The Path Of America Needs To Change

These predictions below are a stark reminder that our nation desperately needs to go another direction. Our leaders on both sides need to end the divisive rhetoric which is ripping our country apart. Both sides have a responsibility to the violence that is stemming from their words. It was in March and December of 2018 that Spirit warned us that such rhetoric from our leaders would lead to violence and it is with such sadness that we have now arrived at that moment. Words matter. Martin Luther King and Gandhi used their words to inspire and bring about such positive changes. Adolf Hitler and Jim Jones used their words to bring unspeakable amounts of death and destruction. Words matter and leaders of all kinds have a responsibility to them. There is hope.

As Americans we can change direction. We can return to the UNITED States of America. This is still the country of immigrants who were united because of our differences. I still believe our leaders can find a peaceful cohesive path. I still believe that we should love our neighbor as it was taught so long ago and I still believe in this great country that is temporarily fractured from an infestation of hate. Now is that time for change. Now is the time for healing because the alternative only leads to more violence. Violence only creates sorrow.

The predictions:

World Predictions 12-6-18. When you peddle fear.. when you peddle a divide.. the outcome.. the expectation.. will inevitably be violence and violence is coming.. its coming soon. 

PREDICTIONS 3-22-18 The threat that is coming.. the problem is your president acts like a troll.. he hunts down individuals to verbally hurt.. which in turn creates a tone that it is acceptable to be cruel to one another.. which leads to upheaval.. which leads to violence.. violence will flourish happily in your own country. The impression was that home grown terrorism as well as violent protests explodes across the US. 

Predictions 3-12-18 “Hate rises.. racism flourishes.. violent attacks.. terror attacks committed from within.. all sides implode from the Neo Nazis.. to the extreme left.. never before has there been this level of upheaval and violence since the Jim Crow days.

PREDICTIONS ON 12-9-15 I had a visual of a silver coin drop to the ground, as it fell I looked down to see a swastika on the coin. “Its coming  back”

118 thoughts on “The Path Of America Needs To Change

  1. Its all brought about by the left and the left-leaning media peddling fear and hysterically assigning ‘racism’ to anything they don’t like. Inform your spirits that we’re a country of laws and of *legal* immigration, not of lawlessly overrunning our borders.

    1. Ashanta, may I humbly ask what your spirits believe in relation to Eric’s spirits? Are they in opposition? What predictions do they give for us all therefore in relation to the future time as opposed to what Eric’s spirits have shared with us, assuming they are opposed to the ‘left leanings’ that you refer to?
      Do you, or your spirits have a web site/page with predictions of the past, present and future that have accurately accounted for events equal to those that Eric’s spirits have enlightened us with?
      Thank you in anticipation. Pete

    2. Ashanta,

      We just had a white nationalist who echoed Trump’s words in his manifesto that killed 22 people in El Paso because he wanted to stop the “Hispanic invasion;” 2 months before that we had the president and his supporters laughing when one of his supporters yelled “Shoot’em” after he told the crowd that nothing seems to stop them from crossing. I won’t apologize for calling out legitimate racists such as these for their racist hate.

      Btw, Erik’s spirits would probably inform him to tell you to remember we are all one and to have just a little compassion and empathy for those humans suffering or less fortunate than you – you know, like Christ did? – because you could’ve easily had a past life in a situation such as theirs or will have a future life such as theirs.

  2. Ashanta, we need to respect Native American laws, if there are any laws regarding immigration. And it has been overrun by Europeans who were and are lawless ,took their land. …..with that said ….the upside of such lawlessness is that it also became the precedent: a land of immigration. All humans throughout times like other beings on this planet have had the need to immigrate (with or without laws) the human soul is designed to… as were also going to explore space in the far future , into territories which may have laws as well were unaware of and may be trespassing (a bridge to cross when science gets us there) There is no denying where the divisive rhetoric is coming with statements like “go back to your country and “shit hole contries) etc etc ….is that not fuel for the fire??? Or am I hallucinating ? Anyway please don’t be in denial , not to say that dems can’t be divisive …:..but I’ve yet to hear one say the same strong offensive words this leader has. It’s a disaster.

