Turkey Violent Protest

All parts of this prediction have happened except the last. Turkey continues to have violent protests as their government lacks integrity.

Notes on 2-17-14 Turkey
I had a vision of the flag of Turkey, than blood sprayed on it.
“Turkey.. upheaval.. volatile.. assassination.. such foul stench of corruption.. such discord, unbelievable.. such a horrible moment for the nation.”
I had a vision of a man sneaking up to a sleeping leader in the dark.

The Facts reported on 5-15-14 by Euronews: “Thousands of people in Istanbul have been protesting against the deadly mine disaster on Wednesday.
Many gathered in Taksim Square, the scene of last summer’s rallies, chanting for the government to resign.
The four main unions have called for a national strike on Thursday.
They say the explosion which left more than 270 dead was not an accident but a crime or a “work murder”.
In Turkey’s capital Ankara, around 800 students protested.
Police fired tear gas and used water cannons to stop them from marching to the Energy Ministry” Quoted by: http://www.euronews.com/2014/05/15/turkey-protests-in-istanbul-and-ankara-over-mine-disaster/


This prediction has happened:

Notes on 5-14-14
“Scandals.. both black mail.. and a leader who says something grossly inappropriate.”

The Facts reported on 5-14-14 by Euronews: “Prime Minister Erdogan did little to endear himself to the families, telling them: “These type of accidents happen all the time in mines. These are ordinary events. You can look it up, there is such a thing known as a ‘work accident’.”
To prove his point, Erdogan then listed examples of other mining tragedies including one in England in 1862.
After his speech, the crowds could be heard calling for his resignation. At one point after he left, the prime minister had to hide in a supermarket to escape the crowd’s anger.” Quoted by: http://www.euronews.com/2014/05/14/turkey-s-prime-minister-erdogan-these-types-of-accidents-happen-all-the-time/

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  1. Jules104 Avatar

    Hi Eric. Good job Spirits. Do you think then that the assassination prediction is about Prime Minister Erdogan? I don’t know what he was thinking by addressing the crowd in such an unfeeling manner. You would hope a nations leader would know better than to behave so badly. But even still, I don’t wish death on anyone. Praying for Turkey and its people. Stay safe.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Part of me says its two different situations, notice in this prediction they just use the word ‘leader’. But then again they could be answering the big question of where.

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