FBI Rescued Children

Has this prediction happened?

Notes 5-5-14
“Largest amount of human abductions found.. secrets released.. our father cracks the door (opportunity) open.” — I had a visual of a cracked door open and behind the darkness was a young girl, with others in the background.

The Facts reported on 6-23 by ‘USA Today’: “Law enforcement officials rescued 168 child victims of commercial sex trafficking in a nationwide sweep during the past week and arrested 281 alleged pimps, the FBI said Monday.” Quoted by: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/06/23/fbi-trafficking-sex-children/11271829/

4 thoughts on “FBI Rescued Children

  1. This is great news!!!! YAY!!! Also I heard on NPR today the story of the harrowing plight of undocumented children from South and Central America smuggling themselves into this country as they are running from the terrible violence and gang wars in Guatemala and other countries. These poor children come looking for the “dream” they have heard rumored that America brings only to find the struggle to get here one of the most frightening experiences any of us would have to face. Lots of these children are being preyed upon, raped or worse. The story saddened my heart. We were all once children and know what our own lives were like, and to imagine what their journey must have been. Sending thanks to the FBI and all those involved that saved these children! What a wonderful Father we have!

  2. so very happy to hear this news..thats alot if praise and admiration going to the men and women invoved in these rescues and sevices…your amazing….thank you spirit thank you eric…i salute you…

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