El Paso Texas Shooting

This tragic prediction has happened. Please pray for all those in Texas. Please stay safe.

The prediction is off by a day.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 2-15-19 I had a visual of individuals with cowboy hats on in the background. A shooting spree had taken place. In the visual someone had a pink shirt and mentioned the tragedy on Friday. A young girl was dead on the ground. Then the visual shifted as if changing subjects, there was this massive darkness in the background, “The shooter kills randomly.. so much blood spilled.”

I tried to ask for clarity of the coming shooting spree. I believe they are talking about two different shootings based on the ‘shift’. I believe the first message is in Texas. 

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  1. Eric,SWC,

    Report 3 shooters…

    Developing ✔️

    Three shooters opened fire Saturday at an El Paso mall packed with back-to-school shoppers, killing “multiple” people and injuring at least 18, police and city officials confirmed.
    The trio were under arrest at the Cielo Vista Mall after the lunchtime attack in the west Texas city and the mayor said multiple people were killed.


  2. Eric,
    Do you think the countdown in the earlier prediction was referring to this shooting, or to something else?

  3. Sara,
    You are right…chaos caused some officials giving erroneous report

    What we know..
    : Gunman, 21, who opened fire with an AK47 at an El Paso Walmart ‘killing at least 19 and injuring 40’, sending terrified shoppers fleeing before SWAT dramatically swooped and arrested him
    El Paso mayor’s office confirms multiple fatalities in a mass-shooting inside a local Walmart on Saturday
    Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick says the suspect, a 21-year-old male, has been taken into custody alive
    Law enforcement sources said the suspect is Patrick Crusius, 21, of Dallas, Texas
    Surveillance footage shows an image of the gunman walking through front entrance of Walmart on Saturday
    The shooting took place at the Walmart near the Cielo Vista Mall in El Paso, Texas on Saturday
    A local NBC affiliate is reporting that at least 19 people were killed and 40 people were wounded
    A number of local businesses, shops, and restaurants were in lock down during the shooting
    Witnesses posted video on social media showing panicked shoppers fleeing during the shooting


    1. My God, 19 deaths? There aren’t any words that can express how horrible this is. These mass-shootings need to stop; whatever people’s issues, surely they can resolve them without picking up an assault rifle.
      Prayers for the victims and their families….

  4. FBI investigating possible manifesto from the shooter which starts with the following two sentences:

    “In general, I support the Christchurch shooter and his manifesto. This attack is a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas”

  5. The El Paso shooter’s alleged manifesto was half anti-immigrant racism and half explicit eco-fascism.

  6. Why so much hatred and rage from people so young? I cannot stop crying. The police chief said everyone with a badge showed up to the scene to help and there were lines of people giving blood and handing out water. I’ve got news for these people with horrible intentions…they will never conquer the good in people. What can we do to help spirit ? This has to change.

    1. When even the Spirits start lumping the shootings together in one post, that’s when I knew how horrible it would be. I just kept telling myself, there is no way these are multiple shootings at separate times and yet here we are!

  7. SWC
    Heatbroken so sorry this has happened yet again in the U.S. Im sending love and light to surround loved ones and injured ..This come from my Heart ..
    Luna Tic A Question I ask alot ..what can we do but keep visualising and seeing the peace come …These people who do these appauling acts are deranged individuals missing the vital compassion and love attributes most humans have ..Spirit always says just send light and compassion all over the planet and eventually
    it will manifest on mass ..
    Its what I hold on to ..In the mean time we must be brave and honor those who have been layed down as victims of these times we live in .These words dont heal all the pain or bewilderment .but we are all in this together .
    love to all.

    1. Something has happened in their life to take this path, they are as much a victim as those they have attacked. This is where often many calls shooters evil, etc, rather than look and understand what made a person do what they did. Was the shooter a victim of bullying or on medication, etc etc is what people should ask.

      1. Aiden,

        The El Paso shooting is the third 8chan shooting, and an example of the gamification of terrorism:

        “The El Paso shooter’s manifesto and 8chan post show his radicalization and turn towards white suprematism, the Christchurch shooter’s manifesto, and the video of his massacre, likely acting as major influences in his eventual attack. The most important takeaways from the El Paso shooting are twofold:”

        “8chan’s /pol board continues to deliberately radicalize mass shooters.
        The act of massacring innocents has been gamified.”


        1. 8chan isn’t the reason behind what is happening. Playing the blame game is a cop out to ignore why people have got to a point like this.

      1. This hate and violence is a catalyst for love. People see an event like this and they look at it like hate and violence instead of seeing the immense outpouring of love and people coming together

        1. Aiden,
          It is important to remember the outpouring of love, yes, but it’s also important to acknowledge the scope of the tragedy and the things that led up to it.

          This is just my opinion, but it seems to be a mix of extremism (like the 8chan website), mental illness, and lax gun control. I feel that we really need to address those three issues at once to make any headway in preventing more.

  8. Prayers for everyone in Texas. For all those souls lost and their families left heartbroken 💔. Prayers for those that are hurt and all that they will have to to recover and heal from such a horrific act.
    Prayers 🙏 for everyone in Texas.
    Eric, could you ask Spirit when all these horrible shootings will subside? I read one of the comments hear that we had 10 shootings in a week. That’s just devastating.
    Thank you again for all that you do.

    1. Yes! Every other post seems to be a shooting. They even started lumping them together. That is very wrong. Oh how I wish this nightmare would end and our nation would actually do something to end this nightmare. I have asked and unfortunately from what I gather it really falls on the generation who took the brunt of the school shootings that take a starkly different position than our current one. When they are in power the tide dramatically shifts.

