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Notes on 8-24-14

I asked about the terror attacks and they showed a line of people waiting. This implies that either one or both predictions about Boston and Norway might not happen as soon as we I am expecting, a waiting mode. But I am open to your interpretation.

“On the 2nd-3rd.. the fountain will rage.”  — Spirits Voice — Perhaps a message that Iceland’s Volcano Bardarbunga will have a massive eruption, or some type of flooding because of the glacier?

They showed a list of different events then pointed to one just around the corner, the caption read: ‘Show Down’

“Russia will counter sanctions with their flexing of military might.. such a bully response.”

“The earth scorched.. billions upon billions wasted for your failure to act.. the worst won’t be the ocean that consumes the land, or the massive storms, but a global famine.”




Liberia Ebola Fears

Here is an example of what Spirit was talking about when making this prediction.

Notes on 7-23-14 “The virus.. yes to its deadly threat.. and it will pop up in other locations.. but the real threat comes in fear.. fear and a cold calculated response will be more damaging.. watch for it.. we had predicted it.. vaguely.. words of security.”

Notes on 5-28-14 “We question the security for the social order, social security.. for the group there is a social safety/security matter at hand.. bad decisions”

The Facts 8-20-14 by AP: Liberian officials fear Ebola could soon spread through the capital’s largest slum after residents raided a quarantine center for suspected patients and took items including bloody sheets and mattresses.

The violence in the West Point slum occurred late Saturday and was led by residents angry that patients were brought to the holding center from other parts of Monrovia, Tolbert Nyenswah, assistant health minister, said Sunday.

Up to 30 patients were staying at the center and many of them fled at the time of the raid, said Nyenswah. Once they are located they will be transferred to the Ebola center at Monrovia’s largest hospital, he said.

West Point residents went on a “looting spree,” stealing items from the clinic that were likely infected, said a senior police official, who insisted on anonymity because he was not authorized to brief the press. The residents took medical equipment and mattresses and sheets that had bloodstains, he said. Ebola is spread through bodily fluids including blood, vomit, feces and sweat. Quoted by:

Rain Floods North East

This prediction has happened.

Notes on 7-14-14 “There will be another major storm for the northeast US this season, but it is nothing compared to its predecessor.”


Notes on 8-10-14

“We only have a handful of predictions that become major events.. this terrifying event is one of them.”
“A Hurricane will strike Florida and all those surrounding areas (Islands)..” Spirit showed the projected path of the Hurricane, it passed through the middle of the peninsula at a slight slope, but they also showed another projected path in the south part of Florida.
“The sea level will rise, the flooding from the tide will reach far inland.. the flooding will affect the most unexpected locations.”
I had a visual that I was looking down on Florida from high up above and the southern half of the peninsula was flooded.
“We can only compare the magnitude of threat that comes with this.. like Haiyan.. like Sandy.”
“Around the seasonal festival.. when the pumpkin is out..  the middle. (Mid October?)”
— Spirits Voice

Eric’s Comments: There is a disagreement on timing, I have heard both Mid October and the end of October. The end of September was another possible timeframe. It is very possible there are two different storms that affect the same location. But they are verifying that this old prediction is still coming.

“Ontario.. fugitive on loose.. man hunt.. possible evacuation.” — Spirits Voice

“Vin.. (Vincent?)

I had a visual that I opened a door to a man working at a desk in a tall skyscraper. The entire wall behind him was made of the glass showing a beautiful view of a downtown city.  I walked over to the window wall and looked down to see a large bustling city that sat by a large body of water. In one of the areas below was a large plume of smoke rising into the sky and engulfing the downtown area with smoke.

I had a visual I  was walking through a town in the desert. Then it switched and I was standing in a boy’s room. He was standing up from his prayer rug. He looked like a boy in his early teens, I turned to Spirit, “What are we doing here?” Spirit responded pointing back to the child “Look again.” I turned around staring at him curiously, the ground around the teen began to slowly turn to ash and sulfur, a fire came from his feet like embers of a fire, his eyes became black oval-shaped grapes. As the ash grew closer to me I began to step back with caution, Spirit said: “Here he is.. born right before the century changed.. the Hitler, Pol Pot, Bin Laden of the future.. he is here now, alive and well.”

Eric’s Comments: They implied the teen lived in a nation that claimed to be a friend of the US, but it was all a facade, in truth the nation had a disdain towards the US.





Notes on 7-30-14

“From April 2013, a prediction is about to happen.”

“You need to know in 20 minutes (sometime around August 19th)  the prediction.. president..   first lady.”

“In China the infrastructure dramatically improves giving them an unexpected powerful edge in the global community.”

Eric’s Comments, are the first two messages connected? April 13′ is riddled with Tsunami predictions, several of them, the only ties to possible ‘first lady’ was in April 2014:

Notes on 4-15-14 I had a visual of a candle burning bright in the center of a chapel. “We pay our respects to your iconic figure.. she will pass very soon, now.. between the 19th-21st.. Nancy remembered for her entertainment, for her national service.”


Notes on 7-29-14

I had a visual of a building falling down and landing on the building next to it. There was a massive cloud of debris and dust in the air. In the vision it was the leaning tower of Pisa but the rest of the buildings were in a desert land and in close proximity. It could be a message of a flawed construction. It looked like India or Pakistan, but no name was given.

