Small Tsunami

This prediction has happened. Explains the Kraken now, as if they were referencing their previous message.

Notes on 4-12-14 Partial Tsunami
I had a visual of a mammoth sea monster rising above the ocean with its tentacles stretching outward, its tentacle slammed into the land, but the rest of the sea monster fell back into the ocean before it could accomplish more.
“Partial Tsunami! Its coming soon.. 18.. 18.. this is the wave that will crash against the houses..” — Spirits Voice

Notes 6-21-14
They showed the word ‘Cracker and Kraken.’

The Facts on 6-23 by AP:  “Magnitude-8.0 Alaska quake spawns small tsunami. A strong earthquake near Alaska’s Aleutian Islands triggered a tsunami warning Monday, but only small waves measuring several inches hit coastal communities.” Quoted by

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    R. J.

    Personally think you are declaring it has happened to early

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