Gaza Rockets and Israel Airstrikes

This prediction has happened.

Predictions for 2014
Israel will have a bloody conflict with its neighbor

The Facts on 7-7-14 by AP: “Militants in the Gaza Strip unleashed dozens of rockets on southern Israel late Monday, setting off air raid sirens and forcing hundreds of thousands of Israelis to stay indoors as the military rushed more forces to the border and warned that even heavier fighting looked likely.” Quoted by


16 thoughts on “Gaza Rockets and Israel Airstrikes

  1. I wish everyone could just get along and learn to love and respect one another as human beings and see how all of our different cultures, religions and races actually make the planet a more beautiful and interesting and wonderful place to live. God is Love.

    • Hello jules104 yes it is somewhere we are heading.Maybe not too soon but as we have said before to celebrate thediffernces and diversity would be grand and to have disageement with respect.. Some say we are living a fools.paradise to.envision such a world..well i will die a fool.for i wont stop imagning that it is possible. MY MUM used to say ” we are all in different trains heading for the same
      Destination,she had 9 of us and passed at 96 still loving all the world and its people…she travelled and took us with her so we could see first hand we are all human. Thank you.mum…


      • I have thought about this for a long time…. I think this concept of diversity is dividing us and will eventually destroy us. We are so focused on our differences that we have lost sight of what we have in common, what makes us human. We naturally bond with those we have something in common with, that’s human nature. You can acknowledge and respect what makes a person or culture unique , but you understand each other over those things we humans share in common.

      • Hi Omarie. I’m not quiet sure what you are saying. The world, as I see it, will never be anything but diverse. The world would become extinct without it. It’s persons who try to impose their narrow rigid ideologies, beliefs and way of what they think your life should be on others, while coming from a place with no love, respect, empathy or compassion who will fail again and again. People will always come from a different place in life. It’s the ones who can accept those differences with love, respect and compassion who will eventually survive and thrive. We each of us have something to teach the other. I agree that persons who come from the same “place” whether physically or emotionally will have a stronger bond than someone who doesn’t. But it doesn’t mean they shouldnt be able to respect others who come from another. Diversity alone will not divide us. It’s those who refuse to aknowledge it’s gift.

      • Let me assure all of you that humanity does grow up to be a peaceful humble society. Its not for a long time but it does happen. The key for some odd reason is the education of everyone, a medical break through, and a spiritual /religious leader that changes the fabric of our society.

      • Thanks for that message Eric. That IS wonderful news. Also I hope I didn’t come off as self righteous in my response to Omaries reply. I actually think we are “on the same page” somewhat. I really meant it when I said ” I am not sure what you are saying”. It wasn’t meant as sarcasm or to be degrading to anyone. I hope it didn’t come out that way. I meant it when I said we can learn from each other and that includes myself.

      • Your Mom (Mum 🙂 sounds like she was a wonderful person! She did you and the rest of your siblings a wonderful service by teaching you respect and compassion for others. I can see how you are “paying it forward” which is a great testament to your Mother.

    • Thanks Zaza, I saw that, the post will go out today. We have also replaced the news facts with youtube videos, thoughts? Good idea, or is it better to write the facts? Does anyone have issues playing the video?

  2. Hi omarie you have a valid reason for your thoughts. But to me diversity is a commonality we share as humans. 60 years ago who would have believed japan and germany would be our friends..i know we have a road to hoe but there are bright new kids on the horizon. Tolerance is another mediator,so is the overdue fact that we all share ancestry somewhere along the line and multiculturism is here to stay. We cant turn the clock back so tolerance is a good place to start and the children will lead the way and show the adults what maturity means. Its not going to happen over night but it will happen. When i was 5 i was sitting on a bench in South Africa, it was 1960, i sat on q coloured only one and my mother told me to come away from there. There was an african man dessed well sitting next to me and i wanted to talk,he tried hard to ignore me,i had no idea how dangerous it was. I did say no to my mum and asked the gentleman what his name was. He and my mum burst out laughing and he said “little one you are what the future of this world is.” i have a photo and cherish it. The laughter was a common experience mum and this man shared.

    most countries. I sat on a bench in
    capetowm south africa when visiting therethet

    • Sorry about double wording at the end .hi jules 104 thanks for that expession i agree with eric…paying it forward. .Is a fantastic way to put it. Ox

    • That is a beautiful and hilarious story Rhona. I love it! And I think that man was absolutely right when he said you are what the future of this world is. What a wise individual both he and your Mother were. I too was raised in the 60s and remember moving from Seattle, Washington to Virginia when I was almost 9. I had no clue as to what racism was until we moved to the South. Thankfully I had a Mother who had zero tolerance for bigotry/racism. I went through the whole public school system of segregation during that time. And though I didn’t fully understand it then I can truely see the difference it has made now in the future. Speaking of, when I lived in Northwest Arkansas (Bible Belt), later in life and my daughter was younger we went to the store to buy a baby doll for her. She picked out an African American baby doll. I asked her why she picked that one and me with my preconceived ideas tried to get her to buy the socially acceptable one. She told me that it had beautiful skin. Well I thought okay who am I to tell her which one is the right or wrong one to get and to get over myself already! We took it home and she brought that baby doll everywhere and strolled it all over the neighborhood. Needless to say we did get those OMG looks. But whatever. I know my child taught me something that day, still does and will for years to come. That baby doll (Cookie) is still here with us though in a box in the basement. “I” just can’t seem to part with her. LOL.

      • Pure magic in your sharing jules…especially the lessons our children have taught us ..i take my hat off to you for buying her “cookie” out of the mouth of babes. “she has beautiful skin” good to have a laugh..

  3. @jules104….no worries. I don’t think you were being self-righteous at all. And I do hear what you are saying. We (the world) do need to be more accepting/tolerant of each other, but that is what worries me. I worked with a young student from Malaysia, who was Muslim. We had many talks about religion. One day we were talking about our Mothers and she mentioned that her Mother made her promise two things before she came to the US:(I) do NOT take any course taught by a Jew and (ii) do NOT eat hamberger. I was shocked by the first request and silently thought…”OMG, it’s never going to end”. I remember saying to her, “Rozoni, you know better” in as gentle a way as I could. To her credit she looked a little ashamed, but I also know, that those beliefs are so strongly held and passed down. And that is what scares me. I can only hope the acceptance and tolerance she witnessed and experience (along with her education) here in the US made an impression.


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