World Predictions: WW3

I am very sorry for sharing this. We are breaking this down in pieces, this is part one.

The year 2036

Its unclear if this year is when the war starts, or when this monster comes to power. To set the stage, in this decade there is a global famine unfolding. The first global famine ever. The summers have become extremely hot, and the winters extremely cold, moderate temperatures seem lost, which has put a complete stranglehold on the food supply but has also caused massive tensions in commerce on a global scale. Which leads to rising tensions between the nations.

I had a visual of a red flag rising. then it shifted to hear Spirit scream “The red flag is back!”

His foundation is set, a coup puts him in power. I now have plans to seize all the power. With his tongue he seduces the many. Who says no to him? Next to no one.. or they receive immediate death.

So many citizens of his nation try to flee, try to get out, then a blockade unfolds.

Money into defense. He quickly arms the nuclear warheads. The doors open up in the metal room. The sum of all fears now a reality.

With all that is said here know that the future after this war is a brighter one lead by one man who changes everything. Here is the set of predictions about that future.

The Ambassador

The Ambassador

Truth 7

Truth 8

One of the reasons we wanted to share this is to understand that this event is the sole reason for our political predictions. We must master political predictions so that we can curve this nightmare and alter this future. We plan to predict the actions of this monster month by month while warning everyone they should not be following him. It is that reason alone that you hear us consistently criticize all the different presidents, and since I live in the US, our focus has a tendency to sway on my own nation.


World Predictions 2-26-19

I had a visual of a military helicopter, then I had a visual of the helicopter crashing, then it shifted again to show school children.

Different spots.. different areas will explode.

I had a visual of the Capitol building far in the background.

I had a visual of a group of people in a mustang vehicle.

Your working to line your own pockets. Isn’t there a law against that?.. There is. Eventually it catches up with you.. national address.. the President

Coast Guard Officer Planning Major Attack

Though they did not mention the foiled part, here is an example of racism and hatred in the US flourishing, the nightmare of the near future. We desperately need to shift tones away from hate or the inevitable outcome is violence. The only thing violence achieves is sorrow.

Predictions 3-12-18 “Hate rises.. racism flourishes.. violent attacks.. terror attacks committed from within.. all sides implode from the Neo Nazis.. to the extreme left.. never before has there been this level of upheaval and violence since the Jim Crow days.”

In other news there was a shooting in New Port Richey Florida which might explain the New Port message. It sounds like they mixed messages.

World Predictions 2-10-19  I had a visual of a large silver hand gun being pulled out and then someone began shooting rapidly. “Red.. Red port.. Like New Port.”

The facts reported 2-21: SWAT officers trying to serve a search warrant at a Port Richey home Thursday before dawn were fired on as they entered, the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office said. The shooter, as identified by Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco: Port Richey Mayor Dale Massad.
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World Predictions 2-21-19

I had a visual I was above the planet looking down, there was one massive cyclone below. It was a huge storm. “At the end and beginning of a month.”

“India.. Bangladesh.. devastated by one massive storm.”

In regards to the storm I believe they said ‘May’. I do question are the two events about a mega storm related or separate?

I had a visual of one massive fire then it shifted “Australia.. another massive fire.. within weeks.”

I had a visual of Putin and Trump sitting at a table happily, then Putin quickly took out a knife and started striking him. “Putin.. Russia.. will turn on Trump.. unleashing a torrid of information about him all leading to scandals.. simply to humiliate the United States…

At 10:07 Dan reveals corruption activities with the US Government and White house.”

In the 23rd Century homeless and starvation come to an end.. its over.

World Predictions 2-18-19

I had a visual of someone shooting a man in his chest twice.

“They shot him.. Venezuela.”

This has ties to a previous prediction: I had a visual of a green plate attached to a grocery store basket, it read “27 Ideology over” Then I heard “Maduro.. murder.. shot”

I had a visual of a large spider just sitting, with its legs moving back and forth.

“Car.. bomb.. 20N.. NY”

I had a visual of a huge police and ambulance presence.

I had a visual of narrow rectangular windows on a building. One of the windows was shot out with what looked like bullets.

I had a visual of a curtain being pulled away, on the other side was a large strong built man holding a large gun.

“The cult leader is dead.. many celebrate his demise.”

Afterwards they showed a large Scientology building. However this might just be an example of a Cult.

A massive tide coming in.. TIDE! (We need to gather the details on the location. Is this a large Cyclone or Tsunami?)

“Now.” This implies a prediction is happening today the 18th or tomorrow the 19th.

Aurora Shooting

This prediction has happened my heart pours out to all those in Aurora. I also want to thank the brave police who put their lives at risk to save others.

It is unclear what Red port represents. The new way of predicting the timing does work. The time they gave was 2:27, with the hour representing the month and the minutes representing days I calculated mid February. We unfortunately are still expecting more shooting sprees, one in Texas/Florida and a very bad one in the North West US most likely Washington. World Predictions 2-15-19

Here are the predictions:

World Predictions 2-1-19 I had a visual of a large silver hand gun being pulled out and then someone began shooting rapidly. “Red.. Red port.. Like New Port.” Later they would bring up Illinois again as a target. I had a visual of 2:27

World Prediction: Florida Shooting On a separate note a reminder that the 14th-15th is marked, we are expecting a prediction to unfold. The 21st is also marked.

Converting clocks into dates can be confusing but the interpretation here would imply February (2) and then mid month (27). If it was at the end of the month it would read 2:59. To add to the confusion (27) would imply a date right before the 15th. Bottom line, 27 isn’t a date but how far into the month we are.

Trump Declares National Emergency on The Wall

The first part of this prediction has happened.

World Predictions 1-29-19 A state of emergency set in motion.. the wall must go up.. the judicial steps in and overturns the actions set.. saying no.

World Predictions 2-11-19 I had a visual of the number 14