Notes 6-21-14

“At this point we know of three ‘Category 5’ Hurricanes expected to hit landfall in 2014.” — Spirits Voice

I had a visual of bread in the oven, I took it out and it was slightly burned.

They showed the word ‘Cracker and Kraken.’

I had a visual of a crowd of people, the crowd grew quickly , all of them in a stadium.

I asked; Please verify prediction, has the scandal happened? — “Yes Poland..”  Spirit said.

Eric’s Comments: Now we need to get the details of the coming Hurricanes, it sounds like its going to be a rough season. The symbol of bread in the oven has been used before, it means we have failed to predict an event in a timely manner, a message that we waited too long or my focus was off.  Whatever the situation, it is expected to happen very soon. They also use the visual of uncooked bread as a symbol that I am jumping the gun, assuming a prediction has happened when it hasn’t. The stadium could be the start of a new prediction or could be referring to a massive increase in our fan base. Below is the post recapping the Poland prediction.




50 thoughts on “Notes 6-21-14

    • Its a message, of ‘we are too late’ or waited too long. So we are expecting an incomplete prediction to happen very soon. It use to happen all the time when we started this blog, but now we usually finish it or at least get close to finishing it. The bread part is a reference to the ‘bread’ of my life, my job, career, etc.

  1. Eric, earthquakes total “7 “.of them In the Northwest Passage area, Canada 5’s in a couple hrs.
    Check out Array Network Facility (ANF ) I have sent the link to you before..

  2. When you mentioned stadium – my mind immediately went to the idea of the flood/tsunami that was predicted for Vancouver. A stadium is often used as a place to evacuate people to, in such a situation.

  3. Could the stadium being filled up quickly have to do with something like what happened during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans? Though I also was thinking there seems to be an increase of people helping out on the site.

  4. Tonight shall be my meditation prayer. I grew up on the coast of North Carolina. My mother still lives there along with many friends. I will broach the subject lightly once hurricanes start building. The good thing is when a hurricane comes, there is usually plenty of time to evacuate. We had to do it several times. On a side note, please tell the Spirits to make sure the hurricanes avoid Harry Potter World at Universal in Florida and my town of Cape Hatteras in NC. I want to visit both again when I completely recover enough to travel again. Cheers, Eric!

  5. kraken it maybe iceland surfacing again…that sea monster of norways legend…250 years ago , Laki exploded in iceland ….june or july it was … eric i am sending much light and universal love to the the areas of the mid atlantic ridge ..i have been very cold to the core lately…love to all always as one to our intentions of awareness

  6. Hi Eric. I thought the same thing as Jules104 regarding the stadium. Could the crowd of people filling the stadium quickly have to do with them rushing into the stadium for protection from a natural disaster?

    Regarding the “Cracker and Kraken”: “World Predictions Glossary” on your page refers to “Cracker” as heavy damage and casualties due to the destruction caused by an earthquake or a hurricane (also sink holes and large land damage). I read that in both Greek mythology and other legends, “Kraken” was used to refer to a sea monster. Could they be using “Kraken” in a metaphorical way to describe something coming from the ocean that could cause this heavy damage and casualties, such as a tsunami or storm surge caused by hurricanes or typhoons?

    • Yes to the last part. They use monsters to describe the absolute worst scenario could be a tsunami, but now with them talking about huge hurricanes on the horizon, its hard to tell. This would imply a water or sea monster.

  7. Eric,
    Just a thought about your “Cracken/Kracken”….there is a badge insignia for a US spy satellite system with an octopus enveloping the world…do you suppose it has something to do with something big about to happen?

    “NROL-39 is represented by the octopus, a versatile, adaptable, and highly intelligent creature. Emblematically, enemies of the United States can be reached no matter where they choose to hide,” says Karen Furgerson, a spokesperson for the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). “‘Nothing is beyond our reach’ defines this mission and the value it brings to our nation and the warfighters it supports, who serve valiently all over the globe, protecting our nation.”

  8. Eric, in doing a short review of what the spirits have mentioned about Vancouver. I noticed on 6-11-13 Tsunami – HI, Vancouver and British Columbia, WA is mentioned . BC takes the brunt
    On 5-24- 14 –Vancouver is mentioned again with 31 in red in a Square like a calendar.
    On 6/3/14 – Vancouver is mentioned again– with July timeframe
    On 6-16-14- Spirits mention Vancouver – leave ports
    There where mentions in some of (from the North?) Hwy 28 on Vancouver Island
    Do we have enough to ask if they are off on timeline, originally 2013 now 2014?
    Potentially July 31, 2014?

  9. Eric , that would mean they have given 21 to us 3 times…that’s what spirit stated 3 is are number..
    What are your thoughts?

    • Wow good job Star48. I saw the 7.2 a little while ago in New Zealand and was thinking there is no tsunami warning. Shwuuee! But sheesh. Now another bigger one. Praying for everyone who might be affected.

      • The Rauol Island, New Zealand earthquake must have been down graded to a 6.9. Sorry for wrong info. Got that off USGS earlier.

  10. Jules, there were 2 different earthquakes 6.3. And 6.9. Both about 20 Kilometers deep .
    Earlier I saw displayed 1 earthquake off coast of Vancover. I looked 7 minutes later it was gone..
    Because they are prelim they can change. I have heard from friends who monitor 5/6 sites that there may be some massaging going on.. I can not say for sure, I just keep one eye a little more open than the other.. That’s why I monitor so many sites..

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  13. Eric, do you get a sense from spirit regarding where the 3 level 5 hurricanes will make landfall? If so, which areas will be most impacted? I live on the east coast.

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  15. Lia, — suggestion—take a look at what spirit voices had posted on 4/20/14.. Regarding Next Major Storms..

  16. Hi Star48 – Thanks for the tip. I went to review and I think I should start planning. Time to get a generator. I am not in NY but am not that far from there. Cat 5 storms would surely cause damage nearby. UGH! I trust what Eric gets from spirit, so I will begin planning.

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