Ohio Shooting Spree

Another tragic shooting, please pray for the victims and for our country that drastically needs to go a different direction.

The city is incorrect, the state is correct. I now believe the red countdown is related to these shootings and I now understand why they highlighted the number 3, because of the 3 separate shooting sprees.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 3-19-19 In the mid west US an attack is coming soon. 

I tried to ask where? Spirit pointed to a location in or around Ohio.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 7-5-19 Columbus Ohio.. Shooting.. shooting spree.. 

Then they added (703) which is a strange way to present the number. The message came in late at night on the 3rd. It could be a countdown to the 6th or 7th? I need to ask for details.

They later marked the 5th – 6th

World Predictions 7-31-19 I had a visual of red numbers counting down 4. 3. 2. 1. The numbers were huge and added to a digital screen. The number 3 was highlighted

With the highlighted 3, it implies a timeframe around the 3rd or 4th. Historically countdowns are used for existing predictions. I will also check to see if there are predictions that have 3 tied to it.

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  1. I’ve grown so desensitized to these shootings that I can’t get outraged or have any emotion to them. This is going to sound cynical, but I’m hoping for just one event that finally get those lawmakers to pass gun safety laws. I am NOT wishing death upon those that refuse to pass laws, but something that’ll spook them enough to where they have no choice but to pass gun safety laws.

    Though that’s a $20,000 Pyramid question, what’s it going to take to finally get those lazy lawmakers to pass the must need laws to reduce these shootings?

    1. I know how you feel–there have been so many shootings for the past ten years, and so many terror attacks, I can’t even keep them all straight anymore, or remember how many people got killed in which incident….there have just been too many.

    2. What will passing gun laws do? You have to get to the root of the problems to solve these issues, that is mental health, that is rebuilding the family unit, and more importantly that is reconnecting the huge disconnect with spirit. The shootings are the head of the problem, cut the head off and the problem is still there.

      1. That maybe true , Japan has odd culture that allows for room for these odd thoughts,,,but never expressed in mass shootings,because they have strict gun laws. I’m sorry but no guns is the answer here. I’m not sure why were holding on to the guns especially semi automatic ones Why????? With “mentally unstable” subculture existing, why allow semi auto guns for sale and distribution makes no sense.

        1. Japan does how ever have mass killings done with fire and stabbing. And a high suicide rate

          1. Keep in mind, if the knife-attackers in Japan did have access to automatic weapons, the death tolls would have been much higher than they already are. Lives were likely saved by Japan being stricter about gun laws.
            Further, people are killed with automatic weapons much more quickly than by someone wielding a knife. Bystanders teaming up to tackle a knife-wielder have a better chance at success than bystanders trying to stop a man with an automatic rifle that fires 20 rounds a second.

            There’s a reason death tolls by knives are so much lower than death tolls by assault rifles; there’s a reason soldiers in armies use assault rifles instead of knives–they’re much, much more deadly.

        2. Btw in London today a 17 year old stranger threw a 6 year old boy from the 10th floor of london’s Tate modern. It doesn’t matter if you ban everything that kills, guns, knifes, cars, etc, until people deal with the root of the problems these things will continue

          1. And if that 17-year old had had an automatic weapon, it would have been 20 people hurt, not just one. Automatic weapons aren’t like knives, cars, or even normal handguns….they’re built to kill so many people indiscriminately, they have more in common with chemical weapons than normal guns or cars.

            1. It doesn’t matter how many lives a person takes, one, twenty. The arson in China the other week killed 35 injured 34.

              1. It does matter how many lives are taken. One or 20, each is horrible, but one can’t deny that a death toll of 20 affects more people, tears apart even more families.

                Can we totally prevent crime? No. As you pointed out, people will use other methods like arson. But at least banning assault-type weapons makes it harder for someone to act, it slows them down. And in that time, someone might spot a red-flag and be able to report the perpetrator, whereas if he could buy an assault rifle easily, they’d lose that chance.

      2. Aiden,
        Yes, mental illness is a serious issue that is definitely part of this. As I said earlier, I believe it’s one of three major contributors. We need to deal with all three; lax gun laws, mental illness, and extremism.

