World Predictions 6-13-19

I had a visual of one massive explosion, so huge it had a mushroom shape.

I had a visual of a factory, at first there was a smaller explosion than a much larger one.

I had a visual of the letter W. They implied the factory or plant explosion would unfold in or around China. There was an implication that another plant/factory explosion would unfold in the US.

There was also an implication on a coverup over how many casualties or damage took place.


The knives come out again.. in a different place.. Asia.

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11 thoughts on “World Predictions 6-13-19”

  1. Hi everybody! Unfortunately look at predictions from 10-13-2016 and 4-21-2016…the ships -military or commercial predictions I’m afraid is not only unfolding, but not over!!! Referencing not only Saudi Arabia waterways, but also American seaports. Kinda scary. Hopefully it will be thrwarted.

  2. I read a post this morning on a dream website where someone wrote of dreaming that it was snowing in the south on a late spring day. I immediately thought of ash.

  3. Eric- do you have any idea what “One Hour” may represent in a premonition? Minutes are days for you right? Would an hour be a month?

    1. Sometime I think a single number may represent yrs…. Like in 1 such an such will happen… Or 3 look at predictions from 3 years ago….

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