World Predictions 2-15-19

I tried to ask for clarity of the coming shooting spree. I believe they are talking about two different shootings based on the ‘shift’. I believe the first message is in Texas.

I had a visual of individuals with cowboy hats on in the background. A shooting spree had taken place. In the visual someone had a pink shirt and mentioned the tragedy on Friday. A young girl was dead on the ground. Then the visual shifted as if changing subjects, there was this massive darkness in the background, “The shooter kills randomly.. so much blood spilled.”

Pleasant Ville.. Mount Pleasant.

Get the gun!.. Hero.. Tackle

I had a visual of guns hidden in a bathroom.

The predictions below are older ones about shooting sprees:

I had a visual of a large silver hand gun being pulled out and then someone began shooting rapidly. “Red.. Red port.. Like New Port.”

I had a visual of the United States, then the visual shifted to show Florida, then Spirit zeroed in on a region of Florida. Again!.. Another tragic shooting.. the youth enraged.. this day the heart torn. I had a visual of flowers and gifts being put down.

“So many people.. so many shot” I had a visual of three bags of bullets.

I had a visual of a large stage, that had three different bands playing.

In the visual the stage looked like it was outside, or a stadium that was open. In some ways it looked like a fairgrounds. The three bands gave a clue to the event.

Washington.. around Seattle.. then oddly they added Pleasantville or Pleasant place.

I had a visual of a man with glasses and strange clothing, a miss match of clothing, someone screamed out “Why?” and the man pointed to his head implying a mental condition.

2.. 17

Sunday.. Monday..

28 thoughts on “World Predictions 2-15-19

  1. Eric so the Mount Pleasant Spirit is mentioning is in Washington State correct? I’m asking since there seems to be a “Mount Pleasant” in a whole lot of different states, to include different countries too.

    1. There is a Mount Pleasant Bed and Breakfast,located on Columbia River between Washington and Oregon.
      Can’t find any music events related.

      1. There is also Washington Avenue school in pleasantville, nj, Eric. Unless you are sure it is definitely going to be occurring in Washington State.

  2. Eric,

    There is a Valentine’s Day Murder Mystery dinner party.Its on Saturday the 16th at a Wine Bar in Camas,Washington almost near the border of Oregon.
    Maybe it happens there and people think the victims aren’t real?

  3. The singer “Pink” is doing a tour of the USA starting on Friday 1st March 8pm at BB&T centre sunrise, FL.

  4. I was looking up music events in Seattle and from February 11 – 17th there’s a Music Critics Week. They have all kinds of music artists. On Sunday they’ll have a ton of Black Queer History which will have dancing and music and the funds will be donated to black women of color. I think that could also be something targeted by homophobes, transphobes, or racists because those types of events do attract things like that. It’s hard to really tell what event because Seattle always has tons of events, music, all kinds of festivals. We go to Seattle for all kinds of events on the weekends.

    1. Yes, I tried to narrow it down but there is just so many possibilities. To add they implied a location outside of the city. I am still hoping for more clues.

  5. Eric,SWC,
    Ref::Get the gun!.. Hero.. Tackle

    CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand (AP) — When the gunman advanced toward the mosque, killing those in his path, Abdul Aziz didn’t hide. Instead, he picked up the first thing he could find, a credit card machine, and ran outside screaming “Come here!”

  6. Eric,SWC,
    Texas …Developing 🚨
    Odessa/Midlands…West Texas
    2 shooters
    Multiple injuries

    At least TWO gunmen – including one in a hijacked US mail truck – kill at least two and injure at least 30 as they fire ‘indiscriminately’ at people on Interstate 20 in west Texas
    🔷Active shooter incident began around 4pm on Saturday in Midland and Odessa
    🔷Police say at least two suspects are targeting motorists on the roads
    🔷One suspect is in hijacked USPS mail truck and the other is in a light Toyota truck

  7. Eric,
    Ref:::I tried to ask for clarity of the coming shooting spree. I believe they are talking about two different shootings based on the ‘shift’. I believe the first message is in Texas.

    One of the congregants who jumped into action when a gunman opened fire on worshipers during a church service in Texas said Monday he was placed in a position he didn’t want to be in, but had to react because “evil exists.”

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