Denials of U.S. immigrant visas skyrocket

This prediction has happened.

The very symbol of the Statue of Liberty is being torn down “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breath free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore” We are a nation of immigrants turning against the foundation we claim to support.

The prediction:

World Predictions 3-15-19 Welcome to America!.. oh well too bad. The impression given was that individuals seeking asylum or individuals fighting to get citizenship will get the rug pulled out from under them.

24 thoughts on “Denials of U.S. immigrant visas skyrocket

  1. My immigrant grandparents had to pass stringent health, educational, and financial reviews. There was no financial or medical aid for them.
    And by the way, that communist “huddled masses” line was added to the Statue of Liberty many years after it was gifted to us from France.
    This type of invasion was not acceptable in the past- why is it our problem now?

    1. Margovich,

      Lol! That “huddled masses” line isn’t communist and Emma Lazarus – the author of The New Colossus – wasn’t a communist either. Lazarus was a proponent of immigration, and this poem, her most famous, is a testament to her beliefs on refugees and immigrants.

      In the poem, Lazarus depicts the Statue of Liberty as a woman who is welcoming all of those who need a home, and she names her the Mother of Exiles. She holds her torch in order to light the way of all of those who are seeking shelter in a new land. Lady Liberty will not turn anyone away: she will accept the tired and poor and anyone else who needs to be free.

      1. Woody Guthrie wrote this in 1948 inspired by what he considered the racist mistreatment of the passengers before and after a plane crash near Los Gatos Canyon California. The crash resulted in the deaths of 4 Americans and 28 Mexican migrant farm workers who were being deported back to Mexico. Obviously Mexicans have never been considered among the ‘huddled masses’ proclaimed on the French donated Statue.

    2. Your distinctly partisan use of “invasion” says everything.

      I think this site is being targeted by people with decidedly political, non-psychic/non-spiritual interests.

  2. Blessed are the merciful, because they shall be shown mercy.
    Just because that’s the way it was then, doesn’t mean it is a one size fits all situation. I know what I’d do if I had small kids that were targeted by gangs. And the situation may be as bad once they get here too. I see your point however, isnt it better to try to help human beings than judge them? Isnt it better to be compassionate? I am sure SOME not all abuse the system, but we do not know the circumstances of all these people. All I know it must be pretty bad wherever they are to make the long journey in the heat only to be possibly detained and denied asylum.
    I wonder what your immigrant relatives would have agreed with your stand?
    I get your point of what they HAD to go through, wouldnt it be nice if they didnt have to go through all that?
    Being a mom Id do anything to safeguard my kids, so its a little easier for me to understand wanting a great life for your kids.
    I get your point, but when I see this time of year, the people from Mexico living in sharecropper shacks with little kids I always say when I pass, may God bless you! I just feel the urge as a human being to help. Im not a Democrat or a Republican.i dont affiliate w politics personally, .I AM A HUMAN BEING with a short time on this earth. Im trying to act like it, mostly I fail but Im still trying lol

  3. The new site format looks great!

    As for the immigrants, I am all for helping those who come in the “right” way.

    I am all for helping those who are refugees.

    I am all for those who are seeking asylum.

    I am all for helping people who are here illegally because they are victims of human trafficking.

    I am NOT for helping those who illegally cross the border expecting a better life by draining limited resources that should be going to legal citizens, residents, and immigrants. Many immigrants, both legal and illegal, come out better than natural born citizens.

    I am suspicious of that migrant caravan that came from south and central America. I want to know how destitute people who cannot afford food, clothing, and shoes travel thousands of miles ON FOOT. Some of these people are elderly persons, children, and women of childbearing age. I want to know how they traveled on foot and maintained proper hygiene.

    I did see footage of some people traveling in cramped vehicles, but the majority walked.

    They have enough money to walk thousands of miles by foot.

    America’s resources are taxed beyond belief. America is not against immigration. America is against illegal immigration.

  4. Yay, finally some good news. Unlike the countries they’re fleeing from we are a nation of laws, not of chaos. Get in line, we’ll welcome you – storm our borders and demand entry, we will block you.

    The spirits don’t seem to be bothered by all the American deaths and destroyed families from the heroin and fentanyl the illegals are bringing in.