    1. AIDEN your comment was blocked. Please do not make incendiary comments like that that go way over basic decency, otherwise all comments will be blocked.

        1. Hi Aiden. I have to agree with Eric in that how you present is what is offensive, not necessarily the argument or opinion. To me you tend to have an aggressive presentation, as if you are right and anyone else that opposes you is wrong. We all have opinions. We all have levels of understanding. We all present in relation to our perception of truth, as we understand it. But we also must respect that others are either ahead of us in some spheres of learning and others are still grasping. Do we have a right to judge where they are at in that process? Do we have a right to determine whom is correct?
          I like what you present at times. However, the way you present it I find confrontational. I truly hope you appreciate my humble opinion … and that is all it is meant to be. Pete

  3. Really, Jon? You haven’t heard Maxine Water’s hateful rhetoric? Or Rep. E. Cummings say exactly the same thing about his city that this President said? Or the current Mayor of that city? And…your “go back” comment is totally out of context.
    What he actually said was (paraphrasing) “Perhaps they should go back to their countries (referring mostly to Omar), fix the problems in them, and then come back home and help us fix our problems.”

    Most affected people IN those cities mentioned by this President are actually HAPPY that this President has pointed out that NO HELP is being given them by the very politicians they elected….so….where has all the money in aid gone?

    And…”racism” has lost it’s meaning in today’s world.. The word is bandied about all the time…. It is NOT about the same things as that about which Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke. And…every conservative…regardless of race…is being branded as either a “white supremacist” or an “Uncle Tom” or something just as vile.

    The USA was the second country…and the first major country to outlaw slavery. And..of the African slaves sold….the USA received approximately 4.1% (and some of those people BECAME slave owners themselves). The country that received the most? Brazil….approximately 40% of those sold…and the last country to outlaw it. Yes…it takes a long time for true equality….for other races…and genders. Even many early Native American Indians had slaves.
    And slavery is still alive and a very real problem in the world.

    Also…I am of many heritages….one of which is Native American….and my late brother in law was half…and their children 1/4…yet even they did not take advantage of “racial identity” in order to obtain college preference admissions. (As Elizabeth Warren did).

    What did they do? Well…my late brother in law was career USAF….received a personal letter of commendation from President Kennedy for his service during the Cuban Missile Crisis, served over two tours in Vietnam….and all five of their children served honorably in the military….one to retirement.

    So…my point is this….the “race card” has been used so often it has lost its original meaning….and those throwing it around ALL the time now….are responsible. We cannot change the past. But…reasonable and responsible people (no matter who they may be) can fix this nation.

    We cannot fix the entire world however, and the same issues that currently plague this country (crime, hate, violence) are the same issues all over the world….and some are even worse than in the USA.

    If this country is to move forward, ALL people must come together and actually get some work done for the people of this country. No more name calling….an honest and non-biased news media….non-partisan cooperation in protecting the constitutional rights of all citizens.
    Good luck with that….I wish these things would happen….but…unfortunately….. I do not have much hope.

    1. amatoanne — Trump didn’t know 3 of the 4 congresswomen were born in the US; rather, he just assumed all 4 of the black and brown congresswomen were from “s-hole” foreign countries based on the color of their skin, because that’s just how racists like Trump think.

      Oh, and if you knew anything about our racist history in this country, you’d know that white people telling minorities to go back to their country of origin is racist and has a well documented history of being used by racists. You should know better than to excuse and justify such racist, vile and dehumanizing rhetoric.

      Btw, Trump has a long history of being a racist and a bigot – first time being in the 1970s when the DOJ sued him for racial discrimination in regards to the Fair Housing Act.

