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Ohio Shooting Spree

Another tragic shooting, please pray for the victims and for our country that drastically needs to go a different direction.

The city is incorrect, the state is correct. I now believe the red countdown is related to these shootings and I now understand why they highlighted the number 3, because of the 3 separate shooting sprees.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 3-19-19 In the mid west US an attack is coming soon. 

I tried to ask where? Spirit pointed to a location in or around Ohio.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 7-5-19 Columbus Ohio.. Shooting.. shooting spree.. 

Then they added (703) which is a strange way to present the number. The message came in late at night on the 3rd. It could be a countdown to the 6th or 7th? I need to ask for details.

They later marked the 5th – 6th

World Predictions 7-31-19 I had a visual of red numbers counting down 4. 3. 2. 1. The numbers were huge and added to a digital screen. The number 3 was highlighted

With the highlighted 3, it implies a timeframe around the 3rd or 4th. Historically countdowns are used for existing predictions. I will also check to see if there are predictions that have 3 tied to it.