Notes on 9-28-14

I had a visual of massive flooding. The view showed brown water and implied the flooding was deep.
“Buffalo, 12”

They also marked the 15th by showing ‘715’ and again brought up 11. It could be a message of either the 11th or the 1st or 2nd which is when the countdown would be completed.

Eric’s Comments: Unfortunately there are several worldly locations that involve the word “Buffalo”, New York topping that. They have also started a new prediction with a Blue, yellow and red flag, but we have not started the details. In other news Spirit has changed the process used for world predictions. They have requested that the first 3 hours of my meditations be for them, to share the messages they have without interruption, leaving only an hour to ask questions. This will limit our ability to ask questions or make special requests.






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  1. jules104 Avatar

    Eric here is the list of countries with a blue, red, and yellow flag.

    Blue, red and yellow

    Åland Islands (Finnish autonomous territory)
    Andorra – with other color symbol
    Democratic Republic of the Congo
    Ecuador – with other color symbol
    Moldova – with other color symbol

    1. susannemschuijt Avatar

      And Venezuela

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That’s a lot more than I expected. Thanks for the research.

  2. omarie Avatar

    Is it possible that Buffalo might mean, where the “Buffalo Roam” … Montana? Just a thought

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It could be, I asked where is the flooding, and all they said was ‘buffalo’ it could also be outside of the US like South Africa.

  3. Eva Avatar

    I posted a response earlier about Duck, North Carolina possibly being the sight of a coastal earth quake/tidal event you predicted 9-10-14. It being north of the outermost part of the east coast. While I was typing it, your latest prediction popped up about a Buffalo flood. What is strange is Duck is in Dare County, which has an area called Buffalo City. Some of this area already has lakes and canals filled with brown-brackish water. And another coincidence, the North Carolina flag is Blue, Red, and Yellow. Could this prediction be connected to your 9-10-14.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I will take a look into it, sounds interesting how it all ties together though.

      1. Eva Avatar

        I looked into it further, and North Carolina is the 12th state to the union, which may tie into the Buffalo 12. It could mean to look at the Buffalo city in the 12th state.

  4. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

    Is anyone familiar with a site that warns of Asian Typhoons.

    1. omarie Avatar

      Check Click on the Hurricane link and it will take you to a site that shows all the diff hurricane, typhone and cyclone activity that is current or they are following/predicting.

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Eric it looks like there is the WMA (World Meteorological Agency), which all of these other agencies are under but, there is not a certain specific one for Asia. The main big one is , JMA, (Japanese Meteorological Agency), but each country has their own agency which communicates with the others as far as I can tell. They have different websites for Cambodia, Malaysia, China, etc. Here is a link with a list of all the countries websites listed on it for typhoons/weather warnings. Hope that helps.

      1. Anon Avatar

        Joint Typhoon Warning Centre cover the Pacific and Indian Ocean basins:

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Thanks for the information.

        2. Jules104 Avatar

          Hi Anon. I agree. It seems to me that would be the best agency to use, but if you read the previous link I attached, the man said that you shouldn’t use it due to them being geared mainly towards where the US Military Bases are. Seems like it would still be efficient to me.

  5. brokenarrow354 Avatar

    A few nights ago (Thursday, 25 Sep 2014) I had a dream of flooded streets (about knee to waist high). The location was Scranton Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania’s state flag has yellow, red, and blue in it with 2 horses and a eagle.

  6. Jules104 Avatar

    I just thought about this and am wondering now if this ties into your prediction Eric. My 19 year I’d daughter who does a lot of meditation, just mentioned to me this am, that she keeps seeing light houses and hearing a bell ringing sound. We looked up to see if light houses have ringing bells and they actually do. We didn’t know that. Not sure what that could mean. Just interesting now that I am reading some of the other comments. Wondering if those areas have lighthouses nearby or not.

    1. omarie Avatar

      Hi Jules104,
      Ref: Eva’s response about Duck,NC. Duck is just North of Cape Hatteres , which has a lighthouse.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Sounds like it could also mean the arrival of something important.

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Hi Eric. Yes my daughter said that it didn’t sound like a loud threatening sound, though I have no clue what light houses sound like if they are giving a warning. What I found interesting is when I looked up Buffalo and lighthouses I found there is an actual Buffalo Lighthouse Association, a Buffalo Lighthouse on the Buffalo River that flows into Lake Erie near Buffalo NY. That’s a lot of Buffalos!! They also have a restoration project for cleaning up the River and removing contaminated silt. If you open this link there is a map in the article of the area and where exactly the lighthouse sits across from Buffalo NY.

  7. anthony Avatar

    area code 715 ,buffalo, wisconsin,_Wisconsin

    1. elmo Avatar

      Hi there I was in Armenia last month for a family wedding and my mother could not sleep there, felt like ‘something bad would happen’. She has never had that anywhere (very well traveled). Flag is blue yellow and red. It is not far from the conflict zone.. Just made me wonder..

  8. jules104 Avatar

    There is a buffalo on Wyomings flag. Also a Buffalo National River that runs through the Ozarks for 135 miles.

  9. pn Avatar

    Dont know if this is relevant – but there is Buffalo Park, Langwaki in Malaysia and there were flash floods in K.L. today. Btw flag of Malaysia is Blue, yellow and red.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I will take a look PN,

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  10. […] Notes on 9-28-14  I had a visual of massive flooding. The view showed brown water and implied the flooding was deep. Where? “Buffalo, 12″ […]

  11. […] Notes on 9-28-14  I had a visual of massive flooding. The view showed brown water and implied the flooding was deep. Where? “Buffalo, 12″ […]

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