    2. amatoanne,

      “Most affected people IN those cities mentioned by this President are actually HAPPY that this President has” — You’re just lying when you say “most people in those cities” because neither of you have spoken to most people in those cities to come to such a conclusion; and all the president did was attack and trash the cities, as opposed to offer positive advice and/or help. He might want to also look at some of the same low living standards and sanitation problems in districts where some of his supporters live as opposed to just singling out minority inner cities.

      And racism hasn’t lost its meaning in today’s world. The FBI Director testified before Congress a few weeks ago that white supremacy is the leading cause of domestic terrorism, and the FBI is making about the same number of domestic terrorism arrests as they are international terrorism arrests. The only problem is that we have a racist demagogue president who fans the flames and who sees immigrants the same way as these far right terrorists do — i.e. as “invaders”.

    3. To both you and Jen/Jon, I’m wondering what either of your comments have in common with Eric’s Spirit Friend’s message to us all? You see, it is so easy to get grounded in the swill, cesspool or heat of decaying excrement that is going on around us. But it is another to be able to see something of a Higher Order available to us.
      Why does Eric’s Spirit Friend, and they are the Holy Spirit of older times, give us this information? To prevent? To rally the troops? To create the very aggression They are warning us against?
      NO! They are calling on us to call on Them. To meditate and unite with Them, as Eric does to get the messages in the first place.
      Please, don’t feed the manure, there’s enough of it there already. Go to Source. Meditate. Spread the Peace and Good Will that only THAT Power can spread in the world. A Power that neither Democrat, Republican or Independent has a hope of hell instigating. Please, go to the Source. It is not in a religion. It is within just itching for you to connect with. Pete

    4. Lol, you must’ve failed history class because the US was not the 2nd country nor was it the 1st major country to abolish slavery. Slavery in the US wasn’t abolished until 1865 when the 13th Amendment was signed – and just use google to see all of the countries that abolished slavery before the US did in 1865; you can even use google to see the real 2nd place country to abolish slavery. Also, the British Empire abolished slavery 32 years before the US did with the Slavery Abolition Act, which debunks your claim of the US being “the first major country to outlaw slavery.”

      About 600,000 slaves were transported to America, or 5% of the 12 million slaves taken from Africa. Not 4.1%.

      Warren didn’t take advantage of “racial identity” in order to obtain college preference admissions. The Boston Globe did the most extensive examination into this claim by examining hundreds of documents, some of which never seen before, and actually speaking with the people at the schools who would know — i.e. those who were involved in admitting her.

      Here’s the article, you and anyone else who falls for fake news like that claim should read it so you won’t fall for nothing like that ever again:

      1. I’m an American citizen. One of the reasons the American colonists rebelled against Britain is that the American economy was built in the backs of slaves. Great Britain outlawed slavery and the slave trade.

    5. amatoanne,

      Unfortunately this country started moving backward as soon as candidate Trump started off his hate campaign by demonizing the majority of Mexicans as rapists, drug dealers and murderers. Ever since then we’ve been in reverse.

      As president he’s only fueled the flames with his demonization of immigrants, minorities, migrants, refugees, and Muslims. Hate crimes and white supremacist terrorism have noticeably risen each year since Trump’s been president. The far right anti-immigrant movement has been on a global rise ever since his election.

      Btw, counties that hosted political rallies with Donald Trump as the headliner in 2016 saw a 226 percent increase in hate crimes over comparable counties that did not host such a rally in subsequent months.

      Trump has run roughly 2,200 Facebook ads using the word ‘invasion’ since May 2018; the El Paso terrorist traveled several hours to a border city, where he killed 22 people, to – as he claimed in his manifesto – stop the “Hispanic invasion” – he also spelled Trump’s name out with guns on social media.

      1. Exactly , I’m not trying to add on to the division going back and forth but trying to point out the source as you have , of where the hate is come from , because I can tell there are staunch followers of Trumffn that are following his words as if they are truth and wacky conservative media that instigates with wacky theories , their truths are dangerous. And his ( trumpff) thinking seems to proliferate, and.manifest into more hate , there’s denial that anything dire going on with the racist rhetoric, as seen here by some of the posters and that somehow ostracizing and
        Allowing inhumane treatment towards a group of people is right because they are ….”unlawful” ….actual code for : they aren’t considered as a fully human and don’t deserve the same dignity as a “full human”…..the law abiding ones…. this is where I see division that should be confronted.

