Notes on 5-27-14

“The bloody fight.. that’s a prediction unfolding.” — Notes on 3-13-14

“Twenty.. five.. minutes.”

I had a visual of a building with several lit candles placed in front. Then a man came in shooting those in the building. In the visual the building seemed old.  Some of the candles where bundled together. Is this a literal or symbolic place? Perhaps a church or funeral?  “14.. like Belguim”

I had a visual of a land mass completely covered in smoke, there was so much smoke you could not see the location.  “Such a horrible tragedy.. several casualties.. a massive scope.. people going to jail”

“Japan! Japan! Japan!” I had a visual of a man covering his eyes while he cried. “This is our siren” — Notes on 5-19-14

Spirit have clarified this riddle: I had a visual of a drum set with the words “Earthquake” written on a drum — “A band of earthquakes back to back.. its happened.” — Notes on 5-20-14

Eric’s Comments: Something very tragic unfolds in Japan. I have to assume that the smoke is related to Japan but it was presented separately. Smoke does not mean a fire. Smoke has been used to represent destruction. In previous predictions smoke was used for Hurricane Sandy and Al Assad’s chemical attack on Syria. Originally it was used as a gauge to describe how much destruction would unfold, now it is used any time there is a massive tragedy so that they can blind me from witnessing something truly horrible.

The numbers could be seen as 25 days or perhaps they are separate; 5 days and 20 days. Minutes represent days, and are used as a countdown to a specific prediction.  

My focus will now switch to Japan, I will do my best to gather as many details from Spirit. Then I need your help in bringing awareness to those in Japan. Let’s change this prediction. Let’s minimize the tragedy.

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  1. Had a dream last night that there was smoke everywhere, and there was a black inky water that was permeating the city. It was like my dream about the terrible earthquake in Japan. I don’t recall other details, as if spirit is shielding me from the sorrow of my dream – all we grey-black. Could be personal, but I did not think so when I awoke. I have had other dreams about an awful earthquake, too, but I did not know where it was located.

  2. Oops, I meant to say all “was” grey black. Also, the terrible dream I had several years ago was of the terrible Japanese earthquake and tsunami that happened in March of 2011. Your description of smoke was what caused me to write about my dream last night – much smoke and ink black water. I escaped the water I know, but it felt like one of my global prediction dreams.

  3. hello eric for the last 2 days i have been researching japan and mt fuji not saying this will explode. i found myself studying japan tectonics and geo all the while my spirit was working in the background transmuting tsunami waves as i was looking at the timing of distance of waves. joining you all in absolute resolve to lessen the impact. thank you spirit for the insight loving you always. thank you eric.

  4. Like belgium struck me , there was a terrorist antisemitic attack in a jewish museum a few days ago leaving four dead. That was in brussels. With the pope visiting the holy land it could refer to an attack on jewish sites. Also extreme right are showing big win on european elections. I know japan is on the radar for eartquakes but along the ring of fire all trough latin America seismologists are on high alert due to the recent spree of earthquakes and some of them talk about back to back earthquakes between california US, Southern mexico and Chile, dont know if it makes sense

    1. every day i play ring around the rosy( the ring of fire) as i walk through my day in the sub i am s

      1. sending energy to the earth and situations that need a little extra care get it. we are all in high awareness at this time. i also picked up izu peninsula and yokokuta near the naval base…which is between two bays…all that we do is combined and effective…thank goodness we can all come together here…

  5. i have just read of the tokai prediction. the triple earthquake they say.. heart is beating hard in my chest…japan has been expecting this for some time and it is now way overdue according to some and 2015-2016 to others. mt fuji sits beside one of the cities expected to fare not so well. tokyo is close as is izu peninsula.. i intend to focus as much energy as i can knowing we are all in this together….praying.praying.praying xxx love to all

    1. Hi Rhona. Thanks for that info and all your prayers. I had never heard of that Tokai prediction by scientists. I also read that Mt Fuji reactivated after the 2011 earthquake. I didn’t know that either. Sheesh! My son and daughter in law live over there in Yokota, Japan on the Yokota Airbase. It’s about an hour from Tokyo. I will be keeping them updated on this prediction as it unravels. They can get the word out to others also. The good thing, is that of all the countries, Japan is probably the best prepared for such disasters. Though you can only prepare so much for something of that magnitude. Waiting to hear from Eric and Spirits. Sending light and love to Japan.