“A Genocide is coming if the issues of today aren’t dealt with now.. leaders stop your child like arguing and deal with the problem before it’s too late.” Spirits Voice — In my opinion it sounds like either ISIS or Boko Haram, both Iraq and Nigeria have poor leadership stuck in a constant bickering state.

I had a visual of a man secretly getting on a bus, avoiding other individuals, in the vision the bus had tinted windows.

I had a visual of a poster on a table, it showed a picture of a man with a wolf’s head, howling upward. — Perhaps a message of a ‘lone wolf’

“It would be 3250 deep.” (the exact wording was thirty-two and fifty.)  They also gave the message of 77 and mid August. The 7th and ‘around’ 8-15 are marked dates.

Spirit when is the attack?  I had a visual of the numbers 2 and then 3 blinking into each other. That does fit with 27 which could be interpreted as the 2nd.

I also had a visual of a very beautiful location, very green with large lively trees, there seemed to be a water front in the background and the buildings where clearly European. In the sky was a massive black storm approaching. — This could be an exact location, I should have asked for a name, as that could be multiple locations. A focus for tonight

Many of you noticed  I missed one of the predictions in regards to the terror attack warning, again its unclear if all of these events point to one event or multiple ones: Notes on 2-10-14 Terror Attack

“An Attack!” .. “Things were very happy and quickly became horrific.”
“Around the time of the dance, when the fireworks run, as it all closes up, its ending” “Soon” The Spirits showed individuals with heavy snow jackets so we are talking about a winter location or timing.
“1,2” The spirits showed two explosions, but it was unclear if they were just showing the same explosion from different views. They showed a long list of names and faces of those who were injured and tragically killed.
“In the crowded area..  in the North East..  from the fireworks.” The spirits showed a diner or restaurant for some reason.  They showed a row of fairly new buildings one of the buildings looked like a castle or a tall square tower made of rocks or cobble stones.

There is still time to make a difference, to alter the outcome of this terror attack. Please share this information with everyone, and have everyone share it as well. Its awareness that alters this situation. The spider bases its success on us not knowing.

Notes on 7-23-14

The Spirits went on a full-blown preachy rant. We discussed excluding it as we have before in other posts but surprisingly they wanted this one to go out. It is their opinion and honestly a good point so please keep an open mind and verify facts before I read the vitriol. Unfortunately it’s not word for word but a summary of our conversation, it went on for hours. Here are the predictions first.

“The cause of the previous storm (Typhoon Rammasun?) will cause a massive mudslide, so much horror and damage that the mudslide could be considered more damaging than the storm.” — In my opinion that would point to China.

“Typhoons and Hurricanes, yes to Florida.. China will be hit again and again and again.. next for China is unexpected.. the east will be hit.. also Indonesia.. but its Florida and the Bay of Bengal that has the greatest threat” — Other expected storms are in the North East US, and the Philippines, however nothing will compare to the other two.” — We will be asking for the details on Florida.

“The virus.. yes to its deadly threat.. and it will pop up in other locations.. but the real threat comes in fear.. fear and a cold calculated response will be more damaging.. watch for it.. we had predicted it.. vaguely.. words of security.” —  I assume we are talking about Notes on 5-28-14 as it relates to China’s quarantine.  But in their opinion we are more of a threat then the plague.

“As we observe.. we notice one glaring issue none of you are taking care of.. all of your current  disputes, attacks, and violence can be summed up in one word.. extremist. From every part of the world this word has become your plague.. elimination would drastically make the world better. The US radicals shutting down its government.. the Europeans racial isolationist.. Myanmars violent monks.. rabble rousing Russian rebels.. Muslim Uyghurs.. Israel’s stubborn unwavering pessimism.. Al Shabaab, ISIS, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and many more all fueled by liars. So let us debate the worst on that list of radical insanity and the one subject we are familiar with:

Jews believe in the God of Abraham, Christians believe in the God of Abraham, Muslims believe in the God of Abraham so when Christians denounce Islam as a false Deity they are talking about their own God. Radical Muslims burning down Christian Churches in the name of God is itself a contradiction of faith.

Jihad means to struggle and represents an internal struggle of a righteous path, radicals have some how made it an excuse for genocidal war. Humanity is swallowing lies and next to know one is verifying the truth.  For those of you who oppose the Islamic faith, have you read the Qur’an? Those of you who oppose the Christian faith have you read the Bible? Because if you haven’t your just fueling propaganda.

What has happened to those that know the truth or the moderates of the world?  Where is your voice? Where is the voice of the ‘moderate’ one? Stop being so silent, take back the world that is yours and speak the truth! It is the truth that ends this, not your guns or your political positions but a moderate path and it needs to end.”

Their message is not directed to you personally but humanities apathy in allowing a radical world to prosper, which now spirals out of control. I hope you help in always sharing the truth and the facts, but more importantly verify and research your opposing side for the sake of a more balanced opinion of your foe.

Here is a reference to the word Jihad. Yes it does have an external position of a physical struggle against the enemies of Islam but in no way does that justify the actions of todays world:


Typhoon Matmo Hits Taiwan

This prediction has happened. Another prediction that was seen as a failure of 2013, falls on 2014.

