June Was The Hottest Ever Recorded on Earth

This Prediction has happened . These weather predictions are apart of a broader message from Spirit. They claim that the negative effects of climate change are at our doorstep now. Moderate temperatures will die out and be replaced with extreme summers and winters. Storms and hurricanes grow massive in size and damage. But the worst comes later when humanity faces its first global famine. Through science and technology we will prevail but how much suffering will it take for us to change our ways.

World Predictions 5-16-19 “This summer an epic heat wave arrives like no other.”

According to Independent UK: “June was hottest ever recorded on Earth, European satellite agency announces.

Last month was the hottest June ever recorded, the EU‘s satellite agency has announced.

Data provided by the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S), implemented by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts on behalf of the EU, showed that the global average temperature for June 2019 was the highest on record for the month.”


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  1. I am assuming the Chile Mega Earthquake might have been meant for the end of July? Spirit usually doesn’t drop new predictions without any warning. It’s okay-we did a basic earthquake drill to get prepared.

  2. If we keep cutting down rain forests to make cattle farms, we are destroying our climate! Gardenburgers sound good!! Taste good too!!

  3. To Db….unfortunately….”garden burgers” and “garden chicken patties” may taste great….but there are a lot of people with allergies to many ingredients…and dangerous if they do not know what is in them. One fairly common allergy is to soy products. Also….amazon forests? Really? You know….our own forests are being destroyed in amany places for high powered electric lines and giant poles….and also…wind farms are (inneffectively and expensively) taking up mich needed farm land…as well as killing thousands of various bir species each year.
    Just saying….

    1. amatoanne — Fossil fuel and nuclear power plants actually cause more bird deaths than wind power. They also threaten the very ecosystems bird species rely on. Furthermore, bird deaths from wind turbines have dropped considerably (per kWh) as the technology has matured (e.g. tracking bird migrations to slow turbines down), and annual bird death totals from cats, windows, and vehicles each far outnumber annual bird death totals from wind power.

      The claim that wind energy is too expensive is out-of-date propaganda. Wind power has been one of America’s fastest growing energy sources in recent years, and there’s good reason for that—it’s both clean and affordable. Wind power is also resilient and reliable. In contrast, coal or natural gas plants can unexpectedly go completely offline due to equipment failures or disruptions in fuel supply, like when coal piles and gas equipment froze during the East Coast’s 2014 Polar Vortex, or when coal yards flooded during Hurricane Harvey. Those disasters were incredibly costly for consumers and difficult for grid operators to manage.

      Oh by the way, wind turbines DO NOT cause cancer.

      1. Cody, I have to back up Amatoanne on this issue, you probably don’t live near them ….. I do. There’s lots of info for and against them. When situated with foresight and proper investigation I think they could be good, unfortunately because of the gov rebates the WF companies are running roughshod over country people because of lack of regulations. It’s no longer about saving the planet …. it’s about greed. Out of 4 companies only one done the right thing and has been embraced by the townsfolk of where I live, 95% of the townsfolk oppose the other 3. City folk reckon they are great, but if they lived in my shoes they may see things differently because they are not getting anywhere near the full story. Do they cause cancer ? Don’t know but I am highly suspicious, you can’t live closer than 1.5 kilometres to them (exclusion zone). I have a mate where they put the transmission lines 34 metres from his house and guess what …. the RF meter goes nuts in his house. Cumulative effect with no compensation. I could go on about this but will stop here, I guess you know where I stand from first hand experience.

  4. Just thought I’d share this for anyone who jokes about the title saying “HOTTEST EVER RECORDED ON EARTH”:

    “How do we know what greenhouse gas and temperature levels were in the distant past?”

    “Ice cores are scientists’ best source for historical climate data. Other tools for learning about Earth’s ancient atmosphere include growth rings in trees, which keep a rough record of each growing season’s temperature, moisture and cloudiness going back about 2,000 years. Corals also form growth rings that provide information about temperature and nutrients in the tropical ocean. Other proxies, such as benthic cores, extend our knowledge of past climate back about a billion years into the past.”


  5. Eric…I looked into the “hottest summer” on record….but….although this may be true in some areas….is certainly is not here in this state! In fact “summer” has FINALLY arrived…a minimum of 3 weeks later than usual….we are just getting blossoms on many plants that normally have small fruit by now.

    Although the hottest weather seems to be in Europe and that area this year…and may be the hottest on their records….I often wonder why nobody ever mentions the “dust bowl” years here in the USA which began in 1930 and lasted to approximately 1940. This did not only effect the middle of the country….even Washington DC had exceptionally warm weather…even during the winter months.
    This was certainly not the result of human made “climate change” as it is discussed today.

    Additionally…there are many other reasons for “climate change” besides human activities (although there are still some far east countries that still widely utilize coal to the max with absolutely zero environmental protection rules).

    Also…there is the fact that sun activity (or lack of it) may contribute to weather; or other various and rare planetary alignments.
    But…that being said….am wondering about the effects that certain scientific experiments in Europe (CERN is major one which has absolutely enormous magnetic strength) and wonder if it may be contributing to the polar north shift we are currently seeing as shifting towards the east.

