The Most Accurate Predictions

Our Mission: “Through awareness we plan to alter the tragedies we predict. The future is ours to change.” 

Here are the most accurate World Predictions :


WORLD PREDICTIONS 10-6-19 I had a visual of China, in the eastern coastal region semi close to Taiwan, that was marked. On the map was the number 2. 
“An epidemic is coming that will move with such fury.” Then it shifted to show people in tents coughing.  
I had a visual of a map showing an area between France and Spain in the more northern region. Then the area turned red, the red are grew outward, getting larger and larger.  

WORLD PREDICTIONS 11-19-19 “The two walls.” I had a visual of these massive metal doors/gates shutting.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 2-3-20 I had a visual of the map of the world. Spirit showed China, then small dots lit up the map. Then it shifted to show stage two, a map of Europe, several dots lit up. This makes it clear that the epidemic spreads wildly in Europe

PREDICTIONS 8-8-17 “An Epidemic unfolds in Europe.. one of the worst in decades..”  Iran: Things are going to fall apart in Iran. They allowed it to be too corrupt.

Notes on 5-18-13
It’s starting.. Vietnam is closed.. walls and barriers..
I had a visual of a small bathroom with two doors next to each other on the right. The doors closed. Right of Vietnam is China, my guess is that Vietnam closes its borders to China. The bathroom could be a symbolic message of the reason.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 9-19-19 I had a visual of both Europe and the US. “The economy will slide, down, down, down

WORLD PREDICTIONS 8-20-19 I had a visual of a red market arrow pointing down, down, down.  
Spirit is confirming an already existing prediction that the economy is going to have rough period.  
“As the new elections close.. the US spirals out of control .. things go down hill fast and furious on multiple fronts.”  
The implication at the center of this spiral was economic in nature.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 3-29-19I had a visual of huge fire sweeping across the US, so many became sick. The fire was like a massive wave striking multiple places. In the fire was a thin man walking with the fire who had a skeleton head. At one point he stood on a bridge. 
You called it a hoax, held out on preparing for the worst.. failed to test timely … and now its coming… the US now the epicenter.

World Prediction: Coronavirus Update Posted 9/2020

I had a visual that a red missile was shot from the ground. The missile flew through the sky for a good while before reaching its target, then it hit the destroyer damaging it’s side. There was smoke bellowing from the Destroyer. 

The fighters now had a weapon that worked.  

Spirit would also predict that as this nightmare is closing, there will be one epic shift in the medical community. Huge massive leaps forward. Knowledge is power and right now the medical community is gathering swaths of knowledge. New treatments, new cures, new solutions all coming.


US President Joe Biden


Nov 3rd  Biden  “50”  20-0  : With doubt you ensure chaos. The thief will try and take the election and make it theirs.  The light on them is too bright. Their actions become overly obvious. 

US Capitol Insurrection 

World Predictions 4-5-19 I had a visual of a calendar with the 6th blackened out. The Spirits pointed out I am missing parts:  I had a visual of the US flag wrapped around its poll upside down. “Liberty.. which was held sacred at one time.. will be under attack.. trampled”

WORLD PREDICTIONS 2-3-20. Protest.. civil disobedience.. civil war.. fever pitch words.. Trump.. hold onto power.. in 20.. A disastrous moment.. bloody.. short.. a nation torn.. the leadership begins to fall and fall quickly. 
From cruel words.. from cruel verbiage back and forth.. violence becomes the new way.

Prediction 31: The Storm Prediction 31: The Storm A dark storm is coming over the Capitol, over the White House, and the United States as a whole.

World Predictions 1-4-21 I had a visual of multiple people holding mini American flags outside the view of a window. Then with horror the view showed inside the building a man loading a rifle or large gun. There was a loud click, he was preparing. 

Impeachment Tried Twice on the 12th.

PREDICTIONS 4-11-18 “Huge scandal coming.. White house.. tit for tat.. what’s in it for me.. I did you a favor now you owe me a favor.. flush for cash.. this is the scandal that will eventually be his undoing.. impeachment tried twice.. mockery..”. Spirit implied that the house of cards would fall apart in July for Trump. Spirit showed a picture of Trump and then tore it. Could the message mean something else? They also showed 12 as when all things would come to a head.

PREDICTIONS 3-7-18 No evidence of direct collusion with Donald Trump.. vindication!  . But then the scandal is unearthed and this time it will not pass.  
Through the lense of multiple shady deals; What’s in it for me, what can you offer me. It will cripple his leadership.



US President Joe Biden


Nov 3rd  Biden  “50”  20-0  : With doubt you ensure chaos. The thief will try and take the election and make it theirs.  The light on them is too bright. Their actions become overly obvious. 


Predictions 3-28-16  “World wide panic.. airplane attack.. bombings.. 1 and then 2”  

PREDICTIONS: 7-23-18 I had a visual of a plane crash. The inside of the plane was hollowed out. The debris was everywhere. Then it shifted to show a visual of the old plane crash the one in Ukraine. Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. Spirit is comparing a new plane crash with the Malaysia plane crash, either the plane crash coming is attacked or shot down, or perhaps it has ties to Russia? Or Malaysia? In minutes


WORLD PREDICTIONS 2-13-20 I had a visual I was standing on this area that was completely destroyed. The town was in rubble. Nothing was left without destruction.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 2-1-19 I had a visual of a town completely destroyed by a tornado or large storm.  They implied Tennessee. I am hoping to gather more details.



WORLD PREDICTIONS 11-30-19  I had a visual of what looked like a tornado moving closer to a set of homes. It could be one very centralized storm.  
I had a visual of an area beginning to flood rapidly.  
“South.. South bend.. in South”  They clearly said Louisiana. Then shifted to say the “South”, which I am assuming means the gulf region.  
. 9.. 12



World Predictions 9-7-19 I had a visual I was walking up a set of short stone stairs outside to see an entire community of homes burned down, everything brought to ash. The trees in the background seemed like black thin sticks of the trees they use to be. Then I heard a voice say “Again!”

Predictions 2-25-17 I had a visual of a scorched earth. There were still flames and smoke all around the land mass. Clearly it was a massive fire because everything in eyesight was burned down. Then I was up in the sky looking down at a land mass, Australia.

Predictions 2-28-18 I had a visual of two stove burners turning red. A symbolic message that is reminding me of a fire (burn). Spirit is now warning us that this prediction is about to happen: I had a visual of a large fire symbol, and then a second one soon afterwards. Where Spirit? “In the bush country” (That sounds like Australia)



WORLD PREDICTIONS 10-16-19 I had a visual of a casket with an American flag draped over it, the casket was sitting in what looked like the Capitol building.



WORLD PREDICTIONS 3-19-19 In the mid west US an attack is coming soon.  I tried to ask where? Spirit pointed to a location in or around Ohio.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 7-5-19 Columbus Ohio.. Shooting.. shooting spree..

Then they added (703) which is a strange way to present the number. The message came in late at night on the 3rd. It could be a countdown to the 6th or 7th? I need to ask for details. They later marked the 5th – 6th

World Predictions 7-31-19 I had a visual of red numbers counting down 4. 3. 2. 1. The numbers were huge and added to a digital screen. The number 3 was highlighted With the highlighted 3, it implies a timeframe around the 3rd or 4th. Historically countdowns are used for existing predictions. I will also check to see if there are predictions that have 3 tied to it.


World Predictions: France Attack “In Asia (China?) the knives come out to cut and slice victims on a horrible scale.”

Prediction: Mega Hurricane and Shooting Spree in October I had a visual of the Japanese flag. Then it shifted and they said:  Japan.. extreme violence.. a surge of horrific violence is coming.. killing.. slashing.


Prediction: New Zealand Earthquake around the 12th  Spirit wrote; MHEY and then said (May).. There going to ask her to step aside, step aside. I believe they are talking about Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Cyclone Fani Approaches India

World Predictions 2-21-19 I had a visual I was above the planet looking down, there was one massive cyclone below. It was a huge storm. “At the end and beginning of a month.”

“India.. Bangladesh.. devastated by one massive storm.”

In regards to the storm I believe they said ‘May’. I do question are the two events about a mega storm related or separate?


