World Predictions 6-13-19

I had a visual of one massive explosion, so huge it had a mushroom shape.

I had a visual of a factory, at first there was a smaller explosion than a much larger one.

I had a visual of the letter W. They implied the factory or plant explosion would unfold in or around China. There was an implication that another plant/factory explosion would unfold in the US.

There was also an implication on a coverup over how many casualties or damage took place.


The knives come out again.. in a different place.. Asia.

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30 thoughts on “World Predictions 6-13-19

  1. Hi everybody! Unfortunately look at predictions from 10-13-2016 and 4-21-2016…the ships -military or commercial predictions I’m afraid is not only unfolding, but not over!!! Referencing not only Saudi Arabia waterways, but also American seaports. Kinda scary. Hopefully it will be thrwarted.

  2. I read a post this morning on a dream website where someone wrote of dreaming that it was snowing in the south on a late spring day. I immediately thought of ash.

  3. Eric- do you have any idea what “One Hour” may represent in a premonition? Minutes are days for you right? Would an hour be a month?

    1. Sometime I think a single number may represent yrs…. Like in 1 such an such will happen… Or 3 look at predictions from 3 years ago….

  4. Wondering if this is referring to the China – Chemical Factory explosion on March 22, this year ? There’s footage of it on Twitter and Youtube.

  5. Aust 17Jun 2019 – There has been a small “suspected” explosion in China near North Korean border today that has caused trembles and minor earthquakes .. but details have yet to be confirmed. People are talking about it on Twitter.

  6. Hello,
    What I do is self-explanatory, but as of a few days ago my latest prediction was as follows, I saw a large man sat behind a desk in silhouette, he was flipping a card… the card had an image of a large explosion or mushroom cloud on it. It seems to be on the cards so to speak.

  7. Eric,
    Ref:::There was an implication that another plant/factory explosion would unfold in the US.


    Explosion 💥
    A massive fireball lit up the night sky in South Philadelphia early Friday in what was apparently an explosion at a local gas refinery. Early reports gave the location as 31st Street and Passyunk Avenue, not far from the city’s sports complex.

  8. Eric,

    Kazakhstan 🇰🇿
    Event details

    Explosion in Kazakhstan on June 24 2019 10:38 AM (UTC).

    Dozens of people have been injured in a massive blast at a military warehouse in Kazakhstan’s southern town of Arys, Kazakh authorities said. Deputy Defense Minister Timur Dandibaev told reporters in Nur-Sultan, the capital, that the reason for the blast on June 24 remains unclear. Dandibaev said firefighters were trying to extinguish a huge fire caused by the blast in the warehouse in the Turkistan region. About 20 people, including four children, were being treated at a hospital in the regional capital, Shymkent, hospital officials told RFE/RL. Three of the injured were in a serious condition, the hospital’s chief said. A hospital in the Otyrar district treated another 34 people, local authorities said. The region’s governor, Omirzaq Shokeev, announced a state of emergency in the town and ordered the immediate evacuation of all the residents living close to the warehouse. Local media reports say people living in districts close to the warehouse were being evacuated while, according to authorities, dozens of firefighters were working to extinguish the fire. Emergency Committee spokesman Nursultan Nurakhmet told reporters that the blast took place at 9.20 a.m. local time without providing more details. Local residents told RFE/RL that several massive explosions were seen from the town’s center. Some witnesses posted amateur videos of the explosions on social media. RFE/RL could not independently verify the authenticity of the videos.

  9. Eric,SWC,
    Explosion ..gas line ruptured..
    Event details

    Explosion in USA on August 09 2019 08:17 AM (UTC).

    One person is dead and at least five were injured in central Kentucky after a gas line ruptured and produced a fireball that could be seen around the region early Thursday. The 30-inch gas line in Lincoln County breached around 150 feet from a mobile home park around 1:40 a.m., said Don Gilliam, the director of Lincoln County Emergency Management. The person who died was identified by the Lincoln County coroner as Lisa Denise Derringer, 58, of Stanford, Kentucky. Authorities said she is believed to have left her home after the explosion and was overwhelmed by extreme heat. At least five other people were transported to hospitals with injuries, and six mobile homes caught fire, officials said. Five homes were completely destroyed. About 75 people were evacuated from the mobile home park, officials said. Gilliam said the situation does not involve a hazardous material. He said the fire at the breach site was out. He said when he arrived, flames were about 300 feet in the air, and the biggest problem initially was heat and smoke. The emergency management agency told residents to steer clear of the Hustonville area. “It was impressive, it’s tragic, we hope it doesn’t get worse,” Gilliam said. Lincoln County is south of Lexington. Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., wrote on Twitter that he and his staff were monitoring the aftermath of the explosion. “Our prayers are with the families whom this disaster has touched and our gratitude is with all the first responders,” he wrote. Emergency officials said the cause of the explosion is under investigation. The National Transportation Safety Board is sending a crew to the scene. The blast damaged train tracks that run through the area, officials said, and Norfolk Southern Railway had dozens of railcars backed up awaiting a workaround or fix. A stretch of U.S. 127 was also shut down. A statement from Enbridge, which owns the gas line, said company officials were responding to the scene.

  10. Eric,
    Ref:::I had a visual of a factory, at first there was a smaller explosion than a much larger one.

    I had a visual of the letter W. They implied the factory or plant explosion would unfold in or around China. There was an implication that another plant/factory explosion would unfold in the US.

    China 🇨🇳
    At least 19 people were killed and nearly 200 were injured after a tanker truck exploded in southeastern China on Saturday, according to officials.

    The truck was carrying liquefied natural gas (LNG) when it exploded around 4:45 p.m. on the Shenyang-Haikou Expressway south of Shanghai in Zhejiang province, the official Xinhua News Agency reported.

    After the initial blast, a second explosion followed when the damaged truck fell off the expressway onto a factory workshop, local officials told the news agency.

    The explosions caused extensive damage to nearby buildings.

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