Notes on 11-25-13
I had a visual of several boats demolished by the coast. “China, the coast line damaged.” – There was mention of Taiwan but its unclear if it’s the same storm.


Wildfires Emergency

This prediction is happening, however the real center of this fire is Washington, not North California. Lightning was believed to start the Washington fires as well. The video reflects the multiple North Western locations. The three burners could be seen as the multiple states.

Notes 6-12-14 I had a visual of three burners red hot. Where? “Yosemite will spark a fire”
Eric’s comments: Burners are used to describe large forest fires or bombs. Three burners are unheard of. Last year when we had forest fires they presented one burner. Its unclear if we are talking about three different fires at the same time or one massive fire. 

Notes on 7-11-14 I had a visual of the north west United States.

The Facts on 7-18-14: Lightning caused fires in Yosemite. Thunderstorms have continued over the Sierra Nevada crest in the afternoon hours and have caused lightning fires in Yosemite Wilderness. Two new fires were found yesterday; one near White Wolf and the other is near Moraine Meadows. Quoted News:





Netherlands Win 3rd Place in World Cup

I believe this prediction has happened. If so its nice to see the Spirits take a break from all the dark predictions. They are missing the blue part of the flag.

Notes on 6-18-14
I had a visual of a red and white flag lining up – “Good Luck!.. they prevail.. champions”

Notes on 7-11-14

I had a visual that I was walking down a sidewalk and up ahead one of the blocks was completely cracked and broken. – It sounds like a major quake is coming “down the line”.

I had a visual I was on one side of the street and was waiting for the ‘walk’ sign to light up, then a bright beautiful white light glowed where the ‘walk’ sign should be. It was so bright that it lit up the night sky.

I had a visual of the north west United States.

93 was presented by Spirit.

I had a visual (twice) of a large US flag waving in the air – In the past that has represented a glowing proud moment for the US, usually very patriotic for instance the special forces operation against Osama Bin Laden had a waving flag.

I had a visual of a soccer ball rolling, then they implied I should look at our history of predictions, this is the only one that came to mind, please let me know if you can find another prediction that might have ties to the soccer ball, it wasn’t a very nice message:

Notes on 12-31-13
“It came, it came, the games have arrived!.. oh you’re in trouble.. cancelled.. disappointment as the dream is squashed.. terrorist ” I had a visual of red roses being cut down.

Eric’s Comments: We need some clarity, this set of predictions are vague,  they presented the US flag multiple times which implies it’s a prediction that will be happening  soon.

I would like to hear from you, my fans and friends. I have been studying the work of other psychics that have made predictions, but all of them are from other centuries. Does anyone know of predictions made here and now? Are there other psychic predictions that you have read from books or other sites that have been accurate? Please forward the psychics name and an accurate prediction they have made. Which of these psychics of today have the most accurate work?


Gaza Rockets and Israel Airstrikes

This prediction has happened.

Predictions for 2014
Israel will have a bloody conflict with its neighbor

The Facts on 7-7-14 by AP: “Militants in the Gaza Strip unleashed dozens of rockets on southern Israel late Monday, setting off air raid sirens and forcing hundreds of thousands of Israelis to stay indoors as the military rushed more forces to the border and warned that even heavier fighting looked likely.” Quoted by

FBI Rescued Children

Has this prediction happened?

Notes 5-5-14
“Largest amount of human abductions found.. secrets released.. our father cracks the door (opportunity) open.” — I had a visual of a cracked door open and behind the darkness was a young girl, with others in the background.

The Facts reported on 6-23 by ‘USA Today’: “Law enforcement officials rescued 168 child victims of commercial sex trafficking in a nationwide sweep during the past week and arrested 281 alleged pimps, the FBI said Monday.” Quoted by:

Small Tsunami

This prediction has happened. Explains the Kraken now, as if they were referencing their previous message.

Notes on 4-12-14 Partial Tsunami
I had a visual of a mammoth sea monster rising above the ocean with its tentacles stretching outward, its tentacle slammed into the land, but the rest of the sea monster fell back into the ocean before it could accomplish more.
“Partial Tsunami! Its coming soon.. 18.. 18.. this is the wave that will crash against the houses..” — Spirits Voice

Notes 6-21-14
They showed the word ‘Cracker and Kraken.’

The Facts on 6-23 by AP:  “Magnitude-8.0 Alaska quake spawns small tsunami. A strong earthquake near Alaska’s Aleutian Islands triggered a tsunami warning Monday, but only small waves measuring several inches hit coastal communities.” Quoted by

Earthquake in Alaska and New Zealand

This prediction has happened, they have the date right , even noted the time difference, but its location does not fit with New Zealand or Alaska. No reported damage.

Notes on 3-22-14 – Major Earthquake
Big one.. major earthquake.. this is going to be a bad one.. 24.. 23 to 24.. dirham.. at its tip or end.. the place shredded and mangled.”  – Spirits Voice

Notes 6-21-14
They showed the word ‘Cracker and Kraken.’

