Notes on 7-30-14

“From April 2013, a prediction is about to happen.”

“You need to know in 20 minutes (sometime around August 19th)  the prediction.. president..   first lady.”

“In China the infrastructure dramatically improves giving them an unexpected powerful edge in the global community.”

Eric’s Comments, are the first two messages connected? April 13′ is riddled with Tsunami predictions, several of them, the only ties to possible ‘first lady’ was in April 2014:

Notes on 4-15-14 I had a visual of a candle burning bright in the center of a chapel. “We pay our respects to your iconic figure.. she will pass very soon, now.. between the 19th-21st.. Nancy remembered for her entertainment, for her national service.”


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  1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

    They wanted to share these two points, because now they plan to focus all there attention on Hurricanes, Typhoons, and Flooding.

    1. Tropic Trail Avatar

      Thank you, from Florida!

  2. star48 Avatar

    Eric, Japan in weather crosshairs two tropical storms.. Also China

  3. rhona Avatar

    Hi eric i had a dream of a tsunami last night … A sea side village …northern location…normally a cold area but it was end of summer…fair skin fair hair….under sea movement caused it….tried to warn them ….they just said the seas always get high here at this time of year… is the morning of 31stof july 9-20am here as i write…any one else have thoughts on this…

    1. JB Avatar

      Hello Rhona and all…I had a dream the night of 7/26/14 that was about a tsunami. To give you background, yes I have had premonition dreams in the past, but I’m usually with a deceased friend in them. He was not with me in this dream, but I’m feeling that this may be relevant anyway because of something I will add at the end.
      In the dream I was on a higher floor inside an office building of sorts, maybe like the 10th floor or so, and the surrounding walls and floor was a blueish/green color..there were very large windows on the one side of the floor, and a hallway on the other. I know people are around because I can hear them speaking English, but I don’t see them..and I am with one other person(but I can’t remember who, or even if male or female). All of a sudden the building starts moving and shaking with a rolling feeling, like an earthquake has started. I become panicked and realize that the view through the windows now shows water rushing by the building as it has this rolling feeling going on still..the beautiful outside view with greenery and trees and beautiful sunshine, is now horror filled. In a rush I grab the person I’m with and run down the hall to the other side of the building to look out that window and there is a massive wave, well higher than the building, and it is about to hit us from this side. The wave had no foam on it’s leading side…just a huge massive wave. All I can manage to do is to turn around, realize that I/we will not survive this, and I started to pray. Then I woke up. In the dream I was wearing a t-shirt and I don’t think it was very hot, or very cold at the time.
      Now, I was thinking all about this dream because it was so disturbing, and I happened upon a site called National Dream Center where there was a dream titled “100 ft. wave” that stopped me in my tracks. Whoever it was that posted their dream, had darn near the exact same dream as I did, and it was on the same night.
      So now that I’ve read your dream as well, I wanted to add this into the mix.
      Much love to all and may everyone be blessed.

      1. JB Avatar

        This was the other person’s dream from the aforementioned site..

        100 ft. wave
        ‎Monday, ‎July ‎28, ‎2014, ‏‎7:52:14 PMGo to full article
        a recuring dream , had about ten of these around the time of the tsunami’s. dreaming about anything and this immage inserts itself into the dream. i look up and see a huge wave rise up off a normal ocean like the waves they surf on in hawaii, no white cap just a massive wave rising up so fast and impossibly huge. this dream was on the 26th july. this dream i was standing in a random hallway, doing what i dont remember. i look to the end for some reason and the end of the hallway now looks out towards a coastline and the wave just starts rising in the distance maybe a mile or two away.

      2. rhona Avatar

        Thanks JB- i should fill in the gaps of my dream…i was with my husband in the dream and the people we were visiting were stangers, but they were showing us through this masive house…we could see the ocean from a window and the seas were rough…we told them a tsunami was.coming and as we looked out from down a passage the wave broke through the window…i knew it started in the sea thats why we went to warn them……The last time my husband ..son…daughter..and myself were in a dream in a tsunami was the sumatra generated earthquake ….again we were warning people…same for japan….Thank you for sharing

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Hi Rhona. I was trying to get an idea of where it could be by the fair hair, fair eyes, sea side village, northern location description and this is what I found… “blonde hair and blue eyes are prevalent only in certain parts of Europe – northern France, northern Germany and Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, etc.), primarily. These are regions where “Nordic” peoples dominate.” Though JB says she heard them speaking English in her dream. Let us know if you have any other relevant dreams with more info to include Blessings To You.

      1. star48 Avatar

        Jules104, do not forget Iceland./ Greenland .,remember spirits mention? There is a lot of activity on Iceland and off the coast of Iceland (volcanic)
        What are your thoughts?

        1. Jules104 Avatar

          Hi Star48. Yes I was actually thinking Iceland more than Greenland and the others. Land of Fire and Ice. Just forgot to add it on. Thanks for pointing that out. Also, didn’t Eric have a previous prediction for that area or was it a guess of it being that area for a volcanic eruption?

        2. Jules104 Avatar

          Oops sorry Star48. Answered your question with a question. Guess we are on the same page at least.

      2. rhona Avatar

        Hello Star48,Jules …i felt in the dream it was iceland or somewhere around there they spoke english very well and there was a sense it was spoken often ..i had a feel for the rough seas of the north sea….it seamed more sheep and farming though they fished ….off that for a moment keeping a vigilant eye on florida and the upcoming storms…always in my thoughts all of you..xx

  4. star48 Avatar

    Eric, jules104 and rhona.. My comment should read– both countries “Could” fit your dream.

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