        As for what will passing gun laws do, quite a bit: having better background checks and a no-sell database would at least alert the gun-sellers not to let the person in front of them buy a gun, if he’s got red-flags.
        Banning civilians from having automatics gets them out of circulation, out of the gun market, and makes it much harder for a would-be shooter to get one. Could they still get one illegally? Yes, but it would slow down their plan trying to figure out where to buy one, and that’d give police more of a chance to catch them.

        1. Yeah, I hate guns and would like them banned everywhere, but at the end of the day, it’s still just the head of the problem. Other ways to kill will be used until the problems are dealt with. I remember years ago an American telling me how he had more freedom than me because he could buy any gun he wants. I told him I sleep with the back door unlocked, but that didn’t matter to him, freedom was being able to own any gun he wanted. Would banning guns slow down someone that wants to go on a rampage? In a time where you can print guns on a 3D printer, go online and get the recipe for making bombs, get in a car and drive down a footpath taking out as many people as possible.

          1. We can’t prevent all killings, you’re right about that, but we need to make it less easy for someone to get access to an assault-rifle.

            Don’t forget, we can’t prevent all car accidents, either, but that shouldn’t stop us from trying. I’m not saying we should take all guns, I’m just saying an assault-weapon shouldn’t be in civilian hands; it makes it too easy for someone to massacre 20 people.

            1. Aiden,
              I’m sorry if I’m coming across as argumentative today; that’s not my intention. The whole situation just upsets me, and it feels like not enough is being done about the different causes of mass-shootings. I don’t mean to sound snappish, though.

              You’re definitely right about what you said about being safe enough to sleep with your door unlocked–living in fear like this isn’t freedom. I wish it was safe enough in America to sleep with our back doors open, too.

              1. No you aren’t coming off that way, and you are right not enough is being done, but typically when a shooting happens the shooter is labeled evil, etc, and society ignores why it happened, then the next shooting happens, and they ignore again, and again. I see trump said both shooters had mental illness and he is being attacked for not calling it terrorism. What do you think is better to call it, terrorism, seems to invoke different ways to confront it than say mental illness and start focusing on people’s well being,

                1. I guess it’s a mix of both problems–mental illness and terrorism/extremism. The shooter in Texas seems to have a specific vendetta against Hispanics, according to his manifesto. The one in Dayton sounds more mentally ill. Both those causes need to be addressed, as well as gun safety. Addressing all three might save a lot of lives. I hope so, anyway.

            2. That is if you look at these killings or even car accidents as something that aren’t meant to happen. Spirit picks the way they will leave this incarnation.

              Those people that died in the shootings did so because they had chosen a path to leave this incarnation to try and bring about change, and to bring about love and compassion. Question is will people honour that change or simply look at it as a mass shooting ban guns. Mass killing ban knifes. Or start to realise that people need to come back together, to reconnect with spirit, with themselves, communities and families need to rebuild together.

              Guns should be banned, they have no real purpose, but the problems that have brought society to where it is today needs to change. Japan is no example to hold up, even here in nz we aren’t an example to hold up. These events are happening to shine lights, not darkness. Hold compassion for the victims, hold compassion for the shooter, hold compassion for the elite pedophiles being arrested. Heal the illness that runs through society

              1. The world definitely needs more compassion and understanding. There’s too much hatred going around, too much extremism. People need to see each other as human beings.

                Sometimes I think animals are more evolved than we humans are–after all, we never see cats getting worked up over who has grey or orange fur, the way people get worked up about skin color.

              2. Aiden, I agree with most of what you have said; and also others as well.
                The ills of society are many…all over the world. Very early this morning, I turned on my computer and saw the email from Eric….and a comment HERE is where I first heard of the Dayton, OH attack. Only AFTER that did I see it on my news feed. But there were already over 1500 comments and many more replies to comments.
                I always check news articles for any type of bias. For the most part, the “news” of today is not the “journalism” of yesterday. The 5 “W’s” are no longer being adhered to in most articles published. (The “who, what, when, why, where”)…. or as used to be said “Just the facts….”