The facts on 6-23-14: CNN) — A trio of earthquakes struck in the South Pacific Ocean Tuesday the 24th morning southeast of Raoul Island, New Zealand, the U.S. Geological Survey said.
Tsunami warning issued for coastal Alaska following a quake with a preliminary magnitude of 8.0 about 15 miles from Little Sitkin Island.


Notes 6-21-14

“At this point we know of three ‘Category 5’ Hurricanes expected to hit landfall in 2014.” — Spirits Voice

I had a visual of bread in the oven, I took it out and it was slightly burned.

They showed the word ‘Cracker and Kraken.’

I had a visual of a crowd of people, the crowd grew quickly , all of them in a stadium.

I asked; Please verify prediction, has the scandal happened? — “Yes Poland..”  Spirit said.

Eric’s Comments: Now we need to get the details of the coming Hurricanes, it sounds like its going to be a rough season. The symbol of bread in the oven has been used before, it means we have failed to predict an event in a timely manner, a message that we waited too long or my focus was off.  Whatever the situation, it is expected to happen very soon. They also use the visual of uncooked bread as a symbol that I am jumping the gun, assuming a prediction has happened when it hasn’t. The stadium could be the start of a new prediction or could be referring to a massive increase in our fan base. Below is the post recapping the Poland prediction.



Poland Scandal

This prediction has happened, the display could be a reference to the tapes. Notes on 6-18-14 could also be related to this scandal as their flag is red and white.

Notes on 6-16-14
“International politics.. Europe.. scandal.. leaders doing shady financial deals..we will display to all for a justifiable response ” — Spirits Voice

The Facts on 6-20-14 by BBC: Poland’s justice minister has said a controversial raid to find leaked tapes that embarrassed the government “should have never taken place”. Marek Biernacki said the raid on the offices of a news magazine had raised “legitimate concerns”.
Wprost published an alleged private conversation in which Poland’s top banker discusses the next election with a minister.
Under Polish law, the central bank must remain independent of politics.
Transcripts of the recordings, made at a restaurant in Warsaw popular with politicians, were published earlier this week.
In the recording, Interior Minister Bartlomiej Sienkiewicz is allegedly heard talking to Marek Belka, head of the National Bank of Poland.
Mr Belka is apparently heard calling for Finance Minister Jacek Rostowski to be removed in return for the bank’s support in the event of an economic crisis.
Mr Rostowski was replaced four months later – but Prime Minister Donald Tusk denies this was as a result of the taped discussion. Quoted by:

Eric Cantor Loses Re-election

This Prediction has happened.

Notes on 4-19-14
“Some of the biggest names and top leaders of the current elected representatives of the US will lose their re-election.”

The facts on 6-9-14 by CBS : “House Majority Leader Eric Cantor loses re-election bid.
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., was stunned Tuesday, after being booted from his seat in the Republican primary by David Brat, an upstart tea party-backed economics professor.
“Yikes. I didn’t see that coming,” one top Republican told CBS News Congressional Correspondent Nancy Cordes.” Quoted by: CBSnews

Indonesia Volcano Eruption

This prediction has happened, the location seems off, unless the beans represent something else. The timing was correct.

Notes 5-24-14
’31′ in red. It was presented in a square,  like a calendar.
A visual of beans being washed, beans being prepared. – “2 minutes (days) for the Volcano” – Beans in prior prediction represented Latin America where pinto beans are harvested.

Notes on 5-6-14
“In comparison to its last eruption the volcano will erupt 3 times greater in a massive scale of fire and smoke, so much so that it will greatly affect those at a great distance.”

The Facts reported on 5-31-14 by The Independent: “A huge volcanic eruption in Indonesia has covered the region in a vast cloud of ash, grounding flights in Australia and south east Asia.
Sangeang Api, a volcano off the Indonesian island of Sumbawa, which lies in one of the most active areas of the Pacific ‘ring of fire’, has erupted at least three times since Friday.” — Quoted News:



American Soldier Freed

This prediction has happened.

Notes on 3-28-14
“A US special forces operation is about to happen.. an overall win win for the US.. its” plans for the grab are very successful.. pride for America.” — I had a visual of the US flag waving under the gleaming sun, with the song “Proud to be an American” playing in the background.
Eric’s Comments: You were given the impression with the special force operation they where grabbing military men.

The Facts reported on 5-31-14 by AP:” The only American soldier held prisoner in Afghanistan has been freed by the Taliban in exchange for the release of five Afghan detainees from the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Obama administration officials said Saturday.

According to a senior defense official traveling with Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel in Singapore, once Bergdahl climbed onto the noisy helicopter he took a pen and wrote on a paper plate, the “SF?” — asking the troops if they were special operations forces.

They shouted back at him over the roar of the rotors: “Yes, we’ve been looking for you for a long time.” — Quoted by:–politics.html

Japan Oil Tanker Explosion

This Prediction has happened. My heart and prayers go out to Japan.

Notes on 5-28-14
In asking for clarity: “Japan! Japan! Japan!” I had a visual of a man covering his eyes while he cried. This is our siren”
“Ocean.. water.. the sea.”
I had a visual of the ocean, just the waves moving back and forth, then in the background I could see two people sitting in a small boat fishing.