        All of us are here to live on this planet , trying to do our best. Always place yourselves in others situation. If you are safe and warm, you are very lucky.

  4. Aiden…we must be reading a few of the same news sources. Don’t know about you, but I get about 14 from all over the world…and try to get both sides….and then…I try to research.
    Think the Epstein case involves high ranking people from a few other countries…not just the USA.
    But…you are correct….Epstein case is only one issue….and only the tip of the iceberg…just hope we do not “go down”… like the Titanic.

    PS…you are from NZ, correct? My best girlfriend from grade school has been a citizen there since her college days ended. Lost touch…but will check with one of her brothers….maybe we can renew our contact.
    Have a wonderful day!

    1. Yeah the epstein case is global.

      Some read, and some coming from my beings and spirits

      1. Mine…except for two…are dreams….and I never forget even the smallest details. First one happened while awake….about 7 years old.

        One dream occurred slightly before my daughter gave birth for the first time..there was absolutely NO reason for the dream…..and I saw the children she would have (did not tell her about it for years). But the backs of those 3 children were clearly visible standing in front of me….and my daughter (who had been close with my long deceased mother when young) appeared….and my mother’s voice said quite clearly “See? I told you she would be all right, and look at all she has accomplished.” And…that was SO accurate…and SO true…all 3 are exceptional…academically, musically, artistically….and all unique…but appeared exactly how they appeared when younger.

        And…if I had had the dream in July a bit earlier, could have warned about the Manhatten power outage. One odd thing I saw in that dream left me with the definite impression that It was NOT accidental.

        1. “could have warned about the Manhatten power outage”?
          I live in Manhattan. The outage affected one limited area and shut down the subway for a few hours.

          We survived just fine and were — as ever — amused by non-NYers’ (including foreign media’s) breathless news coverage. It’s as if those folks expect (or maybe want) every blip in NYC to herald the End of the World. lol!

  5. No….Eric….I am not “trolling”. Probably old enough to be his mother….at least! (If that is what “trolling” even means…I don’t even know.

    Aiden has referred in a past post and commented about someone I mentioned going soon to NZ because I was worried about a prediction you made not long ago. He replied that “she would be all right here”.

    And…in addition…a question and observation….in a previous post, you also mentioned a vision regarding the USA (paraphrasing) about “the USA….being dark….like in the 1950’s….and people marching in lockstep”.
    Should have asked you on that post to explain in more detail….because….I do not remember the 1950’s as being dark at all. Yes…everyone had to work hard to provide for their families….and there were some issues….but…it was not a “dark period” IF that is what you meant.
    The way I remember it is best summed up in a verse of a song:
    “Remember the joy that would come without warning
    Opened your eyes, woke you up on a Saturday morning,
    Running outside to a world with no fear
    With wide open spaces and summers that lasted for years.
    I remember it well.” (Matt Maher…album “Echoes”)

    So….just would like some clarification on that vision as well. Cannot find the post.

    1. I’m a kid of the 70s. The summers were amazing then, long, hot and beautiful. All day spent in the lake playing and swimming. Today, summers are short and cold. They keep telling us global warming, sure, past few summers have been so cold we’ve had a fire going most summer, gardens aren’t producing as much as they used to. Then you get one hot day and instantly it’s the hottest summer ever.

      Ah well , at least you saw my post before it was deleted.

      1. We had 3 nights last winter with -50 degrees F. Unusually cold. And..yes….summer colder here too. Right now…it is only in mid-40’s. Everything late growing….but trouble happening with wildlife also. Wild (and some protected) species of birds being found deceased all over….and even a couple of dogs….after autopsies performed, determined to be West Nile Virus. Climate changing, but…so many different possible causes….solar activity….or lack of it; magnetic pole movement which has accelerated and due (they think) to molten lava under crust which is being pulled because it is magnetic.
        One theory…CERN….which (when experiments on) has magnetic power about equal with that of entire earth. Even Stephen Hawking warned against that. Personally….think lots of conditions effect the weather patterns.

