Notes on 10-4-14 Hong Kong Protests

In Hong Kong brute force arrives,
hands tied,
The mouth now gagged and forced into silence.
M N R (or M and R) — Spirits Voice

Eric’s Comments: MNR might be initials of an individual’s name or multiple people, but that’s just a guess. There are changes coming down the pipeline, the main one is to allow Spirit to talk uninterrupted for the first 3 hours of my meditation, leaving only and hour maybe two for questions. Because of our limited timing, questions will be reserved for the most vital. The flip side is an expectation of more details and fewer vague predictions. Spirit has also noted that within the predictions there are patterns, patterns in time, patterns in both when predictions are posted and when they happen. I have not noticed any patterns, have you? Finally a riddle for you, it’s a personal message for me, please share your thoughts on both subjects.

I had a visual of the King card being pulled out of a deck of cards. They placed it down, the card was either clubs or spades because it was black not red.
I had a visual of an 8 ball but instead of the number 8 it had the number 1.
“Win, Win” Spirit said


36 thoughts on “Notes on 10-4-14 Hong Kong Protests

  1. Your message from them: I think they are telling you you are on the right track or hitting on all the things they are trying to tell you exactly. Or some really good things are going to happen for you soon and you will be on top;) defiantly sounds like positive things coming your way;) You have a gift and are using it in such a positive way. I’d take the message as encouragement that you are doing all the right things and more good stuff is to follow.

  2. Hey Jules104! Yep, great minds think alike, LOL😊
    They’ve (chinese gov’t) have done that in the past, part of their strategy to isolate and clamp down on the protesters. Poor kids, I hope they are not harmed.

  3. hi eric ..instantly it read to me…please understand my interpretation…it is a positive not to offend in king pulled out of deck…Obama pulled from crowd face down ….1on the ball …someone is on the ball and thwarts an attempt at his life….and you and spirit have brought this to awareness with all the readers of this site…thats a win win situation for you spirit and america some may not agree by all means thats politics and a right …i am an observer from afar and dont have the living experience of living in your country so i say with respect as a fellow human too many years of tearing at the fabric of your country occurs when

    shooting your president is

    • Hi Rhona. Blessings for you and yours. That was a great possible interpretation of the prediction. I wouldn’t have thought of that. Hopefully all will be okay with the President and his family.

    • Hi Rhona, please help share this updated page “Most accurate predictions” we are hoping to really get the word out so we can move that much closer to changing the future tragedies at a later date.

  4. something that affects the world..any way i believe your site and you could be in for some recognition whether or not what i think spirit was riddling…blessings all….

  5. I had a very stange dream last night. There was plumes of smoke and fire in the background,I think it was the sky line of Chicago. As I stood there a spider ran in front of me, I tried to step on it to kill it but it just kept running away from me, what stood out was at the end of the legs were cups like a tree frog. I picked up a box and there was a web with a nest full of eggs, the spider ran past me again and as I tried to kill it, it ran and hid in a toy box.

    • I share my dreams on here too. I think several of us do. I think they may help Eric. So I think he is cool that we post them in the latest post if we keep them to a minimum and the ones that speak to us the most. You all know my horror I dreamed of for Chicago for which I moved far away (but truly miss it). So your dream does not surprise me as I think it may be a site of a terror attack one day, which makes me so very sad as I love the city and its glory days.
      The Hong Kong thing is really tense. Though I have two rich couple friends that live there and sad they don’t feel too scared. One keeps her Facebook updated with what is going on that she can see from the condos they live in. I keep wondering if they will media blackout if they attack these peaceful protestors? I surely hope the world is watching China closely.

      • Thanks Jon, no I am not aware of your dream. Is there somewhere that I can read it? I live in the area near Chicago so this is very disturbing.

  6. Hi Eric. After trying to research all of the cards and eight ball meanings I am going to try and take a guess at it. Keep in mind I am just guessing with my limited knowledge of your situation/life on a daily basis. I am thinking it may be that you are under some type of pressure at work, you may be feeling as though you are getting behind, a mental problem that you are trying to find an answer to, etc. Possibly something like that??? But…the good news is, you prevail in the long run through your diligence, because Spirit is telling you that there will be a “win, win” situation coming for you. Possibly on both fronts or work areas? I think they are giving you encouragement. To keep steadily moving forward and letting you know that it will get better, you will come out on top. You are moving in the right direction.
    On another note, this makes me think on what I have been feeling somewhat. Over the last couple of days I’ve been wondering if you sometimes feel like us bloggers are like “me,me,me”? As if you don’t have enough time for yourself and your family, your needs because you are trying to keep everyone else happy. None of us, I would think, want you to feel as though we are spoiled children having to come first with all of our needs and questions answered right now. You take a lot on by just having this website Eric. Make sure you keep enough time for your own self needs to stay happy and healthy and enjoy life and your loved ones. That way it will be a “win,win” situation for all of us and humanity. Of course this is just my opinion. Blessings to You and Yours.