La Grange Texas Tornado Damage

World Predictions 4-17-19   I heard sirens going off, warning people that tornados were coming. Then it shifted to show 4 sirens, and 4 TV screens showing the storms.

World Predictions 4-25-19   I had a visual of an area that was completely decimated by a tornado, the area was completely shredded from one side to the other.

I had a visual of a clock about to turn 12.

“In the deep state.”

A tornado leaves unspeakable damage. Since an hour represents a month, I believe the clock almost turning 12 represents a timeframe at the very end of April. I am not sure what they mean by deep state? They later implied Texas but that could be a separate tornado? I will try and narrow the location down


Cyclone Idai

World Predictions 2-18-19 A massive tide coming in.. TIDE! (We need to gather the details on the location. Is this a large Cyclone or Tsunami?)

World Predictions 11-17-18 I had a visual of Madagascar “The bodies and debris will come in from the ocean”

Alaska Earthquake

Predictions 8-29-18  I had visual of Alaska.. Earthquake.. then they wrote 3 0.  Does that mean the 30th? 3rd  

Predictions 9-6-18  Alaska.. earthquake.. 7


Second Indonesia Tsunami

Prediction: Indian Ocean Tsunami“ Indonesia will be hit hard. The small Island ill prepared and Australia will also be affected.

I had a visual of a large wave heading towards a landmass. At a distance you could see people trying to race towards higher ground.  I had a visual I was staring at a map of what looked like the Asian pacific then the number 9 started popping up everywhere.

I had a visual of the word Tsunami followed by Spirit showing ‘1/2’ (half).

World Predictions 12-15-18 Earthquake.. I had a visual of 20 then a visual of 9 and 20.

World Predictions of 2018 I had a visual I was jumping in the ocean from high up. Within the depths of the ocean was so many bodies, so much death. Then the visual shifted to show a Tsunami (we have predictions about that) then massive storms, then battleships. “So much death will have ties to the ocean”

Prediction: Mega Hurricane and Shooting Spree in October “Tsunami coming”


Jim Acosta Banned From White house

Prediction: Multiple Terror Attacks  From Trump; I don’t like what your reporting.. your out of here.. gone


Predictions: The Gulf Hurricanes Coming

The first one strikes Florida: Predictions: The Gulf Hurricanes Coming “The family.. 9.. handful will pass.. the large Hurricane will strike Florida.. they will say, we are staying.. no! evacuate!.. the storm will move slow and the flooding will be extensive.. you must leave, don’t be a fool!
In the visual the hurricane was really huge. They implied October, but I need to verify
The Florida Hurricane flooding happens in the path in between

A massive hurricane will consume Florida in the worst way.. everyone.. everyone in the southern and mid section needs to leave.. LEAVE! There is no part that is safe.”
“Tide.. Tide.. even the inlands will suffer.”
“10    513”
Spirit what does 10 mean? I asked
“October.. in 20 minutes (days).. in less than 1 hour (month).” — Spirit Responded
20 minutes would imply a timeframe between the 10th-12th of October.


Indonesia Tsunami / Earthquake

The Tsunami is coming soon.”  
“Indonesia will be hit hard. The small Island ill prepared and Australia will also be affected.  
“13 years ago.. it is coming again.. make no mistake!”  
“Areas disappear.. total destruction.”  
That would be 2005, and I can only think of two events, Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the December 2004 Tsunami.  
Earthquake 7.4, it is really bad, very damaging.  
had a visual of a set of crackers circling a mountain or volcano. A set of crackers would imply a large earthquake

Prediction: Tsunami

I had a visual I was walking through an outside shopping center, I was looking at various fruits and vegetables, the location was packed with people shopping. The shopping center very similar to a swap meet sat next to the beach. In the background of the swap meet were people cooking.

Then I had a visual I was floating in the sky with the Spirits. As a group we were looking down on this swap meet “We are so sorry Eric for showing you this, This is happening in multiple parts of the world.” I heard a loud bang. The water in the ocean suddenly receded. We could see in the background of the ocean a massive wave. It looked like a towering wall racing towards the town. Then in seconds this wave consumed everything in its path. The entire swap meet and surrounding areas became apart of the ocean, nothing and no one was left. From the sky the debris was extensive.


Hurricane Florence

Prediction: Hurricane Florence  Spirit has confirmed that this prediction about North Carolina is Hurricane Florence or one of the others hurricanes behind it. The number 8 is a date,  happening now. North Carolina has declared a state of emergency.

Predictions: Major Events Coming   I had a visual I was looking out a window to see a very large storm unfold. “N..C.. 8.. 8.. 8”. 
According to Spirit this storm will make landfall next weekend between the 14th-16th. It will hit between two border states. (Perhaps the border between North and South Carolina.). 
The Hurricane will strike the coastline and then loop around.


Chris Watts Accused of Killing his Family

Notes on 10-14-14   I had a visual of a picture of a woman smiling. “Chris, Christina, she was missing, the husband did it.” They implied she had passed and the large clue was a very large white box.


Assassination Attempt on Maduro

Prediction: Destructive Earthquake Coming  “The really old prediction is about to happen.”

Predictions 2-14-16  “He is about to speak.. then assassinated.. espanol, Spanish.. in the hallway.. 5 o clock.. Latin American.. ‘V’.. it will unfold very soon.”    “There will be an economic collapse for the nation. The president failed to make changes. It gets worse as he turns on his own people. They need to ask their neighbors for help.”   Spirit did not say which nation has the economic collapse but the implication was Venezuela.

Predictions 8-2-18  I had a visual of a spider crawling on a set of stairs.. now. Then Spirit wrote 73

Predictions 5-17-18 I had a visual of a person holding a detonator, ready to blow up a location.


Japan Flooding

This event unfold on 7-7. 
“Japan.. Japan.. Japan.. 7. 39.. big one.. such a massive flood.”  
Over 500 homes destroyed by the deluge of water. 
“The Japan prediction is coming.” I had a visual of 7 00 in big bold print.


Mexico’s Popocatepetl Volcano Erupts

Predictions 6-13-18  “Pinto is starting to boil.. caution” That is a reference to the Volcano in Mexico. In the previous predictions it ended up being the Popo volcano.


Another Chemical Attack in Syria

Predictions 4-1-18  “Nerve agent.. 150.. so evil.. poisoning”   Perhaps Al Assad and Syria again?

Predictions 4-9-18    “They will strike”   I had a visual of a demon dressed in a suit sitting in a room, you could hear bombs drawing closer and closer.  That has to be the US striking Syria. They implied this is happening now


Trump Agrees To Meet With Kim Jong-Un

Predictions 8-30-17  I had a visual of a sudden shift with North Korea. Spirit showed a symbolic visual of Trump and Kim Jong-un sitting at a table about to talk. The visual was presented as cartoon figures, normally that means the message is symbolic not literal


Trump Tried to Fire Mueller

Predictions 6-17-17    Bob at threat of being fired.. your fired. – Robert Mueller perhaps, can Trump fire him really? I can’t think of another Bob.

Predictions 6-20-17  Trump is going to fire Mueller.. while others say no.


Never Again Movement

The Word of 2018: Enough!  
The World Predictions of 2018 with a renewed focus to circle the world.  
“Enough! Enough!.. So many fed up with their governments. From protest to all out violence, sudden shifts as new leaders rise.. and the old ones fall.”


Las Vegas Concert Attack

I had a visual of a sniper shooting from high above, people in the streets were pointing to where the shots came from.
Prediction: US Terror Attacks “Hotel.. 160.. each individual brutally murdered.. there (their?) falling apart.. yet another terror attack.” — Spirits voice
Oh October how ruthless you are.. spiders, hurricanes, and earthquakes circling all of you. Brace yourself for a bad month.
In the coming weeks the Las Vegas police will be on the hunt for a killer on the loose. In the coming weeks for the United States the flag will be at half mass.
I had a visual of a taped off area on the other side was so many bodies laying on the ground. It was a massacre. “So much death.”  In the visual it seemed like it was a park or beach, we need to refocus on timing and most of all location.
I had a visual of a black wolf with black eyes staring me down. I had a visual of the US flag tattered and ready to fall to the ground. I had a visual of large massive storm hovering over the US capitol and white house.  I had a visual of someone walking down a busy street with a heavy bag in his hands.