Eric’s Comments: Still need to ask for clarity on Japan, are we talking about an earthquake, tsunami, typhoon, or something else entirely like a poison ocean or an oil spill. You get the impression there is a sense of urgency.

Notes on 5-27-14
I had a visual of a land mass completely covered in smoke, there was so much smoke you could not see the location.  “Such a horrible tragedy.. several casualties.. a massive scope.. people going to jail”
“Japan! Japan! Japan!” I had a visual of a man covering his eyes while he cried. “This is our siren”

Notes on 5-19-14
Twice at night I heard very loud Sirens like the ones you hear on a ship.

The Facts on 5-29-14 by (CNN) — “An explosion on an oil tanker off the Japanese coast set off a huge fire Thursday and left the vessel’s captain missing.

Ships and aircraft battled the blaze on the Shoko Maru, a 998-ton tanker anchored about 5 kilometers (3 miles) off the port of Himeji in western Japan, the coast guard said. Rescuers have recovered seven members of the eight-person crew, the coast guard said, but the ship’s 64-year-old captain is still missing.

Four of the rescued crew remembers were seriously injured in the blast, the Himeji fire department said, and all seven of them were taken to hospitals after arriving in the port, which is about 75 kilometers (45 miles) west of Osaka on the Seto Inland Sea.” Quoted News:

Something else must have ties to the 31st.


Salmonella Outbreak

This prediction has happened.

Notes on 3-28-14
“Death, one will pass.. many more sick.. the chicken unbelievably bad.. unacceptable conditions.. strike ready”

The facts reported on 5-29-14 by StarTribune: An outbreak of antibiotic-resistant salmonella linked to a California chicken producer continues to sicken people more than a year after it started.
Despite the illnesses, producer Foster Farms has not initiated a recall, and the government has no apparent plans to shut it down.
The federal Centers for Disease Control says there were 50 new reported illnesses in the last two months, bringing to 574 the total number of cases in the outbreak. Most of the illnesses are in California.
Though centered on the West Coast, the outbreak is widespread — victims came from 27 states and Puerto Rico. There have been no known deaths. Quoted News:

Thanks Zaza and Amy for keeping me informed.

Notes on 5-27-14

“The bloody fight.. that’s a prediction unfolding.” — Notes on 3-13-14

“Twenty.. five.. minutes.”

I had a visual of a building with several lit candles placed in front. Then a man came in shooting those in the building. In the visual the building seemed old.  Some of the candles where bundled together. Is this a literal or symbolic place? Perhaps a church or funeral?  “14.. like Belguim”

I had a visual of a land mass completely covered in smoke, there was so much smoke you could not see the location.  “Such a horrible tragedy.. several casualties.. a massive scope.. people going to jail”

“Japan! Japan! Japan!” I had a visual of a man covering his eyes while he cried. “This is our siren” — Notes on 5-19-14

Spirit have clarified this riddle: I had a visual of a drum set with the words “Earthquake” written on a drum — “A band of earthquakes back to back.. its happened.” — Notes on 5-20-14

Eric’s Comments: Something very tragic unfolds in Japan. I have to assume that the smoke is related to Japan but it was presented separately. Smoke does not mean a fire. Smoke has been used to represent destruction. In previous predictions smoke was used for Hurricane Sandy and Al Assad’s chemical attack on Syria. Originally it was used as a gauge to describe how much destruction would unfold, now it is used any time there is a massive tragedy so that they can blind me from witnessing something truly horrible.

The numbers could be seen as 25 days or perhaps they are separate; 5 days and 20 days. Minutes represent days, and are used as a countdown to a specific prediction.  

My focus will now switch to Japan, I will do my best to gather as many details from Spirit. Then I need your help in bringing awareness to those in Japan. Let’s change this prediction. Let’s minimize the tragedy.

China Xinjiang Blast

I still haven’t confirmed with Spirit, is the prediction below talking about Boko Haram, the Xinjiang terror attack, or something yet to come. It might just be that Spirit is noting a massive surge all at once with terror attacks, with humanity under its belly.

The Facts on 5-21-14 by AP: “Thirty-one people were killed and more than 90 injured in an attack Thursday on a busy street market in the capital of China’s volatile northwestern region of Xinjiang, the local government said, the bloodiest in a series of violent incidents blamed on radical separatist Muslims.
The Xinjiang regional government said in a statement that the early morning attack in the city of Urumqi was “a serious violent terrorist incident of a particularly vile nature.”The assailants crashed through metal barriers in a pair of SUVs at 7:50 a.m. and plowed through crowds of shoppers while setting off explosives, the statement said.
The vehicles then crashed head-on and one of them exploded, the official Xinhua News Agency reported. It quoted an eyewitness as saying there were up to a dozen blasts in all.” Quoted by:

The Future of China
“When the passing of the great leader arrives and the country celebrates the individual’s life.. so to does its changing path of prosperity.. China’s wealth will multiply as its hands reach towards the Middle East and Africa.. its success multiplies.. but internal threats rise in great proportion from the far west side of the country.. spiders, spiders run rampant in the worst possible way!.. be careful China on the eve of a great era your own internal enemies have truly horrific plans.”
Glossary Reference: Spider

