A new way of communicating

I am very excited to report we now have long distant phone services on a global scale. This allows us to accomplish two things. First it allows me to do personal readings almost anywhere in the world. If your in France, Malaysia, Australia, Brazil, United Kingdom, you will now be able to do personal phone readings any time of the day over the phone. Β But more importantly it will allow us to coordinate our efforts more productively, by communicating to the fans directly. Imagine what we could accomplish if we could communicate with a small group of fans who are more than willing to stick their neck out for Spirit and work towards altering the future. Imagine what we could have accomplished if I had this a few years ago. We could have taken a more direct approach to the attacks in Paris, or perhaps warned the Philippines more directly about Typhoon Haiyan.

We still have to iron a few things out, and test the signal. But taking a scalpel approach instead of a broadsword approach seems to be the direction we are headed and the sky is the limit. More information will follow after we test our new system, and talk with Spirits on how exactly do we coordinate our efforts.


19 thoughts on “A new way of communicating”

  1. Any new predictions? For some reason I’m still on edge about terrorism.

    Long distance improvements sound good!

  2. Sounds great and fascinating. I would like to talk with the spirits….. Were there any predictions about what happened in Oakland with the tragic fire and the many deaths?

  3. Eric thats absolutely fantastic
    what a wonderful opening for yoyr and spirits messages ..
    wishing al the very best forvthis new avenue .
    Hopefully I will have a reading when its all up and running

      1. Hi Eric ..Im in Australia …
        West Australia …
        just Emailed you..Im bold enough lol Thank You for Invite ..

      2. Eric SWC Just finished our test reading ..it was a great success and Eric and spirit are wonderful
        Thank you so very much ..
        I highly recommend a reading its so soothing and calming ..
        Thank you again Eric and spirit .
        πŸ˜‡πŸ˜†πŸ˜†I feel more at peace x

  4. Do you have any predictions relating to the recounts or electoral college attempts to prevent a Trump presidency?

    1. By “bombshell” do you mean literally, or more as a figurative statement in which there will be a “bombshell” news story, like a revelation? Thanks Eric, for the good work you do with spirit!

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