      1. jules so glad to hear from you i have not been able to stop thinking of you..maybe its a grandparent thing….now i am aware of your son and daughter in-law i understand why…at the moment i am hearing fear so relieved you read about the
        tokai prediction how spirit moves in unforseen daughter and son-inlaw were in thailand with the grandchildren.i was concerned with what i knew.
        at midnight i looked up to see a phuket owl 6ft away from me
        and it stayed for 20min. it didnt move when i took a photo,but i did hear fear not..we dont get those owels so far south so i thanked him and he flew off.they arrived home just before the marshell law.

        at midnight

    2. Thank You for the message Rhona. It is strange but I don’t feel so much fear for my son and daughter in law. It’s as if they are like me, always one step ahead of these situations. It does seem that my son is always placed in a certain spot at the time when help is needed by others though. Perhaps the Owl is your totem as my younger daughter believes in the Raven as being hers. I am so glad to hear that your daughter and son in law are home safe. I will be sending prayers of light and love to the people of Japan and Thailand also. Thanks again Rhona.

  6. Hi Eric. It seems like this prediction for Japan would have to do with the previous prediction with the ship sirens and the sailor on the beach laying face down in the sand. As in they are confirming “this is our sirens”. Maybe there is a conflict with another ship over the Senkaku Islands. China? Or North Korea does something with firing missiles? The only other thing I could imagine is there is an earthquake and a tsunami which happens and topples a ship. They do have sirens that go off for tsunamis but they sound more like the tornado sirens in the US and nothing like a ships siren for distress/emergencies/war etc. And isn’t that what you heard? Hopefully the Spirits can shed some light on it all. My son and daughter in law are living in Yokota, Japan on the Yokota Airbase there. I will be keeping them updated so they can get the word out to others. It’s about an hour from Tokyo.

  7. Hi Jules – I think your theory is on target regarding the “sirens” that Eric spoke of here. His previous prediction did have to do with sirens, too. We’ll have to wait and see what Eric says, but it sounds like your interpretation is accurate. I hope that your son and daughter in law will be okay in the event Eric is right.

    1. Thanks Lianne! I hope Spirit gives Eric some more insight into this prediction. I will definetley be passing it on. It does help to know that my son and daughter in law are in on base housing and the military is a close knit family and for the most part takes care of each other during the rough times. I know from experience it’s like living in a different world sometimes. Though Mother Nature has no boundary lines.

  8. Eric, the candles single as well as bundled together has been pinging around my mind in the last 24 hrs. Needed to just ask for clarification from the “group”
    I think single candles are related to Jewish synagogues or Jewish schools/ gathering places will have more attacks soon. I also think bundles are related to Christian churches in Europe will also be targeted.
    A campaign against anything not “Islamic ”
    What are your thoughts and guidance?

    1. Hi Star48. I was thinking the same thing about the candles and attacks on Jewish Synogogues or persons. I hadn’t thought about the Christians but it could be.

      1. Hi Jules, I think the persecution of Christians is going to heat up..maybe mirroring what they are doing to “Jewish ” themes. I keep thinking of what the worldwide scope of the “spider/spiders ” have done in Egypt/ Syria etc. it would ratchet up the Terror component.

        1. Hi Star48. Yes I saw that. Those people are insane I think. They are just using religion as an excuse to commit their horrendous acts of evil against innocent persons. I am surprised that they have even given them a choice though. Not much of one but…

  9. Hey Eric the smoke could be the volcano I. Indonesia and it’s on the 31 may maybe this is related to smoke

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