Puerto Rico Hurricane 

Stranded in Puerto Rico When the Hurricanes arrive.. Puerto Rico will be demolished”. “During the dark hour in the nation when consoling is needed the president delivers the opposite with a message that is self serving.  

This year a storm like Katrina after striking the islands will bury the US devastating all in its wake


Mexico 8.1 Earthquake

I had a visual I was watching a commercial, or a video, the video was simple just words behind a dark royal blue screen. It read; “To the people of Florida” the words faded away and then another set came in “A massive hurricane is coming in October” the words faded “Please prepare yourself” the words faded “A message from the Spiritual Realm” then you could see this sites address end the video.
The video was mocked, laughed at, joked about, until the event actually happened. Then another video was made, and another. Then the visual shifted to a place in Latin America, the video begin again. “To the people of San Pablo” … “A massive earthquake is coming, 100s will pass” …
Then the visual shifted to Latin families taking their valuables out of their houses. Others were putting up tents to sleep in, many people went to pray in churches. There was clearly a date that we presented because the people stood outside waiting for the event. The night came and it looked like nothing was coming, twelve o’clock passed and then two hours later a massive earthquake hit Mexico. But the prediction failed to predict the correct amount of deaths, only a small handful of people died.


North Korea Hydrogen Bomb

Predictions 4-16-17   I had a visual of another large bomb going off. Very similar to the first visual of what looked like a nuclear bomb going off.
Predictions 4-7-17    I had a visual of a nuclear explosion, the visual showed it from beginning to end, showing the mushroom cloud and yellow glow.
Sounds like North Korea testing another bomb.


Car Plows into Crowd in Virginia
I had a visual of man with a scowl on his face. “The mad man.. Running people down.. not breaking but accelerating.”
They implied a 3 to 4 minute (day) time frame. That questions Saturday?
I had a visual of a lemon among fruits. I had a visual of the US flag.


Philippines Earthquake

“Next.. next.. earthquake.. Philippines.”    OO – Two predictions have completed their cycle and are about to happen, sometime between the 11th and 14th. The  Os where made of metal, almost like rings. The 11th is marked in previous predictions.


UK Westminster Attack on March 22 2017

Predictions 6-11-16 UK Terror Attack    I had a visual of individuals waving small British flags. I had a visual of a large Spider walking the streets of Britain.14   I had a visual of an explosion, followed by people ducking and hiding their faces.

Then the heroes responded in droves, people put themselves in harms way for strangers they did not know. Giving life. It was awesome to see such a godly sight surrounded by such tragedy.

I had a visual of Spirit showing numbers rolling past me, that lead to the number 22.

Predictions 2-4-17  “NOW.. the 1st of multiple attacks coming.. the vehicle will run down the people.. multiple people on the ground.. many injured laying on the street.. in your own back yard.”

Toronto Fire

Predictions 2-10-17I had a visual of a building engulfed in flames and smoke, the fire was massive. “Negligence.”  

The implication was Canada.  
Later they would add ‘around Toronto’, however I question if the message of Toronto is just the start of a new prediction?

New York Bombing and New Jersey Race Bombing

Predictions on 12-12-15  New York will be attacked.. 17

Predictions 2-14-16  “Daesh  (ISIS)  in New York.. attacking multiple locations.. on a Sunday or Monday the plans set.. when football would normally be played.  Such a horrible nightmare, like a war zone” – Spirits Voice

 Notes on 12-16-14 US Terror Attack  I had a visual of a colorful cloth covering the bomb making it unable to see with the naked eye.
Metropolis, New York, New Jersey

US Multi Attack Prediction (Posted 8-11-16) “The United States will have a full fledged attack in 6 weeks.. multiple locations.. mark the dates.” — Spirits Voice

New York / New Jersey Attack   I asked to clarify one last time the prediction on New Jersey / New York attack. 
Around January 24th. 
New Jersey, around New York, higher floor (2nd floor?)

bellview, bellview!

Bell view is key to the location, they said it several times, they also wanted to clarify its around New York and most likely in New Jersey, which should eliminate certain locations, around the 24th, but in distant predictions the 27th was also mentioned.  But unfortunately no new news to inform you of.

Notes on 12-27-14 Terror Attack  “A bomb.. a building is the target.. known for its second floor.. NJ.. NY.. at 3, 4.. bell view.. the nation addressed.” — Spirits Voice

Brussels Terror Attack

Predictions 12-21-15   Spirit showed a map pointing to three different locations in red.
They seem to imply another attack, 3 of them back to back.
Sorry but I could not remember the location of the map.  
I had a visual of a massive storm engulfing Europe, they showed a map and to the left of this massive storm was the word ‘Belgium’.  
I had a visual of a clock, but the numbers that circled the clock where different. The 12 was replaced with 21, and the 11 was replaced with 4. As if to say 4 21.  
It could be a simple message of ‘for 21’ which means one of these predictions will happen today or tomorrow. Otherwise the message represents something else April 21st?

Predictions on 9-28-15  I had a visual of a dark figure sitting on a train. A message that this prediction below is coming soon. In the vision it seemed like a woman, but the figure could simply be a message of this dark prediction unfolding. Tuesday was mentioned in the set of predictions as a possible timeframe.

Predictions 1-27-16
“Evil Act”
“We don’t have people on”
“3 of them.”
I had a visual I was watching a train roll by, one of the cars was completely black, and had shadow like figures looming in the window.
They could be implying an evil act involving a train, or the shadows could be a message of death.

Predictions 12-30-15
“Unfortunately the wicked people are still there.. Belgium.”
I had a visual of a bomb that went off all that was left was rubble.
I had a visual of 3 gray sticks.
I had a visual of coffee grounds on the ground
I had a visual of a cross in the skyline, perhaps a church or school.
In the visual they showed what looked like a Belgium Flag.

Paris Terror Attack

Notes on 3-5-15
France.. Paris.. again another attack.. in 10 (if its a countdown that puts it around the 14th).. oh people of France protect yourself the best you can.

Notes on 1-10-15
I had a visual that a newspaper fell to the ground, it read “Four Attacks!” as the headline.
I had a visual there was police cars with flashing lights everywhere.
I don’t think they are talking about a train attack, but I could be wrong. This prediction seems to imply the arrival of a prediction. They are clarifying that another terror attack is approaching very soon. We are expecting another event today or tomorrow, “around the 10th”
I had a visual of a man with a gun walk into a building with an awning above it, like a hotel.
I had a visual I was walking through what looked like a school, I went into a theater or auditorium. It was dark, there were audience seats, and a stage in front.

Notes on 7-4-14
I had a visual of people sitting on benches in a stadium, everyone was looking up while clapping, than under the bleachers, behind the people,  an explosion happened, people began to scream and everyone scrambled for safety.
“Terror.. terror”

Notes on 7-16-14
I had a visual of two metal poles, one on the left side the other on the right. A white ball slowly rolled down from one pole and stopped a little bit over half way on the field, then there was an explosion.

Notes on 2-10-14 Terror Attack
Major Event 1
“An Attack!” .. “Things were very happy and quickly became horrific.”
“Around the time of the dance, when the fireworks run, as it all closes up, its ending” “Soon” The Spirits showed individuals with heavy snow jackets so we are talking about a winter location or timing.
“1,2” The spirits showed two explosions, but it was unclear if they were just showing the same explosion from different views. They showed a long list of names and faces of those who were injured and tragically killed.
“In the crowded area..  in the North East..  from the fireworks.” The spirits showed a diner or restaurant for some reason.  They showed a row of fairly new buildings one of the buildings looked like a castle or a tall square tower made of rocks or cobble stones.

Notes on 2-24-15
“Eric there is a threat to Paris.. focal point.” — Spirit’s Voice

Notes on 2-1-15
“Paris situation hours away.” (Hours means months)

Reference: Paris Terror Attack

The Bombing of Russian Airplane

Notes on 10-3-15 Airplane Bombing I had a visual of the black flag of ISIS, then it switched to a massive dinosaur sized spider next to the flag. The spider spun its web, the web shot out into multiple directions around the world.  
I had a visual of an explosion within an airplane.