                Most comments on the article were politically partisan….many comments stated reasons for and against gun laws. A few tried to iject reason.
                But what really struck me….were the replies to those who called for prayers for those who had been killed or injured. NEVER BEFORE in my entire life have I ever seen such animosity and unadulterated hatred expressed over the words “God…and…., “prayer”. This deeply saddened me,…and I tried to count them…but they were SO prevalent, I gave up.

                There was, however, one link to a report that showed the mass shootings in the USA since 1966 (when Lyndon Johnson was President). There was one in Texas during his presidency. The report tracked all those since….and you could see the gradual rise….to President Obama’s 8 years in office (24) and now President Trump (now at 6 such incidents).

                What struck me the most is that the contents of this particular report….although it did not mention it….is so closely aligned with the rise of technology and the fast growing dependence and use of the internet….in news…and social media. (To be clear…am NOT talking about Eric’s site….or any others similar to it.)
                And…not so much about social media such as FaceBook…just “news-based platforms” in general being used as places to just comment with hate-filled and insulting rants.

                I am talking about “news” platforms that allow comments and replies filled with this type of hate. And…these types of rants do nothing but contribute to the societal problems…and many feel free to say anything no matter how dangerous or rage-engendering they may be,

                I have seen some sites that show “comments disabled for this presentation”. Perhaps “News” should be made to stick to the facts….”opinion” clearly stated as such….and comments unilaterally disabled for awhile. This would “give the rhetoric a rest” and that would be a good experiment….to see how much “fuel” this type of thing is “putting on the fire” of sickness within society.
                And…it would not limit freedom of speech…..it would not be censorship….or violate anyone’s individual rights….because all would be the same. May not be “do-able”…but I think a time limited experiment like this would show some interesting corrollations.

                  1. I certainly agree with that statement! I know my idea is a “pie in the sky” type of thing….but….I really do see a correllation between the rise in violence and the rise in the unfiltered comments on articles,
                    Eric does a good job on this site….trying to moderate. And there are other email sites from which I receive opinion-based information….but any reaponses to them are “vetted” or “moderated” before they allow them to be published on their site. (When I say this…am not referring to “point of view”….am referring to the fact they must be respectful to all.
                    Have a great day!

                    1. Yes I agree, the only time I block a comment or a person is when they are blatantly disrespectful to others or vulgar and it doesn’t matter which side of politics they stand on. I don’t understand why we can’t debate while holding onto basic decency. Let’s not confuse decency as some type of partisan sideline.

                  2. And yet many news sites that do moderate comment still post the ones that they knew will cause a reaction. There are many things that must fall as this planets vibration rises, the media is one of them, they control and manipulate the masses

      3. Aiden it will make it harder for these shooters to get their hands on these guns. It will not stop mass shootings, but it will make them less deadly

        1. Lomo, the horse is already out the gate. There is so many illegal guns in America that if you want one you can get it. Even here in nz banning certain guns they know they will never achieve it, the gangs are refusing to be part of the gun buy back, the black market will thrive.

          1. I’m not sure why this is reason to continue to have these guns be legal. Plain and simple, these guns should be harder to get. Lets begin with that. After that lets discuss the toxic masculinity that has infected young white men in this country. Turn on your TV, every show is violent beyond measure. My 8 year old son is not allowed to play violent video games that his peers are. Why? Because it’s my job to raise an empathetic, kind good human to give to the world. We must be responsible for the boys we put into society.

      4. You are so right! People do not stop to clarify before they say “This HAS GOT TO STOP!” Gun control is like drug control: has addiction stopped because illegal drugs are illegal? NO! These incidents are done by very angry, messed-up people who want to strike out at everyone they can strike out, at. They could buy guns on black market if guns were illegal: there’s always been black markets for all outlawed things. How about adding too much violence seen in movies and on tv, as other reasons for crazed individuals. Yes, lack of spiritual content is surely a big part of it. This society is mostly not spiritually in tune. But I don’t think it is only THIS country: these things happen in Europe and any other place where a being is crazed and wants to strike out wildly and cruelly. It doesn’t happen only HERE. I agree that mental problems is the bottom line in these things: the guns area means, but if they weren’t available, the crazed individuals would use other means. I think there should be means of educating teachers and counselor to identify potential big-problem kids. But this is a big order: how do you control someone who hasn’t DONE anything? Police won’t even do anything when someone is being stalked or threatened: if the scary being has not committed an actual ACT, police tell you they can’t do anything. It’s difficult to figure all that can be done to stop crazed, mean beings from this kind of evil acting-out. If they were doing these killings with letter openers, would outlawing letter openers stop them? No. They’d use something else. Some in Europe also have used vehicles to run into crowds to kill people. Outlawing vehicles in case some sickos use them to kill? I have no prob lem with outlawing these semi-automatic things, but I don’t think that will stop the severely deranged beings from striking out. The hard question is How do you prevent dangerous mental illness?