Notes on 5-13-14
Asking for clarity for the spider prediction / Terror attack from Notes on 5-8-14 :
“Closing time.. 1.. minutes (which means days).. now”
As I closed my eyes I heard people screaming.
I had a visual of a man building a bomb, mixing ingredients
I had a visual of various art portraits shown side by side then torn to pieces
“Art of war”
“A shattering of lives.. and those connected to them”
“Oakla or Oakley”
I had a visual of a toll booth, then another visual of a bridge.
Arrived April 1st (or beginning of April)
“This horror rises to an all time high.. the first of a set” — Spirits Voice
I had a visual of a massive spider so large that it was bigger then a human. Its belly was fat and the spider had large spikes at the bottom of its legs. It held a man under it belly, the man looked terrified, he had a name tag that said “humanity”
“A huge spider.. a campaign of terror is about to unfold.. starting now
His brutal strategy plan spilled.
In 4 to 5 months it will be bad.. some of the worst we have ever seen or predicted.
They will claim the first as a lone wolf but it’s not.. a calculated group effort.
4 songs
‘apocalyptic’ ‘three fifty-one’
in between two gulfs
fire started, fire started, huge explosion
9.. 10.. now.. US
these attacks lead to war.” – Spirits Voice
At one point during the conversation I had a visual of a large crowd of Arab dressed individuals running in the same direction.

Islamic-Jewish Hate on Washington Buses

This prediction has happened, ignorance is truly deplorable.

Notes on 12-19-13 They showed a Mosque “Now.. Where are the rights for the people.. such hypocrisy.. bitter people.. disappointing resolute”

The Facts reported by AFP/Yahoo news on 5-20-14: “Bus ads linking “Islamic Jew-hatred” Islam with Adolf Hitler are out on the streets of Washington, and the US capital’s mass transit authority said Tuesday it is legally powerless to ban them.

The elongated broadsides on 20 Metro buses feature a photo of the Nazi German dictator in conversation with “his staunch ally” Haj Amin al-Husseini, grand mufti of Jerusalem during World War II.

“Islamic Jew-hatred: It’s in the Quran. Two-thirds of all US aid goes to Islamic countries. Stop racism. End all aid to Islamic countries,” the ad states, over a fine-print disclaimer from the Metro transit authority.

We’re not able to refuse ads on the basis of content,” a spokeswoman for Metro told AFP, citing a 2012 court case that allowed another AFDI bus ad on the grounds that it was free speech protected by the US Constitution.” Quoted by:

Colombia Bus Fire

This prediction has happened, it was not 19 deaths, but note this situation took place around the 19th of May. My heart pours out to the people of Columbia.  The Prediction:

Prediction 20: The Bus
A fiery evil unfolds on a school bus, around 19 are deceased, such rage and anger. Around the month of May perhaps June.  (2.2)

The facts reported on 5-19-14 by (CNN) — A bus packed with children burst into flames in Colombia on Sunday, killing at least 32 people, officials said.

The bus was picking up children from an event at a church in Fundacion, Colombia, when the blaze began, Col. Adan Leon told CNN affiliate Caracol TV.

“Everyone started to scream and run,” a child who was on the bus told Caracol, describing how he escaped through a window. Quoted News:

Notes on 5-19-14

“Eric you must check on earthquakes.. again.”
“The oven is on”. I had a visual of opening the oven and the burners were bright red.
“Major flood in the area and around the area of Vietnam.. 730”
‘In 20 minutes’ — Presented last Saturday which puts it sometime between the 6th and 8th of June, a marked timeframe.
I had a visual of a soldier laying face down in the sand.
The words “Finale”
Twice at night I heard very loud Sirens like the ones you hear on a ship.
Eric’s Comments: I was tempted to sit on these messages until tomorrow when I received some clarity because they are vague, but there seems to be a needed urgency. Sounds like there is going to be a major quake soon or we made a mistake. Burners (oven) in the past were used to describe forest/land fires but you could also see this as a summer time that will be overly hot. 730 is marking of the 30th or July. The sirens imply something urgent, threating coming very soon. It could be a personal situation not necessarily a world prediction. Clarity on almost all of these messages are required starting with the Quake.


Perhaps this is what Spirit was predicting.

Notes on 3-30-13
“A technology is coming that will redefine gravity.. so many new items come out of it..”

BoldRide/Yahoo reported on 5-17-14: “The Aero-X Hovercraft Will Land in 2017.  Don’t be surprised if your city streets start looking like an episode of The Jetsons in 2017. Aerofex, a tech company based in California, has confirmed it will launch the Aero-X personal hovercraft in three years time, barring no hiccups with testing.” Quoted by:

The news site shows an interesting video of the hovercraft in action.

Turkey Violent Protest

All parts of this prediction have happened except the last. Turkey continues to have violent protests as their government lacks integrity.

Notes on 2-17-14 Turkey
I had a vision of the flag of Turkey, than blood sprayed on it.
“Turkey.. upheaval.. volatile.. assassination.. such foul stench of corruption.. such discord, unbelievable.. such a horrible moment for the nation.”
I had a vision of a man sneaking up to a sleeping leader in the dark.