I had a visual of a flight attendant walking around ending her journey in the front of the plane by the cockpit.
Spirit wrote: 67 or 77 (which implies around the 6th or 7th.)
Spirit wrote: 23.. 359 (I know they wrote 35 but unclear of the last number, I believe  it was 0 or 9. I am unclear what these numbers represent)
“International.. terror.. trapped” — Spirits Voice

Predictions on 10-20-15  The airplane prediction is imminent.

Predictions on 9-28-15   I had a visual of an airplane, the front part of the airplane was damaged. “Everyone will be killed

Reference: US Intelligence: ISIS Bombed Russian Plane

Water Found on Mars

Notes on 3-10-15 Mars   “History in the making.. water!” Spirit’s Voice

Tianjin China Explosion

Notes on 7-16-15    I had a visual of an explosion, fire.
China.. 18.. such a horrible tragic event.. terror.. around 650.. a massive situation. Vehicles destroyed.. one of the absolute worse. (It was implied to be a terror attack but oddly they presented it as a fire?)
Reference: China Blast China Explosion

Greek Prime Minister Resigns, Guatemala President Resigns, Protesters Demand the Resignation of Brazil President and Malaysia Prime Minister

Notes on 8-4-15
We are talking about a president (or prime minister)… Oh have the mighty have fallen.. he is told to resign immediately.” — Spirit Voice
Spirit who are you talking about?
Eric’s comments: Spirit explained, it’s not one person but a theme of events that stretch over the whole year, a Karmic force that dictates a period were our leaders must pay their dues.  It will be the end for many despicable leaders, the exposure of the corruption and lies, and multiple shifts in power.
“It’s time for us to expose what’s underneath. We will crack open the prison of the many and with overwhelming Karma your leaders will pay their debts.  For the year, revolution and civil dissident spread like fire.” — Spirits Voice
References: Guatemala President Resigns Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras Resigns Presidents Told to Resign

France Train Attack

Notes on 11-3-14    I had a visual of a shooter preparing his weapon but then he was tackled by those around him. “Heroes! Heroes!”
Reference: France Train Attack

Turkey Bombing

Notes on 9-24-14   “Turkey they have plans to attack you in the worst way, prepare yourself.” — Spirits Voice
Notes on 4-1-15   I had a visual of a large group of people holding red and white flags. The group seemed to be a gathering. Then the visual switched to a bloody scene of people laying on the ground, it seemed chaotic.
Reference: Turkey Bombing

In July a Philippine Ferry Carrying 189 Passengers Sinks

Notes on 6-28-15   “In July the ship will capsize.. sink.. around 180.. due to neglect.”
Reference: Philippine Ferry Sinks

Six Villages Destroyed in Nepal by Landslides

Notes on 6-3-15   In mid June Nepal will be hit with massive flooding, land slides, houses crushed and consumed.. the unstable ground creates so much damage.
Reference:  Nepal Landslide

Delibrate Crash of Germanwings Plane Over France

Notes on 1-18-15   “Eric we are sorry for this horrible, horrible news.. in about 15 minutes (15 days which would be sometime around the 2nd or 3rd of February).. there gone.. several hundred.. he killed them.. flying.. explosive.. plane crash.. the monster forwards his message separately.. ” — Spirit’s Voice
Notes on 1-25-15  The plane, its target, France.. such pure evil.
26th and the 1st is marked.
Notes on 3-8-15  France, I had visual of an airplane taking off, there was an overwhelming feeling of fear both on the plane and at the airport. There was a feeling of someone’s demands to ‘keep going’.
Notes on 2-15-15  I had a visual of a very large bridge similar to that of the Golden State bridge.
Reference:  Germanwings Crash / Andreas Lubitz

The Discovery of Water on Mars

Notes on 3-10-15 Mars
“History in the making.. water!” Spirit’s Voice
I had a visual of the planet Mars.
It could be Venus, but unlikely because we are only exploring Mars right now.
I had a visual of a large deep canyon with deep caves, the cave had a small pool of water and the cave was damp.
If this is symbolic they are implying the water is underneath the surface of the planet.
Copenhagen Shooting

Notes on 1-25-15  I had a visual of a radical man wearing a flag of red and white on his back. He was a radical mad man who was making horrible plans.
Notes on 12-31-14  I had a visual of bullets shells next to cut roses. Then Spirit reminded me of a previous prediction. They also reminded me this is a trilogy.
Reference:  Denmark Terror Attack


55% of Scotland’s Voters Say No

Notes on 9-17-14   Spirit,will Scotland vote yes on Independence? I asked
“No, however it will ensure the voice of Scotland will be heard louder.”
I had a visual of individuals holding up new IDs.

Iceland’s Volcano Bardarbunga Erupts around 9-2-14

Reference: Iceland’s Volcano Eruption and Icelands Volcano Begins To Erupt

Notes on 8-24-14  “On the 2nd-3rd.. the fountain will rage.”  — Spirits Voice — Perhaps a message that Iceland’s Volcano Bardarbunga will have a massive eruption, or some type of flooding because of the glacier?

Notes on 5-8-14  I had a visual of spirit pointing to a map of Greenland, Iceland, and the spirit said “this is coming very soon” – A reference to the Volcano eruption.

Notes on 4-4-14  Many of you have been asking about future natural disasters; whether or not more massive quakes are coming and Yellowstone national park volcano. Here is their answer to our concerns:  “The volcano will erupt where the Danish live.”

Yosemite Wild Fires of 2014

Notes 6-12-14   I had a visual of three burners red hot.  Where? “Yosemite will spark a fire”

Rick Perry Indicted

Prediction 5: Sound Bites  U.S. Politics: It’s all over the news Rick will be in the media spotlight over a slimy little deal.

Special Forces Operations Led to the Release of Sergeant Bergdahl by the Taliban
Predicted: Notes on 3-28-14  Reference: American Soldier Freed  The Prediction:

“A US special forces operation is about to happen.. an overall win win for the US.. its” plans for the grab are very successful.. pride for America.” — I had a visual of the US flag waving under the gleaming sun, with the song “Proud to be an American” playing in the background.
Eric’s Comments: You were given the impression with the special force operation they where grabbing military men. And the controversy that followed his release:

Notes on 5-19-14 I had a visual of a soldier laying face down in the sand.
The words “Finale”

Indonesia Volcano Erupts on May 31st
Predicted Notes 5-24-14  Reference: Indonesia Volcano Eruption The Prediction:

’31′ in red. It was presented in a square,  like a calendar.
A visual of beans being washed, beans being prepared. – “2 minutes (days) for the Volcano” – Beans in prior prediction represented Latin America where pinto beans are harvested.

6.9 Earthquake on 3-9 at 9:18 in North California

Predicted Notes on 9-12-13  Countdown to 0: Notes on 3-8-14 Happened 3-9-14
Reference: North California Earthquake

Earthquake.. California.. more central located.. very wide.. very distant in size.. 4 with a circle around it.. 3 to 4.. 3.8.. 3.9.. last night.. take caution California.. 6.8.
Earthquake in San Francisco update: “3 is your number, 3″  Also they presented a very clear indication that this was a North California earthquake. They want to squash the idea that this would in any way be the ‘big one’ ..its not. Its is a large and damaging earthquake, but its large in how far-reaching the earthquake will be. Again they implied this earthquake would be right after “A gathering of Americans” honestly that sounds like 9-11.
The Countdown: Notes on 3-8-14 I had a visual of a calculator sitting on a table, then the vision focus on the number 1 on the calculator, then turned to the number o, enlarging it as the vision continued.  Later that morning I simply had a vision of an exclamation mark. “!”

China Terror Attack – Knife Wielding Mob
Predicted Notes on 2-26-14   Happened 4 Days later: 3-1-14
Reference: China, Knife-Wielding Mob Kills 27

4 then 44, they showed a very large 4 with a small one in the background.
“Monster.. spider.. man.. slices his victims.. butcher.. redemption..” I saw a dark figure holding a large knife or machete over his head.