    2. I find it interesting @amatoanne told Erik s/he is not trolling, then stated they do not know what the word “trolling” means.

      How can you know you are not trolling when you do not know what it means?


  6. Excellent post Eric and very true. I believe we, as a society, have lost our moral compass and as a result, an evil pall has descended over our nation. I don’t know the answers, but intense prayer, I think, is needed as well as being kind to all we meet. Sensible gun control, to me only makes sense too. Stay safe everyone, God bless!

  7. You should stick to psychic predictions. Politics does not suit you. Advocating both siderism is the surest way to right wing victory there is. And, it decreases your stature as someone who is beyond the bickering. Stay above the fray.

  8. The path will change for the better, as it always does, only problem is that it won’t be overnight. Stay positive. 😄

  9. I worry about the direction of the country, and the world. It feels like there are a lot of flashpoints, with terrorist groups like ISIS and white-supremacists, tensions with North Korea and Iran, political division….

    Obviously, people coming to this site have a lot of different opinions, but I think we can all agree that we’re feeling scared, or at least concerned. Besides extremists, no one wants destruction and division. Most people are ordinary people, just trying to figure out what to do with their lives.

  10. eric. it is long overdue, for you to start blocking, the same people, who stir the pot with the negative comments, time after time, if you can reason with them, that is one thing, but they are so closed off, so they are not learning from this site. after a while, the negitives will take over this site, and drive away the people, who do care, and do good. to all those, hate, fear, and negativity, must be forth with love, and understanding! two of the negative people, do not even live in America,! so they can not experience, what is even happening, on a day to day bases. it is SO GOOD, to have people, have all sides come here, and contribute and learn, but it is another thing, to have negative people, tear down other peoples self confidence and self esteem, wearing people down, to the point that they don’t care anymore. THIS is what is happening. big time, in government now. thank you EVERYONE for caring, and learning and teaching others! we WILL work together, to indue the darkness, that surrounds AMERICA now!

  11. I’m not really religious, but I love the song “Jesus, Take the Wheel”, and the video that accompanies it fits in so well. It’s comforting. (I especially like the part near the end when the little girl waves to Jesus, and the mother’s looking like, ‘who’s she waving to?’

    Here’s a link to it.

  12. I tried to post this before, but I guess it didn’t work–below is a link to a lovely version of Amazing Grace. I thought it might help comfort people and relax them; something we all need in times like these.

    Here’s the link:

  13. I agree with Allen, time to permanently block a few people who want to take over the comment section for their own views. Their posts are serving their own egos and not helping in any way. I feel the narcissistic egoism of amatoanne as most unpleasant. Aiden’s comments feel self-serving also. I get that he thinks he already knows everything… Sorry to say so explicitly.

    1. Aiden has been blocked. As I grow bigger I need to weigh it out better. Without a doubt the comment section is for us to be a united community. On the other side I want to allow people to speak their mind, I want everyone to be welcome. As I grow I will get a better handle on where that line is on when someone is just self serving.

  14. Eric, 2 of the predictions above and several in the recent past that predict these recent events also mention the N California earthquake and the bridge. I didn’t know this but on 8/11/19 Jupiter will move into the constellation of Sagittarius “the intersection point of the two circuits between Scorpio and Sagittarius constellations, right under Ophiuchus right foot, is known as The Golden Gate.”.

    1. I have a question for you, Recently Spirit kept lining up the planets and each time from each angle ended up at Saturn. I have no idea of its meaning, just throwing it out there. Where did you learn about this golden gate?