        1. Melissa Balivet, you do have to ask yourself though just “how many” people could one individual actually kill, let’s say in one minute, with a letter opener or even a vehicle. It’s the large amount of casualties and harm done in such a small amount of time.
          I thought this was a great article which discusses the need to ban, not the guns themselves, (though I’d be for that also), but the high capacity magazines which go with the guns and limiting them to 10 rounds. I can’t even fathom why someone would need a magazine with 100 rounds. This would atleast give others a chance to rush any gunman and limit the casualties.
          And I agree, there are many things which need to be taken into account and done in order to fix this issue. But we as a country need to start somewhere instead of just praying for the victims after each mass shooting spree and waiting for the next one to occur. We need to take action too. Our leaders need to take action.

          1. 30 people were killed in the last two American shootings. 35 killed in the recent Japanese arson attack. No guns needed, just arson.

      5. True but someone who is mentally ill can kill way less people without an assault rifle. I know the, “ well there are lots of things that can be used as weapons” argument, but I think the data shows that assault weapons in the hands of the mentally ill definitely do the most harm, all others trail far far far behind. I agree focus needs to be on cause. But treat the symptom as well. ( kinda same reason doctors prescribe aspirin in parallel with their curative treatments. )

  2. You would think that that the evil, senseless killing of young children in Newtown ct would have been enough, or the shooting at Las Vegas, or the folks in churches and synagogues, colleges and high schools. The list goes on…we must collectively raise our thoughts to see light where there is darkness, good where there is evil, hope where there is hopelessness.

  3. The President has ordered flags to he flown at half staff until August 8. I remember one of your predictions said this would happen.

    1. August 8 isn’t long enough, just keep the flag at half staff till this country’s final day because these two mass shooting events won’t be the last ones.

  4. We desperately need to tackle three of the main problems–lax gun-laws, mental illness, and extremism. They all seem to contribute to these shootings in one way or another.

    I understand that some people believe the second amendment should include automatic weapons, but that’s led to too much tragedy. Automatic weapons, are by nature, mass-killing devices, more similar to chemical or nuclear weapons than to other guns. Civilians aren’t allowed to have chemical or nuclear weapons, right? So shouldn’t the same type of restrictions apply to automatic weapons?

    No sane government would want random citizens to be carrying around nuclear or chemical weapons, they need to treat automatic weapons the same. It’s common sense.
    After all, people can defend themselves with a handgun or pistol; there’s no good reason for civilians to have access to weapons that belong on a battlefield.

    1. How will tougher gun laws help? Laws do not prevent crimes of any kind.

      The authorities still do not know how the El Paso shooter obtained his weapon. This means he most likely obtained it illegally.

      I say again, laws do not prevent crimes.

      Didn’t some guys named Adolph Hitler, Pol Pot, Benito Mussolini, and some other guys made gun ownership illegal and had their citizens turn in what they had? Didn’t they do they before their reign of terror took full effect?

      You can’t fight against tyranny if you don’t have a firearm. You can’t defend yourself too well without a firearm when your country gets invaded.

      1. I’m not suggesting that all guns be taken from civilians…that’s not what we’re pushing for when we talk about gun-control. We’re talking about banning civilians from owning automatic weapons, and doing better background checks on gun owners.

        No one’s talking about taking non-automatic weapons away from law-abiding citizens.

        Can people get guns illegally? Yes, you’re absolutely right about that, and we’d need to figure out a way to tackle that, but it doesn’t make it less important to prevent whatever shootings we can. Making it harder to get guns legally will at least make it harder for a perpetrator to carry out a plan.