Ukraine Upheaval

Predicted: Notes on 1-21-14 and Notes on 12-28-13  Ukraine President Fled: 2-22-14
Reference: Flames Engulf Kiev Ukraine

I had a visual of city engulfed in smoke and fire, “The situation outside the city reach the city and do great damage.”
President fails/falls — Ukraine — Now


A Tornado Strikes Palm Coast Florida

Predicted: Notes on 12-10-13  Happened 12-15  Reference: Florida Tornado

I had a visual of a looming storm that completely destroyed the area around it, houses where left to complete rubble.
The spirits showed a map of Florida and pointed to the area between Daytona Beach and Merritt Island, then they showed the very bottom of Florida.

High School Shooting in Colorado

Predicted: Notes on 12-2-13 Notes on 12-8-13 Sniper Notes on 12-9-13      Happened: 12-13 Reference: High School Shooting in Colorado

I had a visual of what looked like colored markers or crayons lined up next to it there were bullets, then I heard shots fired. Five shots. “This is coming soon.. Not the nicest kid anymore.. poor popularity.. ” At the end they showed the number 7.

“The sniper will shoot the innocent.” – Spirits voice I had a visual of a lady who was walking, then I heard a short snap, then a soft whistle. Her white shirt turned red with blood. They showed a map of the United States and marked a south central area. (In what would be considered Oklahoma, Colorado, Texas) – They could be talking about another prediction but unlikely. ’9′ They have marked the 13th of December. This time we are planning to ask what is coming

On the December 5th The Great Nelson Mandela Passes

Predicted: Notes on 6-3-13 Notes on 7-3-13 Notes on 7-13-13 Happened on 12-5  Reference: The World Mourns Nelson Mandela /   Nelson Mandela Passes Away

I had a visual of several different Flags from around the world all the flag poles next to each other, and all at half mast. The sky opened as well as if Spirit was paying their respects. “Its coming”. 
“Around 57.. The great leader passes away.” I have to assume 57 would mean around the 5th a great or important leader passes away.  
“The green and black flag is at half mast, the leader passes.”

Typhoon Haiyan Strikes the Philippines

Predicted on Notes on 3-16-13, Notes on 9-27-13 Happened on 11-7 Reference: Typhoon Haiyan Destruction
Typhoon strike the Philippines.. Philippines are ill prepared, slow response.. there will be excessive tragic deaths. 
“Millions will be affected when the clay plate shatters, TIDE..”. 
..The clay plate is a reference to a previous prediction that implies mass damage, now they are adding millions would be affected, they keep using the word TIDE that points to a large Hurricane/Typhoon or the one event this blog talks about the most, a Tsunami expected on the west coast

Fukushima Leak After a Typhoon

Predicted: Notes on 7-19-13  Happened : 10-21   Reference: Fukushima Leak

“The barrier will hold when the storm rolls into Japan, but another storm looms and the barrier will not hold.”

The Dollars Value Slides After The 16 Day Government Shutdown Orchestrated By Congress

Predicted on Notes on 7-22-13   Happened on 10-17-13    Reference: The Dollar Slides

“The US Treasury.. such mistakes.. one massive drop.. US congress inept.. US congress such discord no longer has any purpose.. the value of the dollar diminishes.. the toddlers have failed the people too many times..” Before I get the emails, no they are not predicting a collapse of the US economy, they seem to be showing rough roads ahead as the dollar diminishes because of the Treasury and somehow the workings or failure of work in regards to Congress, putting the blame squarely on them.”

Chase From White House to Capitol Ends in Gunfire

Predicted on Notes on 8-22-13 Happened 10-03-13 Reference: Capitol Shooting

I had a vision that a gun was brought to the white house. Perhaps a threat to Washington state or Washington DC. You did get the impression it was only a threat, its success in question.
Notes on 7-9-13 11..11 (big and bold) ..9:24.. 10:03..1:11..
This is new, they haven’t done this before. It would be awesome to believe these are dates, or it could be countdowns, they were presented on a clock.

Students Shot at Agricultural College

Predicted Notes on 8-14-13 Happened 1am of 9-29 Reference: 50 Students Killed in Nigerian Agricultural College

“The Spider will crawl on 9-28″ I had a visual of a man holding an avocado that was split in two and then a large black spider crawled up and around the avocado. Then it switched and the two pieces of the avocado were put in two different places. “Ambush” — I can’t speak for the meaning of the avocado but the spider is considered the absolute worse symbol they could present. Spiders have been used to describe Bin Laden, Breivik, school shootings in the states, and several other terrorist acts both domestic and foreign.

Hurricane Ingrid and Manuel in Mexico

Predicted Notes on 9-5-13 – Happened 9-15-13 Reference: Hurricane Ingrid’s Damage
“In the southern tip of Mexico a big storm.. and surrounding nations.. the government is ill prepared.. in or around October.. the start.. Tabasco Mexico.. very ugly”

Mexico Earthquake on August 16th and August 21st

Predicted Notes on 6-28-13 Happened on 8-16 and 21st – Reference: Mexico Earthquake
“Great earthquake.. Mexico.. dos.. water.. Baja.. 1,2.. this earthquake will be destructive.. take precautions! ” — My thoughts, Baja could be Baja California but more likely a reference to the earthquakes ground zero being close to the shore.  ‘Two’ a date or a countdown? Perhaps they are saying there is one earthquake followed by a second perhaps larger one.

New Zealand and Mexico Earthquake on August 16th

Predicted on Notes on 8-15-13  Happened on 8-16-13 – Reference New Zealand Earthquake / Mexico Earthquake
“716-92″ Another date, the 16th, (92?)
I had a visual of  seismograph running wild with red lines.
Yesterday, I also felt the floor shake under me which is a precursor to a large earthquake. There could be more than one. Its unclear if we are talking about an existing prediction (Mexico earthquake or the western Tsunami) or a completely separate location. I am expecting it around the 16th give or take a day or two.

The Terrorist Acts of Boston

Predicted November 16th 2012 happened April 14th 2013, a summary of several messages. To connect to all the original posts, and full summary: Prediction 54: Dark Times For The United States

I saw from the sky a massive explosion, a bellowing fire and smoke cloud racing up. Then they said “Dark times for the United States are returning. We are about to turn the corner”. It’s another addition or sequel to previous predictions… Posted Nov 16th 2012

In the coming months a new wave of terrorism unfolds both foiled and successful. As one example; on a global stage they will kidnap both demanding and killing hostages. Brace yourself world the rats and their sinister acts are back in action. — Posted Nov 1st 2012

“The terrorist are busy bees with dirty plans. There sinister acts are in full preparation.” –Posted Nov 7th
A dark storm is coming over the Capitol, over the White House, and the United States as a whole. Posted Aug 6th
(We have to do everything in our power to change the next wave of these horrible acts )

President Obama Quoted as saying in regards to Kim Jong-Un “Were not going to reward this kind of Provocative  behavior. You don’t get to bang your spoon on the table and somehow get your way.”

Predicted April 12th and happened April 19th. However not the most important prediction but oddly accurate. To see the original Prediction and news video:  Notes on 4-12-13 Video:
The Quote is 2.40 minutes into video

Here are the Notes on 4-12-13: “So the riddle I woke up to was a small spoon being hit against the corner of a table over and over again like some bratty child. I am open to your thoughts on what this could mean. The way I see it they are demanding a sense of urgency towards the flooding in Hawaii, as if to say pay attention. More likely they are implying that the missile launch will happen today or tomorrow at the latest. As if Kim Jung Un is that bratty child acting out. Thoughts?? …”

Queensland Institute found a breakthrough that could lead to a cure for AIDS

Predicted 12-31-12 started to happen 1-24: AIDS Breakthrough

The Prediction: “In 2013 there will be new medical breakthrough regarding the AIDS epidemic.  The strength of this beast begins to fade and with it fades the sorrow and death it creates.”

U.S. Strikes Taliban Commander For Attacks on the U.S.

Predicted 9-13 happened 1-3: U.S. Strikes Taliban Commander

The Prediction: “The US targets its enemy. The missile hits the target with dreadful success. ‘We got them’, a brutal reminder not to cross the United States.”

Meteor Hits Chebarkul Lake in Russia Causing Over 1000 Injuries and Shockwaves While Asteroid 2012-da14 Flew By the Earth.

Predicted 9-30 happened 2-15: Prediction 43: The Falling Asteroid

The Prediction:

The Asteroid however small will pass through the atmosphere and shock the people as it lands.

Notes: Here is the symbolic messages from the spirits that created this prediction, feel free to create your own translation.