      1. I checked out a few sites and this is the mythical meaning that ties up with the constellations I also found that the bridge was named after the golden gate of Jerusalem and symbolizes the Jewish Messiah. Interestingly enough Alcatraz opened the prison to prisoners on 8/11/1934. I have been to that area in San Francisco and you can see the prison from the bridge and the bridge from the prison.

      2. Hi Eric. I’m not all that good with Astrology, but I know that Saturn represents conservatism, limitations, authority/school teacher and generally limitations/restrictions. Wondering how long ago you first got this ‘lining up of the planets’ that you mentioned. Also were there any indications as to which other planets stood out to you. For what it’s worth, Astrologically we at the worst of possible times as we move from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. And the changes, just like we experienced in the sixties and seventies, are causing those that believe in ‘don’t change anything’ to be aggressively active right now.
        I find this site the best for interpretations as to what is happening currently in Astrology. He renews and updates every Sunday Aussie time. He is American. Hope that helps mate:

      1. I couldn’t copy my websites on my phone tonight but I went to and article on 9/23/2018 how constellations do change. I can find the direct links on my computer tomorrow and to get the title.

        1. Luna tic, I think I’ve read that same article before on Could have been Star48 who added it on site once. But if you find it again do link please. Thanks!

    1. Unfortunately for you “you’re disgusting”, those of us who are long time followers of Eric’s site and those of us who are friends of Erics know this is a ridiculous accusation. You are a troll/bot and nothing more.

      1. Eric I actually just told Rhona, “It’s just Aiden, bet Eric booted him out and he’s trying to reinvent himself”.
        Oh my the things people do…

        1. Bit childish, I am going to have to temporarily put the comments on an approval mode but I am trying to do that just for new comers, I don’t want to blanket the entire comment section.

      2. eric, thank you. I know that was very hard for you to do! but, this site is to change the bad into good. nobody, can do that, if everyone is wasting their time, energies, having to defend their comments. we all work together, we all learn together. hopefully, this is a wake up call to others, as well…………….

  15. People, stop tearing each other down! From the outside looking in, America seems such a mess and is going down a very violent path. Be kind, be respectful. Hate breeds hate.

  16. I couldn’t copy my websites on my phone tonight but I went to and article on 9/23/2018 how constellations do change. I can find the direct links on my computer tomorrow and to get the title.

  17. Eric there are many astrologers who have mentioned that Saturn will be fully conjunct Pluto in January 2020. This happens around every 33-38 years and usually marks a time of crisis or change for society.
    Later the same year Saturn will be conjunct Jupiter December 21, 2020. The combination of these two events in 2020 plus other astrological events will cause a time of transformation for earth’s global societies during 2020-2030. I am not an astrologer but I gather this is an intense time for us all. These two conjuctions will cause the planets Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto to line up in relation to the sun in 2020.

  18. The entire world needs to change. First is to make world leaders aware your responSible for the sin of your nation. Starts at the top all the way down in all government positions . Be careful who you vote in plus who are people in positions of power.this applies to every nation

  19. Oof. These comments are pretty rough people. Everyone has been infected will darkness it appears. We’ll get through this time, I just know it. I think from now through the next 12-18 months is going to be the most chaos. Then it will gradually improve over the next 5-8 years.
    People need to stop using their minds to over analyze everything. You won’t find the answer there. Use your hearts and your spirits. Please.

  20. Let’s have some actual truth here. That post about Eric being a pedophile was disgusting. BUT…and Eric…you KNOW this…because you must have deletd it. .That post claiming that Eric’s site would be shut down because of his ties to acts like those appeared WAY BEFORE Aiden stopped posting…and Eric’s action to block him. THAT POST was by “Anonomyous” also….and…the next day…that post was gone from the site without any explanation.

    I actually came back to this site to let you know that thee actualky IS a connection to “darkness in the 1950’s”….and…all one needs to do is look up “McCartyism” or Senator McCarthy’s actions during 1950 (many, many false accusations of people being tied to the Communist Party and ruining innocent people’s lives) to see the similarities between what happened then…and what is occurring now…and will continue to occur….unless stopped…in our current Congress. McCarthy even accused President Eisenhower of being a part of the Communist party. Look it up on Britannica ir anywhere else.