The Facts reported on 5-15-14 by Euronews: “Thousands of people in Istanbul have been protesting against the deadly mine disaster on Wednesday.
Many gathered in Taksim Square, the scene of last summer’s rallies, chanting for the government to resign.
The four main unions have called for a national strike on Thursday.
They say the explosion which left more than 270 dead was not an accident but a crime or a “work murder”.
In Turkey’s capital Ankara, around 800 students protested.
Police fired tear gas and used water cannons to stop them from marching to the Energy Ministry” Quoted by:


This prediction has happened:

Notes on 5-14-14
“Scandals.. both black mail.. and a leader who says something grossly inappropriate.”

The Facts reported on 5-14-14 by Euronews: “Prime Minister Erdogan did little to endear himself to the families, telling them: “These type of accidents happen all the time in mines. These are ordinary events. You can look it up, there is such a thing known as a ‘work accident’.”
To prove his point, Erdogan then listed examples of other mining tragedies including one in England in 1862.
After his speech, the crowds could be heard calling for his resignation. At one point after he left, the prime minister had to hide in a supermarket to escape the crowd’s anger.” Quoted by:

Russia Demands Ukraine Pay For Gas

This prediction is starting to happen.

Notes on 4-15-14
“Too late.. sorry.. all the power – energy turned off in Ukraine.. the teeth of the UN will now move forward.. the UN pushes back” I had a visual of a small box like cage being slid into a larger cell, as if boxed in.

The Facts reported by BBC on 5-15-14: “Ukraine must pay cash for gas, says Russia’s Putin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said his country will demand payment in advance for gas supplies to Ukraine starting from 1 June.

In an open letter to European leaders, Mr Putin said Ukraine now owed Russia $3.5bn (2.55bn euros; £2.1bn) for gas already delivered.

He said Russia remained open to consultations, but the EU had failed to come up with specific solutions.” Quoted News Source:


Notes on 5-14-14

715 in big bold numbers.. 721 following that, no month was presented so I have to assume we are talking about May or June.
The 15th and 21st are marked. I asked; What predictions are you referring to?
The 21st: I had a visual of the word ‘earthquake’ then I was holding a small cooking pot. — Perhaps a reference to Portland prediction.
“Scandals.. European.. sex scandal.. Monica like.”
“Scandals.. both black mail.. and a leader who says something grossly inappropriate.”
They also played the song proud to be an American, so we are expecting Notes on 3-28-14 to happen soon.

Eric’s Comments: When you read these predictions always lean towards a symbolic message instead of a literal one. A man in a gurney is symbolic to a hospital. Smoke represents destruction not a fire. Try to always ask what would this be symbolic too? So when your looking at the new predictions ask; Is the toll booth symbolic? What do the portraits represent? They always speak in riddles and symbols, why do they do that? Put yourself in there shoes, even the youngest of my guides date back to the biblical days, their connection to this time is completely by observation, so everything is explained in the way of a foreigner who hasn’t been around for a very long time.
“Use the shiny brick to take care of the message” – Call someone on your cell phone.
“Make sure you correct that on the box you poke at.” Use the computer to type.
These are just two examples of their need to present everything more symbolic. But as time passes they do start to pick up things.

Libya Boat Sinks

This prediction has happened.

Notes on 5-8-14
I had a visual of half a ship under water sinking

The facts on 5-11-14: At least 40 die after migrant boat sinks off Libya in the Gulf of Sidra

I assumed the terror attack was related to the ship sinking but now they seem separate.  I have already asked for clarity on the ‘Notes on 5-8-14’ I will post it later today but I am hoping for a bit more understanding, the new message is very cryptic. I can’t help but notice how pieces of the Notes from 5-8 seem to match up with this event in Libya, perhaps they mistakenly entwined two events?

Notes on 5-8-14
I had a visual of a massive spider so large that it was bigger then a human. Its belly was fat and the spider had large spikes at the bottom of its legs. It held a man under it belly, the man looked terrified, he had a name tag that said “humanity”
“A huge spider.. a campaign of terror is about to unfold.. starting now
His brutal strategy plan spilled.
In 4 to 5 months it will be bad.. some of the worst we have ever seen or predicted.
They will claim the first as a lone wolf but it’s not.. a calculated group effort.
4 songs
‘apocalyptic’ ‘three fifty-one’
in between two gulfs
fire started, fire started, huge explosion
9.. 10.. now.. US
these attacks lead to war.” – Spirits Voice
At one point during the conversation I had a visual of a large crowd of Arab dressed individuals running in the same direction.
World Predictions Glossary Reference: Spider
I had a visual of half a ship under water sinking
I had a visual of spirit pointing to a map of Greenland, Iceland, and the spirit said “this is coming very soon” – A reference to the Volcano eruption.


May 11th Timeframe

This prediction has happened

Notes on 4-10-14
“In 30 minutes” — A message that another prediction is expected in about 30 days sometime between the 9th and 11th of May.

The Predictions summary that happened between the 9th and 11th:

Armed Men Open Fire in Ukraine – Posted on the 11th

Wall Collapse in China – Posted on the 11th

Pakistan Earthquake – Posted on the 9th

Boko Haram’s Kidnapping – Ongoing for May

Armed Men Open Fire in Ukraine

Has this prediction happened? It was debated in previous posts, I will let you decide. The question remains what does “James” refer to.

