Most Accurate Predictions

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  1. eric, can you share more info, dealing with the next four months? I have a bad feeling, one thing after another will occur. also, a house of cards, dealing with many subjects, the damages, are coming…… can you make sense of these key words, I received? thank you for all you do! also, lets encourage, EVERY reader, to share their information, THEY receive from their psychic sources. wouldn’t that be helpful for all?

    1. This is something I’ve always wondered, how do psychics tell which dreams/thoughts are theirs and which are spirit/angel related? I’ve heard about meditation, but is that used all the time, or can someone communicate with spirits without meditation?

      1. Sara. everyone is different, on how they receive messages. you have to know yourself, and your body. for some, silenceing the thoughts, will allow information to come thru, myself, since I was doing this since a kid, messages comes thought the day,and I don’t have to silence my thoughts anymore, I BELIEVE, your connection to GOD, Mother GOD, Angels, etc, is the key! You must have a working relationship with someone, and BELIEVE deeply, others, get messages out of the blue, from deceist relatives, others, just know the information, without knowing where it comes from. so you see, everyone is different, and how they connect is different. if you had done this thru many lives, it is already in your, what I call, your dna. so it comes easy. the hard part, in receiving messages, in visions, is that, how you interp the vision, which means different things to different people. Everyone, but dark souls, can receive messages and connect to the source, but the average person has to BELIEVE, spirits,most times, are standing right next to you, but unless you BELIEVE, you wouldn’t open the connection to them. yes, their is some, unbalanced people out there, whose ego, and mental state, are damaged, that is something different. everyone, is at a different stage of development, soul wise, so their results and their spirit guides, etc, will be matched accordingly. there are 100 other ways to connect with spirit, but each and everyone, has to fine THERE own way, to connect. hoping this helps you……It is hard for me sometimes, to put into words, what I am trying to express, as words, doesn’t always cover, what I am saying.

      2. Let you thoughts go for a moment. It flows as if you were floating down a river, and if you were upset that river would move faster. A thought or message from spirit has a feeling more like a massive wave hitting your calm river, or a glacier throwing a wave towards you. Its a message that is quick, sudden, like a flash from a camera, like lightning crashing, almost in fast forward motion, but most of all its not yours. That train of thought you have floating in the river is a link in a chain, these messages are separate from that. Hope that helps. Then there is the voice in my head. Its like being in a tunnel and someone is in a vehicle driving by saying something to you out your window. It comes in and out, scratchy, static like, It is in my head though.

      3. Example: I was walking with the foster kids to a park, I let my thoughts go, thinking about what was for dinner, thinking of Chinese food, but can I afford that? I was also thinking about maybe going to budget the food, or should I splurge, then a flash of light, then a visual of land and brush burning, smoke everywhere. I could smell it, then I heard this whaling noise as if a scream of sorrow. Then it was gone. One of the kids was waving his hands in front of my face. Hello Eric are you OK, he had a smile on his face because he knew what it was. Later on the week AU was hit with their major forest fires.

      4. Finally, I can’t explain it, but there is an electrical charge behind it all. A power. A fire. But its a good thing. It feels divine. Hope that all makes sense.

        1. Yes, it makes sense. I’ve always been curious about psychic phenomenon and the possibility of angels or spirits.

          1. You can tell the difference too. When an Angel (ancient one) is around their energy is like this pure electric current. Their power is so immense, it fills the room. Their light is beyond bright.

    2. Right now they are testing their new process. Poking at new ideas. So right now they hold all the autonomy. Should be interested to see what comes up new.

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