    And…I find it very sad, Eric, that you have blocked Aiden…and allow this group to accuse him of being the “anonomymous” person when you know it is not true. Apparently most of what you find “offensive” is quite frankly just people who hold differing political views than yours.
    So…lfeel free to block me as well. After all..I pay nothing…so “Frankly, Charlotte, I no longer give a damn.”
    Have a nice life.

  21. Just one more thing…Jeffry Epstein is said to have committed suicide last night….”while under 24 hour suicide watch”. (Yeah….right….)

  22. This political stuff is bringing out the worst in some individuals here because their views are being challenged.

    My thing is if you don’t believe what his spirit guide is saying (despite the fact most of the time has been accurate unfortunately and fortunately depending on if it was a good or bad event) then why give Eric a hard time about it?

    1. I agree to Kali. I always thought about it this way. Its like someone knocking on your door and saying how much they hate you in every way and the whole time I think,.. great why are you here at my door??

    1. Thankfully, no one was killed in the attack! People should probably be cautious in case these shootings spawn more copycat incidents.

    1. I think he’s doing that to keep the headlines of impeachment or Jeffrey Epstein away. As in a distraction.

  23. “Flyers at Seattle synagogues the latest in series of racist incidents”

    “The neo-Nazi flyers, apparently produced by a prominent white supremacist website, have been appearing throughout the region over the past month.”

    “One flyer, posted on social media by David Goldstein, who has lived in the neighborhood for 22 years, depicted caricatures of four Democratic congresswomen of color biting down on an arm with ‘America’ written on it. Just above the illustration are written the words ‘SEND THEM BACK!’ Underneath the drawing: ‘DEPORT THE BROWN COMMIE INFESTATION.'”

  24. Eric, your absolutely right that our President of USA and leaders need to watch their words from mouths that can influence especially younger generations and affected older generation attitudes to differ their opinions turned to actions. Gotta watch as it happened wirh Hitler and hatred leaders. Praying for Trump to straighten up his attitudes and reverse to say positive words. “Words are powerful tools that can either lead to destruct or peace.”

    Thanks for all you and your ancient Spirits do. Greatly appreciated!

    Shalom to Earth.

  25. Please don’t forget our birth of freedom here in America not too long ago. We are here in love and peace, not hatred nor destruction. We are being watched closely from above. They are completely aware and prepared to protect our Motherly earth at all cost. They are aware of violence all around the globe. Be aware of your actions. We are not alone on earth. We are closely monitoring of our actions to prevent by harming our planet. We are needed to nurture our mother earth and forgot who we are and why we are here for a purpose. Political and religious are not important to whom above us. Just be cautious of what we say and do toward others.

    Save ourselves and this planet. The earth is not our. We are free to do whatever we want to do while exploring on our spiritual journals. Enjoy and live in peace.

  26. “No ‘Mixed’ or ‘Gay’ Couples, Mississippi Wedding Venue Owner Says on Video”

    Those covering religious refusals warned us this was the direction the religious right is trying to take the law. We’ve also seen a Catholic school in Michigan cite religion as basis to turn away a student with disabilities. It was never *ONLY* about an objection to same-sex marriage.

    When Ruth passes, these hateful/discriminatory religious people will flood the Supreme Court with laws and lawsuits meant to strip away protections for LBGTQ+ and every other minority group they hate in America. I pray for those who are going to be discriminated against because there will be discriminatory laws that the right wing majority Supreme Court will allow.

  27. “Trump suggested shooting migrants in the legs, spoke of gator-filled border moat: report”

    “President Donald Trump suggested to his advisers earlier this year that soldiers should shoot migrants in the legs to slow them down, and that the border wall should be electrified with spikes on top, and fortified with an alligator-infested moat, according to a new report.”


