Mali Attack IN Dogon Village

This horrific prediction has happened. Please pray this evil ends and the suffering stops.

PREDICTIONS 10-7-18 “Boiling point reached.. ethnic cleansing .. such horror.”

The facts by BBC: “Nearly 100 people have been killed in an attack in a village in central Mali inhabited by the Dogon ethnic group, reports say. The attack happened in Sobane-Kou, near Sanga town in the Mopti region. The search for bodies is ongoing, but officials say 95 people have been found dead, with many of the bodies burned. There have been numerous attacks in Mali in recent months, some ethnically driven, some carried out by jihadist groups.”

18 thoughts on “Mali Attack IN Dogon Village

  1. Well jeeze, that explains the uneasiness feeling in my Spirit the last few days. When are humans going to stop killing each other? The violence is insane.

  2. There have been many, many of these types of attacks in Central Mali since 2015….and many hundreds of deaths. It is also estimated that since 2015, approximately 15,000 people have fled the area. It is widely believed by experts (and there apparently is evidence) that these three peoples (especially non-Islamic) are being targeted and influenced by Al-Qaeda to foment violence between them and take advantage of their disagreement over land and water rights. This is being done in order to increase Radical Islam and to eventually claim the entire area as part of their Caliphate.

    Central Mali is mostly populated by
    1) the FULANI (mostly Islamic) (in Mali they are primarily herders) and the population total across west & central Africa is estimated at 38 million;
    2) the DOGON people (99% worship in an ancient polytheistic religion) and most are farmers, population only about 800,000.
    3) the BAMBERA (split between Islam & traditional ancestor worship) and also farmers is one of the larger groups in Mali itself.
    Prior to 2015, the relationships between the three groups was relatively peaceful…..but this has changed due to outside influence.

    1. What happened in Mali reminds me of something similar in Nigeria–they’ve been attacked by Boko Haram extremists for years. Sadly, both Mali and Nigeria have been through a lot of bloodshed, and lots of innocent people died.

      To anyone from these countries: we stand with you, and hope for peace and safety in your homeland.

    2. Exactly. I used to love going there. It was one of the most peaceful places on earth. The fallout from the invasion and destruction of Libya by the West has had a horrible impact on countries in the Sahel. 🤬

  3. Eric, there has been a helicopter crash in NYC on 7th Street in Midtown. Street has been shut down. Buildings have been evacuated. One confirmed death.

    1. They think it’s most likely an accident–the weather in NYC was bad for helicopters, poor visibility what with the fog and rain.

  4. This saddens me.

    I don’t think this made national news in the US.

    I thought Islam was a peaceful religion? I understand every religion has a set of fanatics but still. Humanity is choosing to submit to base desires instead of living and walking in love.

    We are surely in the “end” times.

    1. Most people who follow Islam are peaceful, but yes, there are enough extremists out there to warrant concern.

      Religion can be very divisive, but I think most people could learn to coexist and ‘agree to disagree’ if extremists didn’t mess things up.

      ISIS’s leader Al Baghdadi spouted off a very violent form of Islam, which has led to countless deaths. Warren Jeffs, an FLDS cult leader, spouted off a twisted version of Christianity that he used to excuse polygamy and child abuse. In both cases, extremists took two religions that offer comfort and guidance to many, and twisted them around.

    2. T W Longtime Lurker,

      Abrahamic religions in particular are barbaric in nature if you have read them. Islam critics who mockingly call it “the religion of peace” are usually Christians who hilariously believe their religion is somehow peaceful when in reality the Bible is also packed full of barbarism. And no, we are surely not in the “end” times because 1) the “end” times isn’t real and 2) it’s still the safest time to be alive in currently if you look back through history.

      Btw, the whole “end” times thing that religious people believe in is just one of the most evil things one can believe in since it’s the belief that one religious will be saved while billions die and are condemned for eternity. So messed up. Good thing it’s fake news.

      1. For both sides it is a no no here to insult religions no matter which it is. This site is globally read, now especially since there is a translation toggle. So let’s all show respect for each other’s beliefs. Thanks

      2. Eric,

        Wasn’t intending to be insulting, just revealing the fact that there are no religions of peace since they all contain and call for acts of violence throughout various parts of their texts.

      3. That is not how I took Rick’s comment.

        Rick’s comment literally sickened me. Let’s give him a gold star. Hating on Christian’s is in vogue you know.

        He is lecturing me on something he knows little about. I found it disrespectful and did not think it was worth my time to respond back.

        Rick’s comment is inflammatory. The fact that Eric had to set him straight tells me I am not sensitive or touchy about Rick’s comment.

        I wonder what makes him an expert in Abrahamic religions and in all religions.

        He could have easily said he did not agree with my comment and left it at that but he chose to attack my religion and what he thinks I believe and what he thinks we teach.

        I know what kind of site this is and I do not expect religious people to come here. I do not expect other people here to agree with me. I don’t agree or understand everything I read here but I keep my thoughts to myself because I am possess all the knowledge a d understanding in the universe.

        I don’t need my faith attacked.

        I don’t need an alleged history lesson on my faith.

        I don’t need a lecture on my faith.

  5. Alot of eq activity in Oaxaca, Mexico. Not seeing it on some main EQ sites and Dutchsinse has been blocked on youtube again but posting on twitter. Also 2 tankers attacked in the Gulf of Oman.

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