Poland Scandal

This prediction has happened, the display could be a reference to the tapes. Notes on 6-18-14 could also be related to this scandal as their flag is red and white.

Notes on 6-16-14
“International politics.. Europe.. scandal.. leaders doing shady financial deals..we will display to all for a justifiable response ” — Spirits Voice

The Facts on 6-20-14 by BBC: Poland’s justice minister has said a controversial raid to find leaked tapes that embarrassed the government “should have never taken place”. Marek Biernacki said the raid on the offices of a news magazine had raised “legitimate concerns”.
Wprost published an alleged private conversation in which Poland’s top banker discusses the next election with a minister.
Under Polish law, the central bank must remain independent of politics.
Transcripts of the recordings, made at a restaurant in Warsaw popular with politicians, were published earlier this week.
In the recording, Interior Minister Bartlomiej Sienkiewicz is allegedly heard talking to Marek Belka, head of the National Bank of Poland.
Mr Belka is apparently heard calling for Finance Minister Jacek Rostowski to be removed in return for the bank’s support in the event of an economic crisis.
Mr Rostowski was replaced four months later – but Prime Minister Donald Tusk denies this was as a result of the taped discussion. Quoted by: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-27945687

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