Republicans Take the Senate

Republicans have taken the Senate, but to be fair it was expected. The second prediction doesn’t fit with anything as of yet.

Notes on 9-12-14   “The elephant will take the Senate.”
Notes on 11-3-14   In regards to the US Senate race: I had a visual of two twins fighting among each other but both were married to the “Veto”.  “The same, Split”

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  1. Peace in the Garden Avatar

    And what do the spirits say this will mean for the country and the planet?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      We can look into that.

    2. travis Avatar

      I too am interested to see what this means for the country.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Now you have it, and it is a shocker!

    3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      OMG! WTF! They actually work together! But it does not last, the radicals ruin it.

  2. Up North Avatar

    I’m sorry to say but it all feels dirty. That’s the only word that comes to mind. I wonder if the split refers to within the republican party, the jockeying for positions and committee assignments will all be centered around the fact that the president still has veto power. In other words, they will be obsessing about it. For example, they will strategize to pass a transportation and infrastructure legislation but cut Head Start in the same bill putting the President in an tricky spot. I do look forward to what the spirits have to say for the long term. Thanks Eric for your insight and special gift.

  3. Jon Blue Avatar

    This doesn’t surprise me. My grandpa told me in the third dream a year ago that “civil unrest” was coming. Republicans love to keep their money. The rich ones. So we will see layoffs like we did with American Airlines and others. So CEOs can make bigger bucks. Tax cuts for the rich will return and help for the poor will decrease. It won’t be a pretty sight. I also believe this means we will go to war just as all Republicans love to do to increase their coffers as the 1% own all the companies that supply things needed for war. Oil and tech for hacking are king. Greed will grow and with it eventually, The People will have had enough. History always repeats itself. No one ever thought the bourgeoisie of France would ever fall and yet we all know the story of Revolution.

    1. Lia Avatar

      Hi Jon, I’d like to be more optimistic, but unfortunately, you have a good point. Your grandpa sounds like he is truly able to communicate w/you. Do you think that the civil unrest he referred to is related to a natural disaster, or something more political? Or, social upheavals due to the fight between the haves and the have nots. I have this terrible feeling that we’re headed for a very difficult time. Afterlife accounts from people like Ned Doughtery, Dannion Bribkley and Nancy Danison say that they see a huge series of severe earthquakes that hit, thus sending the US into social, economic and political turmoil. Did your grandfather elaborate? Did he indicate that you should prepare in some way? Please share if you have more details. Thanks, Jon.

      1. Lia Avatar

        Sorry, Imeant to type Dannion Brinkley 🙂

      2. allen Avatar

        hi lia a huge amount of changes, will come to the country, thru the weather changes that are taking place, because, a huge amount of people, own guns now, than ever before, WILL make people use them, as a lot of people, who go off the deep end, as changes happen, GOD, WILL, force people, to COME TOGETHER, as a nation ,IF they don’t, then America, will be split into six or seven different zones someday! I might also add, that everywhere, will be touched by weather changes, and the fact, that as a people, we are all connected, hopefully, with prayers, we can change this,but, it does not look good. twenty years ago, the visions, that I had, was of these times, weather changes, will speed up, MOST people, do not have a clue, what is around them, as they are self upsorbed. in their own lives. HOWEVER, do not LIVE IN FEAR! GOD has a plan for people on earth, go with the flow, live your life in goodness, and all will be well…. always enjoy jon blue posts, most people sugar coat their post, it is always good to read and FEEL, when someone is honest in what they post! thank you for letting me, put in my two cents! a very big thanks to eric, as always.

