World Predictions 10-10-19

Earthquake.. 11.. in or around SF

I had a visual of multiple white blocks, one of the blocks read “gym” then I heard “Because of drugs, you cannot be represented.”

I had a visual of a box that read “bayer” under it read transcript. Then a voice said “Hey that doesn’t match up?”

We predicted the Japan storm.. last year.

In regards to New Zealand Attack I asked for the timeframe: “The numbers represented are its timing.. from when it was predicted, approximately 3 months.”

There are 3 different numbers 10, 11, and 27. The 10 was presented on a clock and could be October or if it is based on the clock hitting 10 sometime between the 25th and 27th. Later they added 14 but that could be another prediction. PREDICTION: AIRPLANE ATTACK

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10 thoughts on “World Predictions 10-10-19

  1. Eric,
    I’ve tried to post this a couple times, but I guess it hasn’t gotten through. Anyway, this is off topic, but are we still at risk for the plane attack and the assassination? I’m hoping they’ve been prevented somehow, since I haven’t seen them in the news, but I wanted to check.

    As for today’s predictions, the part about ‘gym’ and ‘drugs’ sounds like an Olympian or some other professional sports player being caught taking drugs. Maybe the blocks refer to the pedestals champions stand on after they win a competition?

    1. Sounds like olympics. Yes New Zealand and the plane attack is still coming. Now that the jails that held ISIS are now in question, things are looking dire on that front.

  2. Bayer is the make of Bayer aspirin as well as many other pharmaceuticals. Perhaps an athlete comes up positive for drugs and blames it on aspirin. They have prescription aspirin for pain relief such as aspirin with codeine. Maybe he took some aspirin that was controlled and thought that suggesting it was aspirin was going to get him out of his predictament.

    1. Another thought was that a pharmaceutical gets in trouble over transcripts, lies of testimony, perhaps the opiate crisis. Or maybe the two messages are unrelated.

  3. Eric,
    Ref::::We predicted the Japan storm.. last year.

    Japan 🇯🇵
    TOKYO (Reuters) – One man was killed, over 30 people were injured and more than six million people were advised to evacuate as a powerful typhoon bore down on the Japanese capital on Saturday, bringing with it the heaviest rain and winds in 60 years.

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