can improve my craft.


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  1. Eric,“The shoreline grossly contaminated.. all life in the water is dead.. no sane man would swim in it.. a renewed demand to fix it.. the fat cat needs a diet.”
    jumped out at me.. It has to be Japan..there are trying to keep a frozen wall in place to stop a disaster..

    1. Yes, Joseph Tittel resonates with me because he comes across as being kind. Not sure of his accuracy – I think your record is quite high. He says that he “sees news headlines” perhaps while meditating, not sure.

      1. Some better pics here, there are towns badly flooded as

  2. I was following Jessica carraciolo, but she stopped making predictions because of negativity. You can youtube her videos though.. Also I enjoyed Blair Robinson he is Canadian. He had made about 5 or 6 predictions weekly but has since stopped, as he concentrating on doing public readings. He does once yearly make predictions. He was quite accurate. They were my favourite once they stopped I found your site. Joseph tittel is also very good.

    1. Thanks Rosemary, do you have sites, I guess I can google them. When you say negativity do you mean feedback from the public or negative feelings because of the predictions.

      1. there was a backlash against her on her facebook page. She would post regular about California’s quake about to happen, and other events that never happened. She was part of group a friend was doing medium work with helping parents who’d lost a child and the complaints about her predictions reached them as well.

      2. With Jessica, she did often refer to the California earthquake, which, she kept saying was put on hold. she had a lot of health problems, and couples with negative feedback most psychics may cop it was becoming too much. I had a couple psychic questions answered by her and found them quite accurate. She may not have had a high percentage of accuracy but I enjoyed listening to her.

        1. It is very rough to put your neck out there like that, so much negative feedback. I was ready to give up after the first year. But they kept convincing me that we would eventually have success in changing the outcome of the future.

  3. Hi Eric. Just saw this article on Argentines flooding into Rio and the Copa Cabana Beach/City area with their campers. Many with the score marked on their chests 7-1, (71). Also there is some sort of big screen set up on the beach for the game to be seen and they mentioned the big security presence there. It just made me think of the soldier in the sand and the finale. Was that confirmed by Spirits to be about Bergdahl? I will just be glad when this World Cup is over.

  4. Eric, there are 3 or more references for bus 71.. Harvard…San Francisco,,and Portland.,
    I sure there are more..

  5. Oi Eric, meu nome é Marciano e moro no Brasil. Sobre o Japão eu acompanho uma pastora que recebe revelações de Deus e tem sido muito precisa em tudo.. Em sua última palavra ela fala que Deus lhe mostrou um terremoto chegando ao Japão, 8.2. Não sei a data mas deve ser em breve…

    Hi Eric, I’m Marciano and I live in Brazil. About Japan I follow a shepherdess who receives revelations from God and has been very accurate at all .. In his last word she says God showed him an earthquake coming to Japan, 8.2. I do not know the date but it should be soon …

  6. On July 3, 2014, an overpass collapsed in Belo Horizonte, Brazil onto a busy carriageway below. The construction project was part of infrastructure improvements meant to prepare for the 2014 FIFA World Cup that was taking place at the time of the collapse. The concrete and steel bridge was located 3 kilometers from the Mineirao where many World Cup games were played. A bus and several cars were crushed under the rubble. The bus driver and another person were killed and 22 other people were injured. I thought this had a few references to recent predictions. You can read this info on Wikipedia under Belo Horizonte overpass collapse.

    1. Thanks Ann, I am familiar with that, I did think of the bridge but they made it clear its destruction would not be an accident. We do have new predictions coming out about Brazil though.

  7. Okay I’m not surprised that I would find this…… I have been having similar knowings as you… Like about the flooding & spiders & also fire..

  8. Eric, found a reference to 71 by accident.. golf…Mcllroy at British Open.
    “Staked to a six-shot lead going into the final round, McIlroy turned back brief challenges with key birdies around the turn and a majestic drive at just the right moment to close with a 1-under 71 and complete a wire-to-wire victory at Royal Liverpool.”

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