      3. Jon Blue Avatar

        He said something strange, that the nation would split into 4 at some time. It was political in nature. (it reminded me of The Hunger Games sort of, but without the intensity of those books). Yes there were upheavals in weather and natural disasters as well as the political ones. In my lifetime, Cape Hatteras, the island I grew up on in the summer would be no more. That I remember because it made me weep and we had to rest for a while. As if all of it would happen while I was in living in California. He said vote for Hillary. That to me is odd because my grandpa was a diehard Republican. He said she would be a help and balance overseas as she has political respect and power there that would help us. (I learned that on the other side, our ancestors change based on Love and what they learn there. Which is why I think he was proud of me and “loves me just the way I am”.) It felt like the country was handed to Hillary as if in a Depression in parts of the country, but not here in San Diego. But other factions were playing against her. But Hilary hasn’t announced she is running yet. So with everything, things can change because God gives each human the gift of choice which can in turn change the future. Or so I am beginning to believe. Some things are kinda fated though. Don’t understand how but they just are. It appeared he was trying to convey that the midwest and places like Texas and AZ were not safe for me to be in. To not visit them. Also to avoid going to my dad’s place in Oregon but he didn’t give me a reason.

        The thing is, the dreams were clear, his words were clear, but it was like he would take my hand as we sat on the park bench and we would fly thru “video clips” and he would say a few words on it and we would be sitting back on the park bench for a bit then we would do it again after I would relax from seeing each clip.

        Those three dreams were very powerful and I only believed them first because of my near death experience a year earlier and being on the other side briefly, but then confronting my mom with things I would have never known from her childhood with my grandpa (her dad). I ran as fast as I could, packing as fast as I could to exit Chicago. He wanted me out of there by April 2014. The dreams were in Oct 2013. I mentioned a while back that what scared me out of Chicago in that third dream was an earthquake that would crush the 1890s building I lived in. I had a beautiful 3 bedroom apartment on the top floor of a 4 story walkup in an excellent neighborhood that was starting to get gangs coming up and robbing people as it was a tourist type beautiful neighborhood with lots of great bars and nightlife. Now its getting worse, my friends have said just since I left. I think that might have been a metaphor too though. Something to force me to get out because of the political change within the State of Illinois. He specifically said I was to come to San Diego and I would be safe here for quite some time. It seemed like 5 years. Then I would move. But my timing seems a bit off. I thought I was to meet someone special the minute I got here from the way it felt in the dreams. But that seems to be a little off too based on other events now. I just randomly landed the job he told me I would have. A phone call out of the blue and exactly the job I was hoping to find and it found me. That happened last week.

        But first I will live in a chocolate brown english clapboard style house overlooking a canyon. That while I was in San Diego, there would never be a devastating earthquake within my city limits. Last week, I met a group of people and in that group was a couple that will be looking to sublease their home next year and I went for a jog with one of them and we ran by the place and guess what, its exactly that. It made me actually lose my breath where I had to sit down. Waking up to all this news and seeing California didn’t really change much along party lines was awesome but seeing the rest of the country did was a shock but reminded me exactly of what he was trying to say, I think. Political upheaval, unrest, and then a stock market crash that would never recover to what we know it today. There would be parts of the country that would start shooting each other, I remember that too.

        There is much more but its just too much to write down. Just some kinda darker times ahead but that it would get better over the course of what seemed 5 year span. Hope this helps. Sorry I can’t be of more help with it. There were lots of personal messages that have begun to really come true. But he did tell me specifically he would be back to tell me when it was time to move again. That I would be living a long time and see a lot.