  7. I think your pattern may be that these messages are 3-dimensional. The number 3 is even in the conditions of communication. Seeing them as such is not programmed into our state of mind…kind of like magic eye art, you must relax to see the image.
    I also think your riddle is that a card can have a face, but the suit is yet to be determined…nothing is fixed and so cannot be Red/read. Get behind the magic 8 ball and start with the number 1, because nothing is fixed. Things can be altered. I see win/win as a twin statement, also multidimensional.

  8. I also saw the king card as the president right away, but being pulled out not as being saved but rather as being removed, and face down as “not in play” and/or as humiliated. And the eight ball appearance not being a true eight ball seemed about what looked like the ball to win the game turned out not to be authentic which might have some bearing on why the king card was pulled from the deck. But if this looks like a loss, the win win part of the dream could have some bearing on the ultimate outcome.

  9. I see the black as the negative in the spirit world…clubs and spades as weapons…. the number 1 as you wonder if your predictions have made a difference or not…and spirit is telling you yes you have and are using the #1 as if putting it at the top! Great job! win win as in the near future you will see your efforts have paid off. I think it’s a message of keep doing what you are doing! You “ARE” making a difference although you may not literally “see” it in this war of negative energy prevailed on this earth at this time. Coodles to you!

  10. Never written before and I am not psychic in any way (my wife is a listener though). I would like to take a guess at your personal message. I am talking about someone alive today. A King card pulled from the deck. Of all those who have been a King, one has been selected for you. If I’m right so far he would have been Robert I of Francia (the western franks), Robert Robertian, or “Bob of the Bobs” (LOL). The black card refers to another life of his. if I’m right about this, he would have been known as William Douglas “Le Hardi”. He was a “Black Douglas” as opposed to the other side of the family known as the “Red Douglas”. I am speaking of someone who is reincarnated. When it comes to the 8 ball, I believe it is talking about appearances/perception. “Never judge a book by it’s cover”. You looked for the 8, but it was a 1. Unconventional, not what it normally should be. You will think that he’s odd, but he is wanting to help. He also has an “in” with the heavens (one of God’s workers here on Earth). If you allow him to help, it can only be “Win, Win”. Well, there’s my guess, I hope you get the real answers you seek.

  11. Hi Eric,
    In regards to your personal message from Spirit… I will share with you what Kings and the #1 symbolizes when I’m doing a Tarot reading.
    “Kings”- at the top of their game… Most often authority figures, they are masters at making decisions, delegating tasks, and can administer just about any task. They are most often respected and others rely on them to get the job done. (Many followers of your predictions look up to you Eric, and believe in you to help) much like the respected King.
    “#1”- the 1st card of the Major Arcana is card #1 The Magician which means- I can move things around, I can make things happen, this card tells us we can accomplish what we set out to do. The resources you need just magically appear when the Magician card shows up in a reading. His intentions are to make something wonderful, and he has all that potential energy at his disposal.. This card is astrologically associated with Mercury which rules communication and reason, and the ability to understand an issue and then do something about it. To comprehend the next step of a plan and step forward and make it happen…(Eric you do this each and everyday with this site and your predictions… It is no wonder Spirit showed you a win win situation)
    As I see it what a beautiful message they gave you… Continue with your pure intentions you ARE making a difference and you WILL see the fruits of your labour.
    Congratulations… And thanks which seems not a grand enough word for what you and Spirit are doing…
    Blessings to all. And much Gratitude to you.

  12. Eric see, “King of Clubs” dead. “Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri: ‘King of Clubs’ and former right-hand-man to Saddam Hussein shot dead, says Iraqi government”. It was said that he was a great influence to numerous terrorist groups against Iraqi Govt. This was an actual deck of cards which they had given the soldiers during the Gulf War, with pics of the most wanted on them. He was the King of Clubs. Could this be your cards you were shown?

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