    If this large scale experiment IS a factor, the magnetic magma under the earth’s crust may also be shifting. All these can be factors in jet stream pattern changes as well as earthquake activity….especially along fault lines.

    Periods of great famine goes back many centuries….in fact…one Biblical story…(Joseph…of the “coat of many colors”) eventually prophesied to a powerful Pharaoh that there would be 7 years of “feast” followed by 7 years of “famine”. The Pharaoh believed Joseph, and all available grains were stored during the 7 years of “plenty” or “feast”. They were then the only land to have food…and even sold it to others…during the 7 famine years that followed.

    So…if your Spirits are correct….perhaps it is time to conserve.

      1. some things cannot be said in a blip! i have been Called on, in many posts, as i did not write enough! one often has to write long long articles, the sheer complexity of reality is of that. you do not have to read every line, of course.

    1. so paris had the hottest temperature in record eh? they forgot to tell you that “record” means 30 years! in fact, the article says that in the 1920s there was a day of 120 degrees in paris. and i read that the years between 1000 Ad and 1100 AD were far far hotter than the temps we globally have now!

      1. It’s more than just hot temperatures, it’s also an increase in wildfires, increasingly severe hurricanes and storms, carbon levels, and unprecedented melting of glaciers. With all of them happening at once, it’s pretty concerning.

        We should treat climate change as a threat, just in case. That way, even if it turns out to be cyclical, we’ve still helped clean up our planet anyway.

  6. Eric,
    Are we still expecting some kind of terror attack? I’m a bit concerned because Independence Day is almost here.

  7. Thanks for your predictions Eric. We need to remember the purpose of this blog, it is not about politics or pulling every comment to pieces – there are plenty of other sites that do that. Let’s keep this blog for its true spiritual purpose 💕

  8. There’s still a large swath of Americans and others around the world who are still brainwashed by climate denial propaganda originally manufactured by big fossil fuel industry think tanks. Very unfortunate. Before combating climate change, the denial of it must first be combated and defeated. Suffering is certainly in our future because humans are slow to change for anything. If only the youngest generations were in Congress right now and already the majority in this country.

    1. The only ones brainwashed are those that believe that we have control over the climate changes that have overcome ALL of the planets in this solar system. Sure, carbon emissions are a thing. But the USA, even if it went to absolute zero emissions by 2030, our carbon emissions would be more than offset by CHINA, which has no plans to restrict emissions until at least 2030. The USA is already pretty clean. Almost all of the rest of the Americas use 93 octane, 95 octane, and 97 octane gas. They actually mostly still burn wood for heat, and some use portable kerosene stove heaters.
      The big problem is that the governments need to get their hands on more money, so they blame you for the climate, and then want to tax you for it! It is why France erupted in protests and violence.

      1. The USA is already pretty clean, rotflmao. Sure and the moon really is made of cheese.

      2. Susan, you are correct. But the fact is that (at their present rate of use, China will be out of coal reserves in approximately 20-25 years. Guess which country in the entire world has BY FAR the greatest untapped coal reserves….if you guessed the USA, you would be correct.
        So…exactly WHY has China been pushing their long-term goal for a 14 fleet navy…..? One reason….world dominance in all areas of life.

  9. Eric,SWC,
    They claim that the negative effects of climate change are at our doorstep now. Moderate temperatures will die out and be replaced with extreme summers and winters. Storms and hurricanes grow massive in size and damage.


    Spain 🇪🇸

    Massive floods


  10. Eric,SWC,
    They claim that the negative effects of climate change are at our doorstep now. Moderate temperatures will die out and be replaced with extreme summers and winters. Storms and hurricanes grow massive in size and damage.

    Storm of the year hits Croatia 🇭🇷
    Widespread damage.


  11. Eric,
    Ref:::Moderate temperatures will die out and be replaced with extreme summers and winters.

    Forecasters: January, February will be frigid for parts of Britain

    Sept. 9 (UPI) — After heat waves spanned the globe this summer, scientists say Britain appears headed for one of its coldest winters in recent memory.

    Climatologists at University College London forecast frigid temperatures in January and February, due to a weather phenomenon known as a “beast from the east” — or winter storms produced by easterly winds. Similar storms caused a number of deaths in Britain last year.

    In their five-page report, the researchers said the forecast is based on sea temperatures and air pressure across the Atlantic Ocean.

    The average temperature in central Britain for January and February is projected to be 39 degrees Fahrenheit — nearly a full degree colder than the average between 1981 and 2010. At 39 degrees, the average would be the coldest for the area since 2013.

    “It would also rank January-February 2020 as the seventh coldest winter in the last 30 years, and the 23rd coldest winter since 1953,” said UCL climate prediction team lead Mark Sanders.

    Such cold would be a stark difference from the heat waves seen across Europe, the United States and Asia this year.

    Read More

    Rushed fall harvest could cause farmer injuries, deaths, safety experts say


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