      4. Lia Avatar

        Hi Jon, Oh, you are indeed so thoughtful to share your experiences through dreams with your grandpa! I wondered how he relayed so much detailed info to you – the video clips within the dream harken to near death experiences I’ve read about online and in books. I’ve had many precog experiences through my dreams, so I completely understand the clarity. Interesting about how your grandpa said to vote for Hillary, esp. Given that during his earth life, he was a republican – a staunch one at that! I actually believe his reasoning given to you as well. I also had a very vivid dream nearly 2 years ago about a horrible earthquake in Chicago. I had a separate dream about another devastating earthquake, too; I think these natural disasters could cause the stock market crash, but that’s just an opinion. I have taled with my husband about wanting to take out our retirement money from stocks – I feel intuitively that there will be a crash somtime soon. Your sharing that info is very helpful to me and others here on this forum. Interesting, too, that your grandpa told you places to avoid. – wonder if those are places where there will be natural disasters? Oregon – didn’t Eric have a prediction that could involve Oregon? Anyway, I can sense your sincerity in your response and truly appreciate the care you took in clearly explaining your experience. Do you think that you would ever consider writing a book about your NDE, incorporating your dreams as well w/ your grandpa? When I was a child (9 yrs old or so) I had an amazing dream of my grandpa. He came to me in the dream as a huge, warm, loving, human sized white light orb. I just “knew it was him in the dream. My grandpa then hugged me as the light. I felt liquid pulsating love emanating within the light;we were one as pure white love. My grandpa then communicated to me telepathically, “Life Is Worth Living.” I woke up with such bliss, it was incredible. That afternoon, I told my parents about this dream and grandpa’s message to me. My parents were stunned. They looked at one another and my mom turned to my dad and asked him, ” Should we tell her?” My dad nodded,” Yes.” My mom then told me that my Grandpa George had never died of a heart attack 4 years prior. He had committed suicide.
        So Jon, I share this here because my grandpa was a wonderful human being. He gave me the gift of KNOWING that there is an afterlife at a young age. And, no matter how awful life gets, I always think of God’s love that I felt in the light – my grandpa was the light, he was LOVE. Pure love does not fear. We each have that inner light that we will have to activate during these tumultuous times. Love to you. Your partner is coming soon, Jon, just like the house! Blessings to all here:) and to you, Jon, for your grandpa’s wisdom.

      5. Jon Blue Avatar

        Thank you for sharing your experiences too Lia. To answer your questions. Grandpa literally was speaking to me in the dreams conversing on a park bench that I know now exist in Balboa Park (I was living in Chicago at the time and had never heard of Balboa nor had I ever been to San Diego–I always say it is fortuitous that Eric lives here too though I have never met him). But once I started to wake up, the last what felt like 3 minutes before I woke up, it was in letters, symbols and objects in succession. Then I woke up. I was crying at the end of the second dream and immediately called my mom who confirmed the things he told me to tell her from her childhood that would confirm he was real. As my mom started weeping on the phone, the sun burst through my window and hit the chandelier above my bed. The sun was rare during October of that month in Chicago as its normally rainy. Anyway, I felt he was still with me. Cant explain it other than things around me felt so pure. I said to my mom on the phone that “I think he’s still with me and said aloud Grandpa, please hug me if you are still here.” That is where your experience really matches mine right there. It was as if I were being hugged by light. I felt this warmth and my upper arms and chest tingled as if someone had sprinkled warm glitter in the upper part of my body. It held on for a minute or two and I just wept. It was then and there I made the decision to listen.
        As for writing a book, I am writing a novel currently. It is a very personal experience and though I am enjoying it, it feels too close to home to think of publishing it at this point. I just write it because it helps me process the experience to keep living meaningfully.
        Your question about Oregon. It was very unclear about why no to Oregon. It didn’t feel like it were going to fall into the ocean or anything. ha ha. It just felt like it wouldn’t be that safe and I would be stuck. My dad, who I am not close to, lives there. I got the sense that something would happen to his estate there. But it was very broad stroke and I didn’t ask questions about it as I did about Chicago and about my new city and places I loved like San Francisco, etc.
        I haven’t been able to find the portal to reach my grandpa or grandma since then. Someone once said that I should filter marijuana and smoke it like Native Americans did to cleanse themselves to enter a portal but I’m too scared to try that. I figure when the time is right to enter it. He did say that there would be a slight run on the banks in the future and to put my money in a credit union associated with government (like Military, postal, etc). I didn’t really understand that part. I don’t really have any way of getting into any of those credit unions like that without referral. He said governments will always pay their employees and that there wouldn’t be such a run on those institutions. If that makes sense to you, use it. Otherwise, its just what he said. I have to wait for that to present itself, I guess. Currently, I have the typical “big bank” for everything.
        I met a woman at my church in Chicago just before I left that came up to me and randomly asked if I had dreams and visions that she was told by someone in a dream she had to ask me. I was stunned, had told no one other than very close friends my experience. It took me back and this woman could tell. She told me immediately that she has the same experiences and relayed things she had seen. The earthquake and explosion in Chicago was reoccurring in her dreams and she was planning to move away because of them. So who knows what it means but it seems we are not alone in seeing these things. I also feel that will be the nail in the coffin of the stock market.