Notes on 3-16-14
“Along came a spider.. the spider crawls now.. multiple people are shot.. most of them in critical condition..  James.. Street.. Russia(n).. very ugly.. things going horribly wrong.”

The Facts on 5-11-14 reported by AP: “Armed men in eastern Ukraine open fire on crowd. Armed men identified as Ukrainian national guard opened fire Sunday on a crowd outside a town hall in eastern Ukraine, and an official for the region’s insurgents said there were fatalities.

The bloodshed in the town of Krasnoarmeisk occurred hours after dozens of armed men shut down voting in a referendum on sovereignty for the region. One of them identified the group as being national guardsmen.

An Associated Press photographer who witnessed the shooting said two people were seen lying unmoving on the ground and insurgent leader Denis Pushilin was quoted by the ITAR-Tass news agency as saying there were an unspecified number of deaths” Quoted News:

Also as multiple predictions unfold, this prediction has also passed.

Notes on 4-30-14
I had a visual of 3 ‘zero’s’ boxed together with numbers above them. — Three different predictions are about to happen back to back.

Boko Haram’s Kidnapping

This Prediction seems to relate to Boko Haram’s kidnapping of the children in Africa and the  destruction of their families:

Notes on 10-22-13
I saw in Africa a massive protest. Then they showed an even larger protest of civilians walking down a street like an army. It was huge. Then they showed a happy family in a picture with a beautiful green scene in the background, then it switched to a dry dead desert of nothing but barren waste.

Even though these prediction has not happened yet, I hope it relates to the safe return of the children. It could be another situation altogether but I am not familiar with any other need for such action from the US, one can hope:

Notes on 3-28-14
“A US special forces operation is about to happen.. an overall win win for the US.. its plans for the grab are very successful.. pride for America.” — I had a visual of the US flag waving under the gleaming sun, with the song “Proud to be an American” playing in the background.

Notes 5-5-14
Our father is very busy.”

“A miracle during a great storm.. cyclone.. such miracles.. hands.. as the stranger saves the child, hold the child, hold the child.. south-east US.”

“Largest amount of human abductions found.. secrets released.. our father cracks the door (opportunity) open.” — I had a visual of a cracked door open and behind the darkness was a young girl, with others in the background.

“Earth.. all of it.. AIDS.. see you around no longer.. tootles (good-bye) to suffering, death, and mourning.. the end and beginning of a year.”

“Oh yes! our father is very busy.. and it is grand.” — Spirits Voice

Wall Collapse in China

This prediction has happened, its not an earthquake as previously expected, the number 17 could relate to the unfortunate tragic passing.

Notes on 1-15-14
China.. collapse.. earthquake.. 17 or around

The Facts reported by AP on 5-11-14: “Wall collapse in China kills 18, injures 3. A wall collapse triggered by heavy rains at a recycling plant killed 18 people and injured three others early Sunday in the eastern city of Qingdao.” Quoted News source:

Pakistan Earthquake

This prediction has happened.

Notes on 3-24-14
More contradictions on the coming earthquake, as they point to the Pakistan / Afghanistan. In previous predictions they mentioned Israel, Jordan, West banks, but then added United Arab Emirates and the Persian Gulf area. What is clear is we are expecting a damaging big earthquake, in the coming days, somewhere in the Middle east.

The facts on 5-9: Pakistan earthquake kills two, injures 70. Quoted News:


Broken Tragedy

I had this awesome vision of what it will be like for me a decade from now, it was quite awesome to see all the changes, and one of the best aspects of being able to see into the future are visions like this. But its a portrait I wanted to share with all of you. In this 2024 scenario, in the hall of what I assumed was my house was a very large portrait named “Broken Tragedy”. In the painting was a very large beast, the left side of this massive beast showed a monster with vastly large horns ripping out of his hunched back and shoulder, his mouth was overly large with sharp fangs, his left eye was like a red marble of fire. The majority of his body looked strong, muscles of stone protruding outward with this large foot with 4 spiked hoofs. But the right side had disintegrated, most of it like ash of a paper floating up in the air, what was left of his left side was flesh and bone and his right foot crumbled to pieces of broken bones. In the vision I glanced at it quickly in passing and smiled before continuing down the hall.

Someone had made this portrait of a massive tragedy in the form of a beast that could rein unimaginable tragedy but a huge portion of it was diminished, altered, destroyed by us.  For some reason the thought behind the tragedy implied a natural disaster that we; the spirits, myself, and all of you changed. Our efforts were not in vain. We accomplished our mission in droves far greater than anything I could expect, and it brought a smile to my face both then and now.

Notes on 5-6-14

I had a visual of the US Capitol building completely covered in snow and ice. (everything coming to a halt, frozen or a more literal meaning?)

I had a visual of GE and T becoming one. They showed the letters sliding together to spell GET.

“The young man is a liar, the director did something stupid but far from criminal… X”

“Your being framed there are two dead.”

“In comparison to its last eruption the volcano will erupt 3 times greater in a massive scale of fire and smoke, so much so that it will greatly affect those at a great distance.”


— Spirits Voice