  28. “‘Stunning in ugliness & tone’: Trump denounced for attacking Somali refugees in Minnesota”

    “For roughly six minutes Thursday night, President Trump predictably singled out Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) during his campaign rally in her home district of Minneapolis. As photos of Omar wearing a headscarf flashed across jumbo screens at the Target Center in the city, Trump ramped up his broadsides against the freshman lawmaker, slamming her as an “America-hating socialist” and a “disgrace.” But he didn’t stop there.”


  29. Truly evil:

    “Video Played at Trump Resort Portrays Him Murdering Media, Opponents”

    “A conference for President Trump’s supporters at his Miami resort featured a violent video mashup that portrays him shooting, stabbing, and assaulting members of the news media and his critics—including the late Sen. John McCain and former President Obama.”


  30. “New Jersey Grapples With Far-Right Extremism After Arrests”

    “NEWTON, N.J. — NEWTON, N.J. — New Jersey investigators were looking into a routine complaint from a woman who said her ex-boyfriend was harassing her, when they uncovered something far more dire: The 25-year-old man had stockpiled weapons and far-right propaganda and had talked about shooting up a hospital.”

    “Two months later, New Jersey State Police responding to a crash in the same county discovered illegal assault weapons in the back seat of a car. Later, they found 17 more firearms, a grenade launcher and neo-Nazi paraphernalia in the driver’s home.”

  31. Eric,SWC,

    More than 50 Secret Service agents are injured in clashes outside the White House: Rioters throw Molotov cocktails in DC while looters trash Gucci and Chanel stores in NYC on a sixth night of violence in cities across the US

    🔷Demonstrations from Washington DC to Los Angeles have swelled from peaceful protests – sparked by the death of a black man, George Floyd, in Minneapolis police custody last Monday – into scenes of violence
    🔷National Guard troops have been deployed in at least 15 states and Washington DC
    🔷More than 4,100 people were arrested this weekend alone as the violence continued to escalate and cities enacted strict curfews
    🔷Protesters on Sunday set fires just mere feet from the White House, crowds raided high-end stores in New York and San Francisco and hurled rocks and Molotov cocktails at police in Philadelphia
    🔷Police fired tear gas and stun grenades outside the White House late Sunday as fires🔥 were set in the historic St. John’s Episcopal Church and Lafayette Park in front of the White House
    🔷Protests have unfolded in at least 145 cities across the country over the past week as people gather in outrage over the horrifying death of George Floyd who was killed in police custody last week
    🔷♦️The demonstrations have marked unparalleled civil unrest in the US that hasn’t been seen since the 1968 assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr
    🔷Donald Trump spent Sunday berating his enemies on Twitter and demanding ‘law and order’ in Democratic-run cities but did not appear in public and opted against making a televised address to calm tensions
    It has since emerged that Trump was rushed by Secret Service agents to a White House bunker on Friday night as hundreds of protesters gathered outside

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  32. Authoritarian governments, not democratic republics, send unmarked authorities after protesters. These Trump/Barr tactics designed to eliminate any accountability are absolutely unacceptable in America, and must end.

    ‘It was like being preyed upon’: Portland protesters say federal officers in unmarked vans are detaining them.

  33. “Yet another reminder that just causes ≠ just tactics, & that the left is perfectly capable of ridiculous bullying & intimidation as well. No, it’s not ok to surround & scream at bystanders until they “perform” in support of your (otherwise just) cause:

    “1) In a scene that played out several times Monday, a Black Lives Matter protest that began in Columbia Heights confronted White diners outside D.C. restaurants, chanting ‘White silence is violence!’ and demanding White diners show their solidarity. #DCProtests”

  34. “46% of whites worry becoming a majority-minority nation will ‘weaken American culture,’ survey says

    “The U.S. Census Bureau predicts that before 2050, the majority of the USA will be made up of minority populations. According to Pew’s research, 46 percent of white people fear that would weaken U.S. culture.

    “‘The finding speaks for itself. It suggests concern broadly held by whites about a majority-minority country,’ says Rich Morin, a senior editor at Pew Research Center.”

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