  • There was mention of an ocean or body of water but it wasn’t entirely clear.
  • Visual of a cluster of asteroids all floating in space.
  • Visual of one crossing down to the sky and hitting an ocean or lake by a foreign city.
  • Visual of water splashing over several different people and a look of shock on their face.



Israel and Gaza Conflict

Predicted 10-30 happened 11-14: Summary of P51 “Peace is Dead in Israel”

The Prediction: “The destructive impact of multiple bombs unfold. Bellows of smoke and destruction. Israel’s prime minister Netanyahu no longer holds on to peace. Peace is dead.”

Obama Re-elected

Predicted 11-1 happened 11-6: President Obama is Re-elected Summary of P 7

The Prediction: “Love him or hate him the spirits still say “Prediction 7 still stands”, Obama is re-elected. So many people keep asking me about the election and I always refer them to 7, very rarely do they change the outcome of their predictions. They even imply that it’s not as close of an election as the polls lead us to believe, from an electorial position that is..”

Mexico’s Earthquake on March 20th

Predicted 3-17 Happened 3-20 Summation of Prediction 9

The Prediction: “In Baja California Mexico there will be a measurably high earthquake between the 20th and 23rd. From past experience they usually use the words destructive, or damaging, the fact they are using  ”measurably high”  implies that it’s not an overwhelmingly destructive earthquake but one of caution.”

Hurricane Sandy

Predicted 7-2 Hit US Landfall 10-29: Hurricane Sandy: Summary of P 29 & 48

The Predictions: “There will be a Hurricane or Tropical Storm that will strike the middle of east coast of the U.S. . The flooding and damage will be extensive. There will be unexpected casualties. The government response will be ready and prepared for the worst.”

And Carribean/Cuba: “A tropical storm or Hurricane strikes Latin America, it begins to unfold between the end of October or the first half of November.”

Indonesia Volcano Erupts

Predicted 5-16 Happened 9-17: Summary of Prediction 23

The Prediction: “Within the Asian Islands a Volcano will erupt.  The island will be one of the smaller islands among larger body masses.Sounds like Indonesia or the Philippines.”

Supreme Court / ObamaCare

Predicted 3-29 Happened 6-28 Summary of Prediction 12

The Prediction: “The Supreme Court will uphold the individual mandate provision for health care. Accolades will go out to President Obama from supporters and the media. This prediction is only a reflection of the Supreme Court Decision, its unclear to me what comes next for Obama’s health care bill. I am sure the fight in Washington DC will continue.”


92 thoughts on “The Most Accurate Predictions

  1. Undeniably consider that which you stated. Your favorite reason appeared to be at the net the easiest factor to remember of.
    I say to you, I definitely get annoyed while folks consider issues
    that they just do not recognize about. You controlled to hit
    the nail upon the highest and outlined out the entire thing without
    having side effect , folks could take a signal.
    Will probably be back to get more. Thank you

  2. Hi Eric,
    I was wondering. Do the spirits ever “speak” to you about individual people? Do they ever give you messages for specific people?

    1. All the time. My job or income is in the readings that I do for individuals who want to know their future. It doesn’t really ever stop though. If I am in a crowd I constantly pick up things about them, if someone brushes by me I immediate pick up their health.

  3. I keep hearing and reading about a huge event to happen soon with the whole world. That is will awaken us and we will remember who we really are, and why we are here on earth. We will all remember “everything”. Many is said to die, but the evil will be gone. What is your opinion on this? I also have seen a huge awakening of my own intuition, yet I still question it..or should I say building my confidence with it. hmmm…

    1. I am familiar with the ascending message, but I am sorry I don’t agree with it. I know that upsets my fellow psychics but I work for this specific group of spirits and they have not mentioned anything like that at all. Yes the world will be more united over time, but from what I have been told we are moving into a timeframe where humanity will reap what we sow and its not a good thing.

      1. Hi, sorry to intrude, but I’ve seen some information that Lori stated through some youtube videos.

      2. I dont know her source but Mary has been appearing at Medjegorje since 1981! And she has told the visionaries secrets they are to release shortly before they happen.The visionaries say there will be a visible sign and a miracle and they say everyone in the world will get to see their soul as God does and that it will shock some people.There will also be chastisments but some have been lessened due to prayer.What are thoughts about the apparitions and its messages in Medjegorje?

  4. I am just getting familiar with your readings and website but a thought came across my mind to share – not sure if you are familiar with Dolores Cannon’s work at all (she was blessed with a natural ability to deeply-hypnotize people, which started like 50 years ago, and has had tremendous success in helping so many over the years), it seems that if you two ever worked together it could be amazing- with more sharing in on insights to the symbols, more accuracy could be made which could therefore enhance great safety for more!! Just a thought (with her unique abilities and yours….- there are probably many others that could add to this too!) – Reading your insights and the way they come to you reminds me of the times in my life when I have received insight to something, often from dreams (ie- the symbols… – I had a dream when I was 14 that my grandmother was in the hospital giving birth to twins, of which she passed on the next year, and the week before she died, both her daughters told her she was pregnant, and they had there little ones in the same week…)..usually the symbols make sense later…when it happens…

  5. Hi Eric I’m from South Africa I always feel strange just before something major happens can it be

  6. The prediction I felt was most amazing, and there are a lot of accurate predictions, was the one about California with the concentric circles moving out with numbers on them. That just seemed extremely clear and accurate to me. They are all great work on both spirit and Eric’s part. It is fascinating how Eric will see a very clear image, but then feel or ‘get’ a lot of more detailed information with it.

  7. RE: The passing of a female icon: “We pay our respects to your iconic figure.. she will pass very soon, now.. between the 19th-21st.. Nancy remembered for her entertainment, for her national service.”

    Nancy Reagan?

  8. If I look back to when I wrote my comment, I do feel I have got a clear answer on what I was reading, and the “change” on everyone…evil wont be gone just yet, but people will awaken to the way the world should be, and what it was meant to do for us and for it. Our world has turned into a money hungry, unnatural way of living….I do feel due to circumstances we have changed a lot in one year. People are going more natural, and are awakening to the lies of our government, and GMO’s. People are going more natural, and starting to respect nature more. I see this happening everyday now as I meet new people. I do believe we are going to have a huge awakening which will be world known….everyone will have no choice but to go back to the old ways…. natural ways.

    1. I had something on this too but wasn’t sure if it was a reading. Mine wasn’t as optimistic either. I feel there is an awakening coming or shift in consusness. My time line on it was also not solid but I think that it will be in the next couple years which is basically useless. This one is really hard to explain but it doesn’t necessarily have a good ending or bad ending from what I can tell. I do know that it won’t go over smoothly.

  9. Do you see any predictions about the earthquake that is expected to hit the Philippines soon?
    We reside and study under the fault line in itself. I am just wondering if you had any ‘readings’ about it just yet.

  10. Eric,

    I recently became more aware of my ability to do this as well. Previously I attibuted this to de ja vue and being good at reading people. Things recently changed and Im aware of what im doing now. My most recent one also triggered a panic attack at a very nice wedding of a friend of mine. While it was heroically ugly and will embarass me for the rest of my life it was also useful because I put it all on the line and predicted the water on Mars, a school shooting in Oregon, and some other trivial things. I put more effort into the shooting and was able to identify that an Army veteran was going to help and that religion was involved in someway. The shooter asked some people to stand up and state their religion before shooting them and i picked up on that i believe. I also got Oregon and a native American sounding town that starts with the letter U but i wasn’t as positive about the letter U. If I had more confidence at the time its possible i could have made a differnce. It is also likely that i would have been ignored and that strangely gives me some comfort. Fortunately/unfortunately I’m certain some of this was recorded by people at the event. My friends are still trying to keep me in the dark about it based off me threatening to commit suicide at some points due to the panic attack that this was going to happen and there was nothing I could do. I should be able to get a copy of the video along with proof of the date of the wedding. The wedding isn’t the only time this has happend but is going to be my verication that I’m not just making this up. I wanted to know if you could help me with two things. First and foremost how do you deal with the grief from seeing these events. Experiencing the shooting and not being able to do anything was terrible. It was crushing then and even worse when I was right. I’m recovering now but the pain from some of these is really tereible. It feels unbearable to the point I feel this is a curse more than the evolution of humans which is what it probably really is. Second, after I provide verication of this I would love to get any advice you may have on better harnessing it. I have found somethings useful and would like to bounce these off of you and see what you think. Basically I’m looking for a mentor. Lastly while I’m not nearly as gifted as you if you ever want to collaborate or would like me to focus on something with/for you I’m completely willing suspect it will help. If you’re not interested in any of this but know somebody who is legit, willing, and a good person I would appreciate any contact info. Thank you for reading my long post and I hope I’m not wasting your time.