    2. Lisa Avatar

      I’m fairly certain that Republicans won control due to a referendum on Obama’s policies. If people thought Republicans were ” greedy”, I’m pretty sure they would not have voted for them. Obama’s policies have created a greater division between rich and poor. The middle class is dwindling and it is sad because having a “classless society” is one of the many things that makes America a great country. The civil unrest that happens will be from greed, lies and corruption but NOT from a specific party (i.e Republicans). I will continue to pray for our leaders in this country– that they will be able to resist the temptations and evils of the world to make the world a better place.

    3. jules104 Avatar

      Hi Jon. I absolutely agree with you. History has a way of repeating itself. I pray America will wake up before it’s to late.

  4. Divine Conversations Avatar

    Namaste, I think this is a good thing since I am not really feeling politics that much,but I am hearing more about the way the gov. works.the democrats they aren’t doing what they should be doing ,as yin & yang comes into play,change is good.give some other group a chance to mess up as well

  5. Luke Avatar

    In regards to the second prediction, I believe that’s saying “nothing has changed.” In my government class we were talking of now how congress is completely dominated by the republicans, so the two branches (Executive and Legislative) are now more split.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I thought about that too, but why twins then

      1. Peace in the Garden Avatar

        As someone above mentioned, I think it is the two halves of the Republican party, the far right and the …. well….slightly more centrist Republicans — the Cruz wing and the others.

  6. Shannon Avatar

    I just wish people were more compassionate.

  7. anthony Avatar

    Sea of red. Blood moon? Fitting. Ungratefull came to mind today. Twins(m&m) are holding firm on veto meaning obama should not dance. New this was going to happen. Obama is a balloon about to pop. Time for golf. If he had the canadian system, he would not have this problem. Checkmate on obama?
    Next is impeachment. Wise well crucify him while were at it . Thankless job. But i say thank you.Eventually sea of red will turn blue and they will be blue. People have short memories.

  8. jules104 Avatar

    Hi Eric. I also am interested to know what the Spirits have to say about where this will all lead to for the country. I get the feeling that it’s just going to be more of the same old same old and nothing ever gets done. I really think most Americans are getting tired of all the dysfunction in Washington. It seems that the politicians anymore only work against the other party and their only goal is to wrestle the power from the other to gain control. It’s all very self serving it seems. A lot of decisions being made based on nothing but greed. They have forgotten who they are actually working for and what their jobs are once they get to Washington. It’s all a big game to them. If this continues I don’t see anything good coming out of it for the country. Quite the opposite in fact. I really hope and pray that the politicians, and the people, no matter which party they belong to, wake up before it’s to late. I don’t think the higher powers that be will stand for much more of it.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Definitely not the same!

      1. Jules104 Avatar

        Thank You for asking Spirit Eric. Yes it sounds like a start for sure, but I remember hearing a while back FROM the moderate Republicans what a problem the Extremists/No Compromise, in their party have become for them. Though I think the Democrats have a share of their own also, I don’t see it as that much of an issue for them. It should be interesting (but somewhat frustrating) to watch it all unfold and see how the American people react to it. Unfortunately we will all be dragged down that path of get nothing done together. Thankfully it sounds as though perhaps eventually the ones who are elected to serve the people may someday actually remember that is what their job entails and put the Nation and people in it, above themselves. I guess it is part of America’s birthing pains almost. I hope we have a great nation again someday soon. Thanks Again Eric and Blessings Always.

  9. swampy11 Avatar

    I agree, Jules104. I think we also feed into that to keep it going that same direction. Then, the politicians respond with the same behavior…vicious circle. Quite frankly, this is a pattern Ithink has been going since the 1970’s. It’s become so common, folks don’t realize that’s what’s happening. We all need to change that.

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