8 year Old Boy Killed After Being Pushed On Train TraCks

This tragic prediction in Germany has happened.

Two parts of the last message have unfolded with two tragic events back to back.


I had a visual I was standing in between two trains at a train station, one of the trains was about to depart and I felt an ominous sense of dread.

The implication was Europe. Perhaps Germany.


The message from yesterday: “The attack coming soon.. minutes away”

Then it shifted to show the Eiffel Tower with a fuse string lit reaching its end, then a visual of two trains crossing each other, then a port, then an airport, then a map of the US. 

Later I would have a separate visual of New Zealand.

9 thoughts on “8 year Old Boy Killed After Being Pushed On Train TraCks

  1. That’s awful; what kind of person would purposely push a child in front of a train? I’m glad to hear passersby helped catch the killer before he could escape.

  2. I think it is more unfolding than happening, if you read the article


    “Seehofer said that in view of “several serious crimes” recently, he would interrupt his vacation and meet the heads of security authorities Tuesday.

    He didn’t specify what he was referring to, but Monday’s incident followed a case earlier this month in which a 34-year-old woman was pushed in front of a train and killed in Voerde in northern Germany. The suspect in that case, a German-born Serb, is in custody.”

    It makes it seem like there is more of this going on than just these two

  3. so very sad and ..why? …is always a question that we all ask ..indeed is there an understandable ..why? ..No !..there is not .!
    love and light to loved ones ..

  4. Unfortunately pushing people onto train tracks happens more than you might think. I never stand close to the front when waiting for the train to arrive because you never know if there is a crazy lurking in the crowd.

  5. Whoa! Navy jet F/A 18 Super Hornet crashed in Death Valley National Park (California) injuring 7 people on a scenic overlook. Description from those witnessing? Looked like a bomb went off!!! The nose cone described as size of bowling ball! Pilot so far not found. Plane off USS John Stenis. Think homeport Norfolk VA. Why does “7…7…7” resonate? Pitch in anyone.

  6. Aaaand…in the news…Osama Bin Ladens son and heir has been reported dead too. Ok. What’s going on here? Hmmm….US navy jet crashed ……Osama Bin Laden’s son dead….

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