    1. Unfortunately I don’t have an answer to the first question. I see the most horrible things and cry myself to sleep sometimes, so if you find an answer to how to cope let me know. Absolutely, I am open to hear what your picking up. Via email send me your full name and DOB, are you here in the US, lets reframe from posting it here so we can colaberate, the info. I truly believe the gift was always meant to be a group effort. Everyone I have crossed with abilities all have slightly different versions of the same thing which makes it seem like it is designed to be an all encompassing work.

  11. Hi Eric, just wondering that MH370 will be able be found at last this year around July or before? Can you help?

  12. The US will be involved in a war in Cuba in the near future. Also in Venezuela, North Korea. N Korea nukes LA.World war 3 will be with China, it will China and its allies verses the US, Russia,and their allies. it will be a nuclear war. Amazingly, the US is not hit by a single Chinese nuke. I guess the missile shield works. Sadly China is devastated. This allows for a rebellion, which leads to democracy in China.Germany reverts back to facism, but has learned to play nice. Prince William denied the throne. I know why, wont post the reason for fear of a law suit.Years later he is assassinated in France. Terrorists use this as a disstraction, and cause nuclear meltdown at power plant in the UK. Prince Harry avenges his handsom brother. Then heuses the assassination,and the meltdown to gain public support to reinstate a lot of authority lost by the British crown. Then he proceeds to lead a coalition of 100 nations, and kicks terrorist butt all over the middle east for 26 years, and wins. He survives 4 assassination attempts. Only loses 2 fingers on his left hand, and hearing in one ear.

  13. I am very concerned for my country (New Zealand) regarding earthquakes & I am posting because of your statement that you feel the floor shake before a large quake. About 4 months ago I was awoken by shaking so severe that I actually got up & stood under a door frame, but when I checked online the next day there had been no significant seismic activity. A couple of weeks later Kaikoura NZ was hit with a 7.8 quake & I am hoping that was indeed the last of it & things are going to gradually begin settling for us now – but I am worried that this was a precursor to something much worse (like with our two Christchurch quakes where the initial one was larger but was followed by a hugely destructive aftershock). Do you have any information regarding NZ earthquakes?

    1. We will definitely keep an eye out for earthquakes. Earthquakes are a major part of the work here. Right now the earthquakes they predict are in South America.

      1. Thank you for the quick reply, it does bring some relief – the increase in large quakes over the last few years is worrying when our alpine fault is so overdue for a major rupture. My prayers will be with those in South America.

  14. Hey Eric,

    I’m a fan reader of your website.I strongly believe that can you can trustfully share accurate predictions regarding world’s events.I live in Romania and here in 1940 and 1997 we have two extreme earthquakes .Accordingly to seismologists at ever 37-40 years, a new big earthquake ( beyond 7.2 richter magnitude) will inevitably strike in Romania.40 years have passed since the last deadliest earthquake in Romania, where many cities were extremely affected and many people died especially in Bucharest.We are expecting that any time a new major one will strike and Bucharest (its capital) and many of its cities will be destroyed.What does Spirit know about this event?Will it be this year ?Next year?How powerful it will be ?I hope you will answer me…

      1. Thanks a lot Eric.I must specify that I mistyped the year of the most destructive earthquake from Romania’s history.The year was actually 1977 ,not 1997, day of March 4.It measured 7.3 on the Richter scale and officially more than 1,500 people were killed .I hope Spirit will send you clues regarding the next one…

        Best regards,

  15. In the year 2035 ad there will be a civil war in the USA. It will be black men vs white men. Jacksonville Florida will be completely destroyed.
    Sadly, African Americans and all thoughts bound to them through marriage, or friendship will be deported to Africa. African nations paid to receive them. THIS IS NOT MY WISHES, ITS SIMPLY WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS.

  16. Average life expectancy for an average American man extended to 200 years. This discovery turns out to be both good and bad.

  17. Electrical thunderstorm hits Giza, powerful lightening bolts hit 3 stones.
    They roll down pyramid, and hit the ground, and crack open like an egg. Revealing metallic books, its knowledge left behind by Atlantis, the true builders of the pyramids worldwide. Also, after these stones fall, a great ancient chain is discovered. This chain is holding most blocks in place. These three blocks were never chained because Poseidon foresaw this thunderstorm, he left a series of messages for us to find. FYI Adam, THE Adam drew his first breathe on August 11, 3114 BC.

  18. Remote viewing indicates there was an ancient war with a planet of giants. Atlantis and Lemuria, what we call India were the two superpowers that existed on the earth in those days. When the aircraft of earth successfully defeated the giants. They rained down nuclear weapons on the earth. This is why we no longer live several hundred years, its the radiation, and the lack of oxygen. Atlantis, along with their allies in Lemuria sent nuclear weapons to mars, to take out the alien nuclear weapons launch platform. They also sent extremely powerful nuclear weapons to the planet of the giants, concealed in an alternate reality. They were sent down a massive volcano on the planet. And destroyed the ENTIRE planet. It is now known as the asteroid belt.
    This is where earths giants came from. They were never the sons of angels. Venus also found themselves on the business end of Poseidons wrath. He saved his most powerful weapon for those supermen, and they are. He hit them with an antimatter bomb. The blast was so powerful, it actually slowed the spinning of Venus, causing it to heat up.
    And pushed it out of its original place! Amazingly, there were survivors.
    Most of these supermen found refuge on the dwarf planets that ARE inside the earth. A handful of the wealthy live on the mountain tops on Venus to this day. THIS IS WHY WE HAVEN’T HEARD FROM OTHER WORLDS. THEY ARE TERRIFIED OF OUR CAPACITY FOR VIOLENCE.

  19. The US will introduce floating cities! This is an invention of the great genius. Alternate world discovered. Also using his abilities. Its basically this world, but empty. No people, no animals. A few Nazis. They are ordered to leave by the white house, they leave. A lot of environmentalists live there because its untouched. There is a law put in place, no fire arms allowed in this world other than military. Which is the very reason I don’t go there lol. Boundary between present and past stretched far enough that we can see through it using science at the Roman coliseum.
    Thousands of people visit to view those of us who died there. Dieing..
    This is what causes Islamic terrorists to choose Rome for its nuclear bomb attack. Muslims in general despise truth, and try to destroy any proof of truth in their path.

  20. Here is something I certainly never saw coming. After the comet has destroyed the US Canadian spec ops soldiers will invade part of the US. Their ultimate goal is to loot fort Knox. They will be using weapons like you see on star wars. The laser rifles. Only these don’t fire a two foot stream, but instead its a constant stream of light until they release the trigger. Also, proof of aliens comes in an unexpected way, we will witness a war between two separate alien worlds taking place on out own moon. Our government misinterprets the alien communications.
    And, as usual, hardworking citizens end up paying the price for the incompetence of the elites.

  21. Ukrainian army, with the help of other European nation’s will drive the Russians out of Crimea. This demonstration of guts causes the white house to sit up and take notice of the Ukraine, Trump establishes an enormous US military base in Crimea. They will be under standing orders to defend the Ukraine. It is basically a trip wire. The Russians can’t invade Crimea again without killing US servicemen, Which would automatically bring the US into the war. and the US starts investing heavily in the Ukraine.
    It becomes one of the richest, and most powerful nation’s in Europe.
    No one will ever attack the Ukraine again, until after 2630. When the US is destroyed. The female leader of the Ukraine is celebrated as a hero worldwide because of her courage. Against both the Russians, and the other leaders of her own nation. She will enjoy worldwide clout after this. Able to command respect from every world leader.

