Truth 22

I had a visual of a very old man sitting in an old wooden chair in the middle of an apple orchid. I watched as he separated ripe beautiful apples from rotten ones. There was a massive barrel in the background, that all the apples came from. Then the old man took the rotten apples and added them back to the large barrel. Then he sat and waited for the bad apples to turn ripe again. Some apples would ripen while others became more sour.

For the flawed, the cruel, the greedy, corrupt, and the narrow minded, our father stands ready to give you another opportunity to change your ways, and when you fail, the creator will give you another and another. You will either slide towards him or become more rotten to the core. Life is a lesson and failure is expected. Its through our most epic failures we learn what not to do. Our creator will give every possible opportunity to bring you back to the fold, one lifetime after another, after another. Each life giving you opportunities to change.

Love, compassion, forgiveness is our fathers way. Our creators very blood is love and its through love that our father will bring us closer to his perfection.

So many ask why our creator cursed us with this darkness, why are we surrounded with so much evil. But what if we observed it from an opposite view. What if our place in the universe, in part, is to be the very blessing for that evil. To be that flawed stepping stool back to our creator. To sit by that rotten apple and turn it ripe again, through love, through forgiveness, through compassion.

For those who may doubt, think of the actions of Corrie Ten Boom who forgave her Nazi captors, or the unifying actions of Martin Luther King, or Nelson Mandela’s forgiveness of South Africa’s oppressors. All of them flawed humans like ourselves. All of them sharing their godly love, compassion, and forgiveness, in epic abundance, changing the rotten apples ever so slightly back to ripeness, serving their creator in the most magnificent way.

So I say to everyone be the light in the darkness, forgive your enemy, love all, provide compassion to all life, knowing that you are changing the rotten apples back to ripeness, and remember that in that moment your creator smiles down on you as he waits for change.

One of the next Truths we will cover later: “Karma holds you in place.. that special space.. designed just for you.”

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17 thoughts on “Truth 22

  1. Thank you for these uplifting words, Eric. I believe He does give us so many chances and opportunities to turn from evil ourselves, and to help others do that as well. I hope that I am able to distinguish true evil from the appearance of evil. Sometimes the darkest evil shows up in forms that seem good. Satan is the ultimate deceiver.

  2. eric, thank you for this post! GOD doesn’t care, if you have 100 lifetimes, as all of us, will experience the same lessons, but at different times, and different ways. the Earth, is one of the cesspool, planets out of so many, but, it is the only planet, where emotions , can be experienced, for good and the bad, so many other planets, have different life experiences and lessons, but Earth, is one of the hardest,one to be on, and to experience it. I want to add, that at GODs choicing and his time, the extremely bad souls, who have experience, 100s of lifetime, who only get evil, and stay that way, GOD will exsporpe, these souls, in his fold, but, that will take a very long long time,so, each soul is given, countless, and different lessons, as we come back to Earth, again and again, but, it is of our own chooising. each Earth period, has its own lesson, the NEW Earth period, is slowly unfolding, and with that, a very different lesson, for those souls, who do decide to come back. I know, you haven’t covered this yet, but souls, travel to other far away planets, as well, in between earth lives, as well, to learn those lessons, not be able to be lived and experienced on this planet. Thank you for sharing this post, the readers, should experience, a truth, in their heart, as they read these truths, that is for them, to know, that the core truths, are the same, for every soul, that our mighty father, was created.

  3. Yeah, I do not believe God cursed us with evil. God blessed us with free will, freedom of choice. While we do make mistakes, some people knowingly choose evil.

  4. You have to forgive for your own peace (health etc.),
    it looks egoistic that you think about yourself,
    but…it gives also more peace to the other, try it helps.

  5. like to ask a question about life and death.
    if we have free will and free choice why is it when we have a near death experience people who want to stay in heaven are told its not their time and have to go back. so that would mean we didnt 100% have free will.
    it appears maybe we have 50% free will and choice and the other 50% is planned stuff due to life choice before birth and maybe past life karma. so we dont maybe have full 100% free will but share half with god creation.
    otherwise if u wanted to stay in heaven why not stay why have to come back from death. just wondered.
    also it appears when we due its a similar automatic process. its not controllable.
    also if life in heaven was period why leave in the first place. why not just keep the great people there and the not so nice in another place. why mesh us all together in life.
    cant we just stay and learn and do things in heaven. why depart in the first place.
    also if people can read the future its as if everything is planned. its like a big book we all together are on the same book and just playing out the books events. the beginning of the book and end has already been written.
    maybe every planet or the many mansions of heavens have all different story books playing out.

  6. I want to ask why we are all put in one pot here on Earth – namely -the good souls and the evil ones to whom the situation is much more beneficial, because the evil souls have been given countless chances to “try again’ and if they do something bad to the good souls, they “try again”… Why the good souls are allowed to be toyed with like that and sacrificed like that for the “learning purposes” of evil souls? What is more – a lot of good souls will turn away from God, because all they see – evil is not punished on this world.

    1. Hi Lilly, have you looked at the other truths? When you say good I hear older, when you say evil I hear younger soul. The difference between one soul and another is what they have learned through lifetimes of experiences. Learning is the basis of our existence right now. At the center of that learning is all of us together. For instance in the 27th century it’s a common expectation for not only parents but society to take care of the children. We certainly don’t have that now, we just learned that working together functions better. Compassion to all is the only viable way forward.

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