    1. Er, you do know that it is Canada, not Mexico, from which those drugs you mentioned, are coming from in the largest of numbers. One report states that a lab in Calgary pumps out 18,000 counterfeit OxyContin tablets per hour.

    2. We welcome immigrants that do it legally. We have them coming illegally by the thousands and are being used by politicians for power, money and chaos. Right now our citizens homelessness and tent cities are are the rise. If we keep this up we will not have any resources left. There are thousands here illegally that hate our beautiful country and refuse to assimilate and burn our flag. Diseases we havent had outbreaks in many many years are on the rise and a lot of it is being brought over through our borders. I love everyone and wish I could help everyone but I cant and neither can America. We still take in more immigrants than any other country. Citizens are being overlooked or just plain out ignored and tossed into streets while they house and feed the immigrants with the money they take from us. Another person on here mentioned that immigrants have better chances than citizens. I am a very compassionate and understanding person but we cant continue to keep this up at this rate.

  5. It has been proven that a lot of the illegals are coming from many countries other than Latin America….and those two countries receive BILLIONS in aid from the USA each year; but…their government people do not spend it for the people.

    AND….there is NO WAY that these caravans and the people in them are not PAID to make the trip. These “caravans” are too well organized, and many of those in them are supposedly walking 2000 miles? That is total BS…..have seen the videos of many, many trucks and busses with them riding…until they get close to our southern border.
    And…there are the drug cartels who FORCE people to go (including minir children) and other “coyotes” who charge them a small fortune to come here illegally.

    Also…when the poem on the Statue of Liberty was written there were strict immigration laws: had to have a thorough health check, had to have proper papers, had to have the promise of work, and had to have a sponsor….who….(if the immigrant could not find work), was financially responsible for them. And they had to be willing to learn American laws and culture…and assimilate. There were no free social programs paid by the taxpayers!

    Enough is enough. We have a LOT of LEGAL.immigrants in this country that we value as citizens.. So…either these people come here legally, or they should not be allowed to come in unless they have a viable claim for asylum (and that also falls under the legal entry system).
    A country without borders, is not a viable country!

    1. A lot of them are Central Americans who usually go into construction carpentry or service blue collar cashier, nannies, janitors. A lot of infrastructure and development has only been possible through the sheer hard labor of these centeral amemericsn immigrants . Without their muscle power none of this could ever have been possible, but because Americans don’t desire work , just not this type of work. Going underground , working on high bridges cranes….take a good look at the faces …
      asylum isn’t seeking to ruin the US it’s to improve their lives and a nice benefit that allows skilled workers in construction to fill a labor void.

    1. I can show you videos of thousands that arent in fear they want what our politicians are offering. They are airing commercials in their countries telling them they will get free housing and medical and food. That is a fact and there are several videos of these illegals telling the reporters that. There are some who truly are seeking asylum and we should help them but we have to be able to vet and make sure that is the case. If we cant vet them then we will allow the very bad people some are seeking asylum from coming here with the ones seeking asylum.


    “DACA has been wildly successful for eight years, allowing these Dreamers—undocumented young people who came to the country as children—to live, work and contribute to the country they call home.”

    “If DACA is terminated, hundreds of thousands of young people will be forced out of their jobs and put at grave risk of deportation to countries most of them don’t remember. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court doesn’t seem to understand the devastation its decision may set it motion.”

    “A decision from the Supreme Court could come as early as next month.”

  7. “Newly released documents show political interference in census citizenship question, say plaintiffs”

    “Newly released Commerce Department documents show “efforts of senior Commerce officials to monitor and potentially interfere in Census Bureau” decisions, according to the groups who successfully sued the Trump administration over the citizenship question.”

  8. “Court Invalidates Key Trump Administration H-1B Visa Policies”

    “In stunning repudiation of Trump admin immigration policies, federal court invalidates key USCIS memos and policies that have caused skyrocketing H-1B denial rates and harsher treatment for IT companies employing foreign-born computer professionals”

  9. How the Trump administration is turning legal immigrants into undocumented ones — by, uhh, literally turning off the printers that print the documents

    “How the Trump administration is turning legal immigrants into undocumented ones

    “Without changing the law, the administration has found a way to ‘undocument’ legal immigrants.”

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