      1. Eric regarding “the generation who has taken the brunt of the school shootings” …. the Columbine High School shooting was on April 20, 1999 and it seemed to really take off from there. That was 20 years ago. So if you take an individual from that time period and let’s just say that school who was 14, 15, 16, 17, or 18 during the shooting that day, then they would be in their 30’s now.
        A person only has to be 25 yrs old to be a member of the House and 30 years old to be a member of the Senate. Couldn’t we be talking about now or in the very near future atleast?

  9. “A Twitter account bearing the suspect’s name contains liked tweets that include a “BuildTheWall” hashtag, a photo using guns to spell out “Trump,” and posts from Paul Joseph Watson, a far-right Youtuber who works with Alex Jones at InfoWars.”


    This #BuildTheWall event took place in the El Paso area 7 days ago and was co-organized by Steve Bannon.

    1. Hi Terri! Thanks for the news.

      I believe some of the conspiracy “theories” but Alex Jones is a shill. Anyone who listens to him but can’t see that is either slow, mentally sick, or hateful.

  10. Eric is this the reason you saw NZ terror Attack? Because he mentioned the Christchurch Mosque shooting in his manifesto? Or do you think there will be another seperate attack on NZ?

  11. The President has ordered flags to he flown at half staff until August 8. I remember one of your predictions said this would happen.

  12. Footage of the shooting is heartbreaking.

    20 people dead including an 80 year old person.

    If someone wants to kill others, why can’t they join the military, the CIA, etc.?

    Oh, I know why. Unless the person is high, mentally ill or has a demon inside them, then the person is full of hate and has no self control.

  13. Presidential Candidate Beto O’Rourke Laughs When Asked About El Paso Shooting


    El Paso native Beto O’Rourke spoke about the shooting at a press conference.

    “We know that there is a lot of injury, a lot of suffering. I am incredibly saddened and it is hard to think about this,” he said before laughing.

    “I’ll tell you, El Paso is the strongest place in the world. The community is going to stay together,” O’Rourke said. “I ask for everyone’s strength. Everyone’s resolved to make sure this doesn’t continue to happen in this country.”

    Outraged social media users slammed the Democratic presidential candidate for laughing while victims are fighting for their lives in local hospitals.


    1. T W Longtime Lurker,
      I don’t believe it and neither should anyone else. As you can see in the link I’ve added of the actual video footage and not just the still picture “sandrarose.com” has put up and totally taken out of context … it’s clear that Beto O Rourke was choking back tears of grief and trying hard not to totally lose it. From everything I’ve read this individual Sandra Rose is a celebrity blogger/troll.
      Here is the link of the actual video, (where I suspect Sandra Rose got her still pic from). Notice the Fox News anchor herself even states, “he was trying to choke back tears”.

      1. I saw it and he appears to be laughing and then clears his throat to make it look like he was trying not to cry. Then he carries on speaking normally. If he was emotionally upset he wouldn’t have been able to speak normally after choking back tears.

        Also, it is your opinion Sandra Rose is a troll. If you were a long time reader you wouldnt have made that comment.

  14. We Australians tend to have a sense of humour that some may find threatening. It is the Aussie way. This Aussie comic, in the clip from 2015, with the F word peppered throughout, gives an opinion most Aussies agree with.

  15. Eric is this the reason you saw NZ terror Attack? Because he mentioned the Christchurch Mosque shooting in his manifesto? Or do you think there will be another seperate attack on NZ?
    Any opinion on this Eric?

    1. It’s separate. They were very clear on the airplane part of the prediction. There are no ties to planes here. Sorry. I will say I made a mistake and assumed NZ would be the first wave of nightmares. Should have considered the old predictions as well. Which is what happened with these shootings.

      1. Thank you Eric for replying.
        When will this hatred end, so many innocent lives taken.
        Breaks my heart knowing that more people are going to get hurt.

  16. The “invasion” narrative used by the El Paso shooter in his manifesto has unfortunately become mainstream in Republican circles. For example, just four days before the El Paso shooting the Arizona GOP sent out a fundraising email using the same “invasion” narrative about Mexicans that the El Paso shooter had in his manifesto.

  17. According to Facebook’s ad archive, Trump has run around 2,200 Facebook ads since May 2018 mentioning the word “invasion.” Scrolling through, all of them seem to be about immigration.

  18. In 2019, Fox News’ fearmongering about a migrant invasion prior to the El Paso massacre included:

    70+ references to an invasion

    55+ clips of Trump saying immigrants are invading

    24 references to an invasion on Fox & Friends, Fox and Friends First, and Fox and Friends Weekend.

    1. You’re right. And It’s concerning, because Hitler worded things very similarly about Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, and anyone else he didn’t like–he convinced his followers they were ruining Germany, the Nazis used terms like ‘rat’ or ‘rodent’ the way Trump did, he actually twisted his followers into thinking their prejudice was self-defense.

      Whatever one’s political party, that kind of behavior, the violence that encourages, ought to give everyone pause.

      If Obama had talked the way Trump does–using terms like invasion and rodent-infested about any group—or if he’d laughed when someone called out “shoot them” the way Trump laughed it off when a supporter yelled that about migrants, McConnell and Graham and many of the conservative politicians would’ve been rioting.

      1. “Steve Hooper is a 30 year veteran of the FBI. Hooper said the El Paso shooter, during interviews, says he was triggered after watching the DNC debate where all the candidates raised their hands to provide “health insurance” to illegal immigrants.”

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