Japan Oil Tanker Explosion

This Prediction has happened. My heart and prayers go out to Japan.

Notes on 5-28-14
In asking for clarity: “Japan! Japan! Japan!” I had a visual of a man covering his eyes while he cried. This is our siren”
“Ocean.. water.. the sea.”
I had a visual of the ocean, just the waves moving back and forth, then in the background I could see two people sitting in a small boat fishing.

Eric’s Comments: Still need to ask for clarity on Japan, are we talking about an earthquake, tsunami, typhoon, or something else entirely like a poison ocean or an oil spill. You get the impression there is a sense of urgency.

Notes on 5-27-14
I had a visual of a land mass completely covered in smoke, there was so much smoke you could not see the location.  “Such a horrible tragedy.. several casualties.. a massive scope.. people going to jail”
“Japan! Japan! Japan!” I had a visual of a man covering his eyes while he cried. “This is our siren”

Notes on 5-19-14
Twice at night I heard very loud Sirens like the ones you hear on a ship.

The Facts on 5-29-14 by (CNN) — “An explosion on an oil tanker off the Japanese coast set off a huge fire Thursday and left the vessel’s captain missing.

Ships and aircraft battled the blaze on the Shoko Maru, a 998-ton tanker anchored about 5 kilometers (3 miles) off the port of Himeji in western Japan, the coast guard said. Rescuers have recovered seven members of the eight-person crew, the coast guard said, but the ship’s 64-year-old captain is still missing.

Four of the rescued crew remembers were seriously injured in the blast, the Himeji fire department said, and all seven of them were taken to hospitals after arriving in the port, which is about 75 kilometers (45 miles) west of Osaka on the Seto Inland Sea.” Quoted News: http://edition.cnn.com/2014/05/28/world/asia/japan-tanker-explosion/index.html?eref=edition

Something else must have ties to the 31st.


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  1. Cindy Avatar

    I think you are definitely correct about more on Japan. I see an earthquake and it’s tied to the water I seen in Vancouver??? Hope of course this is not the case. Looking forward to reading your updates on Japan Eric!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks, the focus now is to get a timeframe for Vancouver flooding.

      1. Cindy Avatar

        Yes, we definitely need that. Thank you Eric.. I’ve noticed not only your accuracy at deciphering your messages from Spirit,but also your timing is getting close to spot on… Bravo.. Now we need more people to spread your messages, but I believe that’s really increased for you too. Keep up the great work, our world needs more Eric’s. Thank-You, and Thank-You Spirit!

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Yes we are trying to work towards more crystal clarity.

  2. Cindy Avatar

    Eric could this fit with one of your predictions?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Let me look into it.

  3. Cindy Avatar

    @NYCityAlerts: Staten Island: FDNY Box #1128, 3245 Richmond Terrace. U/D All hands going to work for a 40-50 foot ship on fire with people trapped.

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