        There’s no good reason for civilians to have automatics; those belong in the hands of the military and gun experts; don’t you see how dangerous it is for any random person to buy one? Gun-sellers can’t tell if the person buying from them is a terrorist or an innocent person. Better background checks, or a no-sell list might at least prevent them from selling to a known ISIS sympathizer.

        The country being invaded is a possibility, but it’s still common sense to only give automatics to people like the military, who are trained to use them–civilians can always use rifles or handguns to defend themselves if need be. Besides, we’re having a bigger problem with homegrown wackos than foreign armies.

        We can’t ignore it and pretend that civilians having automatics is perfectly fine. Civilians aren’t allowed to own chemical weapons, and one could argue the same things they do with automatics–that they’d be good against an enemy invasion, but in reality, if chemical weapons were legal to own, murderers would be wiping out innocent people much more easily than they already do. It’s common sense not to let random people own chemical weapons, and it’s common sense not to let random people own automatics.Both just kill too many people too quickly.

        1. Sara I thought you’d find this article interesting. It talks about banning the amount of rounds in magazines to 10, which some states have already done. It’s not going to stop mass shootings but it will stop the number of casualties. It’s a start at least, because I also do not buy into the idea that we can’t do anything to help ourselves or help our children from becoming victims. That’s just insane.
          And then we need leaders on both sides to care enough to do something. Blessings to you Sara.

      2. The majority of the people in the media that are pursuing gun control are political figures and Hollywood elitists. They want to take guns from us, but they live in gated communities, are surrounded by bodyguards and don’t go anywhere without being surrounded by a posse of paid friends.

        And, I am rather confident everyone of them have a gun in their nightstand.

        What they say and what they do are two different things.

        1. Again, they’re talking about banning assault rifles, not all guns, from civilian use. And as for normal guns, background checks are just a smart safety measure.

          You’re right about political figures living in gated communities with body-guards, though. I suspect that’s one reason many NRA leaders and politicians don’t take action–they probably figure they’re safe.

        2. It’s hard to take what you’ve said here seriously. This notion that you cling to that someone is trying to take your guns. It’s seriously depressing how many people lack a true desire to do what is best for this country.

          1. What they are saying is correct. You have people telling you to ban certain guns who themselves have guns and bodyguards and won’t give up guns themselves. It’s like the people who want you to believe in global warming but recently flew on 114 private jet planes to a conferance and want people to not do what they do

    2. Im going to have to play devils advocate here Sara but no matter how strict gun laws are outlaw elements will not forfeit their firearms, even here in New Zealand since the gun laws changed earlier this year it still hasn’t stopped people from being shot. Gangs and other criminals don’t give two hoots about a law – they just throw their middle finger at it.

  5. Presidential Candidate Beto O’Rourke Laughs When Asked About El Paso Shooting


    El Paso native Beto O’Rourke spoke about the shooting at a press conference.

    “We know that there is a lot of injury, a lot of suffering. I am incredibly saddened and it is hard to think about this,” he said before laughing.

    “I’ll tell you, El Paso is the strongest place in the world. The community is going to stay together,” O’Rourke said. “I ask for everyone’s strength. Everyone’s resolved to make sure this doesn’t continue to happen in this country.”

    Outraged social media users slammed the Democratic presidential candidate for laughing while victims are fighting for their lives in local hospitals.


    1. That wasn’t laughter as such. He was extremely emotional and so close to breaking down. Some people react that way. Viewing the video clip in that story shows he was definitely NO in a humorous state. It felt to me like Sandra Rose was making political points to suit her personal, political, agenda.

  6. We Australians tend to have a sense of humour that some may find threatening. It is the Aussie way. This Aussie comic, in the clip from 2015, with the F word peppered throughout, gives an opinion most Aussies agree with.

  7. Remember this when you hear Repubs who are bought-off by the gun lobby blame these recent massacres on inadequate mental health access:

    20 red states supported by the Trump admin have brought a suit to strike down Obamacare/ACA, which will end up removing mental health access from millions covered through Medicaid & essential health benefits if successful — and, based on previous predictions here, it seems they will eventually be successful.

