Notes on 8-24-14

I asked about the terror attacks and they showed a line of people waiting. This implies that either one or both predictions about Boston and Norway might not happen as soon as we I am expecting, a waiting mode. But I am open to your interpretation.

“On the 2nd-3rd.. the fountain will rage.”  — Spirits Voice — Perhaps a message that Iceland’s Volcano Bardarbunga will have a massive eruption, or some type of flooding because of the glacier?

They showed a list of different events then pointed to one just around the corner, the caption read: ‘Show Down’

“Russia will counter sanctions with their flexing of military might.. such a bully response.”

“The earth scorched.. billions upon billions wasted for your failure to act.. the worst won’t be the ocean that consumes the land, or the massive storms, but a global famine.”




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  1. Eric, I’ve been following prophet Efrain Rodriguez lately. He’s been warning people that an asteroid will fall near Puerto Rico and it’s going to cause a shock wave, earthquake, tsunami, 3 days of darkness and pestilence. He claims that the asteroid will fall by the end of this year but te exact night will be decided by God. Do you think he’s talking about the same thing the spirits told you?

    1. That wont happen. There are a lot putting out fear predictions. There is so much about to open up for your world and so much protecting this world, move away from fear and lower energy

      1. RJ your so right …i hold the same belief..the planet is coming along brilliantly ….

    2. Sorry Deborah, they have not mentioned that to me. But maybe he knows something I don’t. Do you have a site reference on his work. What predictions has he made that have happened.

    3. I have no idea, I saw his video on YouTube and then I googled him. For the terror attack I was thinking about blackfriday near or at malls with a long line of people waiting.

  2. Eric,
    Major Ed Dames has been talking about a major CME coming to Scorch the earth for years.. Remote viewers (RV) have been seeing this for years.,
    I do not put RV in the same category as receiving guidance by spirit.
    I think I sent you that link at one time…
    Could spirit be talking about “the scorched earth policy” limited Nuclear war?
    You have the crazies..Iran. Or N. Korea take your pick….

    1. No I don’t think so, I think they are just talking about the height of Climate Change. There is another prediction that said the heat will be so bad that just like a snow storm shuts down schools, the heat will be so bad it will shut schools and business’s down for the day.

    2. Hi Star 48 and Eric. I read that Russia has been excluded from the Nato Summit in UK that is on 4-5 Sept. Also, I just saw this article on a Ukraine-Russia Summit that happens tomorrow. I was a bit surprised at how many articles are out there on Russia and them possibly using a “Scorched Earth Policy”, (money bomb) on the Ukraine and other nations. I know they had one (literaly) during Stalins time but these were for the present, and refering it to a financial situation not nukes, etc. I believe it is involving Russia-China and the BRIC Nations vs the american dollar. Could there be a double prediction/meaning in this?
      Ukraine-Russia Summit: What will Poroshenko Hear from Putin in Minsk? (scorched earth policy, second paragraph from the bottom)

  3. A few years ago I had a dream about the land being dry and hot and I was traveling with my youngest son in a car. In my dream he was an adult and he drove while I sat in the passenger seat looking older and more tired than I’ve ever been. We pull up to a gas station with no electricity and some guy is sitting near a large gas tank truck and helps us get gas into our car from the large tanker. I notice a few people hanging around, I sense that everyone is feeling a little lost and hopeless. There is no money exchanged, I am not sure why he helps us. We drive away and I’m so grateful my son is with me… I always thought this was a strange and sort of creepy dream for me and I always tried to think what the metaphor or secret dream language was. I assumed it was a metaphor for my life becoming more difficult as I got older, but I always wondered if the world was actually heading in this direction eventually. I still hope it doesn’t ever come true.

      1. I like your interpretation…it makes sense. I was going through a difficult time when I dreamed it. Sometimes dreams have an eerie amount of detail in them.

        1. Yes look at all the repetition, getting gas, no electricity, your drive, all pointing to your own energy or drive. Well I hope the situation is over with for you.