  22. Current President of the Philippines wll refuse to step down when his term is over. At first, the people tolerate it, after years of his tyranny , the people rise up in rebellion. The US immediately offers boots on the ground help, and supplies for their army. Because of the hidden value of South Asia.
    The tyrant puts up an amazing resistance against the rebels, and Americans.
    It takes 4 years to finally defeat this guy. He actually dies after firing an assault rifel at US Navy seals. They kill him, amazed that he would try such a thing.He definitely is an evil man. But his military genius is undeniable. The Philippines will be free again. And actually becomes very wealthy, and powerful by studying the battle plans, and notes of the tyrant the deposed. Even the US learned a few things from him.

  23. Hitler’s true fate will finally be revieled. Under ice Nazi city destovered in Antarctica. Amazing technology will be discovered there. There will be tourism of this beautiful city. Though, the residents can’t seem to get out fast enough. It’s all because a good man will come to power there ” finally ‘.

  24. Zero calorie beer invented in the US.
    They will start using cloning to grow news livers for liver patients, ect.
    Cancer cure provided to the FBI by me.
    FYI jack the ripper was no other than Sigmund Freud ! Yes, the psychiatrist

  25. India, afganistan, Turkey, and Iran will all band together as a Muslim Axis of power. Every Muslim nation will join them later. They invade Europe.
    The only ones who are strong enough to repell the initial invasion is the UK, Sweden, and about half of France. This is the invasion of mabus, the unclean.
    A French general understands that the intellect of Mabus is beyond him.
    And so, he visits what is left of the US in order to seek council from the computer program the great genius left behind. The general is changed for life, he never says a word about what took place during that meeting.
    But, after that , he is unbeatable. Agmois crushes every enemy that ever apposes him again, in short order. This conversation becomes one of the mysteries of the ages. Agmois is the way his last name is pronounced in English. This may not be the correct spelling.

  26. Please do not attack me because of your political views. THE ONLY reason I post anything is in the hopes that it reaches the right people. And as a result, hopefully they alter their normal behavior. And as a result of that, prevent these things from happening. In 2034 ad the black lives matter movement will morph into something way more violent. And they spark off a race war in the US. It is a long and bloody affair. The government learns the hard way that they can’t control the public with military force. Their allies in Europe and Japan send troops to try to help stop the killing. These armies are forced to limp home, completely broken. The Russians send bombers, but the automated anti air craft system has been hacked, the Russians are forced to withdraw. The only voice of reason will be an outfit founded by a husband and wife team. In the mountains of the Pacific Northwest.
    They will have a 24 hour radio program. They will own alot of land and invite like minded folks to come live up there. Because the husband is an extremely carasmatic and level headed leader, their numbers grow to over 80 million. With a 30 million man army. The US army contacts him, they team up, and bring an end to the race war. This is a new beginning for our country. And a major return to traditional values.

  27. Soon former US president Obama will face criminal charges. For legal reasons, I won’t list the charges. But I know. And he’s something that rhimes with filthy.

  28. Volcanic eruptions in Bali ! Must evacuate entire country now! It will be devistating loss of life. At least 75% of the population of this nation will die!

  29. President Trump will be a two term President. After him will be Justice Jenine Pirro as President. It will be twenty years before another Democrat wins the presidency.

    1. I see a revolution in the Western world. The masses taking their countries back by militia force, one nation at a time at first. Then several at once. The Citizens of the US start donating alot of their personal weapons to these freedom fighters in Europe. Thousands of US militia go to Europe to help rebels, rebellion spreads to the US. Obviously, the rebels win. Overwhelming numbers. Socialists will be hung by mobs in the thousands. Military tries to protect them.they fail.

  30. American actor John Travolta will commit suicide. I see him in a dark suit, on a white sofa in his home, alone. He will be high on heroin. He puts a 12 gage shot gun in his mouth, and pulls the trigger. His secret life then comes to light.

  31. Soon a staggering number of famous actresses will tell the world that they are in fact transgender. It is a planned thing. Because the powers that be in Hollywood feel that the public needs to learn something.

  32. Turkey and Greece go to war. It’s a long war eventually turkey wins. Greeks are forced to except Islam. India slowly becomes a mostly Muslim country. Indonesia declares war on Christianity, and the US. Muslims in Russia will rebel against Russian federation and demand independence. This starts a civil war.

  33. I would like to apologize for some of the recent posts made using my email address. The truth is, my email address has been hacked. This person is posting hate filled messages in my name in an effort to discredit me and everything I have ever said. Please be patient, as I’m working on the problem.

  34. There will be one attempt to assassinate president Trump which will fail. Later a second plot to assassinate him will be broken up be the secret service.

  35. Prince William will not be king for long. An investigative reporter will obscound with a glass used by Kate Middleton. He will get DNA from the rim of the cup. And prove she is transgender. This bombshell will rock the UK. Eventually it will cost him the throne. Put off by the reaction of the people, he will leave the UK. Years later he his assassinated in France. Four Assassin’s on two motor bikes. Williams body guard is wounded, but still manages to kill one of them at the scene. He becomes a celebrity. Accusations that the French did not provide enough protection. The UK demands to see the traffic cams. This is all a diversion. The real attack will be in the North end of the island. A group will shoot their way into a nuclear power plant, and deliberately cause a meltdown. Harry has an absolute meltdown of his own. War for many years.

  36. Remote viewing has exposed all lies before me. Please listen to me, your ancestors told you that I would come. But still, you ignore my warnings! I know that most so called experts claim that the cold war is over. But that is a lie!

  37. White van will be parked near the white House with a dirty bomb in the back. FBI breaks up this attack before it happens.

    1. I foresee a civil war in the US. A race war. One will rise up. He will be giving public speeches, he will be such a talented public speaker that he makes Hitler look like an amateur. He will raise an army of 30 million conservatives. His speeches will be sought after by European Powers. This man will be an absolute lightening rod! He will bring an end to the race war in the US, and deport all of the communists, and all of the blacks. Because they are determined to destroy the USA. He will take origin and California down faster than the German blitz through France during WWtwo. Aftet witnessing this, the US army contacts him. A and asks him go cooperate with them. He agrees, they team up, and bring an end to the race war in the US.

      1. This great leader will fear no government power on the earth. This one fears ONLY GOD. He will be a huge fan of Franklin Graham. These two become the best of friends. The entire world will marvel at the wisdom that proceeds out of this man’s mouth. After the war, he parks his 30 million man army only 25 miles from Washington DC. As a bargaining chip. After the negotiations are successful, he simply goes home. And by that, I mean the politicians are on a much shorter leash, and all the black folks, and all the communists are forcibly deported.a after the government agrees to his terms, he simply goes home. But never dissbands his army. They will stand strong for 300 years after his death.

  38. Italy will have a massive earthquake. The leaning tower will fall, killing eight. When this happens they should evacuate area around mount Vesuvius. It will erupt soon after. Most deadly to the east. Will be over a million dead if you dont evacuate. Im terrible with dates but im thinking 2018 near xmas time.

  39. Pingback:
  40. I constantly have very vivid dreams. I’ve had some dreams come true that were eerily accurate. For instance, once I dreamt that my friend was in a car accident and there was a bloody mark on his forehead where he had hit the steering wheel. I told him about it because it scared me so much, and two days later he was in a minor car accident and bumped his head (no blood but a large red bump) in the exact spot that I saw. He hit his head on the steering wheel.

    I have had other dreams come somewhat true, but then some dreams that were natural disasters did not come true. For instance, a few months ago, I had a dream about a very large earthquake in Southern California (I was near some university campus) but I don’t believe it has happened.

    Even last night, I dreamt about some kind of levitation and/or teleportation machine. I remember being suspended in the air (I fly often in my dreams, but this was different)…There were two different machines. The more advanced one for teleportation had an “X” at the end of its name, but it wasn’t quite ready to be fully functional yet, as it did not work completely.

    How can I tell the difference between premonition dreams and dreams that are somehow based on “back of the mind” fears or just a vivid imagination?

    1. Test it. Harness it. Write all your visions down, then one by one verify what’s coming. Not only that but the oddities in the vision have weight, so take special attention to that. Before the world predictions I use to ask my Creator, what is coming for tomorrow then as I wrote it daily, I begin to notice small differences between visions and thought.
      Harness? Meditation brings clarity.

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