  8. Since Republican politicians and Fox News are once again pushing the long discredited myth of ties between “violent” video games and mass shootings, I’ll just leave this here:

    Per capita spending on video games: US: $44; Japan: $55

    Civilian firearms per 100 people: US: 88; Japan: 0.6

    Average annual gun homicides: US: 11,000; Japan: 6

    1. Actually of more interest is the spiritual connection Japanese people have and the beliefs they hold

    1. Thank you Cody!
      You are so right !!!- and in addition to canceling the rule that kept guns from those with mental Illnesses, trump defunded the very important and much needed Countering Violent Extremism Program which supported organizations fighting domestic extremism.
      trump says that white nationalism is not a threat!
      sadly, it is unbelieveable anyone would defund this crucial program.

      1. And everything Eric and Spirit have messaged to us and told us about the rise and violence of White Supremacy and white nationalism in our country has been proven to be true and truer every day.
        Thank you Eric and Spirit for all of your help and guidance, your prophecies and your immense wisdom and caring and love.

  9. I think we need to ask what are the commonalities in these horrific acts. Many are really young to have such hatred. What are we teaching as parents and citizens? Is this coming from a well of hatred? Do they feel threatened somehow by the people they are committing these atrocious acts against and if so why and what is driving this? I know we have other considerations such as access to weapons and what kind of weapons to discuss as well but in my opinion it seems as if many of these “killers” are young and have a somewhat privileged backgrounds compared to the rest of the world. There is much racial hatred and a sense of entitlement that will go so far as to kill others if they don’t hold the same beliefs. Now we just have to look around and see who is perpetuating this message, how its being delivered and who that message is attracting imo. Just look at the popular showings on mass media of who is shown as successful, abundant and admired. It has to start with empathy of our fellow man, animals and our planet. Our current societies celebrate luxury, sexual desires and perversion, overindulgence and brutality etc, perpetuated by the same media who has conflated journalistic integrity with entertainment. We just aren’t being led by truth. No wonder people are going to extreme sources to find out what they think they need to know. Until we all open our eyes to the truth, no matter how hard, we need to look in the mirror and ask “what I am I doing to elevate myself, others and the the environment around me.” “What is the imprint I am leaving?”.

    1. There was a teacher a few school shootings ago that penned a letter that it wasn’t the guns that were the problem. She went on to talk about the problems she sees as a teacher, the home life the way the kids are being brought up. Can’t find what she wrote but it is well worth it if anyone can.

    2. It’s too bad this site can’t award stars for comments, because I’d give you one.

  10. Martin Luther King once said this, and I think we Americans desperately need to remember it in these rough times: “We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.”

  11. It is very clear that NO ONE is going to do anything to stop the gun violence in America. This is why when I am asked if I am proud to be an American I say NO. What exactly is there to be proud of? I and others will quietly continue to do good work in the world in hopes someday the tides will turn and we can look around and see something to swell with pride over. For now though I only feel deep sadness and confusion.

  12. 590 people killed in mass shootings in USA in 2017

    In 2017 47,173 Americans committed suicide.

    1,400,000 suicide attempts in the USA in 2017

  13. There is no equivocation, no comparison, between suicide and mass shootings. Mass shootings kill innocents, take innocent lives, people who are minding their own business, enjoying their life and going about their daily life with their friends and families, taken out and killed in a matter of seconds by an unhinged individual killing with a weapon of war. Victims of mass shootings WANT to live. People who commit suicide do it to themselves because they want to die.

    1. people who commit suicide do it because it is the only option they see, a way out, people who do mass shootings do so because it is the only way they can see. There is also the factor that some do carrying out shootings and crime for the suicide by cop option. Suicide takes far more people in this world every day than shooting, no outrage to end that. No outrage to end the bullying of children by other children, that many times has seen a kid pick up a weapon and go on a school shooting. No there is no comparison because they are all connected.

      Here’s another fact for you, 590 people killed in 2017 by mass shootings in the USA. In the USA one in every 10 children will be sexually assaulted by the age of 18

    2. In addition, mass shooters/ mass killers are so filled with hate, rage, anger, and evil against anyone who is different than they are in skin color, religion, belief, gender. That is a fact. They hate everyone and anyone that is not like them. people who commit suicide do harm to themselves, they don’t go on mass killing sprees.