  4. Chicago is hosting the “Nike labor day showdown soccer cup” along with many firework events labor day weekend. It will be my first time visiting that Chicago that weekend…I pray it stays safe!

  5. “The fountain will rage”…a “Lava Fountain” is an actual term used to describe a volcano and how it works. It almost sounds like it is a better option then the glacial eruption.

    1. They way they are describing it, the glacier is affected, and that is a bad thing. As if lava and ice shot in the air, which brings us back to the fountain. According to them this is a bigger threat or concern, I personally don’t know the science behind it. Anyone know??

      1. Hi Eric. This article includes a few scenarios that could happen. I read yesterday that the magma was moving to the northeast. I believe that if it erupts under the thickest part of the glacier it causes a bigger more significant eruption due to the pressure and mixture of the ice etc. hence the effects on the atmosphere caused by the ash cloud plus it will cause immense flooding. I found another good description yesterday of what could happen so will try and find it again and forward it to you. Hopefully this eruption will not be a VEI 6 which can cause global climate change and affect crops etc for a period of time.

  6. Eric, I was checking your postings and found 3-1-14 had a interesting paragraphs.
    I wonder if this fits for Iceland – between two locations (volcanos?).
    See. Your posting..
    “.I had a visual of a seismograph running wild, but it wasn’t the normal direction, it showed it up and down, but more in the shape of a normal graph.”

    Whether related or not a reminder of previous prediction:

    Spirit has shown a large mass of land with a large crack in it, their point was to show a very wide incident. I have to assume we are talking about an earthquake. We will be asking for details tonight.”
    There was also a few references large crack across landmass.
    As you know Iceland has that across its land.. What are your thoughts?

    1. Hi Star48. I saw that earlier. It’s a definite crack in the earth! Think it has to do with the magma moving through the dyke/fissures or something like that. It sounds like they are expexting major flooding if this goes through the Askja Volcano. Maybe the flooding Eric’s talking about. I hope they have everyone evacuated at a safe distance away. I have a feeling they will have mass destruction on a grand scale soon. The other big crack I had read about recently was in Mexico I believe. Had people mystified.

  7. Jules 104. Eric..I have been been had similar feelings. I sent an email to a preeminent scientist with a link to this website. I wanted him to have the up to date information on this posting.
    I saw that information on the crack in Mexico. Funny as there is a crack in Oregon/WA that has been there a long time.,see

    1. Thanks Star48. Interesting info on that crack in the ground for OR/WA. Didn’t know that. Hopefully that Scientist will take the site seriously.

    1. Star48 make sure you have the USGS set on “all earthquakes”, for the size. I looked and none show up over 2.5 but under there are a lot. And, Oh those Germans always so organized and proactive! I love it!

  8. From the Icelandic Meteorological Office Facebook page, “An eruption started in Holuhraun north of Dyngjujökull at around 00:02. Seismic tremor was observed on all seismic stations and the web camera installed in the area by Mila has showed some nice pictures of the eruption. It is a small fissure eruption and at 02:40 AM the activity appears to have decreased. #bardarbunga”

  9. Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano is another one to be concerned about:
    (article dated Sept 6/14)

    “Within the last 24 hours, the Volcano Observatory has upgraded Kilauea’s status from a watch to a warning, Civil Defense has closed the threatened neighborhood to non-residents, the Mayor has declared a state of emergency, and most recently the Governor has issued an emergency proclamation, setting the stage for possible evacuations and construction of an alternate route into the district should the highway be cut off by lava. The warnings indicate that authorities believe lava may enter the community within 5 to 7 days, but that will be a conservative guess and for now the lava flow continues to flow parallel, but away from the community through undeveloped land.”

  10. “BREAKING: Joe Biden’s new NASA chief climate change adviser has made clear that even with aggressive emissions reductions we should be prepared for global warming levels that will likely wipe out half of Earth’s species and threaten the lives of billions of people this century.”

    Deadly carbon emissions are still rising 12 years after this paper was published suggesting a global food security crisis as early as 2040 is possible.

    The IPCC says agriculture will be at high risk moving towards very high risk at 2C, likely by 2030s/40s.

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