      1. No one is filled with evil. Evil is a cop out people want to use to excuse things that happen rather than look at what has happened and understand how society has brought about that persons actions. And yes people that commit suicide do often go on mass shootings, shootings and crime spree, they do so because they can’t end their lives but want a cop to, suicide by cop.

  14. That is your opinion Aiden- not a fact.
    In my opinion, Yes, there is evil and hate and anger and rage in people who are mass shooters/mass killers. They want to kill as many innocents as possible and take their lives.
    there is no suicide by cop. That itself is a cop-out.
    We can agree to disagree .

    1. Why do have to always attack people Aiden. Cat is allowed and everyone else is allowed their opinion without such unnecessary attacking. Yes there is evil in the world no one can convince me that people like Hitler or Al Assad aren’t pure evil.

      1. I’m not attacking anyone, these are simply words on a screen, people perceive them how they wish to

      2. Thank you Eric, Aiden has an answer to every poster and it is disappointing that people cannot have their opinions without someone basically saying they are wrong

    2. Of course there can be anger and rage in these people cat, but that’s not how people are born. It’s something society teaches to children. We create these shooters, we create them through a disconnection to spirit. Through bullying. Through sexual, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual assaults. We create it with a disconnection with reality. Every “monster”, every “evil” person was taught that way. Beaten into them by a parent. Bullied into them for being different. And even created in through medication.

      And cat I hope you don’t feel like this is anything but a discussion we’re having, lol

        1. Yeah, meds are an amazing thing, when they list what meds he was on look at the side effects and other accounts of people on them

        1. Shooter identified as left wing, tweeted about Elizabeth Warren (who he was good with because she wasn’t a “cop”), however there’s no proof thus far that this mass shooting he committed was politically motivated.

    1. He sounds seriously mentally disturbed. Easy access to guns was a lethal combination. Poor victims xxx

  15. Every country has mental health issues, however only the US has mental health issues and 300+ million guns and counting. US has more guns, weaker gun laws and poorer healthcare than countries that have less guns.

  16. Here is a link to Eric’s prediction that someone pointed out mentioned the” flags being flown at half mast “https://worldwidepredictions.com/2018/03/22/predictions-3-22-18/.
    “3 is the key” matches this prediction. Also mentions N Korea (KJU) and he has been “testing” his missiles. The N. California EQ and the bridge falling as well as Trump health problems. There was 4.1 eq in Montanta today

  17. “Dayton Shooter’s Girlfriend Says He Showed Her Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting Video On First Date”

    “Adelia Johnson says in an emailed statement to The Associated Press that Connor Betts often joked about having dark thoughts. She says he told her that he had bipolar disorder and that his talk didn’t scare her because she thought it was a symptom of his mental illness.”


    1. The police were called because someone thought they saw a man with a gun, but so far no shots have been fired.

      Hopefully it’s just a false alarm–people are pretty jumpy, there was even a false alarm in NYC Time’s Square when motorcycles backfired and people thought it was a gunman.

    1. Reminds me of a blog I read over a decade ago. An American couple moved to New Zealand from California. In their new house they fell to the floor as they heard a gunshot, only to realise afterwards it was a car back firing. They went on to say that on a nightly bases their news was full of murder, shootings, attacks, rapes, they turned on the news here and the breaking the news was some silly thing the prime minister said. Best thing people can do is turn the news off, stop reading the news, move away from the fear it creates and the way it suppresses a persons energy and controls them

  18. Eric,SWC,
    EXCLUSIVE: ‘Their screams music, their pain my pleasure.’ Dayton shooter’s demonic notebook scrawls reveal he fantasized about massacres, ‘hunting’ for humans, craved marijuana and speed, called himself a sociopath and hailed Lucifer


  19. “Ohio man posted about mass shootings, attacking Planned Parenthood and federal agents, authorities say”

    “CLEVELAND, Ohio — Federal prosecutors on Monday charged a Boardman man with making threats against law enforcement, following an investigation that revealed he voiced his support online of mass shootings and lived in a house with 25 guns and 10,000 rounds of ammunition, records show.”


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